Four Leaf Clover ~ Mineo Enomoto Review


Visual Novel: Collar x Malice
Age: 23
Hobbies: Reading books about Toshizou Hijikata and “100 Heart-jerking Love Confessions”
Likes: Sengoku Period, Field Work, Pudding♥
VA: Soma Saito

Click for his walkthrough here.
Click for Collar x Malice game review here.

Character Background
Mineo is the comical relief of the bunch. He’s often seen butting heads with Sazasuka and is sometimes treated as an errand boy for both Aiji and Takeru. He may be considered to have the weakest aptitude when it comes to the X-Day investigations but he has the knack for pursuing cases until the end, once he’s made up his mind about it. Before he quit his job as a police officer, he was previously assigned in Shinjuku ‘s Field Operations Team and was considered one of the best in their department due to his speed and audacity.  A promotion was in line in his career prior to his resignation.

His Trademark: He wears an eye patch to resemble his Sengoku warlord idol, Date Masamune.

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Mineo tends to be very shy and unsociable when it comes to women. He is honest to a fault and is able to charm and befriend people very quickly. He demonstrates his likability when he befriends Hanako Kobayashi “Hana” (in his route) and Kazuki Hoshino, Ichika’s brother (both in his route and Shiraishi’s). Mineo can also get a little clumsy when it comes to his social cues as he has the tendency to blurt out his thoughts without meaning to and sometimes ends up saying too much.



Relationship with the Heroine
His romantic exchange with Ichika is as light-hearted as his route. Mineo’s story was filled with a couple of adorable instances where we see him blush because of Ichika’s straightforwardness. It’s very cute. He felt like a high school sweetheart.♥

It was also because of Ichika that he was finally able to pursue the April and May X-Day cases. This guy needs a little push for motivation.


Mineo is the perfect first route to take in Collar x Malice for the reason that his story offers very few spoilers of the game’s underlying plot line. There were very few revealed information regarding the X-Day cases as a whole in his story, that it almost felt like it was literally shrugged off at the end (this cliffhanger however, was explained in Aiji’s route). His story pacing was also very slow when comparing it to others.

Although, I personally enjoyed Enomoto’s route as a whole, there were a few pros and cons that were notable during his events.

Positive Points \(^▽^)/

  • The fact that Enomoto knows and accepts that he’s the least useful guy around in the group when it comes to the X-Day investigations.
  • The sibling relationship between Ichika and her brother Kazuki in this route was very pragmatic that it felt so real. One of my favorite highlights in Enomoto’s route was the ups and downs of Ichika’s bonding with her little brother.
  • Mineo greatly respects his superiors and always have this genuine faith in them no matter the circumstances.
  • Enomoto is a true gentleman for offering Ichika a piggyback ride when she twisted her ankle running after him.
  • He has the strongest bond and is the closest to Kazuki, the protagonist’s little brother compared to the other guys (in their routes).
  • Mineo profoundly appreciates and respects Yanagi as his “senpai“. He also praises him all the time for Aiji’s exemplary cooking skills.
  • His love for pudding and how he gets excited to have some is just too adorable for words.
  • Him losing it, when the thugs attempted to make Ichika strip in public. I find it sweet when~He wanted to beat them up to a pulp.image
  • His unconventional sense of style~ He’s the only one who wears a printed shirt inside. He wears an eyepatch and carries a paper fan as his trademark. He also wears a standard yukata in his (extra) story.

Negative Points ┐(︶▽︶)┌

  • It took him a while to put his trust on Ichika that half of his route was spent on the heroine stubbornly pursuing to become partners with him.
  • He easily loses his temper when provoked, humiliating himself in the end.
  • If it wasn’t for Ichika’s determination, Mineo would’ve never pursued the X-Day Investigations seriously.
  • He can’t say ‘NO’ when his masculinity is in question. Because of this, Okazaki ended up tagging along on his supposed-to-be lunch date with Ichika.
  • Dwells a lot on self-loathing.
  • Why is he living at Aiji’s apartment/office, doesn’t he have a place of his own?image


Some Thoughts
I kinda feel that Mineo was a well fit match for Ichika since they are very alike in personality. He also doesn’t have too many issues, he’s not a jerk to her and he already has Kazuki’s approval. Both their tenacity and unwavering sense of determination is a perfect common ground. It’s a cute relationship, one that can last long as I see it.


