Café Enchanté Review (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: November 5, 2020 (North America)
Developers:  Otomate
Publishers:  Aksys Games
Platforms:  Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

STORY (From Cafe Enchante’s official site)

When Kotone inherits her grandfather’s Tokyo café, she discovers the shop holds more secrets than anyone could imagine. The café is a meeting spot for beings from multiple, mystical worlds. You’ll meet the king of demons, a humanoid beast, a fallen angel, and more. And when government agents monitoring non-human activities show up at your door, your new café is about to become a lot more colorful.


I got really excited when I heard Yuuya was in charge of Cafe Enchanté’s overall artwork. I am such a big fan of her works! I’m sure you’ve heard of this artist from her previous otome projects like; Pub Encounter (Dandy Shot), Hanayaka Nari series, Jakou no Lyla, and her latest, Cupid Parasite. On top of Enchanté’s beautiful character designs, the background art was equally first rate, stunning!

The soundtrack for Cafe Enchanté (including the BGMs) was nothing short of amazing. They pretty much blended well with the game’s themes and scenarios. Love solfege was in charge of Cafe Enchanté’s BGMs (their previous works include Taisho x Alice, Shinigami to Shojou, and Clock Zero’s OST) while Tomomi Nakamura arranged and composed the game’s OP and ED themes. My favorite OST was the song, “Eternal” (ED). Listen to the sample track below!

I bought Enchanté’s (OP/ED) soundtrack digitally from amazon. You can also get the physical copy of the game’s complete soundtrack here.

Voice Acting

Yuuichiro Umehara “Canus Espada” – Shingen (Ikemen Sengoku), Demento (Period Cube), Renji (Gakuen Club), Benkei (Bilshana Senki), Haruto (Toraware no Palm)

Yuki Ono “Ignis Carbunculus” Saeki (Collar x Malice), Edward Moriarty (London Detective Mysteria), Hamelin (Ozmafia!!), Tsuzuramaru (Ken ga Kimi)

Kaito Ishikawa “Il Fado de Rie” – Dante (Piofiore Fated Memories), Alan Crawford (Midnight Cinderella), Dimitri (Fire Emblem Three Houses), Tobio Kageyama (Haikyu!)

Junichi Suwabe “Kaoru Rindo” Van Helsing (Code Realize), Higa (Bad Apple Wars), Ren (Utapri), Jaeha (Yona of the Dawn), Kaname Asahina (Brothers Conflict)

Kenji Akabane “Misyr Rex” – Sasuke (Ikemen Sengoku), Kaminski (Sakura Wars), Kaoru Ise (Taishou Mebiusline)


The only route that’s locked in Café Enchanté, is Misyr’s. That said, you’ll need to finish all four routes before you can play his. My recommended route order is: Canus – Ignis – Rindo – Il – Misyr. I believe you can interchange the first three. Just make sure to leave Il’s route as your fourth before unlocking Misyr’s. Il and Misyr’s story obviously had more plot spoilers compared to the other three.



  • headless hunk
  • tinman w/ a green thumb

Canus is the Dullahan (headless knight) from the fairy world Medio. Contrary to his formidable appearance, Canus is actually very cordial and good-natured. Much to Kotone’s surprise, most of the townspeople near Enchanté are rather fond of him due to his friendliness and his “always-willing-to-lend-a-hand” attitude. Canus also has a green thumb and loves gardening to heart. If he’s not in the cafe sipping his earl grey tea, he’s probably out in the backyard tending to the flowers.🌼

I started with Canus’s route because I figured, why not go for the headless man first, right? (laughs). Due to his honest-to-goodness personality, it’s so easy to get smitten by him right off the bat. Perhaps, it’s because of his knightlihood that he possesses this sense of altruism in almost everything he does, and I love that this was very consistent throughout the entire game. I also like how he acts very ‘brotherly’ towards his fellow Enchanté patrons.

Out of all the bachelors, Canus’s route was probably the most wholesome when it comes to romance. I thought his relationship with Kotone felt very authentic in a rather fairytale-esque kind of way. His love (for her) was genuinely pure, at best🥰. His route, on the other hand, was a little cliché, plot-wise. The whole Yggdrasil lore was interesting, but how they introduced and concluded the Fairy World’s story was somewhat banal(?) As much as I love Canus as a character, his route was probably my least favorite because of how predictable it was from start to finish. Despite that, I really enjoyed all of the side characters in this route. Vennia and Titania 😚 were so precious that I just wanna have tea parties with them forever!


