Olympia Soirée Review (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date:  September 9, 2021 (North America)
Developers:  Idea Factory, Otomate
Publishers:  Aksys Games
Platforms:  Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

TW: Olypmia Soirée is rated “M” in ESRB. The game contains non-consensual sexual assaults and a lot of implied sex. If you are uncomfortable with these themes in fiction, this game may not be for you.

SYNOPSIS (From Aksys Game’s Official Website)

Her entire clan wiped out years ago, Olympia has been isolated for much of her life. Now she must live in Tenguu Island, as the only person who can perform a ritual that will restore the sun to a land enveloped in darkness. The heads of each district there (Red, Blue, and Yellow) lead a society governed by rigid class structures.

Able to travel between the districts, Olympia discovers their wonders and weaknesses. She also finds an entire underground group of shunned “colorless” individuals who she becomes determined to help. If she can find a mate who will help her continue her lineage and save the world before it is destroyed, she will reveal to that special someone her heart and her true name.


As expected from the popular otome game artist, Satoi, Olympia Soirée’s overall artwork was truly mesmerizing. It had me staring at the first CG of the game with my mouth agape. It was absolutely stunning! Satoi’s other famous otome projects include Diabolik Lovers series, Ozmafia!!, Nil Admirari, and Re:Birthday series.

The game’s soundtrack brilliantly matched Olympia Soirée’s distinctive fantasy setting well. It actually gave me Okami vibes, to be quite honest (what are the odds?! lol). Its OP and ED themes were also a personal favorite of mine, especially the ending theme, “More than Anyone” composed by Katsumi Onishi & Koji Goto (who also did Yunohana Spring’s theme), and performed by Japanese singer & songwriter Ena. Listen to the sample track below!

You can get Olympia Soirée official soundtrack CD directly from Aksys Game’s online store, bundled with the physical copy of the game. This special add-on is limited, so be sure to get them while supplies last!

Voice Acting

Nobunaga Shimazaka “Riku” Hino (7’Scarlet), Yamato (Storm Lover 2nd), Napoleon (IkeVamp), Arjuna (Fate/Extella), Xeno (Angelique Lumernarise)

Yuto Uemura “Tokisada” Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs), Tsukito Totsuka (Kamigami no Asobi), Kyosuke Sakurai (Tokyo Chronos), Felix (Angelique Lumenarise)

Yuma Uchida “Yosuga” Suzu (Jack Jeanne), Kyo (Fruit Basket), Yves (Ikemen Prince), Souma Kuze (Sweet Clown), Aoi (Toraware no Palm)

Tomokazu Sugita “Kuroba” Ron (Norn9), Sauli (Bustafellows), Gintoki (Gintama), Takuma (Hiiro no Kakera), Oda Nobunaga (IkeSen), Usagi-sensei (Bad Apple Wars)

Shun Horie “Himuka” Nagi (EPHEMERAL Fantasy on Dark), Okubo Toshimichi (Destined to Love: Ikemen Samurai Romance), Gerard (Angelique Retour)

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka “Akaza” Alice (Taisho x Alice), Monshiro (Pyschedelica of the BB), Rin Okazaki (Spiral Memoria), Takuro Miyashiro (Chaos;Child)

Sho Hayami “Lord Douma” – Jinguchi Jakurai (Hypnosis Mic), Max Jenius (Macross), Juliuos (Angelique series), Sariel Noir (Ikemen Prince)

Kazuyuki Okitsu “Tsukuyomi” Epilogi (Café Enchanté), Hachisuka Kotetsu (Touken Ranbu) Kyrie (Ozmafia!!), Keith Knight (Iris School of Wizardry), Kazuma (Spiral Memoria), Ankou (Shuuen no Virche)

Komada Wataru “Nagusa” Iruma Jyuto (Hypnosis Mic), Fennel (Catboys Paradise), Rintaro Yagumo (Root Film), Narrator (Bustafellows), Yabuta Kiyohiko (Kimi wa Yukima)


The only routes that you can play on your first run will be Riku, Tokisada, Yosuga, and Kuroba’s. Once all four previous routes are cleared, Himuka’s route will unlock, and once you’re done with all five, Akaza’s route will unlock as the finale. I went with the writer, Yuma Katagiri’s route order suggestion which was Riku ➤ Tokisada ➤ Yosuga ➤ Kuroba ➤ Himuka ➤ Akaza. And I, strongly agree with this playing order if you’re worried about the game’s flow and spoiler content.


  1. Riku
  2. Tokisada
  3. Yosuga
  4. Kuroba
  5. Himuka
  6. Akaza


  • loves hamburgers
  • uptight tsun-tsun

Riku is a young soldier of the Blue assigned to the Yomi patrol unit. He’s very straightforward and serious, living strictly by the traditions of the color class system in Tenguu Island. He’s very diligent to a fault with his work, which can sometimes come across as abrasive to others. Beneath his strict exterior however, lies a very kind and compassionate persona.

