What is Otome Kitten?

Otome Kitten is a blog site that provides reviews and walkthroughs for English Otome Games that are published in the west. While there’s a variety of otome visual novels that are playable on different platforms, this blog will prioritize releasing content for console otome games (Nintendo Switch, PSVita, and PS4). Please be reminded that Otome Kitten is not a professional review site. This blog is merely a hobby of mine. I am not paid to write these reviews and walkthroughs.

I can’t seem to unlock an ‘Ending’ of this game, can you help me?

My walkthroughs should help you complete a game 100 percent. If you think there’s an error somewhere in these walkthroughs, please let me know through the comments section or through email. If you have followed the guides accordingly and is still missing an Ending, feel free to reach out, and I’ll try my best to help you.

My game crashes a lot of times, can you help me fix it?

Please contact the publishers or developers if you are experiencing game glitches and technical issues.

When are you going to write a review for this game?

I currently prioritize writing reviews for voiced otome games on consoles. Unfortunately, the non-voiced mobile ports (e.i. Voltage, Dogenzaka, D3P, Operahouse, etc.) will stay in my backlog for a while.

When are you going to write walkthroughs for this game?

Again, I prioritize voiced console otome games. I don’t have any plans on playing the (non-voiced) mobile ports anytime soon. Therefore, I will not be making any walkthroughs for them. No, I will not be making walkthroughs for mobile otome games either. Kindly refrain from requesting this through email.

Where can I buy this game?

The games I review will have a “Buy this Game” button, which will redirect you to the title’s Eshop or PSN page if it’s only available digitally, or to Amazon (NA) if a physical copy is available.

Where can I download these Nintendo Switch / PS Vita games for free?

These otome games are NOT available for free, and resorting to downloading them from illegal sites is an act of piracy! I strongly encourage everyone to buy the games they wanted to play to support the game developers and publishers.

Can you send me the soundtrack/CG compilation for this game?

No. Please play the games to get their CGs. Some of my reviews have links indicating where I bought a game’s soundtrack (I mostly buy them digitally from iTunes or Amazon Music and physically from CDJapan).

Regarding Mature, Sensitive Content and Triggering Factors in Otome Games.

When I review a game with very sensitive content, I will always include a warning either before the review or in my “Overall Thoughts” section, so players can brace themselves on what kind of story they’re getting themselves into. However, I do believe that it is always one’s responsibility to research more about a particular game before diving straight into it. If you get triggered easily with mature, dark, and sensitive content, or if there’s anything that triggers you severely, please make it a habit to do lots of research first, read other reviews from other players, reach out to the community, and be mindful of the content warnings the game developers put out before playing certain routes or games with (Mature) or (Adults Only) ESRB rating. I have a very high tolerance when it comes to dark content in fiction, so what’s triggering to others may not be the same for me. If I suggest doing certain endings on guides (which I rarely do), it is mainly for story reasons. Again, Self first! Do not play games with content that makes you uncomfortable.

We are an indie dev, and we’d like you to review our new game.

Thanks for allowing me to check out your game! At this time, I can ONLY commit to reviewing games that are available on consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita).I also prioritize playing the ones with themes I can easily get into (I’m a huge fan of horror/thrillers, murder mysteries, stories with mature & darker plots). If you think your game is up my alley (even if it’s not in console platform), please don’t hesitate to contact me here or through email. I will not review non-commercial games.

About Press Releases.

Please send your game’s press kit/media kit to this email address: info@otomekitten.com.

Will you review other game genres too?

At this time, I focus on reviewing joseimuke games only (Otome and BL Included).

I love your content. Where can I leave a tip?

Thank you so much for your support! 💗 I’ve set up a tip jar if you would like to donate to this blog site. Tips are 100% optional.

Other Ways to Support Otome Kitten?

Another way to show your support for Otome Kitten is by purchasing from my otome merchandise “yard sale” listings, which can be found on this page. Alternatively, you can opt to shop for otome games via my affiliate links, conveniently located on the right-hand corner of the main page labeled “Otome Game Spotlight.” Since this website is self-funded, every contribution helps to keep it operational. Thank you very much for your generous support.