  • hot-headed tsundere
  • those abs scars doe?

Ignis is the humanoid beast from the Beast World, Bestia. He is primarily known as ‘the strongest’ of all the inhabitants in his homeland, though he’s not too fond of this title himself. As a firewolf, he possesses the ability of pyrokinesis, where he can control and manipulate fire at will. Ignis may seem hot-headed upfront, but behind his rowdiness lies a gentle and kindhearted persona. He loves meat, and he’s always found munching a huge course meal everyday in the cafe.

I’ll always have a soft spot for tsunderes, so I totally dig Ignis’s character from the get-go. He’s also the closest to the heroine’s age, so I thought their chemistry was great. I love that his relationship with Kotone actually played a huge part in his story, where she was in fact, the reason for his so-called “Awakening” (I won’t be expounding on this further, due to spoilers). His story started a little boring at first, but I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy his route as much as I had. The sudden angst in his last two chapters had me on the edge of my seat!

I thought Ignis was such a tragic character. Even though his story was probably ‘tame’ compared to Il or Misyr’s, it was still kind of sad that it surprisingly made me cry. Lastly, I’d like to rave about how his CG collection was the steamiest out of everyone. Like wow! 🥵 *fans self*


  • d i l f
  • rich daddy-kun

Kaoru Rindo is a man of his prime who’s a high ranking member of the GPM (Government Paranormal Measures). His duty is to monitor Café Enchanté, and keep an eye on all the non-humans who gather there. He’s also a close friend to Kotone’s grandfather, Souan. Besides having the smarts for his job, he is exceptionally good in combat too.

Idk if it’s my thirst for an older LI or just my age talking (lol), but I absolutely loved Rindo’s route to the fullest extent! 😝 Because of the huge age gap between him and Kotone, I was kind of worried that their romance might come off as awkward or forced. Favorably, to my surprise, it turned out quite the opposite, and it was seriously all I could ever hope for! 🥰 It’s really nice to see how natural their relationship developed over time.

I enjoyed seeing Kotone’s musings when she realized she was crushing on Rindo bigtime! 😂 …and their little date episode was just hilariously cute. Shout out to the part where the other four (non-human) patrons gangs up on Rindo, demanding he returns Kotone back immediately, right after their date😂 (I was cackling the whole time during the “Hell Police” scene). I also appreciate how mature and reasonable the heroine acted in Rindo’s story. Unexpectedly, this route was really good romantic-wise.

As far as the plot goes, I believe this was yet again, another tragic route not only to Rindo, but also to a few side characters, who were quite prominent throughout the game. Brace yourself for some intense plot-twist!


  • #postyourotomeshrine
  • ships Lupin and Cardia
  • p r e c i o u s

Il is a fallen angel from the Heavenly World of Caelm. He is a soft-spoken, young-looking man who loves and adore otome games. Besides his angelic appearance that gets him a lot of attention in public, Il also lacks social perception when it comes to the human world. Because of this, he ends up getting babied and pampered by his fellow Enchanté patrons. He loves to eat anything sweet, and he’s usually cooped up in his room playing otome games.

Il’s character was such a delight! He is perhaps my most anticipated route in Enchanté because honestly, who doesn’t wanna romance a good looking angel who’s obsessed with otome games? (laughs) On top of Il’s silly quirkiness that I absolutely adore, he’s also very tech-savvy, and he can program apps and softwares at ease within an instant. I believe I had the most laughs in the game during Il’s first chapters.😚 His relationship with Kotone was rather cute and endearing. How Il, innocently realizes his feelings for the heroine was just *chef kiss* 👌perfectly painted in this route.

Plot-wise, Il Fado de Rie’s story was hands-down, probably the best one in Enchanté (imo). I had a problem putting the game down for a while because his third and final chapters anxiously drove me into an emotional basket case. Tbh, it was that good (prepare those tissues!). This route also had the hottest and most interesting side characters in the game. Umm, Solitus and Epilogi seriously need their own side routes, come on!


  • coffee connoisseur
  • sus

Misyr Rex is the demon king from the Demon World, Asmodia. He also regards himself as the ‘demon king that can cheat on anything’ and jokes about being the ‘final boss’ in Enchanté. He’s extremely powerful with his magic fitted for destruction. Above anything, Misyr loves Kotone’s freshly brewed coffee, and he always comes to Enchanté everyday to enjoy a cup or two.

