Korean Otome Game The Cloud Dream of the Nine is now Available in English

The Cloud Dream of the Nine, also known as “Dream9”, is an Otome visual novel, that’s based on the well-known classic Korean novel of the same name, written by the same writer Kim Man-Joong, but the gender of the characters are reversed in the story. The original book was considered, one of Korean literature’s masterpieces.

Dream9 is fully voiced in Korean and supports Korean, English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese languages for its subtitles. The game also features an amazing cast of South Korean voice actors such as Shim Gyuhyuk, Shin Yongwoo, and Lee Hosan (voice actors for Yoosung, Jumin, and V from Mystic Messenger). The localized version of The Cloud Dream of the Nine was released yesterday, December 20, 2021, on PC (Steam).


Yang Soyu, lives in a village in Hwaju Castle, in the state of Cheonin. Her father, a fairy god from Mt. Gonryun ascended to the fairy world after his connection with the human world came to an end when his beloved wife passed away, Soyu’s mother.

With no parents to raise her, Soyu was taken in by her friend Chaeyoon and his family. While the villagers in her town, are resentful to Soyu, thinking her story about her father being a fairy god is absurd, it was only her friend Chaeyoon and his family, that she fully trusts.

One unfortunate day, their house burned down and amidst the calamity, Chaeyoon goes missing. Soyu sets off on a journey to find her friend, and along the way meets new characters (which either became her friend or her potential love interest). During her journey, Soyu will get to unravel the secrets behind the political tyranny of their land. Her fate and ending will change depending on the choices you, as a player, choose for her.



  • Nine Romantic Male Love Interest
  • A variety of (Romantic) Endings
  • A special voice drama that unlocks after clearing one character route in the game
  • A special side story that unlocks after finishing all the routes in the game
  • 200 game CG’s
  • New route “Hongyeom” (a recent addition)
  • Newly added ‘spin-off’ extra stories (voiced)


Genre: Otome
Written by: Kim Man-Joong
Publishers: SESISOFT Co., Ltd.
Platform: PC (Steam)
Price: 19.99 (USD)


The Cloud Dream of the Nine, is currently available today for the promotional price of 15.99 (USD). You can also purchase the complete game bundle, which includes the newly added spin-off story; The Cloud Dream of the NineA new beginning of a dream, the base game’s OST, One girl’s love story OST Vol. 1 + Vol. 2, and the spin-off title’s OST for only 56.76 (USD). These promotional prices are available until December 27, 2021.

For more information about the Otome game, The Cloud Dream of the Nine, visit the game’s official Steam page here.


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