To all my lovely readers! Hiya! ❤

Kitty Chlo キティクロ here! (Chlo, for short). I’m a  corporate slave by day and a damsel in distress (with cat ears) by night.

This website was initially started for the sole purpose of posting my own personal reviews regarding the otome games I play. I also cover otome and joseimuke news, as well as provide thorough game walkthroughs (I am an obsessive-compulsive completionist by heart).

All my game reviews are honest-to-god based on my own personal opinions, so I don’t expect everyone to see me eye to eye. ^^ After all, it’s different strokes for different folks! (I also have trashy tastes in fiction, mind you, haha). I’m someone who makes it a point to enjoy all the games I play, so I tend to be a bit forgiving with a game’s flaws if my enjoyment outweighs its lacking aspects. Remember, that you can still enjoy a game while being critical about it. I do hope, however, that my reviews will be able to help you decide, one way or another, whether a certain game is worth getting on Day 1 or not.

ISTJ (MBTI)-Values privacy
I’m not living my life properly if I don’t follow my everyday to-do list & schedule! _(´ω`_)⌒)_
This means I tend to like most (if not all) of the LIs in the game.
Merch collectorI collect otome game merch.
Most especially otome/joseimuke game limited tapestries, figures and plushies.
Merch hoarderI have an unhealthy habit of hoarding merch.. ┐(‘~` )┌
Seiyuu SimpI am a huge seiyuu fan. So expect a lot of inserted (fangirl) commentaries about the seiyuus (voice actors) in my reviews.♡
Tropesgap moe, enemies/rivals to lovers, fake-lovers, chaebol, kuudere, yandere, forbidden love, older LIs (dilf) 😳
Themessuspense, horror, isekai, historical fantasy, murder mystery, fantasy, romcom
***I have a very high tolerance for dark, disturbing & edgy content.
SeiyuusTakashi Kondo, Soma Saito, Kosuke Toriumi, Kengo Kawanishi, Yuki Kaji,
Toshiki Masuda, Shirai Yusuke, Komada Wataru, Natsuki Hanae, Morikubo, Maeno Tomoaki, Takuya Sato, Juwan Lim
OSHI 押し (fav. characters)Kogitsunemaru (TKRB), Lord Douma (Orasowa), Yumeno Gentaro (Hypmic), Jumin Han (MysMe), Ichiya (VariBari), Tsugunobu (Birushana), Majima (Chou no Doku),
Iba (Hakuoki), Kanato (Diabolik Lovers), Harumi Makino (Lover Pretend), Kai (Jack Jeanne), Chui Tanakamigi (Jack Jeanne)

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