Unlike the other non-human patrons of Enchanté, Misyr refuses to rent a room in the cafe, and he never stays overnight. He tells everyone how he’s always tied to his demon king duties in Asmodia but never really talks about the topic any further and would simply brush it off as ‘unimportant’ – making him a little suspicious from the jump. Stepping into Misyr’s route will let you in on all of his secrets.

As expected from Cafe Enchanté’s true-route and poster boy, Misyr’s story pretty much tied together all of the things that happened in other character’s worlds. All of the cliffhangers, and brooding issues that were glossed over in the previous routes, were inevitably addressed in Misyr’s story. In comparison to others, Misyr gets six chapters in the game (yup, his route was super long, though I realized that these few extra chapters were quite necessary in building up the finale they were aiming for).

As the final route, I thought it was actually pretty good! It was dramatically well executed, and I appreciate how the romance between Kotone and Misyr was never overshadowed by the heaps of plot twists that were revealed one after another. Misyr’s route was also angst-central, and it was beautiful!😭 I guess I just have this itty-bitty gripe on the ending, what happened to Kotone seriously had me screaming “What? No way!”…

KOTONE AWAKI (Main Heroine)

Kotone Awaki, what an enjoyable protagonist! I’m glad she’s got a personality of her own and is NOT the self-insert kind we sometimes have to deal with in otome games. It’s great that she didn’t get dragged around in the story, and I appreciate that she normally gets the last say when making group decisions. She doesn’t wander around on her own too, and I love that she would ALWAYS seek advice whenever something is bothering her. Kotone’s witty personality was truly refreshing that it didn’t take me long to find her super likable! Her character’s strength (in every route) was her firm conviction in making the best out of every situation she’s pulled into. Never once did she make a decision that disappointed me in the game, so maybe that’s saying a lot?

I also appreciate how relatable Kotone is for working women. Before she took over Enchanté, she had a desk job that overworked her to the bone, making her slave 100 hours a month! 😱(Common Route Bad End) Can you imagine the horror?! I literally felt second-hand anxiety during the scene where her ex-boss was screaming bloody murder at her on the phone. 😩 I’m glad she was able to handle that pretty well, and with class! 👏 Hooray for smart heroines who can handle adult stress! That’s Kotone for you!🙌 


Idk if it’s just me, but sometimes I thought the translations were a little stiff especially on dialogues that do not have voice-overs. There were a few mistranslated words in the game that gave different meanings in some narratives (e.g. ‘conversation‘ became ‘conservation‘, ‘underdressed‘ became ‘undressed‘. There was even one important line where the heroine said “Let’s go back to Enchante” but was translated as “Let’s not go back” which literally made my head tilt like whaaaat??). Another thing that bugged me was the naming inconsistencies of some characters; Kororo switches to Kokoro, and Vennia switches to Venir (common route). 🤯 It’s probably just a pet peeve of mine, and this by no means took me out of the whole gaming experience. Though, I do believe these issues can be easily ironed out with a better QA/QC.

I’ve got to say, Cafe Enchanté’s UI was one of my favorites! The menu and food items intricately drawn in detail were chic and very fitting for the theme. The interface design was a total eye candy! It’s one of those bonuses that gets you beaming with delight every time you start up a game.

The lack of “Short Stories” in the EXTRA section was a little bummer though. I’m saying this in a positive light as I just can’t get enough of Enchanté’s characters. Perhaps a fandisc of the game can satisfy my insatiable appetite? 🙏



My gameplay for Café Enchanté was around 60-65 hours total. The common route was exceptionally long (it took me three days to finish it, lol). Each character’s story (except Misyr) only last four chapters, though it probably took me 4-5 hours, on average, to clear one entire route 😂. It is a very lengthy game per se, but I wouldn’t say it’s a chore to finish. The chapters can get even more riveting as you go further! The game has two official endings (happy and bad). The good thing is that you don’t have to do the ‘bad ends’ to complete the dictionary or the CG compilation.

Enchanté’s overall story was undeniably captivating from start to finish. With it being a longer game with such elaborate lore, I was impressed by how the plot-pacing in each route never felt contrived. The story just flowed naturally (to me). It was indeed an enjoyable read!

I noticed a slight similarity in Code Realize as far as how Enchanté’s world-building was structured. The humor and angst of the two games were of the same level as well (laughs). This was no surprise since both games were created by the same writer. Though all things considered, I personally thought Enchanté was more polished.