Character Song
I think Mineo’s character song is as jolly as his personality, don’t you think? It’s so fitting! ^^



For this route’s sexy meter, I’ll give it an overall 7/10 score. Although it was the least appealing/sexy route compared to others in Collar x Malice, I still enjoyed his story to the fullest. Mineo is a very sweet and loving character. His honesty was his winning factor, but he needs improvement (not to mention, will power) when it comes to making women swoon. Perhaps he really needed his “100 Heart-jerking Love Confessions” book after all. image


Collar x Malice Review



Release Date: July 28, 2017 (North America)
Developers:  Otomate
Publishers:  Aksys Games
Platforms:  PS Vita
ESRB Rating: +17 M (Mature)




Mineo Enomoto
Kei Okazaki
Takeru Sasazuka
Kageyuki Shiraishi
Aiji Yanagi


Be warned: Collar x Malice has a very strong theme of violence. If you’re not comfortable with these aspects, this game is probably not for you.

Read the game synopsis here.


How Do You Define Justice?
Oddly enough for an otome game, the story touched up in creating a grim atmosphere from day one of its prologue and the theme continues to get darker with each route you play.

The common route revolves around the main protagonist Ichika Hoshino, an honest and hardworking police officer of Shinjuku, who was one day kidnapped and blackmailed by an anonymous terrorist group called “Adonis”. She found herself in one difficult predicament as she woke up after her ambush with a collar on her neck and an order to investigate the X-Day cases, a series of mass murder events that was done for the purpose of purging Japan from its lurking sinners. With the help of an independent detective agency, Ichika will unravel the truth of Adonis’ murders and their true meaning of justice while facing circumstances that can end her life in an instant.

At first glance, I honestly did not expect too much of the game, but then I started playing it and oh boi!  CxM’s intriguing enigma just blew me away. I got hooked. I just love it when a visual novel catches you off guard like that


Besides the usual straightforward narratives, Collar x Malice offers a few interesting mini-games making it more interactive for players.

  • Investigations – Just like Ace Attorney and Danganropa V3, you get to click a few various objects in a room to get clues and unlock conversations.
  • Elevator (Go to) – structured like the main protagonist’s workplace, you will get to choose which floors or office you’ll need to visit as you progress in the story.
  • Trigger Mode – a mini-game where the main protagonist draws her gun and fires it. Missing the target will get you a bad end while a direct aim lets you progress in the game.


The trick is to aim at the middle inner red circle of the target. A burst of red outline will flash if trigger mode was a success. A gray outline will flash if it failed.


God bless Hanamura Mai, for Collar x Malice’s beautiful artwork. She’s also famous for her other works such as Desert Kingdom and of course the ever popular Amnesia series.


During my first playthrough, I was awestruck to hear the band, Plastic Tree performing the game’s opening theme.  I used to listen to these legends back in high school and hearing them play the soundtrack of your now-favorite otome game was such a wild treat, that I ended up buying their new 2018 album.

Besides Plastic Tree’s awesome soundtracks, I also wanna point out that this game had some amazing BGMs. Here’s my fav bgm below!

Voice Acting

Soma Saito “Mineo Enomoto” – Tadashi Yamaguchi (Haikyu!), Rem Kaginuki (Dance with Devils), Sota (Possession Magenta)

Yuki Kaji “Kei Okazaki” –  Kanato (Diabolik Lovers), Finis (Code Realize), Souma Kazue (Hakuoki), Yuiga Kakeru (Norn9), Kurusu Kaoru (Uta no Prince-sama), Ryuichi Naruhodo (Ace Attorney)

Daisuke Namikawa “Takeru Sazasuka” – Eigetsu/Yougetsu☻ (Saiunkoku Monogatari), Komura Yuuichi (Hiiro no Kakera),  Luka Redgrave (Bayonetta), Miyamoto Musashi (Sengoku Basara)

Ryohei Kimura “Kageyuki Shiraishi” – Kou (Diabolik Lovers), Roche (Neo Angelique Abyss), Kaito Momota (Danganropa V3), Masato Kadowaki (Arata the Legend)

Masakazu Morita “Aiji Yanagi” – Kija♥ (Akatsuki No Yona), Auel Neider (Gundam Seed DESTINY), Kazuki Hihara♥ (Kiniro No Corda), Maeda Keiji (Sengoku Basara), Whis (Dragon Ball Super)

Takuya Eguchi “Kazuki Hoshino” – Koichiro Sera (The Charming Empire), Kyoya Mochizuki (Possession Magenta), Nomura Risaburo (Hakuoki)

Natsuki Hanae “Akito Sera” – Nova (Amnesia World), Jaco (Dragon Ball Super), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Sengoku Night Blood), Satoru (Bad Apple Wars), Libera (Period Cube-Shackles of Amadeus)

