Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku is out on the Nintendo Switch


Game Title: Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku (Yokai Love Play)
Release Date: Aug. 2, 2018 (North America)
OperaHouse Corporation

Great news otoge fans! We have another english otome title released for the Nintendo Switch.

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku’s switch port was initially released by Operhouse Corporation last April 26, 2018 in Japan. Now thanks to DIGIMERCE Intl. we are finally getting  this game’s localized version.

Click here for Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku downloadable content (Nintendo Eshop).

Story (From Nintendo Switch Eshop)

When the stars and the moon appeared in the sky――.
You went to visit the concert hall where the lower note echoes rhythmically with vibration. Tonight, the one playing music is the Visual-Kei band “FOX EAR”. All 5 unique members are wearing a fox ear.Once you hear their voices, the magatama (comma-shaped beads) that you have on your neck beams out the light. This dazzling light made me lose my consciousness and taken back to “FOX EAR” ’s dressing room. As they pressure you to give them the magatama, but as magatama seems out the light again as if to protect you……。

Although the 5 members noticed that they can’t take it by force, they tried to make you fall for them to get magatama.

Heh, I kinda wish the game’s synopsis was translated better, but eh ┐(︶▽︶)┌  who cares! rofl. Another thing that got me really excited with this game was the voice acting from my favorite seiyus; Daisuke Hirakawa (voice of Saint Germain – CR), Ryohei Kimura (voice of Shiraishi – CxM), and Natsuki Hanae (voice of Libera in PCube / Akito Sera in CxM).

This link shows you some upcoming otome titles developed by OperaHouse to be released on the Nintendo Switch eshop (Japan). So we’ll be looking out for its english releases anytime soon.

  • Vinculum Hearts (Japan release date – Aug. 2)
  • Gakuen Club (Upcoming)
  • Spiral Memoria (Upcoming)



Destiny Princess is out on the Nintendo Switch


Late post, but last June 21, 2018, D3P released Destiny Princess for the Nintendo Switch Console.

DESTINY PRINCESS: A War Story, A Love Story

Click here for a list of D3P games available on the switch.
Click here for Destiny Princess’ downloadable content (Nintendo Eshop).

The Story:

You are a princess during Japan’s Warring States period. Loved by your people, you live a peaceful life and want for nothing. However, one day your castle is attacked by hideous demons, and just as the castle is about to fall…

Your wish calls five heroes from different worlds to your time. As the princess, it is your duty to protect your country and your people. Will you risk your life for love?

Just like the Yoshiwara series and Pub Encounter, this game does not offer any VA’s. But they have a couple of good reviews so I believe it’s worth its price tag.

I’m glad I waited for the Switch port to come out before I decided to purchase this one on Steam. Will be reviewing this game as soon as I finish it! tumblr_inline_mm2wf3KnIx1qz4rgp

Pub Encounter “Dandy Shot” is out on the Nintendo Switch!


Yesterday (June 14, 2018) D3Publisher released yet another otome game for the Nintendo Switch console.

I remember purchasing one route of this game on mobile and I’m happy to repurchase it again (the whole game, this time) on the Nintendo Switch.

Click here for a list of D3P games available on the switch.
Click here for Pub Encounter’s downloadable content (Nintendo Eshop).


About this game
It’s a romance game where you can fall in love with one of several middle-aged men. All of them are experienced in life and have their own stories to tell. They may not be young, but they can love as deeply and passionately as anyone.

It’s an odd choice for an otome game to port for the Switch this early but I’m hoping they’ll be able to port more of their Steam otome titles after this one. Some I’m particularly rooting for are:

  • Gakuen Club
  • Destiny Princess


Well now that my DANDY SHOT download is complete, guess who’s jumping on the OJISAAAN bandwagon tonight!? tumblr_mingo3BI321s4tr27o1_400

The Charming Empire Review



DeveloperDogenzaka Lab, D3Publisher Inc.
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab, D3Publisher 
Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (iOS and Android)
ESRB Rating: M+17 Mature

I bought this game for the same exact reason I bought The Men of Yoshiwara series: Kikuya and Oghiya: I needed more otome games in my Nintendo Switch Library. ^^;


STORY (From Nintendo Eshop Page)
“Our heroine, Amane Kosaka, was living a simple yet happy life in the countryside until one day she was suddenly taken away to live in the empire, summoned by her brother Soshi Amazaki — the current ruler. Though she was unaware of the underlying circumstances, she finds herself brought to this lively and palpable central city.
Living in the immaculate royal palace, our heroine comes to learn that the empire might not be as joyful as it seems.