The characters, best of all (including the side charas), were so much fun. Their little quirks and nuances, not to mention their constant banters, were truly golden. It was hard to pick a favorite among the main cast as I’ve enjoyed all of them. I guess I’m more of a “hako-oshi” than having a personal bias when it comes to this game!😂 Jokes aside, I think my favorite routes, story-wise, were hands-down, Misyr, and Il’s. My favorite character, however, (if I have to pick one) was Rindo. He had me at his netflix and chill five-star apartment date, and I think I’m just drawn to his mature personality, I honestly couldn’t shake off his damn appeal. ahah😏

All the side characters in Enchanté have their own individual charms, and I hold them very dear to my heart! Except for Dromi, he can take a seat!

Do I recommend this game? YES
Café Enchanté is an otome game with story-events that beams humor, angst, and romantic niceties. It’s definitely a mixed bag of delight and drama, and without a doubt, one for the books for otome fans!

The direction and writing were top-notch. I believe it won’t take you long to get fully invested in the game’s immersive story. The romance was a breath of fresh air, and while it’s pretty lighthearted, it was always present in a sense that it never took a backseat despite the plot’s staggering twists. The LI’s were all fantastic and very lovable to an extent. Above all, you have a smart protagonist that can think on her own, has common sense and is all the while relatable. Seriously, what more can you ask for? I have enjoyed every bit of this title, and I’m fairly certain anyone who loves the otome genre will do too. By all means, pick this game up or you’re missing out!😘

PS: This game is best enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee paired with your favorite sweets on the side!


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  1. As usual, I always rely on your review to pick games. Still on the fence for this because of the theme, usually mystical/creatures kind of theme is not really my type. But I really like the cafe element. The translation quality sounds quite bad judging from the review, I was hoping it has the standards of Piofiore translation. The fallen angel character sounds like one that I would LOL everytime, haha. Hmm… I guess I’ll wait a little longer. Speaking of which, Aksys still have not release patch for CxM unlimited, sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thnx for dropping a comment!
      Ah, yes if you think the premise isn’t your thing, then there’s def no hurry in getting the game. ^^ Because it was a longer title, the typos were very prominent unfortunately so there’s also that.

      I think game patches takes a lot of time esp if its done by the loc publishers (I believe they’ll need to get permissions from IF JP first before they can start re-editing everything.) I remember last year, Digimerce took maybe 4 mos. to release a patch for Operhouses titles after the machine translation backlash lol ~I would expect with this pandemic and all, it may take Aksys longer than the usual timeframe due to the circumstances at hand. Hopefully not too long but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  2. I just got into the part where Kotone’s ex manager was harassing her on a phone call and my god I was having anxiety myself too! I work 40 a week with people like that sadly. The heroine is surely relatable so I’m even more excited to continue this game! Love your review and thank you for the walkthroughs!

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  3. Hi! I’m getting the game next week! Could you do a limited edition tome collection please 🙂 I’m curious about Japanese editions!


  4. Since a while , I always wanted to try a otome by curiosity. I did play visual novel for guys . But since I enjoy shoujou sometimes , I was curious how a otome is played.
    However I had a hard time finding one who interessed me (I have a lot of annoying criteria). I found Cafe Enchante intriguing with his beautiful art and interessing premise.

    I just finishing Ignis route tonight . And in all honestly it was pretty good. I enjoyed the writing and the good sense of humour.
    The fact I really like Kotone really helped me to get in (at some point I was more like “which of you five guys is worthy to date my daughter?”). I’m looking forward to try the other routes.

    It was a good experience and I will recommend it if a guy wanted to try a otome like me .

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    1. “Which of you five guys is worthy to date my daughter?” – haha I love this! what a nice & interesting way to judge an LI! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your first otome game and i hope you still are! Cheers!


  5. Hello again!
    I’m reading your review to decide if I should get this or not at the moment..🤔 Cause even though I’ve known this game a couple of months ago when I was searching for otome that are voiced by Ishikawa Kaito, this game didn’t really spark my interest at all and I’m not even sure why. Probably because I always prefer a classical/historical/fantasy era in otome games. So the mythical characters are okay, but in modern setting? I guess this is what makes me unsure of the game.. Funnily enough, I didn’t have doubts when I bought Collar x Malice. Hahaha.. 🤷

    I’m still having doubts but I want to at least give it a try after reading your review. Plus in my country, this game is somehow being sold cheaper than when I bought Piofiore even though the amount in dollar is the same 😭 (Probably people here aren’t hype for this or something. I’m not sure..)
    So I’d probably still get this for the sake of my collection. 😅 I just hope I will and can enjoy it like the rest before this.
    Anyway, sorry for ranting and as usual, thanks for your review! 😊

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    1. Cafe Enchante is mostly isekai, so theres going to be a bit of both modern world and fantasy combined. I think you’ll like it if you liked the Code Realize series. Defo recommend getting it esp if its sold cheaper in your country haha! but no pressure! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the review and thanks for the comment! Cheers!


