INDIE CORNER: Otome RPG The Silent Kingdom Kickstarter is now Live!

Solo dev, Lucky Cat has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new RPG-Otome Game, The Silent Kingdom. The game’s KS project is now live, and fans can now pledge and show their support for this upcoming title!

The Silent Kingdom is a story-driven, otome RPG, where players’ choices and interactions with other characters set the narrative. The game will have both English and Spanish as its supported language.



Place yourself in the role of Princess Erinys, whose kingdom has fallen under the yoke of a sorrowful curse. In order to save everything you have ever known and loved, you’ll have to stand against the entire world – and even defy the Goddess herself.

How much weight will a withered kingdom burden your soul? As a princess, will you be loved or hated, betrayer or betrayed? Will you seek comfort in the companionship of others, or will the demise of your kingdom seal your heart away forever?

A path of thorns is waiting. The manner in which you walk is up to you.



  •  A main character that’s defined, yet mouldable to your taste. Princess Erinys is an established protagonist with both a background and a fundamental personality of her own; yet it is ultimately for you to decide just who she is and what she will become in this world. 
  • Roleplay experience. Many dialogue interactions will also contain choices that merely focus on immersion, allowing the player to establish exactly the kind of personality and emotions that they wish to give their princess. There is never any “correct” answer when it comes to interacting with others, just different answers.
  • Romance. The princess will have the ability to develop bonds and even romantic relationships with the characters she’ll travel with. Although not required in order to see the story to its completion, the relationships you forge with other characters will play a pivotal role in its development. Romances will contain adult, non explicit scenes.
  • Dark and emotional story. In this world where every conflict and resolution are bathed in various shades of grey, tragedies and souls stained by corruption arise one after another. Will the princess question her own morality?
  • Anime style CGs. As the story unfolds, many of its scenes will contain event CGs.
  • The game is available in English and Spanish. Originally written in European Spanish, the game has been fully translated into English. You can choose the language from the options menu.


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Besides the magician and the knight, a third romanceable character and party member will be added to the game when a stretch goal is reached.

Other features of the game, such as the Sideview combat system and additional CGs (10 in total) on top of the main ones, will also be added to the game when a KS stretch goal is reached.


The Silent Kingdom currently offers a free demo you can try out for yourself! The demo is available both on Steam and


Support the Otome RPG game, “The Silent Kingdom” today. Click here for more information about this Kickstarter project!

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  1. Tried the demo! Very exited for the full game! Hoping they reach the streach goal for the 3rd character…! Thank you for your information as always, I really appreciate it

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