Her brother is no longer the gentle man she once knew…
A corrupt organization secretly runs things behind the scenes…
The heroine’s fate guides her down the path of love.”


The Charming Empire’s artwork was done by the artist, Fuji Mitsuya, a well known mangaka responsible for most of the beautiful art covers of popular JP Drama CDs (e.g. Midnight Jiangshi, Majestic Crown). If you admire her works, you’ll definitely love the CG’s for this game. Although they fall rather short as expected due to the game’s plot line, they were all undeniably beautiful.


I like how catchy The Charming Empire’s intro music was. Their BGMs were pretty good too, an improvement from what they had with the Yoshiwara series. But what initially attracted me the most to buying this game was their voice acting. Reading the list of cv’s below, I immediately recognized some of the famous voice actors from popular otome games I’ve recently played.


Tetsuya Kakihara “Toki Tanba” – Victor Frankenstein (Code Realize), Shin (Amnesia), Karasuba (Psychedelica BB)

Toshiki Masuda “Kei Yoshimine” – Ieyasu Tokugawa (Ikemen Sengoku), Yukimura (SLBP), Iori (IDOLish7)

Takuya Eguchi “Koichiro Sera” – Kazuki Hoshino (Collar x Malice), Nomura (Hakouki), Nagi (IDOLish7)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Kagemitsu Togawa” – Junichirou (Bungou Stray Dogs), Yuri (Yuuri on Ice)

Kenjiro Tsuda “Soshi Amazaki” –  Chikage Kazama (Hakuoki), Hattori Hanzo (Nightshade)


While playing the game, I noticed that each route mostly follows the exact same story pattern: You get whisked away to the capital – become a royalty – romance with the guy you choose – a rebellion occurs – conclusion. Although there were ‘some’ routes that offered a few plot twists, others were concluded far too easy and as simple as it can be.

All of the routes were short that it barely gets you that connection to the guy you’re romancing. If it weren’t for their profound voice acting, the stories would’ve fallen quite flat and somewhat boring due to zero character development.

The only recurring characters of the game are Sochi Amazaki and Kagemitsu. The rest of the guys only appear in their routes alone.


tumblr_inline_mo53fsoSXb1qz4rgp WARNING:  Few MINOR spoilers up ahead!


TOKI TANBABad boy, Robinhood, Best Cook, Baumkuchen!

Toki is the handsome cafe owner you bumped into one day while you were secretly strolling off town. You became acquainted with him due to his friendly & flirtatious personality and eventually tried to help him out in his cafe by waitressing and washing the dishes (lol the things you do for a handsome stud)image. He is rather popular in town and is loved by his customers. He appears very kind towards you but actually has hidden motives which you’ll get to discover in the middle of his route.

Ngl, I only enjoyed Toki’s route because of Tetsuya Kakihara’s voice acting. His laugh reminds me of Fran-chan’s giggle in Code Realize! It’s too adorable SQUEE!


KEI YOSHIMINEHot tutor, Smart, Talented, Tsundere as hell, Prince Charming, Pinky Swear, Best Boy!

33237645_157470575104820_5910773910181249024_oKei would have to be my favorite route in this game. His story was very sweet and surprisingly had good pacing and a satisfying ending. Kei was a prince abducted from a land which Soshi’s family conquered and destroyed. He became a captive in the capital after that and currently now living as your private tutor with a fiery grudge against your own brother. Unlike the other main characters and their respective routes, Kei was probably the only one that developed a realistic romance with the heroine. His story didn’t felt too rushed and the bonding between him and the MC was more genuine. Kei’s story is also a good choice for a first route in this game.


KOICHIRO SERASilent, Cold, Serious, The Bodyguard, Samurai, Best Soldier, Sketchy af

Sera is your faithful bodyguard who will watch you 24 hours a day and will never leave your side, ever! In his route, he was appointed by your brother Soshi, as your trusty bodyguard who needs to be with you wherever you go. This man is very devoted when it comes to his job. His bushido code is prioritizing your protection 24/7. I felt bad while I was playing his route mainly because of how Sera was starving himself just to watch over you (the guy eats one riceball every meal) imageSob! During his story, it was revealed that he was part of the rebellion group in a pursuit to overthrow your brother’s regime. I didn’t quite liked how it felt as if he was only using you so they can put an end to Soshi’s dictatorship. In the end, I felt like Sera’s feelings for you were a little too forced because there wasn’t any character development between him and the heroine during the transition of events. Oh well!