Riku’s story primarily introduces the injustice caste system in Tenguu Island and its hurdles from experiencing a drastic change for the better. It’s also the only route where you’ll get very minimum spoilers on the setting’s lore, so I thought it was the perfect route to start the game with. Admittedly, at first, I was very wary of liking Riku’s character due to his blind prejudice to the residents of Yomi but, his character development was so good that he easily had me do a 180 on my opinion towards him. Although the conflict of his route was underwhelming compared to others, I thought it was executed pretty well. I’ve no complaints on how the plot reveals were handled here.

Contrary to his slightly “vanilla” route, Riku’s romantic relationship with the heroine was one of my favorites in the game. His tsundere personality was so adorable, and how Olympia handled this man with her assertiveness was, hands down, very satisfying. I love how their cute romance slowly developed from a simple crush to something more mature.🥰 His chemistry with the heroine was certainly one of the best, and no doubt Riku will be a favorite LI to many.


  • loves mint chocolate ice cream
  • s h o t a

Tokisada is a young man who’s one of the “Outsiders” in Tenguu Island. He was eventually naturalized into the Green and is currently living with their clan leader. Similarly to Olympia, he keeps Daifuku’s (the heroine’s white mouse) younger brother, Paris, as a pet and companion. He’s a regular at Shikinjou and is friends with the bathhouse owner, Yosuga. While Tokisada retained part of his memory before he arrived in Tenguu Island, he dislikes talking about his past.

I thought the name sounded familiar, so I made a mistake and looked up Tokisada’s full name on google and accidentally spoiled myself to half of his route 🤡(laughs). Please don’t make the same blunder I did, no matter how tempting! lol Tokisada is the resident shota in Olympia Soirée. Being a year younger than the heroine (17 years old) he’s innocently one for the taking.😂 That aside, I was surprised how good his story was when it came to unpacking one of the vital aspects in the setting’s lore, – the “Outsiders”, and how they came to Tenguu island in the first place. I thought Tokisada’s tale was very interesting, and going through his backstory made me understand his character better.

Romantic-wise, it was refreshing to see him and Olympia go through being friends first before jumping into the lover’s train. It was nice to see Olympia having some reservations as far as choosing her husband, not to mention having to evaluate whether her feelings were genuine or just mere pity towards Tokisada’s self-loathing. This goes the same for Tokisada too. I thought both his and Olympia’s character development complemented each other well. The fact that I wasn’t even bothered how he kept calling Olympia ‘onee-san’ for almost half of his route is pretty telling! Ha!😊 Lastly, one of his bad endings had me all 👁👄👁 (shooketh).


  • makes soaps in his free time
  • B A E

Yosuga is the proprietor of the bathhouse Shikinjou, Yomi’s largest establishment where people, both from the surface and underground, frequent. He’s also known as the “Jigoku-dayuu” (Steward of Hell) and is a powerful figure who, in essence, controls the whole district of Yomi. His specialty is divination and he is renowned for his hospitality and expertise in medical baths.

This was yet another impressive route in Olympia Soirée because not only it focused on Yosuga’s history, it also unraveled a few plot points regarding the game’s overarching theme. And in turn, enhanced more character-depth on some of the essential side characters in the game. I actually enjoyed this route a lot despite my feeling indifferent towards Yosuga’s melancholic personality (when he’s just a soft shy boi all along).😭 I believe those who enjoy an angsty LI, will for sure love this man to bits!

Yosuga as a love interest was quite charming, to say the least. It was so precious finding out that he’d known and fallen in love with the heroine all these years just from hearing about her through Tsukuyomi’s stories. Dare I say he probably had the most alluring love scenes with the heroine too, which is always a plus! On a side note, I may have cackled so hard at how awkward and funny their “first” was in his story.😁


  • flirty doctor
  • secretly genius

Kuroba is the deputy director of the Kotowari, and a doctor specializing in immunological research. Though he sports an easygoing personality, he’s very witty and has a knack for reading the room. He resents the hierarchy in which people are confined to classes by their color traits and aims to change the system someday, together with Akaza and the Kotowari.

I’m not sure if I can label Kuroba as Olympia Soirée’s resident “trash man with layers”,😆 he’s not quite there yet for being ultra ‘trash’ (cackles). His flirty back and forth with the heroine did give me plenty of laughs, which I thought was one of his distinctive appeals.😘 Despite Kuroba’s flirty exterior, I thought he was the most optimistic and progressive amongst all the LI’s, not to mention the most intelligent to boot. His route interestingly tackled another imperative aspect of the game’s lore which was the plagued disease, haku – an infectious condition that lets the victim suffers from skin discoloration, eventually leading to deterioration and death. This scenario also took a heavy turn, which I didn’t fully expect, and showcased one of the most despicable villains in the game.

