To all my lovely readers! Hiya! ❤

I am tickled pink that you’ve reached this page! You obviously wanted to get to know me, yes? (squeee). I’m not very good with introductions, but please stick around for a bit as you’re in for a long one, er..kind of! (cackles).

Hello! My name’s Kitty Chlo キティクロ, Kitty or Chlo for short.

I am a corporate slave by day and a fictional damsel in distress (with cat ears) by night. Although I’ve discovered the otome genre back in 2013, It wasn’t until early 2016 that I got sucked into the niche.

I started this site for the sole purpose of posting my own personal reviews regarding the otome games I’ve played (mostly localized ones), I also post game walkthroughs (I am an obsessive-compulsive completionist by heart). 

All my game reviews are honest to god based on my own personal opinions, so I don’t expect everyone to see me eye to eye. ^^ After all, its different strokes for different folks! (I also have trashy taste in characters, mind you, haha). I do hope, however, that my reviews will be able to help you decide, one way or another, whether a certain game is worth getting or not.

Lastly, I kindly request for you to turn off your ad blocker for Otome Kitten. This website does not contain any ads that will harm your browsers nor affect your browsing experience in any way, shape or form.
(*´▽`*) Thanks and Cheers! Nyaa!