KAGEMITSU TOGAWAChildhood Friend, Substitute Tutor, Mr. Nice Guy, Boring.

Kagemitsu is your childhood friend and also your brother Soshi’s best friend and right hand adviser. I was kind of interested with this character at first but was surprised on how bland his story was. Kagemitsu is your typical childhood-best-friend-type character and since you’ve always known him and liked him for the way he was, there’s literally  nothing more you can get from the relationship between him and the MC. Again, the romance felt too forced. The only interesting part about Kagemitsu’s route was how involved it was with Soshi’s underlying story. It may be better to play this character prior to Soshi since their stories felt somewhat connected.


SOSHI AMAZAKI Has Trust Issues, Cold, Cunning, Bipolar (but not really), Incest (but not really)

Soshi probably has the most interesting story among the main characters. Mainly because he was considered the bad guy in other routes. Playing his route will get you to discover his side of the story. Soshi also offers a little bit of character development as he starts cold towards the MC (you) but then later on develops warms feelings as he tries to open up to the heroine. I kinda like Soshi’s story. It had a couple of plot twists and I was satisfied the way it ended. The only downside in his route was how pathetic the heroine was in this story that it gets overly annoying playing her character. (Rolls eye)





I really couldn’t say anything more other than how simple this game was. Perhaps if you’re looking for an easy short read that’s not too engaging (you can literally finish one route in an hour), this game is a good candidate.

Personally, I love the voice acting best as well as this game’s art style. But story wise, it’s painfully predictable that it  gets boring at times to a point where you literally don’t care how it ends. I really don’t think it’s worth the full price. So if you’re concerned with getting your money’s worth, I don’t recommend buying this game unless it’s on sale. Despite the mediocre story writing, the game had a few pros up it’s sleeve such as having very little typos, and I did enjoyed two routes (Kei and Soshi). I don’t regret buying this game for my Switch library since there aren’t a lot of localized otome games in the Nintendo Switch console yet. Also, if you’re a fan of the seiyus: Tetsuya Kakihara or Kenjiro Tsuda, this game won’t be so bad as you think it’d be.

Chlo’s Rating: 6/10

When Your Lover is a Courtesan – The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Review



Developer: D3Publisher Inc.
Publisher: D3Publisher 
Platforms: Steam, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (iOS and Android)
ESRB Rating: M (Age 17+)

I first downloaded this game on my smartphone but then the switch version was released so I bought it there instead ~ feeling a little too overjoyed of finally have an otome game in my switch library. nyan!tumblr_inline_mm2wb8TFlX1qz4rgp

STORY (from Nintendo Eshop Page)
“A closed island where baby boys are not born… A unique culture that is completely different from the mainland has been flourishing on the island. In the middle of the island, there is a district where men are gathered. Some women just want children. Others are looking for love. Knowingly deceived by a lie, and deceived in return, all in a single night’s dream. At the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?”

Okay, so this sounds rather appealing for the likes of me who’s a sucker for +17 otome games image(snickers). I dove in to the game expecting to have steamy romances with hot courtesan guys. Technically, this  game does not disappoint.

The story starts with you (MC) helping a male courtesan and his lover escape the island to live a free life in the mainland. Courtesans are not allowed to leave Yoshiwara. By helping them you are participating in an illegal activity that can get you into serious trouble when caught. The couple, in return gave you a good amount of cash and some valuable items as their way of saying ‘thank you’. After acquiring these sudden inheritance, MC then goes to Kikuya on a whim because ya know…where all dem hot boys are!


MUSIC AND ARTtumblr_inline_mm2wbhb4Al1qz4rgp
The art is beautiful. The guys were drawn with feminine features, to which I have no complains.lol The CG’s looked really good and some of them are a little bit PG rated.

The music on loop in the background gave me that alluring vibe. It’s mellow and sultry. Just the right theme for the game.


Can we please take a moment and admire this precious man’s beautiful sleeping face? Like dayum!image


Some routes are definitely better than others, some are more steamy while others are rather boring so to speak. All of the happy endings consist of you marrying one of the characters and live happily ever after!