Flirty guys aren’t really my thing, but with Kuroba, I think I can make an exception!🤭His “handkerchief scene” with Olympia was adorable as heck – & actually had me stupidly grin from ear to ear!😁 I also liked that Kuroba acts as if he’s not interested in the heroine, which in turn, encouraged Olympia to make him feel jealous. Their mature relationship, in the long run, was rather enjoyable. His bad endings however, took a slightly darker turn, so if you’re someone who loves to play bad ends, here’s my friendly word of caution!😬


  • shota but not really! 😱
  • worst bad ends

Himuka is a young boy who’s known as Tenguu Island’s “undertaker”. He is a powerful wielder of “Batsu” an ability to transform the souls of the deceased into crystals known as Shou. As he chooses not to associate with others, very few know much about him.

Brace yourself for some massive truth bombs – this route has a LOT of them! There’s a reason why Himuka’s route was locked and without going into spoiler territory – know that his story explored a huge chunk of the setting’s main arc, which relatively sets aside the initial objective of the game (Olympia’s search for a husband).

There’s some really good foreshadowing on the previous routes that built up the “big reveal” in Himuka’s story, which honestly made this route a very satisfying read to me. It had a point where I expected the plot twist to happen but dreaded it at the same time (if that makes any sense? lol). And while the ending had some convoluted scenes that could’ve been executed better, I still thoroughly enjoyed the suspense this route had to offer. ‘Twas one wild ride for sure!

My only gripe was; because Himuka’s story expanded a lot on the game’s surrounding mythos, the romance in this route took a major backseat. He was, unfortunately, the only love interest with lesser steamy scenes compared to the others. I also thought Himuka and Olympia didn’t have enough time to develop and sort out their feelings for each other, and this sadly made him my least favorite LI in the game.😞 One of his bad endings was also very disturbing that it caught me off guard in the worst possible way!😶


  • kuudere
  • wants dat homemade cake! 😂

Akaza is a young man of the Red who works as the director of the Kotowari. He assists and watches over Olympia in her activities on the island. He’s known as the famous “Iron Mask” of the Kotowari due to his calm demeanor despite stressful situations. He appears devoid of personal feelings, though he does what he can to help the heroine in her times of need.

Just like Himuka’s route, Akaza’s story explored more on the game’s main arc, and even had some very unexpected twists you probably won’t see coming. Again, because there’s so much precedent foreshadowing, this finale became one satisfying read as it pieced together most of the plot’s overarching mysteries. My only issue here is that as much as I adore Akaza as a love interest, he was hardly present during the most important reveals in his own story, which became a letdown because I wanted him to shine through and through. It was unfortunate that Akaza’s route easily became my most favorite in the game, not because of his character but because of another (side character) who effortlessly stole the spotlight from him LOL.😆 (Read: I’m being very biased for saying this!) I do think Akaza’s story was still paced pretty well, and I shamelessly enjoyed the “true love saves all” trope that was utilized in his ending.

Click for Spoilers

(Incoming Fangirling)

  • This is just my biased opinion, but Lord Douma was easily one of the best characters in the game. And in this route, he was hands down, the star of the show. Never have I ever rooted for a side character so hard like this before lol😂 That flashback scene with him in Ikimizu spring, had me yelling so loud! Sure, we all saw this reveal coming, but the satisfaction it brings the reader was rather remarkable to the highest regard (at least in my case, haha). The last scene of this route also made me bawl for hours. That CG was so precious! Douma, you tsundere dilf you, how did you manage to make me fall hard like this! (cackles)

  • While Douma was a very obvious give-away from the start, other reveals that actually caught me off guard were Akaza’s birth place, Chigaya’s identity and Lord Fusou’s connection to Olympia!

  • Akaza’s romantic relationship with the heroine was also pretty good in my opinion. I love that Olympia was an adorable tsundere in this route, and it was so cute to see her constantly deny her feelings for Akaza but eventually gave in on her *thirst* in the process!😂 Can’t blame her, Akaza was the ultimate stud! His short story “Homemade Cake” was by far my favorite after story in the game. You just can’t miss it!

    OLYMPIA/BYAKUYA (Main Heroine)

    • looking for a husband
    • best girl! 😤

    Olympia is the last remaining survivor of the White Clan who used to reside in Tennyo Island. She possesses the power to bring light to the sun by offering her prayer to the deity, Lady Amaterasu, through her ritual dance.

