Olympia Soiree – Yosuga Walkthrough


  • You will need to play the BAD ENDS to get the all of Yosuga’s CG’s.
  • The last CG can be unlocked by reading the short story “Reward”.
  • If this is not your first play through, you can start this route by going to: Archives ➝ Olympia ➝ Pure White Resolve.

How to Wind a Spring

-If only they could have lived.
-I won’t get in your way.

Red Blood

-I need some time to think.
-I understand how he feels.


-Nothing really important.
-Please don’t say that.

Beautifully Sinister

-Let’s pray nothing happens.
-He didn’t do anything wrong.

The Curse of Love

-Yes, I’ve found someone.
-Your room.

Create Save File 1 here

-Yes, I would like some.

White and Purple

(No Choices)

Beautiful Handkerchief

-I want to learn more.
-I don’t agree with you.

Melancholy of the Purple

-I want to deepen our love.
-That sounds fun!
-I’ll be sure to tell Yosuga.

Bathed in Lavander

-You don’t like those in Yomi?


-What happened just now?

Create Save File 2 here

-I don’t think she is.

A Trade for the Future

(No Choices)

Purple Groom

(No Choices)

~Good Ending: Along the Shining Shores~


Load Save File 1

-I should watch my weight.

White and Purple
(No Choices)

Beautiful Handkerchief
-That’s so horrible.
-Stop and think for a moment.

Melancholy of the Purple
-I’m just gathering information.
-I like reading books, too.
-I plan on doing just that.

Bathed in Lavander
-It’s none of your business.

-I’m glad we’re in agreement.

~Bad End 1: The Moonlit Criminal~
(Unlocks 1 CG)

Load Save File 2

-Don’t misunderstand me.

~Bad End 2: Queen Bee~
(Unlocks 1 CG)


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  1. Wow one of those bad ends 🙈 I was not expecting that!! Thank you for posting the walkthrough though 💕💕 You really help me out I don’t have to skip through hour long YouTube videos anymore!! Your blog is a lifesaver thanks a million.

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  2. Hello, thank you very much for the guide, but I can’t get the first bad ending of Yosuga, I put the answers and I only get the second bad ending, hopefully someone can help me get that bad ending.


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