Floral x Malice: A Fundraiser for Collar x Malice Enamel Pins

Artist, merch creator and fellow otome gamer, Gabs (aka Chotomatte.nini) is launching a fundraiser for Collar x Malice Enamel Pins! And I’m here to help spread the word! Nyaa… (=^・ω・^=)

These pins will be made to order during the fundraiser’s campaign which will run for two weeks from January 20 to February 3, 2022 (6PM – GMT). You can sign up here, to get notified when the project officially launches!

Kindly note, that these pins are fan-made. Made by an otome fan for otome fans. These pins are not ‘official’ merchandise by Collar x Malice’s developers, Otomate.


Gabs is a 29-years-old, born and bred Venezuelan gal. It was recently back in 2015 that she moved to the UK to do a Masters Degree and ended up making the place her home.

“I only recently went into my weeb metamorphosis back in 2019! I come from a very mathsy/technical background, and on my day job I am actually a Data Scientist (crazy, right?). But I’ve always been very passionate about my hobbies. Also, I realized that most of my IRL friends didn’t share the same things that I’m passionate about now, so I decided to go into social media to share the things I love the most in 2020 – which is when “chottomatte.nini” was born. A lot of people ask me about the name and why it’s so different from ‘Gabriela’ (my real name). Truth be told, the name was a combination of my obsessive ways (which is why the ‘chotto-matte’ and how my husband calls me ‘nini’). Though overtime, somehow it didn’t sit right with me, as far as ‘hiding’ my real self to those people that were supporting me or being my friends one way or the other, so I just go by “Gabs” right now! :)”


What are your hobbies?
“Most of my free time goes into three things: Otomes, BL, and my shop. I don’t think I use my spare time for any other than those three things (laughs). I consume games rather quickly, so as soon as a title comes out in English, it takes me only a week tops to complete them. It was because of this that I started to explore new hobbies and one thing led to another, I ended up with an Etsy shop!”

Experience as an Artist/Merch Creator
“Back in 2020, my IG account did start as a way of showing my hobbies but the real catapult for my Instagram account was lettering. It was a very weird fusion between otome and lettering. Not long after, I started getting into penpalling too, and doing “spreads” on my envelopes. Since spreads consume an immense amount of stationery and STICKERS, an idea hit me that I wanted to do my own stickers as well as offer these stickers to others to see what they could create with them. And this is how my Etsy shop started in June 2020. I did mainly kawaii/aesthetic stationery (stickers, memo pads, washi tapes), and then I started doing acrylic charms of my favorite designs. One of my most popular designs was the “2D Boys Machine!” PS vita, up to the point that it made me crave wearing the little fella on me. After that, I literally YOLO’d and got very heavy into Pin Making. I promoted my first Kickstarter for the vita in March 2021, and no longer after June 2021, I made another successful Kickstarter for 30 BL pin designs! It’s been a very crazy ride but I don’t plan on stopping pin-making any time soon as I absolutely adore it! :)”

What got you into otome games?
Back in 2019, my husband nagged me to play Persona 5. I wasn’t really into Japanese content that time, as I didn’t feel the appeal. Who would’ve thought I ended up obsessed with the game, with a playthrough of almost 150 hours. It was the first game I’ve completed in my life! And my most favorite thing about it was the element of social links and, of course, ROMANCE. My husband suggested for me to try ‘otome’ as a genre because that’s where I’d find what I was craving, and hell, I did! At first, I experimented with a few games like Ikemen Sengoku, Cinderella Phenomenon, etc., and I found them very enjoyable! But it wasn’t until I got my vita and played Hakuoki KW + EB that I was completely sold on the genre itself!”


Instagram | Pin Designs IG | Shop IG | Etsy | Twitter


All the pins will be hard enamel, gold plated with a lot of different effects for details: silk screen print, machine gradient print, cutouts, pearl and sandblast. Characters busts will be around 2″ each and the switch pin will be 3″.


The campaign will run for two weeks (January 20 to February 3, 2022). Within two weeks, anyone can pledge and pre-order these pins. You can purchase the pins individually (and as many as you like), or you can pre-order a full set!

The total funding needed is £3,000 (4,092 USD). It’ll be all or nothing. If the funding goal amount is not met – the money will be refunded into the backer’s accounts. This campaign is open to everyone worldwide.


During the first 7 days of the campaign, prices will be on early bird rate and then will go up a bit to regular campaign price.

character bust (~2″)

switch (~3″)

whole gang set (only character busts)

unlimited set (all pins)
whole gang set includes 6 pins (one for each character, discounted ~5%) and unlimited set includes all the 7 pins (character busts plus the switch pin, the last one discounted 75%)


matte vinyl sticker sheet£1.50
filler blossom pin (~0.5″)
acrylic charm
* all add-ons can only be selected if you have at least one of the main pins (character busts or switch) in any of your orders.


According to your pre-order, you’ll receive certain freebies. These are cumulative, and you can also add as many as you want. Add-ons are supposed to be on top of your pin order, so you will need to order at least one pin to be able to purchase an add-on. Any ‘add-on only’ order will be canceled and refunded.


  • All backers of 1+ pins will get only one (1) sticker sheet for free.
  • You can choose the acrylic charm to be any LI in chibi form.


The fundraiser will be held as a regular pre-order campaign. It’ll be open for two weeks on Chottomatte.nini’s big cartel portal.

It’s important to note that early bird prices are open for 7 days. After this deadline, you will not be able to purchase at this price anymore. In contrast with Kickstarter, you will be charged right away, and there will be no cancellations or refunds unless the financial goal is not reached. As for add-ons and freebies, you’ll receive a Google Form to choose them when the campaign ends.

For more details about this campaign and fundraiser project, check-out Floral x Malice’s official site here. Any questions specifically relating to the product and project itself, feel free to contact the creator at chottomattte.nini@gmail.com.