    The titular heroine, Olympia, was honestly the star of this game. I thought she was a marvelous protagonist and deserved every right to have this Otome title named after her. First, her personality was never one-note, and despite her years of sheltered upbringing, she never acted like a total idiot, and even takes a lot of time to educate herself, as well as learn every single detail she needs to know in Tenguu Island, including the injustice caste system everyone is facing.  Truth be told, I never expected I’d like this protagonist as much but here we are.😍 Her willingness to do EVERYTHING she could to change Tenguu island’s nasty system was so admirable. She was in no way hasty and was very smart with her decision-making. I find it very refreshing that I can easily get behind her idealism and stand for equality, because her righteousness was in the right place.

    Olympia has some cleverness up her sleeve too. She can read between the lines, and you best believe, can get to the bottom of things sooner than expected. She also actively thinks for herself, isn’t easily dissuaded by other people’s opinions, and would rather carefully judge things from her perspective. Most of her instincts are always correct, even when doubting people close to her. All throughout the game, she became THE most proactive character out of the entire cast!

    That’s not to say she didn’t have any setbacks with her character. There were instances where the scenario desperately calls for her to punish a perpetrator that almost sexually assaulted her, but she chose not to when she could’ve easily done so. I blame most of this on the writing though, rather than Olympia herself.

    Another factor I enjoyed about Olympia was that she’s so self-aware of her feelings and emotions. She gets pissed, angry, overtly happy, and even gets horny at various times of the day.🤣 She’s just TOO REAL and I’m totally here for it! 😂🤣 There isn’t a single route where I couldn’t stop howling at Olympia’s inner musings and side comments about her love interest.🤣 The girl can get thirsty as heck too, she represents all of us thirsty fans tbh! (cackles)


    I’m just gonna cut to the chase and say there are no glaring issues with Olympia Soirée’s localization. I did spot some minimal errors (like missing spaces, punctuations, etc.), but they were very few, and far in between you’ll hardly notice them.😃

    The game’s UI was so stunning. I loved that the main menu was animated, and the scenery changes depending on the time of the day you’re playing the game (this was similar to other Otomate titles like Piofiore, for example). There were (very short) voiced parts in the title screen too, that unlocks after playing each of the LI’s endings. I personally loved Tokisada’s heartbreaking cries saying, “Come back to me” after finishing one of his bad endings!😭 Unfortunately, these short lines do not have subtitles in the Japanese version, so it was unavoidable for it not to get translated in the English version either.

    Update: Aksys has recently released a patch for Olympia Soiree, and the untranslated lines in the menu screen are now all there!🥳 

    Perhaps my favorite part in the “Treasures” section was the character memoirs that gradually unlock as you progress through the game. Each memoir offered detailed information on certain characters and even pieced together a few plot holes that were left hanging in the main routes. Some memoirs also justified a character or a villain’s goal and action, and I’m really glad this section existed because they made me understand each of these characters better.



    Olympia Soirée was a very long game. It took me a whopping 75 hours to complete its entirety. The common route was surprisingly lengthy, which probably took me five hours to clear and another five hours for each main route. Because I was completely in the zone while playing this game, it didn’t feel like a chore to finish at all, and I only noticed the long-drawn hours I’ve spent with it when I checked my switch’s recorded playtime.😅

    Since the game revolved around a very elaborate fantasy setting, there was definitely a lot to take in during the first few hours of the common route. A lot of terminologies will be thrown at you, and it may take a while for you to get used to them right off the bat. (I found myself constantly opening the game’s glossary during the common route to glance at some of the in-game terms). I do believe that once you’ve gotten familiar with the setting and its surrounding mythos, the story-telling should flow smoothly afterward. It was also very interesting how the writing brought up lots of Shinto religion and mythology references. I liked that most of them were spot on as far as portraying the revered deities like Izanami and Izanagi, but I also loved that the writer added their own flavor and twist to these actual Japanese myths.

    The waves bring forth what one seeks…

    The game’s world-building was undeniably unique, and its artistic direction took me into a whole another universe. It really was as if I was living on Tenguu island. Every single, delicate detail of Olympia Soiree’s setting and the pacing of each scenario brought me various emotions, and I took them in one by one.

    Contradictory to its beautiful overworld, this title did bring up controversial themes such as misogyny and women’s oppression. Though judging from the game’s dystopian theme where everything runs backward and is anti-progressive, I can kinda fathom why the writers introduced this as one of their main conflicts. However, I can also understand how this may make others feel uncomfortable. In light of it all, I think the game did an excellent job when it came to portraying issues, such as the caste system and the prejudice against women, as the ultimate big bad. And it was inspiring to see how the majority of these characters fought hard to destroy this crooked system.

    As for the main characters and their routes, I believe I’ve enjoyed them all. Riku and Akaza became my top two oshis. Himuka’s route was such a wild ride, but his character, unfortunately, didn’t entice me so much as a love interest. My favorite character in the game was, hands down, Lord Douma because I just can’t say no to a handsome dilf who’s voiced by Sho Hayami 🤣(cackles). I’ve also developed a soft spot for Elder Sister Shura after reading her memoir. Who would’ve thought it’s not only her outfit that comes in layers?

