Otome Game BUSTAFELLOWS is coming to the West!

Developers, Extend announced an English version for the Otome title, Bustafellows, today during their first-anniversary event.

For those who have not heard of the game, Bustafellows is a crime-suspense visual novel otome game that was initially released in Japan back on December 19, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile (iOS and Android) platforms.

Read the game’s synopsis below (from VNDB):

The east American town of New Seeg. Limbo Fitzgerald, who is well-known as a crooked lawyer, received an urgent defense request and made his way to the police station. There, he met a man who told him, “Without this meeting, destiny would have killed you, Limbo.” The man’s strange words confused Limbo. And then the man said, with an unnatural and woman-like tone, “‘Today’ is a rerun for me. I saw you die with my own eyes.”


Voice Actors include:

Yui Kondo (as the main protagonist)
Jun Fukuyama (Mozu)
Hiroyuki Yoshino (Helvetica)
Shirai Yuusuke (Scarerow)
KENN (Limbo)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (Shu)
Kaito Ishikawa (Adam)
Tomokazu Sugita (Sauli)


Who is localizing BUSTAFELLOWS?
PQube has recently confirmed, that they’ll be localizing the game. You can view Bustafellows’s official EN website for the game here.

When is the release date?
PQube has confirmed that BUSTAFELLOWS will be releasing this coming July 30, 2021.

Will a physical copy be available for purchase in the West?
The game is available, both in standard regular edition and collector’s edition, courtesy of PQUBE & Funstock.

Which platform is the English version available?
Bustafellows will be available for the Nintendo Switch and STEAM platforms.

On another note, Extend also announced Bustafellows 2 (a sequel to the original game) both for the Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms. This sequel however, is Japanese-only and there are currently no news if the developers will decide to translate this to English as well.

Announcement Video

For more information regarding this announcement visit Bustafellows’s official website here. For the English version, visit PQube’s page for Bustafellows here.

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  1. Every time I come here I get good news 😁 first all three games I was interested in buying in Japanese are going to come out next year and localized by Aksys (hopefully with a QC this time 😅) and now another game I was interested in and played the demo of gets localized… this is a nice Christmas present… thank you so much for these news 😊

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  2. Ooo I love the artstyle. Also, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much! Your page has been my favorite and most trusted place to reference when it comes to anything Otome-related. It’s been hard for me to find a good page that has a focus on games available in the West, and I always feel so grateful and happy for all the work you put in!

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  3. omg ahhh!! I’ve been realllly wanting this game in English so I’m so excited!!! this plus aksys new otomate localizations just make me so happy, we’re finally getting all these really popular and interesting otome in English!! also thank you for always updating us on localizations, I wouldn’t have found out about any of them if not for this blog!!

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    1. Hi Yosei, thanks for this comment! I appreciate it!
      …and right? I’m also ecstatic to play all these games! The Otome Line-up for consoles this year has been pretty solid tbh! 😀

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far! Cheers!


  4. I have been so excited for this otome game to release the moment it was revealed to have an English translation. It sounds interesting, and looking forward to playing this!

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