“The Ssum” Finally Launches Worldwide Today!

Title: The Ssum: Forbidden Lab
Developer: Cheritz
Release Date: August 16, 2022 (NA)
Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Languages: English, Korean

It’s definitely HERE! After four long years in the making, plus a couple of monthly delays this year… Today, The Ssum is now finally out for both Android and iOS.

For those not in the know or is new to the otome gaming sphere, The Ssum is a game developed by Cheritz (same developers for the worldwide famous otome game Mystic Messenger) with a gameplay similar to MM where you interact with your special someone through text chatting and voice calls on a daily basis.

To give you a little bit of history about this game: Four years ago, Cheritz did a beta launch for their experimental game, The Ssum, in April 2018 in selected regions (Malaysia and India only) and terminated the service in December 2019 after they have finished their data collection period. In its early beta version, the game was available to play in both English and Korean language and had 14 Days worth of interactions and content. The gameplay was mostly based on calling and chatting with minimal CGs of only the primary character, Teo.

In today’s present release, Cheritz announced big updates regarding the game, such as a newly changed character model and more than 2000 CGs to enjoy! The Ssum now also offers 200 Days of interaction with your special Ssum-one and may tentatively add new innovative features besides chatting and calling in the future, as well as monthly subscriptions. The developers, Cheritz have also changed the game’s title from “The Ssum” to “The Ssum: Forbidden Lab”.

What is The Ssum: Forbidden Lab?

The Ssum Forbidden Lab is an application that allows you to text and call your special someone and virtually bond with them through voice calls, text messages, and even on social media posts every single day! After the app is launched there will be 200 days worth of conversations you can enjoy right off the bat, and more contextual updates are to follow in the future.


Meet the "new" Teo!
Meet the “new” Teo!

This game is a little similar to Mystic Messenger, however, it differs in the sense that while Mystic Messenger is a very “schedule-demanding” game, The Ssum is more easy-going and relaxing. That means you don’t have to set up alarms at 3 AM just to answer your husbando’s calls!

On The Ssum’s official website, Cheritz also added that you’ll be able to find a Ssum who matches your schedule. This means waking up and going to bed at the same time!


  • Chat & Call – Make your day happier with daily conversations! You can process the conversation up to 200 days!
  • Voice Calls The Ssum might suddenly call you, or you can call him yourself!
  • Private Account – Sometimes, your Ssum might express his thoughts about you in his private account. There might be something interesting in his private account which is updated simultaneously while you are talking…!
  • Forbidden Lab – a mystery feature that lets you get closer to your Ssum by having daily conversations with him. “Would you like to join this secret program to improve your unconsciousness?”
  • 200 Days’ worth of conversations.
  • 2,000 + New Game illustrations to enjoy.


For more information and news about The Ssum: Forbidden Lab follow visit the game’s official website here.


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7 thoughts on ““The Ssum” Finally Launches Worldwide Today!

    1. For android, you can go to play store and cancel at payment&subscription.
      For ios, you can go to app store and click top right icon then subscription to cancel


  1. Honestly the game seems nice! But I really don’t like the “semi-realistic” artstyle of the love interest. :/ I think I’ll pass for now, I’ll wait for some reviews maybe. 🙂


    1. Sadly from everything I’ve played/seen it’s a soulless cashgrab. Whenever you back out of menus they put up a 5 second unskippable ad about the subscription(which is at minimum $20 a month… IF you pay for 3 months in advance, otherwise it’s $25/mo for the “better” one, the month by month worse one being $20/mo but no bulk buy), it also has these vials you like crunch emotions down in to resources for, for their very WTF social media/forms aspect of the game. It gives you 3 vials and if they’re all full/you accidentally click too many times when you then back out it’s all “Oh, you can buy MORE VIALS if you waaant~ Almost $7 each, and you can buy up to 6 of them!”
      And that is only two of the many BS ways they’ve monetized this. They legit have more ways to try to bilk you of your money than say any of the mobile gacha hell games I’ve played. It’s disgusting. ;A;

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      1. Yeah, I read some reviews on Twitter about this… And that’s a no no for me. x)
        I’ll stick with Mystic Messenger from Cheritz, that one was very nice and was not a cashgrab at least.


  2. I thought it back when I saw the beta but man, why does it still look so cheap? Cheritz have gone from three amazingly crafted and well recognised games to this? This just screams game made on a tiny budget. Really makes you wonder what the hell has happened at Cheritz during all these years


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