    Do I recommend this game? YES.
    Olympia Soirée was an absolute hit for me. It’s a title that’s incredibly rich with both intricate plot and well-developed steamy romance you just couldn’t get enough of. The balance this game offers in both aspects was quite impressive! It kept me engaged at all times that I honestly could not put it down for a second.

    That said, this is an easy recommendation from me, especially if you’re someone who wants more romance in your otome games – Olympia Soirée is one for the taking. While some conflicts in the game border a bit on the controversial side of things like the harsh color caste system, I think, as long as you play it with an open mind and understand that fiction is well…fiction, no doubt you’ll find enjoyment in this wonderful title.

    CHLO’S RATING: 9/10


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    1. Thank you so much for this great review. I am so looking forward to this game. I actually took a day off next Friday just so that I can play the whole weekend without stopping 😆 I am also looking forward to the heroine. Your description of her and her personality sound great, I always love a more fleshed out human-like heroine, who you can relate to and has, well, a personality 😂 thank you again for this great review. Your awesome 😘

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      1. Tysm for reading!❤️ Haha I’m so jealous since I could barely get any day offs! Lol😭 a weekend otome spree is sucha great idea ngl!😆 hope you enjoy the game when you get it!


        1. Hi there i trust you in the otome revivew department i already finished cupid parasite and Im going to be playing Olympia Soiree next im excited i love these type of games i have code realize winter But i have to get the rest to play the other two correct :3 do u recomend any other sweet loveable romance games I’m always into more to know ^^

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          1. Hi Courtney! Yes, be sure to play the first two CR games (Guardian of Rebirth first, then Future Blessings) before starting Wintertide. Variable Barricade will release Feb 24 next year and it will have similar romcom vibes to Cupid Parasite, so perhaps that’s something you can look forward to in terms of fluffy otome games! ^_^

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        2. I’m fairly new to the otome scene, but I have to drop in and say that this game was an absolute hit for me! And thank you for the great review and walkthrough (and warnings – I somewhat sped through the bad endings but the psychological damage was still done 🤣). I absolutely loved the more mature nature of the romantic scenes, the character development, and the plot as a whole. This review got me so hyped for Douma and I was not disappointed! 😤 Overall, the music, visuals, and writing were phenomenal. My only major gripe was that I wanted more of the side characters to have faces – even recolored generic villagers! FUSUO DESERVES A FACE! 😭

          Brain dump for each route:

          Riku (8/10):
          OK, so Riku’s personality and romance scene alone make me want to give him a 9/10 – but alas, I think his story didn’t have the same kick as the other routes. That’s by no means a bad thing, since this path really sets the stage well for the rest of the game! I was very much gripped early on by the drama and conflicting feelings he had as a tsundere lad, and it made me all the more excited to keep playing! As the first recommended route, I definitely didn’t expect the romantic scene to get so steamy, and that was a pleasant surprise going into the game. 😂 I think it’s probably my second favorite of those *ahem* types of encounters.

          Tokisada (8/10):
          What probably surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed Tokisada’s route, because I was sure not looking forward to the “shota” LI! Like most of the others, it exceeded my expectations and I absolutely adored him by the end! Compared to Riku’s fairly tame route, Tokisada’s story had me gripped!

          Yosuga (9/10):
          Real talk, I almost deemed Yosuga my least favorite LI early on due to a certain scene, but his route blossomed into one of the most beautiful and fulfilling endings for me! After Tokisada’s sweet innocence, it was neat to dive into the deep end! I honestly think Yosuga felt like canon boy 2.0!

          Kuroba (9/10):
          Freaking. Love. Kuroba! His comedy was amazing, the drama kept me on edge, and the ending felt satisfying (but seriously… That villain was so punchable!) Since I played in the recommended order, it was indeed a treat to jump into a route with a comedic LI after Yosuga’s darker personality. Not to mention he gets bonus points because of his VA’s role as the famous Gintama lead!

          Himuka (5/10):
          My least favorite was also Himuka. Sorry, Himu(who?)ka! While I thought he was kinda adorbs, I wasn’t really feeling the chemistry. Though it did help to tap into another part of my brain and pretend he was a girl and this was a Yuri route LOL. Somehow it worked better for me!

