Joseimuke Game Twisted Wonderland Coming to the West January 2022

Aniplex of America has announced today, their plans of bringing the hit joseimuke mobile game in Japan, Twisted Wonderland to the west. The game is set to release on January 20, 2022, in US and Canada.

Enjoy the tales of Twisted Wonderland through original adventures inspired by Disney villains. All character models are animated using Live2D and all the main story scenarios are fully voiced, adding immersive depth and compelling energy to the story!


Perhaps there’s more to “villains” than meets the eye…

Summoned by a magic mirror to Twisted Wonderland, a world altogether unlike your own, you arrive at Night Raven College, a prestigious arcane academy.

With nowhere else to go, you accept the masked headmaster’s hospitality and begin searching for a way home.

You quickly find that the students of this school are as talented as they are dysfunctional—bickering and competition are the perpetual order of the day.

Will you be able to work with them and eventually return from whence you came?
And what secrets lie within the villainous hearts of these students?


  • Noriaki Sugiyama
  • Natsuki Hanae
  • Chiaki Kobayashi
  • Ryouta Suzuki
  • Seichiro Yamashita
  • Seichiro Yamashita
  • Kazuki Furuta
  • Kaname Futaba
  • Yuichiro Umehara
  • Aoi Ichikawa
  • Taito Ban
  • Atsushi Tamaru
  • Komada Wataru
  • Hiroki Aiba
  • Shimba Tsuchiya
  • Haruki Ishiya
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Yojiro Itokawa
  • Kouki Uchiyama
  • Shouta Aoi
  • Kazuki Kat
  • Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki


Original Story and Character Design: Yana Toboso (Supported by SQUARE ENIX)
Developer: f4samurai
Logo Design: Wataru Osakabe
Background Artist: Atelier Musa
Publishers: Aniplex
Music: Takumi Ozawa
Opening Song: Night Ravens “Piece of my World”
Opening Animation: TROYCA
Sound Production: HALFH•P Studio
Production Support: Walt Disney Games


Genre: Joseimuke, Narrative Adventure JRPG
Platform: iOS, Android (Free to play with in-app purchases)

The pre-registration campaign for Twisted Wonderland will open on December 21st and aims to provide players a chance to earn in-game items after achieving specific milestones. Check out the game’s official website to learn more about its pre-registration campaign.


For more information about the joseimuke game, Twisted Wonderland, and its gameplay, visit the game’s official website here. Catch more news about Twisted Wonderland by following their official Twitter page!


6 thoughts on “Joseimuke Game Twisted Wonderland Coming to the West January 2022

  1. I have never been excited for a phone-only otome ever, until now. I was so stoked the first time I heard about this, and completely CRUSHED that it wasn’t local at the time – with no news at the time of becoming local. I’m not even a huge Disney fan, but the art and voice cast just had my full attention xD

    Waking up to this news has definitely made my day better. I’ll have to head over and do all that pre registration stuff asap. EEEEEeeeeeeeeee \lol/ thanks for sharing this news =)

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    1. Hello ☺️☺️

      I hope you don’t mind me adding in, but twisted wonderland is not an otome game. It’s an adventure game. I just didn’t want you finding out later and being disappointed.

      But the story is really good so I hope you’ll give it a chance still ☺️☺️

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      1. Are there story choices though during the story parts and any romance or romance-ish stuff? I mean, I don’t just play otome games xD but I would be less excited if there’s no VN style parts at all, I’ll admit.


        1. There are choices in the game during the story and during certain event, but they don’t majorly impact the direction of the game or what happens. It may just change a line or two of dialogue.

          There’s no romance at all in the game, there are implied innuendos you can get in cards and stuff but sadly, no outright romance. And the innuendos at best, are what you take them as.

          VN wise, they don’t have CGs in the main story or side events, but you get cgs by obtains the characters cards if you count that.

          There’s a lot of fans that ship the MC with various characters through fan art and fanfic, but sadly no actually route or anything. The story is really good and you can see the Mc just getting tired of the antics they have to deal with over time.

          In the end, it’s one of those, Mc is a therapist to a group of boys and don’t get paid enough type of games Lolol

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