Mobile Otome Game Paranichi: Magical Romance Releasing in English this October

Abracadabra Games announced that they are releasing “ParaNichi: Magical Romance” this coming October 5, 2022. The game will be available in English on mobile platform (Google Play only).

ParaNichi: Magical Romance is a visual novel, available on Android devices, targeted at those who enjoy romance featuring a female protagonist. While the story initially focuses on classic slice-of-life elements and takes place in a city like any other, it also features themes more typically suited for the Young Adult genres. Some of the themes will also include trauma, urban fantasy, the supernatural, and horror.

Each route features over 100,000 words of story content. Two routes are available at launch, with a third in the works. The game also features unlockable fully-voiced scenes with the love interests!

Along with the game’s upcoming release, Abracadabra Games is also holding a release campaign on their social media profiles. Users can interact with their posts in a variety of ways to accumulate points, and according to the total upon release, users will be able to get fantastic in-game rewards!

1 New follow = 5 points
1 Retweet = 3 points
1 Like = 1 point

1 Like = 1 point

30 Views = 1 point


The protagonist Violet Clarke is a young woman desperate to get away from her oppressive parents and pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.
She comes across a fantastic deal for a room in a share house and decides to take the plunge. The rooms are fully-furnished, the neighborhood is great, and the roommates seem nice… But Violet soon discovers the catch is that the house is haunted! Not only that, but one of her roommates is a witch…?!

As she grows closer to each of her peculiar roommates, she comes to realize that everyone harbors a secret. The question is whether it’s dangerous to her… or them.


Noah (CV: AJ Sparks)
The cool and competent roommate living in 302.
Underneath his calm and confident exterior, Violet, the heroine, occasionally catches glimpses of who he is beneath his careful mask.

Caleb (CV: Alvin Kinoshita)
The intimidating hothead living in 203 across the hall.
He wears his emotions on his sleeve and seems easily embarrassed, but underneath his rough exterior is someone who may just be… nice?

The spirited and sincere ghost haunting the share house. Despite their proclivity for mischief, they are well-loved by everyone within the house in which they’ve taken up residence. However, their lack of memories of their former life alludes to something unsettling…

The odd man living in 303 who takes things a little too literally. He values being a good neighbor and making sure his debts are paid. Sometimes he disappears for a few days… Could he be hiding something?

The sassy, snarky witch living in room 301.
With a sharp tongue and an ego to match, she’s a lady no one really wants to cross.
Violet also has the feeling that she’s hiding something about her past…



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