To all my lovely readers! Hiya! ❤

Kitty Chlo キティクロ here! (‘Kitty’ or ‘Chlo’ for short), and I am your resident catgirl, otome game connoisseur.

This website was initially started for the sole purpose of posting my own personal reviews regarding the otome games I play. I also cover otome and joseimuke news, as well as provide thorough game walkthroughs (I am an obsessive-compulsive completionist by heart).

I’m a hako-oshi 🤭 plushie collector, merch hoarder, and a HUGE seiyuu simp, so expect a lot of inserted (fangirl) commentaries about the seiyuus (voice actors) in my reviews. ♡( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

All my game reviews are honest-to-god based on my own personal opinions, so I don’t expect everyone to see me eye to eye. ^^ After all, it’s different strokes for different folks! (I also have trashy taste in characters, mind you, haha). I’m someone who makes it a point to enjoy all the games I play, so I tend to be a bit forgiving with a game’s flaws if my enjoyment outweighs its lacking aspects. Remember, that you can still enjoy a game while being critical about it. I do hope, however, that my reviews will be able to help you decide, one way or another, whether a certain game is worth getting or not.

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(*´▽`*) Thanks and Cheers! Nyaa!