          Azaka (ten outta ten):
          Hands down, best boy for me was Akaza (I know that’s what the game pushes for and I’m cool with that). Idc if he’s kind of a Gary Stu. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy every single route to death (because they’re all amazing), but a part of me was eagerly thinking the entire time that I was slaying these dudes just to get to the final (stud) boss. And he did not disappoint. 😈

          Brain dump over! Hope you all enjoy the game as much as I did! ☺️

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          1. Hahaha I’m wheezing at the comment on Gary Stu – Akaza LMAO! Hilarious and so true!😂 So glad to hear your thoughts on the boys, I pretty much agree on all fronts! Himuka and his route was still good but his chemistry with Byakuya is just pale in comparison to the other 5. I had to cackle on pretending his rt as yuri LOL I should try this sometime! XD

            Im with you on side characters needing sprites! Fusou deservers EVERYTHING! 😭

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    2. My copy just shipped today! I can’t wait to play it. The heroine sounds very lovely, a thirsty heroine is always welcome in my house! 😀 Thank you for the review!

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        1. I’m so glad you love Douma as much as I do xD Riku is my fav hands down, but damn I got the hots for daddy Douma and his irresistible deep chocolate voice ❤

          I'm also incredibly happy that I got the father-daughter reunion I was craving in the end. I started sobbing at that CG xD I'm just finishing Akaza's 2nd Bad End as I'm typing this… man I'm gonna feel so heckin empty and thirsty for Daddy Douma T^T

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          1. LOL I feel this so much! 😭 Hello my Douma stan sister! XD
            That last scene & CG was definitely the icing on top of Akaza’s route, hands down! And right? im also glad they had that fam reunion at the end, and I wished there was more even! Here’s hoping a FD in the future will quench our Douma thirst!


    3. Your fangirling on Douma tempted me to look him up and OH MY GOD, he’s so handsome! I take it, he doesn’t have a route and that aggravates me. Why are we always getting robbed of routes on handsome older men?! Thanks for the review, your thoughts are always so pleasant to read….!

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    4. Other reviewers point out that the writers struggled to develop the characters after all the world building… and the romance didn’t have much build up. Also it ended kinda open-ended…. (to release a FD?)
      I would like to hear your opinion on that.
      BTW is the focus more on the story or on romance, that isn’t very clear to me.



      1. Hi Croswell,
        I thought most of the main characters were actually well developed, perhaps except for Himuka, he was a great character per se, but his route had the most plot holes out of everyone. I would have to disagree that the romance didn’t have much build-up because, for me, the romance was the main focus of the game, but that’s not to say that the plot was thrown away either. It had great balance imo.

        The only romance I didn’t fully enjoy was Himuka’s because his rt had too many plot events happening all at once, I do believe that he still had some redeeming qualities both in his route and as a character himself, that’d appeal to many. ^^

        OS had a great balance of romance and plot, and I believe I made that clear in my review lol. I don’t see the last ending as ‘open-ended’, but I thought it needed a longer outro in establishing the *change* that’ll happen in Tenguu Island, after everything that’s happened. An FD would be nice to expand the story more!

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        1. I’ve played the whole game and completely agree with Chlo. The main characters felt very well-developed and the romance was absolutely the highlight for me. It’s surprising to me to hear that people felt otherwise!

          Would absolutely adore an FD, too. I want to see how much change happens and in what form!!

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    5. The game is still not available in the online store 😭 I thought of buying it now but seems the release date was pushed back or something? According to the Aksys Website it says now release date 10th September now 😭 I am sad now 😔


        1. Hi Chlo, yes, I am living in Germany, I think that is why 😅 I will look later today, maybe in the early evening and I may have luck 😆 otherwise I hope I will see it tomorrow morning 🙈

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    6. Are you able to change the main character’s name? This is actually a pretty odd thing to me if you can’t. I know she uses a ‘fake’ name based on the review, but can you ever input her ‘real’ name as a name of your choosing?

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        1. Oh cool! I would’ve bought it anyway, game looks amazing and this site is literally my go-to for information now. I just love how thorough you go through all of this, and I truly appreciate all your effort 🙂 Thank you.

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    7. Hi Chlo, thank you for the great review. This review got me hyped for my Amazon order. Hopefully it’ll get here by the weekend so I can get a some hours in. This is my first time on this site, but I’ll definitely be browsing a few more reviews.

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    8. Hi miss Chlo, I always come back to your review after finishing a route and I so agree with u with riku’s Route! First I didn’t like him but I had my opinion turned around after completing his route ahhhhhh it was the best ever! Complete 180 like u said! I don’t want to start another route yet because I’m still not over this tsundere. Thank you for your review! I’m always hyped whenever you rate something highly because I know I’ll end up liking the same game!:)

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    9. Hi! Does anyone know who the composer is for this game? Koji Goto is only listed for the OP as far as I can find. Did he do the whole game or just the OP? Any info is apricated.

      I got the cd bundle and all it has listed is the names of the tracks and nothing else! (Nor does it have the OP or ED music but considering licensing issues with such things it’s not surprising. It’s also only 33 minutes long. Little short for a $10 add-on.)

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        1. Ah! Thank you very much. 😀 I completely forgot to check the otomate.jp listing and was only checking English sites. If you hadn’t told me it was Shinya Naito even if I had found the right website it would have taken me a long time to figure it out. (Google translate is not very useful most of the time.)