Toriumi Kousuke “Rei Mikuni” – Shuu (Diabolik Lovers), Saitou Hajime (Hakuoki), Momochi Choujirou (Nightshade), Takizawa Saku (Gakuen Club), Azusa (Brother’s Conflict), Uesugi Kenshin (Sengoku Nightblood), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Ikemen Sengoku), Kagiha (Psychedelica BB)

 Maeno Tomoaki Keisuke Sanjou” – Arsene Lupin (Code Realize), Son Hak♥ (Akatsuki No Yona), Natsume  (Brother’s Conflict), Camus (Uta no Prince-sama)




For best gaming experience, you can follow the recommended play order below:

1) Mineo Enomoto
2) Kei Okazaki
3) Takeru Sazasuka
4) Kageyuki Shiraishi – I highly recommend playing him 4th, before unlocking Yanagi’s route
5) Aiji Yanagi – his route only unlocks after finishing the four above.



Mineo Enomoto 

  • Adorkable
  • Sengoku Fanatic
  • Gets very shy and unsociable when it comes to women.

Mineo is the perfect first route to start in Collar x Malice for the reason that his story offers very few spoilers of the game’s underlying plotline. Romantic wise, his story events weren’t the most appealing to me. Half of his route was spent on Ichika trying to make him accept her as his partner while Mineo pushes her away because he has major trust issues. Despite all these very minor cons, I still enjoyed Mineo’s route as a whole.

Mineo is such an adorkable character, and I wouldn’t have him in any other way. I feel like he’s a well-fit match for Ichika since they are very much alike in personality.

Read my full character review here.



Kei Okazaki 

  • Hidden Badass
  • Very Physical *wink*
  • Reckless Abandon

I have to admit, I thought Okazaki’s route would be pretty boring since it started very dull in the beginning. But man, it got so good in the middle (between Chapter 2 & 3) that I freakin’ yelped a few times scene after scene. This man is very stubborn yet very passionate. His route was also action-packed, so expect to see him and the heroine in one badass back-to-back fight scene.

His route was a heart-pounding one that kept me at the edge of my seat. Romantic wise, I’d have to say, a relationship with this man is one hell of a ride and it’s REALLY infuriating (in a good way).

Read my full character review here.



Takeru Sazasuka 

  • Baby Face
  • God Tier Hacker
  • Tsundere af
  • Born in Japan, raised in America

One of the best routes of the game was Sazasuka’s. His story had perfect pacing from start to finish and his ending was probably the most satisfying one among others prior to unlocking Aiji’s. Takeru’s tsundere characteristics were very charming in his story, to say the least. It made me grin pathetically the whole time ha! (*´▽`*) As a police hacker, It was also pretty interesting to see Takeru performing some wizardry  in his field during his route.

I’m just a sucker for a smart-ass tsun tsun, so I really enjoyed him a lot. (cackles)



Kageyuki Shiraishi
NOTE: His route will only be available on your second playthrough.

  • The Eccentric Profiler
  • Cat mom
  • Angst, Angst, Angst!

 I wanted to unlock Yanagi’s story asap, so I dove into Shiraishi’s route too quickly not knowing what I was in for.

His route completely shook me to my core lol (no kidding!)  This route contains so many spoilers of the game’s overarching plot. That said, I highly recommend playing him last (4th) prior to unlocking Aiji Yanagi. Although I had mixed feelings on Shiraishi’s story, I can’t deny that I LOVED the roller coaster of emotions I’ve experience in his route to the fullest!



Aiji Yanagi
NOTE: His route will only unlock after finishing the other four’s happy ending.

  • Father figure
  • Best Cook
  • chain smoker

Just like any other unlockable characters, Yanagi’s story is only playable after finishing everyone else’s good endings, making his route the “True Route” of Collar x Malice. His story also had perfect solid pacing where it didn’t feel too rushed when it comes to breaking in a few conclusions.

This pretty much answers all the mind-boggling cliffhangers you’ve experienced in previous routes giving you the: “Oh so that’s why this happened” or “..Ahh now I get it” reactions.  The romance factor in Aiji’s story, on the other hand, was rather timid due to the rise and fall of plot events. His character was also very reserved and distant towards the main heroine at first. Thus delaying the spark of their relationship mid-way of his story. If it wasn’t for Ichika’s “forwardness”, both of them would’ve never been a thing. (laughs)



Ichicka Hoshino (Main Heroine)

  • Cool Big Sis
  • Badass Marksman
  • Best Girl!


I thoroughly enjoyed playing Ichika as the main protagonist of this game. Mainly because her character was very realistic. This heroine was flawed in so many ways but she managed to acknowledge them wholeheartedly (in every route) and accepted her imperfections making her totally relatable. Ichika is probably one of the coolest heroines I’ve ever played. She gets drunk, cracks jokes, gossips, talks trash, gets agitated and is one wicked sharpshooter. All in all, One very strong and likable protagonist.



