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Thanks for the awesome walkthroughs!


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Hi ! “Finally”, is what i exclaimed (like, really) when I found your website. Finally someone who does not only write walkthroughs (which is already great and super useful!) but who writes about those games and give really good advice to buy them. A big thank you. Your website is exactly what I always wanted to find about otome. It’s well written, super useful and… well, it’s worth the quality of a magazine. Take care!


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I always use your walkthroughs for otome games – thanks!


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I’ve come to your blog time and time again for walkthroughs and reviews, thank you for your hard work ❤
– Otoge lover who’s in too deep now

Nadine Heimhofer

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thank you so much for your amazing work! Your reviews and walkthroughs are super helpful ♡♡♡

Grant Tomkins

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Thank you so much for your reviews and insight! Your reviews have helped me (an otome-illiterate guy) pick out the perfect games for my girlfriend! She’s having the time of her life with Collar x Malice and we never would have known about it if it weren’t for your reviews!


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Got sucked into Otome games with TokiMemo Girls Side (STILL THE BEST… yeah I know they never translated it) but never got back in until the Switch ports happened. I have several of your recs shrink-wrapped on my shelf still because I’m still obsessed with ACNH, but thought I’d come out of hiding to thank you for all your reviews + guidance 🙂

Ashley Kim

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First time here, I appreciate all the in-depth details and ratings of each game. I am ready to step into the world of otome games with your reviews as my wonderful guide.


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Thank you once again for keeping me in the loop on upcoming releases and for having a walkthrough on the latest games! Your site is always my first stop when I check to see what is new with the genre.