  6. I bought the game after you rated it 9/10. I was intrigued LOL but I was also sold at the fact that it was written by the same creators of Code Realize and I really loved CR (it was my first otome game). So far, I am really enjoying this game, and Im now in chapter 8 where I got to see Misyr’s magic! I think he’s my favorite! Thanks for writing this nice review and for the recommendation!

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    1. Misyr was awesome! Brace yourself for his route as he’s def something else! ^^ Glad you’re able to pick the game up based on my recommendation and I hope you’re still enjoying it as we speak! Cheers!


  7. As always, thanks so much for the review. You’re one of the best otome game reviewers I’ve ever seen. I truly enjoyed the game, and your review prepared me for all the tears and laughs that came with each guys’ route. I must admit, though, Il ended up being my favorite character because, as you said, his route was so wild. Also, I couldn’t help but feel so many emotions for the pain he went through. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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    1. Thanks for this comment!
      Il’s route was really something else right? haha I Iove him and his story too! (lol I couldn’t get over him for days) I’m glad you found my reviews and walkthroughs helpful and Yay, I’m happy you enjoyed the game! \o/ Cheers and stay safe!

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  8. Thank you so much for your review! I already play the game before reading the review. I admit i thought it’s going to be a light hearted otome. Then the emotional scenes hit like a truck. I’m in the middle of Il’s route and i’m in the corner crying 😭. On a side note, I saw the popularity poll from the website and “Hako-Oshi” is 3rd 😂! I admit i too am a hako oshi, though i haven’t play Misyr’s route, I think i will enjoy it. His va performance is so good!
    Sorry for rambling here, again thank you so much for the walkthroughs and the review!

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    1. Hello thanks for dropping by and YW! No worries, you’re free to ramble all you want! Lol and yeah Il and Misyr’s route will emotionally wreck you so be sure to have those Kleenex on the ready! 😭(also, they deserve the top 2 spot in that popularity poll imo) I’m a fan of Misyr’s VA too since the Ikémem series! He’s great and I believe you’ll love him more when you get to his route! 💕 enjoy!


  9. I saw this review after finishing Il’s route and he was my first route. Man that route was such a rollerocaster and I wished I saw this review before doing Il’s route because it was so good but yet so heavy. I agree with you there, his route is definitely placed on my top best routes right now. I always happen to do the most important character route first by accident like I just randomly chose Kuroyuki in Nightshade cause he was hot I- Man Im be so depressed through the entire week but no route can compare to shiraishi’s route and the level of emptiness I experienced, that hit hard but amazing reviews as always!

    Also I agree there, we should have routes for the side character because I screamed so much when I saw Solitus and he reminded me of all my childhood crushes I- * COUGH* SESSHOMARU *COUGH* YUE

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    1. Totally! Il’s route def hit hard like a ton of bricks! </3 I feel you! …and haha can't deny a similar resemblance between Solitus and Sesshomaru! I was internally screaming myself too the first time he appeared! xD


  10. I started taking screenshots of all the typos I found in this game. It became a game for me – how many I could find? I did one route and started posting them on twitter. I found SO MANY! I was surprised that no one else has mentioned how many typos are in this game? Missing periods, double spaces, words are spelled wrong, letters are scrambled like they were rushing to type it. Odd line breaking when they didn’t need it. You also already pointed out a few. One time I saw a word spelled “nut” when they meant “but”, honestly that one made me lol.

    Someone on a forum board posted that they spelled Colombian Beans as Columbia beans in the dictionary area. It’s been very distracting for me – considering that this is a visual novel and it’s all reading.

    It was like they didn’t do any proof reading on this. I started to get upset because I paid $50 for this game and felt like they didn’t care about the quality of it. I’ve been trying to tweet the company hoping they will notice and put out a patch for it, but I honestly don’t think they will unless enough people care or notice.

    I really do like this game otherwise. The story is very good, the characters all have a lot of depth to them. It’s a shame to me that the translation company did them dirty like this (in my opinion).