Side Characters
Almost all the side characters of Collar x Malice were very notable in the game and I think it’s because they are all relevant in the story. It is also very refreshing to see the protagonist surrounded by friends and family she engages significant conversations with.

These little tete-a-tete exchange Ichika has with other minor characters were never a wasted filler. If anything, it’s there to lighten up the game’s rather dark theme. Besides,  who doesn’t love the main character’s gossip sessions with her kickass girlfriends?! image

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My overall gameplay for Collar x Malice was a good 30-35 hours and none of these hours were considered a waste of time. To be honest, I kind of wished it lasted longer.

Plot-wise, it’s really well-crafted and compelling enough to keep you at the edge of your seat. The pacing for each route was really good, but what generally got me absorbed was how the overall story was introduced and concluded. I applaud the writers for not leaving any kind of major plot holes in the game. How they uncovered the X-Day cases were brilliantly executed and the background stories of each culprit and their individual motivations were all very interesting, it was honestly hard for me to put the game down even for a second.  

I guess the only con I have was the game’s text typos. There wasn’t a lot but there were certainly prominent ones you can’t overlook. Though I don’t think this will completely ruin the experience for you. 

Other than that, I had a great time playing Collar x Malice. This game was such a stellar experience that I would no doubt pick it up another day and play it all over again.

Would I recommend this game? YES
You’re probably missing half of your ‘otome experience’ if you haven’t played Collar x Malice. This game is a solid Otome title and definitely worth its full price. Give this one a whirl and you’ll definitely won’t regret it.


Chlo’s Rating: 10/10

Collar x Malice: Kageyuki Shiraishi Walkthrough



I highly recommend playing Shiraishi’s route 4th or before unlocking Yanagi’s. Trust me! This one’s a roller coaster and contains a lot of spoilers, so brace yourself!


Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)
-Don’t report it
-Speak honestly
-You don’t care if I die?
-I understand
-Is working for the SP hard?
-Review All X-Day Cases
-(Go to) Forensics


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Shiraishi’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-I stay at home
-I have a lot
-I like a good drama




Chapter 2
-Be honest

1. Over the Draws
2. Bookshelf
3. Sofa

-Uhhh… Mukai said, um…

(Create Save File Here 1)

-Run home
-I’d think of a third option



Chapter 3
-Would ask their reasons
-Turn away and pout
-The benefactor’s side
-Be furious
-Yuki Sunamori
-Please don’t push yourself too hard




Chapter 4
-I don’t care if I get hurt
-The crime scene

1. Wall
2. Window
3. Floor
4. Doll

-Went to the park

(Create Save File Here 2)
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE the moment Shion starts to shout: “Destroy Everything”. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



Chapter 5
Explain it
Turn them down



Chapter 6

(Create Save File Here 3)
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE when Ichika says “I wont let him hurt Shiraishi anymore”. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



image-GOOD END-image



Tragic Love End:

(Load Save File 3)

-Intentionally fail Trigger mode



(Load  Save File 1)

-Listen closer
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 2)

-Intentionally fail Trigger mode
-Bad End 1

(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 3 and Select Low)


-Would never forgive them
-Bad End 2


(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 6 and Select Low)

-Trigger Mode is successful, but affection is too low.
-Bad End 3



Good Luck with this one! image

Collar x Malice: Takeru Sazasuka Walkthrough




Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)
-Don’t report it
-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-Do you suspect me?
-I understand
-Is working for the SP hard?
-Review All X-Day Cases
-(Go to) Forensics


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Takeru’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-Buy a variety
-If it was a previous suspect
-(Got to) Field Operations
-(Go to) Support Team
-(Go to) Forensics

(Create Save File here 1)

-Pass through



Chapter 2
-I’m fine
-They’re trying to be found
-Change the subject

Investigation (Examine each twice):
1. Steel Rack
2. Floor
3. Desk
4. Cork Board

-(Go to) Investigation Headquarters
-(Go to) Forensics
-I bought prepared food



Chapter 3
-Prevent Kazuki from leaving
-I want to see you
-Social problems
-Escape from reality



Chapter 4
-(Go to) Rooftop (talk to Saeki)
-(Go to) Field Operations Support Team (talk to Shiraishi)
-(Go To) Forensics
-Be honest with him
-To be betrayed in the game
-Trap Souda

(Create Save File Here 2) 
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE the moment, Souda starts shouting “Shut uuuup!”. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



