Tears of Themis: “Revisiting Youth” Event Coming August 24

Ready for a “high school revisit tour” that can relive lovely memories? The romance detective title of HoYoverse – Tears of Themis – will launch a series of campus-themed event “Revisiting Youth”, where players can attend the Campus Open House with the male leads and reminisce over nostalgic memories of student life!

During the limited-time event, players can complete tasks to receive “Youthful Paper Planes”, and exchange them for random puzzle pieces that can be assembled into a beautiful picture of the unforgettable youthful days! Complete event daily tasks to obtain dice, and roll dice to trigger a random Teleport Point leading to the hidden room -Classroom Café.


  •  A nostalgia atmosphere that harkens back to the youthful days of student life.
  •  Completing tasks to assemble a beautiful picture of the unforgettable youthful days!
  •  Discovering the hidden room – Classroom Café!
  • Get rewards including event-exclusive “Youthful Days Badge” and event-exclusive Vyn SR “Eternal Whispers”!

By participating in the event and completing the limited-time event tasks, players can redeem S-Chips, Stellin, Oracle of Justice, and other bountiful rewards. After visiting the Classroom Café six times, players will be able to obtain the event-exclusive “Youthful Days Badge”. During the event period, “Lush Reveries” Tasks will also be available. The regular Lush Reveries will be automatically unlocked.

During the “Revisiting Youth” event period, the Event Shadow of Themis will be available with increased draw rates for:

  • Artem SSR “New Skies”
  • Marius SSR “Precious Mornings”
  • Luke SR “Love between Pages”

All-new “Revisiting Youth” interactive chibi invitations of the four male leads will also be available, including exclusive campus-themed minigames and the exclusive BGM “Revisiting Youth Innocence.”

Reminisce over sweet and heart-warming memories of youth with him amidst pleasant surprises!

For more information about this event, you can check out Tears of Themis’s event posts and updates on their official website here or follow Tears of Themis’ official Twitter page.


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