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    10. I finally finished all five,six routes in a span of 3 days wow who needs sleeping right? 😂 So now, I can finally come back to this review and gush on my thoughts! Also, I read your spoilers now that I’m done playing. You’re right Akaza’s route had some twist I didn’t see coming like Chig*ya (wow that blew my mind) and Akaza’s location of birth! This game has continuously surprised me in every route! I also cried on that last scene with D**ma. What an ending! I wanted so much more from this game. It has now become one of my fav otome games of all time. Byakuya was one of the best MC too! I just know that when Otomekitten rates up a game with a high score, I will love it and your scores never failed me! Do you know if Otomate/Idea Factory Japan is coming up with a fan disc for this game by any chance?

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      1. Ayye! I appreciate the gushing lol! xD
        And thanks for trusting my ratings!🥺 I’m not exactly sure if Otomate will announce a fandisk. I’ve seen a lot of Japanese players requesting for it last year when the game released in Japan. But I don’t think the writer Yuma Katagiri is working on anything otome-wise at the moment. I rly hope they do announce a fandisk later though!


    11. I don’t know what was better – each route dropped a twist and bomb more “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!” than the last, or some of those steamy scenes! Felt like I had to play most of these routes in front of the A/C.
      And WHEW those bad endings took some TURNS, my goodness!

      I’m glad I followed your recommended play order – I fell HARD for Akaza during the common route, and it was a matter of WILL to get through some of the others when I was already focused on that red. But I’m glad I did! I really enjoyed the story telling and those kind of slow-roll reveals across the routes was very well done.

      Funnily enough, green is my least favorite color IRL and the route I liked least. I can’t say I *disliked* it though, it was still super good, but compared to blue, purple and black it fell a tiny bit short.

      100% worth the price though, I couldn’t agree more with your 9/10 rating. I haven’t devoured a title like that since Collar X Malice, and I haven’t “oh my” ‘d quite that often since Yang’s route in Piofiore xD

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      1. Hey Quinloki!
        Glad to hear you enjoyed the game as well!^^
        “Felt like I had to play most of these routes in front of the A/C.”
        -I LOL’d on this just now because this was exactly how I felt! 😆 The game did not shy away from giving us the steamy romance we long deserved, and I’m pretty happy how refreshing this title is. I agree, the slow-burn story pacing and reveals, were really well done, and yessss, I had devoured every bit of this game myself! haha

        And YAY, Akaza! He was really an upstanding ikemen isn’t he? 😀 Thanks for stopping by and dropping some of your positive energy through your comments! I appreciate it as always! Take care! 💖


    12. Im really thankful for your review! I’ve seen previous review complaining about the game but I really enjoyed it! It is probably my highlight of the past few months because it was that good to me.

      I finished the entire game and I am left empty but, I totally get your love for Douma! Though… I really really wish they expanded more about Olympia and Douma relationship and why he acted like that?? I am always a sucker for the family route like Finis from Code Realize (probably the best route of the FD) maybe in the future, we get a family route in the FD where we get some proper family time cause they never explained, why he was so cold to her when she grew up??? (or maybe I missed it) and speaking of if there is a FD. I also do agree with you on Himuka, I’ve read your review before I did Himuka’s route and I was hoping he was suprirse me but, to my disappointment, his writing for him as a character lacked a lot. I feel like he is not very well fleshed out in comparison to the others since his route was just hardcore on his story side, so his character and romance went downhill for there. I hope if they ever release one, we get some proper justice to Himuka and his character since his story premise was super interesting. Amazing review as ever and I always look forward to any future review you do!

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      1. Hiya! So happy to know you’ve enjoyed the game as well! It’s definitely a beautiful title.

        Regarding Douma, I personally thought he just grew jaded after losing the love of his life and was getting really tired of the ways in Tenguu Island, so he kind of just wanted to be there and “fulfill his role” rather than live life to the fullest. At the same time, he’s also showing his love and care for Olympia as how his character would. It’s really a shame that the game did not expounded more on this… but here’s my take on Douma:

        If you have read his memoir, Douma is actually Ashiya Doman or “Doma Hoshi” (道摩法師) – he is a magician and onmyoji during the Heian period, and was even considered Abe no Seimei’s nemesis. Ashiya Doman has always been portrayed as someone with a very dark and mysterious personality in most Japanese manga/games/other media, so I merely just referenced his character to that. In Koei Tecmo’s rpg Nioh (Ps4), he was one of the final boss or main boss of the game (?) iirc.
        He was cold to Olympia because that is just his personality. He only softened up when he met Hakua, and for her be taken away from him because of the Island’s grotesque system, implemented by deities who only saw humans as secondary beings – really dulled his heart where he became just too jaded to care. At least that’s how I see it. ^_^ (then again, you can tell I’m also rly biased with this character lmao)🤭

        I definitely agree that we shouldve gotten more scenes with him and Byakuya. Scenarios that establishes more family dynamics between the two if possible because I felt so robbed on that aspect from the game. LOL & I do want to see more Douma content by all means! HAHA

        True, Himuka was a really good character in the game. Unfortunately he wasn’t just favoured in the romance department w/c makes me sad. I really hope Otomate releases a FD because we desperately need more content!😭
        Thanks btw for dropping by! I just love discussing a fav game to a fellow fan who enjoyed it just as much! ♥

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    13. I can definitely see your take on Douma!

