Olympia Soiree – Riku Walkthrough


  • You will need to play the BAD ENDS to get the all of Riku’s CG’s.
  • The last CG can be unlocked by reading the short story “Behind Me”.

The Blue Dancer

-I don’t think so.

A Certain Love

-You’re being too suspicious.

Daifuku & The Hamburger

-What if we ask Lord Hiruko?
-I’m not interested.

The Dancer Revealed

-You’re not fooling me again.
-I can understand that.

The Lunar Ferry Tale

-I’ll see him.
-Do you want to be a candidate?

Two Dancers

-I suppose so.

Being a Friend

-I’ll write a request tonight.
-I need to find a husband.

God-Given Role

-I don’t agree with you…
-I know what it means.
-I can’t do that.

Parting Ways

-You’re wrong…

Create Save File 1 here

-You’ve done nothing wrong.

Color Ribbon

-Please don’t say that…
-I think so.

Once or a Hundred Times

-Daifuku’s troubling you again.

Create Save File 2 here

-Kaina isn’t a bad person.


(No Choices)

Love on Trial

(No Choices)

~GOOD ENDING: A Bridegroom’s Promise~


Load Save File 1

-I’m so sorry to hear that.

~Bad End 1: First and Final Letter~
(Unlocks 1 CG)

Load Save File 2

-Should we go elsewhere?

(No Choices)

~Bad End 2: Fruitless Flowers~
(Unlocks 1 CG)


12 thoughts on “Olympia Soiree – Riku Walkthrough

    1. I’ve been wondering the same thing! This seems to happen with all the characters and I’m always left wondering lol.


  1. Somethings wrong…on the chapter parting ways both options lead to the bad end…am I doing something wrong??


  2. Thanks for the walktrhough. I thought they were so cute, it had been a while since i said so many “oooooooww” while playing an otome (thanks to angst, despair and all these lovely things we like in some routes ^^). It was refreshing to play these two ! Can’t wait to play the others LI of the game (i will strictly follow the order you recommand !)

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