Chapter 5
-I won’t apologize
-Just drink quietly
-They were pawns
-Because he is still useful
-The connection with Sasazuka

(Create Save File here 3)

-Go to the office
-I’m about to cry



Chapter 6

image-GOOD END-image



Tragic Love End

1. From the Main Menu, select a chapter
2. Choose Chapter 6
3. Select Low



Bad Endings
(Load  Save File 1)

-Go to the park
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 2)

Intentionally fail on Trigger Mode
-Bad End 1


(Load Save File 3)

-Go to his home
-Bad End 2


(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 3 and Select Low)

-Scold Kazuki
-Bad End 3


(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 4 and Select Low)

-(Go to ) Forensics
-Be wishy-washy
-To lose in the game
-Cause another bug
-Bad End 4





Collar x Malice: Kei Okazaki Walkthrough


KEI OKAZAKI (´ ε ` )♡


Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)

(Create Save File here 1)

-Don’t report it
-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-You don’t care if I die?
-I understand


(Create Save File here 2)

-What are you trying to protect?
-Review All X-Day Cases


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Kei’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-…I can’t say
-The scope of broadcast
-They only wanted the cops to know?
-They wanted to throw off the investigation
-The crime was poorly planned

(Create Save File here 3)

-Follow Kazuki
-Isn’t this inappropriate?
-Prioritize the evacuation




Chapter 2
Investigation (Examine everything twice):
1. Crime Scene Situation
2. State of the Body
3. Ground
4. Murder Weapon
5. Persons of Interest Data

-That Ogata stabbed him in the heart
-Go see Ogata
-Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices
-Ogata went that far
-It was a substitute murder

(Create Save File here 4)

-Is very reliable




Chapter 3

(Create Save File here 5)

-I don’t want to run from him
-That’s fine




Chapter 4
-Field Operations Unit
-No, with Okazaki
-I’m here to learn about him
-Accept his offer
-They’re linked to the countdown crimes
-Narrow it down to publicized scandals
-Someone who got away with a crime

(Create Save File Here 6)

-Let’s retreat




Chapter 5
-I won’t run




Chapter 6
-I don’t want to lose you
-I hate you now, Okazaki

(Create Save File here 7)

NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE after you meet with Mikuni Rei. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails. 

image-GOOD END-image


(Load Save File 7)

-Miss the Trigger Mode and you’ll get the TRAGIC LOVE END.




(Load Save File 1)

-Report the incident
-Common Route Bad End 1


(Load Save File 2)

-Is working for the SP hard?
-Common Route Bad End 2


(Load Save File 3)

-Follow the other guy
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 4)

-I can’t lie to her
-Bad End 1


(Load Save File 5)

-I don’t want him to shoot me
-Call him
-Bad End 2


(Load Save File 6)

-I’ll chase him
-Bad End 3





Collar x Malice: Mineo Enomoto Walkthrough


MINEO ENOMOTO  ╰(*´︶`*)╯


Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)
-Don’t report it

-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)

-You don’t care if I die?
-I want to trust you
-Is working for the SP hard?
-Review All X-Day Cases
-(Go to) Forensics


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Mineo’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-Someone reckless
-It will work out

(Create Save File here 1)

-Take the normal route
-(Go To) Field Operations Support Team
-Their methods are wrong



Chapter 2

(Create Save File here 2) 


(Create Save File here 3)

-Chase after him



Chapter 3
-Say it one more time!

1. Roman Numeral
2. Curtains
3. Wall
4. Bloodstain
5. Chair on Side

-The numbers were written in Fujii’s blood
-The bullet holes around Fujii’s body
-Murder via an unrelated conspirator



Chapter 4
-I’ll eat it for him
-I was thinking that
-Fujii’s murderer…
-Someone who likes them

(Create Save File Here 4)
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE the moment Kazuki confronts Hana about being Ishikki’s fan. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



Chapter 5
-He probably wouldn’t try to help others
-A pre-planned response
-Was set up ahead of time
-Vengeance against the police
-You want me to support you?

(Create Save File Here 5)

-Where Fujii was killed
-Move close to him



Chapter 6
-You did
-Kiss Mineo image



Tragic Love End

1. From the Main Menu, select a chapter
2. Choose Chapter 6
3. Select Low

-Gaze at Mineo


(Load  Save File 1)

-Take the shortcut
Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 2)

-That’s not true
-It’s my SRCPO mission
Bad End 1


(Load Save File 3)

-Stay here for now
-Bad End 2


(Load Save File 4)

-If Trigger Mode fails
-Bad End 4


(Load Save File 5)

-Shinjuku Station
-Bad End 4




Hope this helps!image