      Spoiler up-ahead**
      I also really like Douma too! I feel like most people just have a really bad impression of him and me too. Since the game really makes him off as like abusive or neglectful with his act to Olympia. I was taken by surprise how during Olympia propose her marriage to the LI, Douma is always. “I don’t care, marry as you please” it was really sudden how we realise. Douma was the father of Olympia at Akaza chapter. We got hints but I wish throughout the entire game, we got proper hints of Douma fatherly love because Olympia has a bad view point of him since he is very cold. However, he let her have an education and she was still properly cared for. Just the parental neglect and how he said “nobody can love you”, it really boggles me on why he says that? I really want more scenes about Douma and why he behaves that way. Since Hakua really empathsis on the PROMISE, PROMISE ME THAT YOU WILL FIND YOUR SOULMATE AND FALL IN LOVE. It would be cool if we had a Douma pov and he would suddenly say the same stuff as Hakua like “make sure to find your other half and fall in love with your soulmate”. That would be so so sweet and I would adore that.

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    14. Hii guys i just played olympia soiree through and i am kinda confused? I only unlocked half of the short stories? Especially after #20 i have unlocked none? Can somebody help me?
      Do not know who to ask ;(


      1. Heya! If you’ve finished the game. You’re going to have to keep on reading the short stories as reading the already unlocked ones will unlock more of them til completion. So yeah, just keep reading them! 🙂


    15. I love the game but have a problem… Kaina, Kanan, Nogusa, Sakyo and Douma should HAVE THEIR OWN ROMANCE ROUTES!!! Like please do me a favour and make those as DLC’s… I could live without Kaina as a route as he has a deceased lover and still loves her but I would LOVE TO HAVE A NOGUSA AND DOUMA ROUTE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Oh my god. I was simp for Kaina the entire game. Best I could see where his route would be a no-go. He was your bro and good male friend.


    16. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this game since before it released, but I have a few things holding me back. In terms of “steamy” romance, could you tell me how in depth it is? I was able to play Piofiore and Collar x Malice with no problem, but I’m afraid if I look anything up I’ll get spoiled! Thank you for your awesome reviews!

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      1. Hiya! As far as the steamy romance go. There’ll be implied sexual intercourse between the heroine and LI’s but nothing too descriptive. It is definitely spicier than Piofiore and CxM Unlimited but it doesn’t border anything on “eroge” level smut if that’s what you’re worried about! lol XD the steamy scenes were nice and classy imo. ^^


    17. TW discussion of non-con elements
      Hello! I am a little hesitant to buy the game after reading about the non-con element, even though the rest of the game sounds really good. Without going into too many spoilers, can you tell me how bad it is? Non-con could mean many things. Like are the male LI the type to just r*pe the MC or what exactly is the severity of it? I find it hard to like male LI that do go that route. I know lots of R18 & steamier otome do go down that route and I’m not a fan. If it’s non-con elements in other part of the story or not too severe I can probably handle it. Sorry, just wanted to ask before I put this one on my wishlist for Christmas… lol

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      1. Hello! To answer your question, NONE of the LI’s rape the MC or does ‘noncon’ to her. There’s one that will tease her but they wont really go so far into doing devious things w/o MC’s consent.

        The noncon stuff are mostly done by side characters (there was an attempted sexual assault from a villain), and others are in the bad ends (again, by side characters). Hope that helps!


        1. Thank you very much for your reply! ❤ In that case I can definitely handle it, my main problem is when the LIs are super abusive and romanticized for it. I'll put it on my wishlist then! 😀


    18. First of all, Douma is a daddy. But his IDGAF attitude cracked me up a lot.

      Secondly, that game story could try all it wants but I never liked Hairi. He is such a brat. On several occasions he approaches the MC and says his angry nonsense and then leaves with “never approach me again!”
      I’m like: “you approached her first! You go away!” The MC’s patience with that boy was saintly.


    19. Thank you very much for the review!!, I loved the game, my favorite is Akaza ❤️, followed by Yosuga💜 and Riku💙.
      I have a question, has anyone completed the glossary? I have 220 and I only have 3 left.


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