Unboxing: Bustafellows Press Kit + More Goodies!

What’s up beautiful folks of the Otome Community! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a video on my YT channel (laughs)I try to keep up with the times, I swear!😂 Here, to break my YT hiatus, is an unboxing video of this awesome Bustafellows Press Kit I received from PQube and EXtend. Please check it out!

As mentioned in the video, I’ll be linking the online stores where you can find these Bustafellows merchandise. Keep in mind that some of these items may have already gone out of stock as they sell out pretty quickly, like hotcakes!

Items Included in the Press Kit

Bustafellows Collectors Edition

This includes the following items:

  • Physical Copy of Bustafellows (Nintendo Switch)
  • Collectors Edition box (designed to look like a suitcase)
  • An Exclusive New Seig People Magazine
  • Six High Quality Bromide/Art cards
  • Scarecrow’s Mixtape CD

The Collectors Edition of Bustafellows is unfortunately already sold out at the online retailer shop Funstock. But you can still purchase the Standard Edition of the game, if you haven’t yet, through Amazon.

“Pay Your Respects!” Tote Bag

PRICE: 1,320 ¥ (tax not included)

Material made of cotton (canvas).

Size: 360 x 370mm (with a gusset / large enough to hold A4 size)

“CHEERS” Square Tin Badge

PRICE: 550 ¥ (tax not included)

Size: 53x53mm (square)

Type: 6 types, mainly all main characters including the heroine, Teuta.

BUSTAFELLOWS Kitty Keychains

PRICE: 770 ¥ (tax not included)

Size: Approximately 6cm in length (printed on both sides)

Types: 7 Keychains available (Teuta, Limbo, Shu, Helvetica, Shrike, Scarecrow, Adam)


DISCLAIMER: This item is not included in the Press Kit. I added them in the video regardless since they’re one of my fav. merch in the game! 😁

PRICE: 1,800 ¥ (tax not included)

Size: 11 cm in length

Type: 7 plushies (Teuta, Limbo, Shu, Helvetica, Mozu, Scarecrow, Adam)

“Welcome to NEW SIEG” Acrylic Standies

PRICE: 800 ¥ (tax not included)

Size: 127 x 89mm (the characters are about 80mm tall)

Type: There are 6 types of standees:
(Limbo & Shu / Shu & Helvetica / Helvetica & Scarecrow / Scarecrow & Mozu / Mozu & Limbo / Teuta, Luka & Adam).

For more cool BUSTAFELLOWS goodies, you can visit the online store A & G shop. This online shop ships internationally, which is a godsend for overseas fans. Keep in mind that other online Japanese shops like Animate JP, Stellaworth, Alicenet, Surugaya, etc. you will need a proxy service to get them to ship internationally.

Can’t find the Bustafellows merch you’re looking for? You can always visit eXtend’s official product page for BUSTAFELLOWS to check out new & upcoming products or get updates if they’ve re-stocked some of their older items.

BIG shoutout to the awesome folks at PQube and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting EXTEND Inc. for sending me this press kit! I was legit super ecstatic to receive this last Thursday! Thank you so much, guys!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this unboxing video, as I’ve enjoyed making it! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ I’ve received a few other *mystery boxes* recently, and I can’t wait to share them all with you! So expect more unboxing videos from me going forward! Till next time! Nyaaa! ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ”


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  1. is the collectors edition in english? ive only seen the japanese one i was wondering if the collectors edition ever came out in english

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