INDIE CORNER: Horror Otome Game “Eye Can See You” is now Available!

Developers, Gongon Studio has released the first Chapter of their first Indie Otome Game: “Eye Can See You”.

Eye Can See You is an Otome-type horror game that follows a girl with psychic abilities that allows her to see spirits. As she enters a new school, she finds spirits residing in her school and makes it her goal to help them fulfill their deeds. But there is evil lurking in the shadows with its own agenda.


Reality is but one of the three planes of existence and the paranormal
turn out to be very real, residing in one of them.

“Eye Can See You” follows the story of Aiya Yoshida, a girl who possesses
a magic ancestral eye that allows her to see spirits.

She enters a new school and encounters spirits, who haunt Kyosei High on a daily basis.
But it turns out that not all of them have good intentions,
thus giving a new whole meaning to “surviving high school”.

Will Aiya be able to solve the mysterious deeds of her schoolmates?

Who knows, she might find things tied to her curse in more ways than she initially thought…


Aiya, Yoriko and Haruki: Amna
Kai and Yoichi: Zaikuza
Haru: Ser4phic
Souta and KenjiAkahoshi Hikaru 



  • A compelling story with paranormal, historical, and mythological aspects
  • Psychological horror and gore
  • Great voice-over in Japanese
  • 3 romance routes + 1 secret route
  • Multiple choices that truly matter
  • Characters full of life (most of them) and personality
  • Cute original character art



As per the developers’ notes, please take note of the following TW:

  • Horror content such as blood and gore.
  • Heavy content such as suicide and violence.
  • Flashing images and mild jump scares.

Currently, Chapter 01 for “Eye Can See You” is available on for FREE on PC platform (Mac and Windows).



Developer: Gongon Studio
Release date: End of 2023 (Date can change)
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Slice-of-life, Horror

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  1. I was excited for it until I saw the reasons for the M rating. I don’t like Suicide themes in games. Otherwise the art style was cute and nicely contrasted with the horror theme.


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