  11. I read your review first, because while I was extremely intrigued by the premise (I simply adore everything fantasy like, yokai etc. 😍 don’t know why, haha) but to be honest the characters from the pictures alone didn’t really speak to me so I hesitated about buying the game. What do I do if I don’t like the characters? But after reading your thoughts on the characters and story I thought “why not” and bought it. And I do NOT regret it. All characters have this certain charm I can’t resist. I am in the third chapter of Canus’ route and I must say I adore Vennia and Titannia 😍 and I do like Kotone (at least she has a bigger backbone than some other otome heroines). All in all I really enjoy this game, despite the typos Haha 🙈 they bother me a bit more than I thought. Especially when words are in different order and it takes a while and reading the sentence a couple more times… I have this habit of correcting grammar, spelling etc in my head and I get so irritated by it. I do it when I read anything… so annoying 😅😂 this really shouldn’t happen in an official localization were we pay a lot of money for it. But oh well, at least everything else is awesome so I do enjoy this game a lot. 😁 sorry for the long rant? 🙈

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    1. I’m in the same boat! The characters really don’t look appealing to me, but OtomeKitten’s 9/10 reading is getting me real close to opening my wallet…. I’ll probably buy Piofore first lol.

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      1. My same thoughts exactly 😂 I actually did buy Piofore first, as I really liked the Art and the characters. And it is a good game. But I just couldn’t forget Enchante so in the end my will was weak and I bought it too and now I am binge playing it 🙈😅😂😂😂😂 of course I finished one route first in Piofore 😉

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    2. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the game so far! Lol true on the loc side, I had that experience too – had to read the sentences twice to decide if it made sense. 😭 I hope they’ll do better in the future :<


      1. I think I have almost all games Aksys localized and I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think all are as bad as Enchante… I think Code Realize was ok? 🤔 or maybe I just forgot as it is a while since I last played. But yeah, I do hope they find a good Editor who checks first before it gets published. It is kind of an embarrassment for an official company who specialises in it to have such errors. BUT… when I think of some, cheaper, games that are seemingly only machine translated, we shouldn’t complain to much 😂


  12. “I thought Ignis was such a tragic character. Even though his story was probably ‘tame’ compared to Il or Misyr’s, it was still kind of sad that it surprisingly made me cry.”

    I just finished his route last night and I was pretty shocked. And then you tell me Il and Misyr’s are worse ? Damn. How can it be worse than that ? 😂

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  13. I just finished the game yesterday and Mysir’s Route just left me feeling extremely bittersweet. Like, yes happy ending but… damn I felt so overwhelmed at the whole situation that my feelings just went on a rollercoaster and I just sat there staring at my screen totally dumbfounded and unwilling to believe that that’s really how it ended xD

    I have a hard time picking a favourite in this one. They are all so precious and I want to wrap them in a blanket and make coffee and sweets (and meat) for them forever TwT
    I was looking forward to Mysri’s and Il’s routes the most, both of them had me on the edge of my seat and my thoughts were racing with “How the heck is this gonna be solved??”

    And yes. Solitus and Epilogi Routes. NOW!! PLEASE!! ( ゚Д゚)<!!

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    1. Giiiiirl, YES! I totally feel you! Misyr’s ending was so bittersweet and it totally caught me off guard. I couldn’t get over it for weeks! lol We seriously need a fandisc! (。T ω T。)


  14. Wow…I just finished the game and I have to confess I borderline ugly cried at a couple points. No other game has made me laugh this much. No other game has made me cry this much! And to do both in a single game…I’m still reeling.
    Misyr had me pretty much from the get go, and it’s going to take me a bit to get over his ending as well. I like older LI’s as well and Rindo caught my eye right out of the gate as well (although he came off as a bit patronizing as first) So while I was loving every storyline, I was also really impatient to get to Misyr’s route. But I didn’t want the game to end either! And now I’m hearing there isn’t a fandisc?? No. We need some epilogues for this.

    Kitty-chlo, am I the only one who felt really bad for N***?! I feel like they got one of the crappiest deals in otome fiction that I can remember. Heck, I’d be willing to argue that Ben Solo and Severus Snape had better lives. ☹️
    Thank you for the excellent review and walkthroughs!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nyreth! Your comment is so nostalgic as it made me remember the first time I played CE two months back, and yes this is exactly how I felt after finishing it! I started bawling when the credits for Mysir appeared on my screen! 😭 This game definitely needs a fandisk, for real!

      I actually felt bad for Noah too. He was sucha tragic character! Hhh I’m loving your reference with Ben Solo and Snape having better lives than him because you’re not wrong! 😭 Here’s hoping Otomate give us the fandisk it deserves! Thanks for this comment and stay safe! ❤


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