Collar x Malice: Takeru Sazasuka Walkthrough




Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)
-Don’t report it
-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-Do you suspect me?
-I understand
-Is working for the SP hard?
-Review All X-Day Cases
-(Go to) Forensics


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Takeru’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-Buy a variety
-If it was a previous suspect
-(Got to) Field Operations
-(Go to) Support Team
-(Go to) Forensics

(Create Save File here 1)

-Pass through



Chapter 2
-I’m fine
-They’re trying to be found
-Change the subject

Investigation (Examine each twice):
1. Steel Rack
2. Floor
3. Desk
4. Cork Board

-(Go to) Investigation Headquarters
-(Go to) Forensics
-I bought prepared food



Chapter 3
-Prevent Kazuki from leaving
-I want to see you
-Social problems
-Escape from reality



Chapter 4
-(Go to) Rooftop (talk to Saeki)
-(Go to) Field Operations Support Team (talk to Shiraishi)
-(Go To) Forensics
-Be honest with him
-To be betrayed in the game
-Trap Souda

(Create Save File Here 2) 
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE the moment, Souda starts shouting “Shut uuuup!”. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



Chapter 5
-I won’t apologize
-Just drink quietly
-They were pawns
-Because he is still useful
-The connection with Sasazuka

(Create Save File here 3)

-Go to the office
-I’m about to cry



Chapter 6

image-GOOD END-image



Tragic Love End

1. From the Main Menu, select a chapter
2. Choose Chapter 6
3. Select Low



Bad Endings
(Load  Save File 1)

-Go to the park
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 2)

Intentionally fail on Trigger Mode
-Bad End 1


(Load Save File 3)

-Go to his home
-Bad End 2


(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 3 and Select Low)

-Scold Kazuki
-Bad End 3


(From the Main Menu, Choose Chapter 4 and Select Low)

-(Go to ) Forensics
-Be wishy-washy
-To lose in the game
-Cause another bug
-Bad End 4