TAKAO Biggest Flirt, Conceited, Chain-smoker, Knobby feminine knees, Cherry blossoms, Incest(?)
Kikuya’s number one courtesan. He’s the first ever guy you saw at the courtesan’s procession and was the first guy that captivated you with his breathtaking looks and alluring charms. In his route, your mother confronts you to stay away from this man because *cough* #hemightbeyourbrother *cough*. So you get to escape with him to the mainland to sort things out and find out both of ya’lls identities.image



TOKIWAMole, Green eyes and highlights, Scandalous, has foreign blood, dick-ish.
He’s the second best courtesan of Kikuya and claims that he used to be number one until he involved himself in some scandal of seducing other courtesan’s women (which is a grave sin in Yoshiwara). During his route he strives to be the number one courtesan again with your encouragement and reveals a sad back story of his youth and why he ended up being sold in Yoshiwara.image



IROHA Manager, Turns into a ‘demon’ when provoked, Bathtub scenes, Mature
I have mixed feelings while playing Iroha’s route. This was probably the steamiest and the most mature among all the routes (and I fully enjoyed this factor tbh!). His story, involves a lot of kissing, bathtub naked situations, a few scenes where you get to see his dom nature like beating up a poor courtesan with a stick as punishmentimageThere were also a couple of wtf moments in Iroha’s story that totally confused the hell out of me like him turning into an ogre when he gets mad or horny. Like literallyimage. Although his story explained that he was born from a human and an orge, they never touched up or expounded on why, thus leaving this subject in the dark for the rest of his routeimage. But what the heck, you fell in love with him in the end and that’s all that matters right? (sarcastic laugh).image



KAGURABest Boy, Samurai, Nerd, Gets fascinated in everything ‘western’, kinky, Public sex
Kagura was my first route. (I’m glad I played his story first too). This man is serious and doesn’t play around like the rest of the courtesans. He doesn’t want to have sex on first dates too so, you get the gistimage. He’s very knowledgeable and if not in the red light district, he spends his free time studying and training (sword fight). His route was a little ‘angsty’ and a little sad but this man, gosh he’s just the sweetest! …and I believe his happy ending was the BEST. What’s even better was his sequel stories where he becomes a respected school teacher and buys both of you a house to live in. Now tell me, why he’s not deserving the title “Best Boy”.image(smirks)



KAGEROUBaby, Tsundere af, Virgin, considers Kagura as his life idol
Kagerou’s route was also one of my favorites, mainly because his story had a little touch of drama to it? (and his CG’s were beautiful)image. During his route, his sister, who married a foreigner in the mainland tried to buy his freedom from Yoshiwara but he declines the offer thinking he shouldn’t depend on any help and wants to buy his own freedom himself because: PRIDE & EGO! He acts really terrible towards you and treats you like shit when all he really wanted to do was kiss you. Umm okay?… imageIn his route, You were also tasked by Iroha to take this beautiful boy’s virginity in his debut.



HAYABUSAChildhood friend, Big bro, Boring.image
Your childhood friend Hayato, went completely AWOL since you last saw him back when you were just a little bean. Now you see him after a long time in Yoshiwara as a courtesan called Hayabusa. He tells you that you’ve grown up into a beautiful flower and thinks your’e hot. You think he is too so you both have this mutual thing going on. Hayato’s route mainly focused on continuing the prologue story where some police woman suspects you for your crime (helping a couple elope to the mainland) and catches you red handed. Hayato tries to cover for you and gets arrested instead. He gets tortured badly but then your momma comes to the rescue so everything turned out fine in the end. imageThis is probably my least fav. route because of how boring the conversations were between you and Hayabusa, plus he only gets 8 CGs in total while others gets 16. image



YOUNgh.  Ngh.  Ngh.  Ah.  Ngh.image
imageYou are the most annoying MC with no personality whatsoever. The stereotypical otome game heroine who’s too shy to state her own opinions. If not trying to ugly cry your heart out because you miss your courtesan lover, you are out and about Kikuya trying to figure out your hormonal impulses.image




So the game’s ‘underlying theme’ ~ Romancing with sex slaves.  These beautiful men are selling love for money, and I felt really awful every time I finish a route and move on to the next one. It would have been nice if there was a “true route”  where I can buy all their freedoms? please? SOB.image

I enjoyed about 3 routes (Kagura, Kagerou and Takao’s). The rest are merely “eh”. The CGs were all beautiful though, I have to give them that. The game design was pretty too. The kimonos were flamboyant in colorsimage and the steamy love scenes does not hold back, which is good. Some of the translations were a little off but only a few.

Would I recommend this game? Yes. If you are looking for a decent +17 otome game with steamy content to pass the time, feel free to dive in to the Men of Yoshiwara.image

Chlo’s Rating: 5/10