Otome Game Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi announced for Switch and Steam

D3 Publisher and VRIDGE recently announced the otome title, “Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi: Jinchuu Houkoku no Shi” for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. This game is voiced (in Japanese) and will have Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese language support options.

The western switch release for this game will be available in the Nintendo eshop digitally, while the Japanese switch version will have both physical and digital copies available.

Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi was initially launched for the PS2 back in December 2004 in Japan and was ported to the DS in November 2008. 


  • High-Resolution Support (for both Switch and PC) – the characters, backgrounds, menus, and event graphics have all been improved to high quality. The scenes that occur during the story are even more beautiful, and the game’s CGs are enhanced in high resolutions.
  • System Improvements – new features were added such as the log jump, which lets you go back to a previous dialogue, an auto-save after each option, making the game easier to play.
  • Bonus Elements – A gallery to view in-game character illustrations were also added. In addition to that, packaging illustrations and event-limited goods were also included, allowing players to enjoy the charm of Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi to the fullest extent.


(Translated from their official website)
Suzuka grows up as the only daughter of a small dojo in Aizu.
However, her father, who had dreamed of being a swordsman, suddenly left the dojo and his family.
She had no choice but to close the dojo, which had almost no students, and go into the service of Teruhime, the sister-in-law of Matsudaira no Yoho, the lord of the Aizu domain. This is, with the help of her mother who was working at the Aizu domain residence in Edo.

Suzuka who had entered the Aizu domain as a replacement for her mother who had remarried, realizes that her father’s dream of becoming skilled with a sword had become her own.
When Teruhime was told of the girl’s troubles, she remembered a group of swordsmen that she had heard about from Yoho who served as the Military Commissioner of Kyoto.

This group of swordsmen, known as the Mibu Roshi, was under the Aizu clan, so Teruhime asked her brother-in-law, Yonpo, to help Suzuka join the group.
Thus, Suzuka, despite being a woman, set out for Kyoto, where the Mibu Roshi were stationed, to make a career for herself with the sword.

The Mibu Roshi, a group formed by fierce swordsmen, was later known as the Shinsengumi.


  • Masakazu Morita
  • Takahiro Sakurai 
  • Katsuyuki Konishi
  • Kazuya Nakai
  • Shoutaro Morikubo
  • Shin’ichiro Miki
  • Ryotaro Okiayu
  • Akira Ishida
  • Taiki Matsuno
  • Wataru Hatano
  • Satoshi Katougi
  • Kunihiro Kawamoto
  • Ryokichi Takahashi
  • Keiko Sakai
  • Naotsugu Yuneda
  • Yuu Kobayashi

(Wow! Look at that seiyuu line-up!)


Originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2008, “Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi” has been given a new look. This title is an otome visual novel that depicts the growth of the protagonist and her relationships with the Mibu Roshi members, intertwined with actual historical events. As the first female member of the Shinsengumi, you will deepen your bond with Isami Kondo, Toshizo Hijikata, as well as the other Shinsengumi members through battle, and eventually fall in love with them. What is the fate that awaits them at the end of this turbulent era?

Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi for the Switch / Steam is set to release this coming June 17, 2021. For more information about this announcement, visit D3 Publisher’s official site for this game here.

Update: Physical copies for Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi (Nintendo Switch) is now up for pre-orders here.


9 thoughts on “Otome Game Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi announced for Switch and Steam

  1. This is amazing! An old PS2/DS game getting ported at this day and age! So cool! I’m definitely buying this! Thank you for this news! Your site has been my go-to when it comes to otome news and reviews!

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    1. Thanks for this comment! ^^ IKR? It’s so surreal for older games to get a switch port nowadays! This game was initially released in 2004, basically making it the oldest Nintendo Switch otome game! lol 😀


  2. ohmygosh! everytime I come back to this website I’m always seeing good news about otome games! Thank you otomekitten for keeping us up to date! I love the classic artstyle of this game so mch! xoxo

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  3. I LOVE this! The old vibes I get from this game, it is just so pure and wonderful. Man, what a wonderful hidden gem. I cannot wait for this one to release!

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  4. I’ve never played this game before, but I might try to play this when it comes out. It sure looks interesting. I hope D3publisher port and maybe localized some of their old otome games, like Storm Lover.

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  5. Seeing older games make an appearance on Switch is wild and, as a person often worried about great games (otome and otherwise) becoming unplayable or forgotten due to technology pushing forward, really warms my heart.
    One ideal candidate for a Switch port, imho, would be Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. Dunno if that would ever be possible as it was sold by Sony until not long ago, but it seems to have disappeared from many local PS Stores as of late (the one in my country included). Not to mention that, simply put, more people should be able to experience this masterpiece. ❤

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