Tears of Themis: The Heart’s Wishes – Limited Time Event

Reminiscence over the delightful past, and make a special wish for the future. With Artem’s birthday just around the corner, a series of limited-time events will be launched for players to enjoy quality time with him.

These events will feature various limited-time tasks and Travel Wishes, which players are encouraged to complete to receive exclusive rewards. Moreover, the “Days to Re-Live Forever” Birthday series Limited-Time Rerun will be available starting from April 17. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to relive these lovely moments once more!

  • The Artem SSR card “Day and Night” can be obtained by players.
  • The latest PV showcases Artem’s career growth journey and his deepest confessions. Artem shares a story of his legal mentor and himself taking on a case together during his intern days and expresses his dedication to his work, saying there are some things he can’t give up on, no matter the cost.

The PV also hints at Artem’s destined other half who is the living embodiment of his dreams and representation of his weaknesses. – “You’re the living embodiment of my dreams and the representation of my weaknesses. What will be our story from now on?”

Before the official release of “The Heart’s Wishes” Limited-Time Event, players can participate in the Birthday Preparations Event which starts on April 17th for a limited time. Completing the limited-time tasks in this event will reward players with S-Chips, Stellin, and other exciting rewards.

On April 19th, “The Heart’s Wishes” Limited-Time Event will be officially released, and players can complete the birthday-limited tasks to receive Artem’s R card “Rising Star,” Tears of Themis, and other valuable rewards. Fulfilling all the event Travel Wishes will grant players the following exclusive rewards:

  • Birthday-Limited Outfit “Artem – The Heart’s Wishes”
  • Birthday-Limited Background “Artem’s Bedroom”
  • Event Badge “The Heart’s Wishes”
  • Other exclusive rewards.

The memories of this event are a testament to life’s loveliness, and a pure heart that stays strong over time. Players have an increased chance to obtain Artem SSR “Day and Night” during the event. Completing “The Heart’s Wishes Library” furniture set (10 pieces), Tears of Themis, Oracle of Justice IV, Stellin, and more will be rewarded. Additionally, the past Birthday series’ SSR card, Invitation, and more will be available through a limited-time rerun. Don’t miss the chance to cherish these lovely moments with Artem and create precious memories.

For more information about this event, you can check out Tears of Themis’s event posts and updates on their official website here or follow Tears of Themis’ official Twitter page.


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