Aksys Games Announces Three New Otome Titles for the Nintendo Switch this coming 2021!

Aksys Games today announced that they will be bringing three new otome titles from Idea Factory to the west. In addition to Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~, slated for release in February 2021, Aksys plans to launch Olympia Soirée, Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani and Variable Barricade on Nintendo Switch™ next year.

Olympia Soirée 

Story: With her entire clan wiped out years ago, Olympia has been isolated for most of her life. Now she lives as the only person on Tenguu Island who can perform the ritual that restores light to a world shrouded in darkness. The heads of each Primary district—Red, Blue, and Yellow—lead a society governed by the island’s rigid class structure. As Olympia travels between the districts, she discovers their wonders and their weaknesses, as well as an entire underground community of shunned individuals whom she becomes determined to help. If she can find the person destined to be her soulmate, she will finally be able to open her heart and reveal her true name, continue her bloodline, and save the world before it is destroyed.

Window Release: Fall of 2021

Dairoku:  Agents of Sakuratani

Story: Ever since she could remember, Akitsu Shino has had the ability to see what others could not: spirits, apparitions, and indescribable creatures. As an adult, this talent leads her to join a secret government agency: The Occult Action Department. Her assignment is with the Sixth Special Preventions Office, and her job is to monitor the powerful beings who travel between her world and the worlds beyond. From her office in Sakuratani, a town in a different dimension, Agent Shino meets several otherworldly individuals with vastly different personalities and abilities: a nine-tailed fox spirit, a mischievous oni, and more. Part gatekeeper, part travel guide, she does her best to get to know these entities and keep them from getting into inter-dimensional trouble.

Window Release: Winter of 2021

Variable Barricade 

Story: A member of a prestigious family and heiress to a fortune, Hibari learns that her eccentric grandfather is determined to find her a husband. He arranges to house her in a luxurious villa along with four handsome, hand-picked bachelors and her private butler. As her suitors try to win her hand by any means necessary, Hibari endures endless everyday trials and temptations. Has grandfather chosen poorly, or is there more to these fellows than meets the eye? Through all of this, Hibari has two important goals: frighten off each of these marriage candidates, and absolutely refuse to fall in love.

Window Release: Early of 2022

ESRB rating for all three games, remains pending.


24 thoughts on “Aksys Games Announces Three New Otome Titles for the Nintendo Switch this coming 2021!

  1. OtomeKitten I just want to say thank you so much for being constantly active and keeping us up to date on otome news! I get so happy whenever I get mail from you because literally no one around me plays otome ;;; I remember I found you via your walkthrough and I’m really glad that I subscribed. Thank you again for all your work! Stay safe ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for all that you do! I really appreciate it, you brought so much happiness with your blog and news on new otome games especially with everything that’s been happening this year with the pandemic. Thank you again! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the games once they release!

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  3. Thank you for your coverage!! I tend to stay away from your review/walkthrough posts, at least for a while, as I like to go into a new game as blind as I possibly can and tinker with it myself, but visiting this blog is always a pleasure, and your lists and quick thoughts have been really precious when choosing what to buy on the Switch.

    Have you played/heard about any of those games? Which are you the most excited for? 🙂 I was initially really hyped for Variable Barricade, since it may be the most widely popular of the bunch, but then I realized Dairoku: Ayakashimori’s art was reminding me of something. Turns out the character artist is Suoh, of Bad Apple Wars fame, and despite BAW not being that groundbreaking, I’m still pretty fond of it for being the first vita otome I played. Seeing Suoh’s art in an other localized game is a joy. I also prefer games with fantastical elements to more realistic ones. Now I just hope the story will follow up on the concept and the protag not be as much of a blank state (I almost typed “bland slate” <<; ) as the one in BAW.

    Hope you have a lovely day and rest of the week!

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    1. Thanks for the comment and that’s right. Dairoku’s artist is the same artist for Bad Apple Wars. I haven’t played any of these games yet so it’ll be exciting playing them in EN for the first time. Out of the three I think I’m looking forward for Dairoku the most because of its “yokai/other world” premise lol. I’d love to play VariBari too since it was written by the same writers for Code Realize and Cafe Enchante! 🙂

      Hope you’re having a lovely week as well! Cheers! ❤


  4. I am SO, SO EXCITED! I still have yet to finish Piofiore Memories and Cafe Enchante; however, seeing Nintendo release more otome games makes me so happy (but makes my wallet sad LOL). I cannot wait! Thank you for the update Kitty-chlo! I always come to your blog (the only blog I actually keep up with) to check up on any new game releases, reviews, and walkthroughs! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a lovely day!

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  5. I’m super happy that there’s more otome coming in english! ♥
    Also I’m not sure that I’ll play thoses (or maybe only Olympia Soirée). I think I’ll just wait for your review (if you’re gonna make one on thoses games) to decide if I buy them or not. 🙂
    Thank you again for your amazing work! ♥

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  6. Thank you for always giving us the latest! My switch is slowly filling up with all of your recommendations and favorites haha. I absolutely love this site and thank you so much for your hard work. I’m excited to keep seeing new titles come out next year.

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    1. Hi Tori! It’s my pleasure! & Thanks for dropping by this lovely comment!🥰😘 I’m glad to hear you found this site helpful! Haha good to know! & I’m
      excited myself too! I hope we get more titles coming up ahead! 💕


  7. Hopefully Amnesia, Dance with Devils, and Diabolik lovers will be brought to the switch, they already have those out on the japanese estore

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  8. Hi! Just here to say thank you Otome Kitten for keeping the website updated and putting your time into the reviews! I’ve been wanting to play otome games for a long time and I finally bought my first few(dozen) games recently after reading your reviews. I love your blog and avidly look out for new titles on the Switch port from your reviews I might like. Always looking forward to new titles to play too!! THANK YOU AGAIN YOU ARE AWESOME

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I really really appreciate your kind words! I’m ALWAYS happy to see new or old otome fans discovering and enjoying the games I’ve reviewed.

      Watch as those first few dozen collection of yours multiply in the long run! ^_^ glad to know you’re enjoying the genre as we speak! Thanks again for stopping by! ❤


  9. OH. MY. GOD. This feels so unreal, I have been literally *dreaming* of having these three games in English and now they will be in English aaahhh I’m so so so excited!!! This is truly a dream come true :((

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