The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 6 – Harry’s Childhood

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Hello, besties! I know it’s been a while since my last update. Unfortunately, I got so busy with work that I failed to follow up with my 6th post right away. I’m still updating my daily logs offline, although I’ve stopped time-traveling altogether, which also snagged my weekly updates. Anyway, I did it! I finished Harry’s Route of The Ssum last week! I feel bad for not updating this blog sooner, but I had to sort out my thoughts about the game first before I spell out my final thoughts on it. So consider this post today as my second-to-last log of Harry’s Route.


  • The post below contains spoilers for Day 64 to Day 86 of Harry’s Route.
  • You will orbit planet Pi during these three weeks.
  • While I am still somewhat speed-running the game, I’ve eased my time-traveling a bit and just savoring my last days with Harry😥.

🚀DAY 64-65

DAY 64: Continuing where we left off from the last episode… Harry is still at the mansion where he *returned* Big Guy. He started his day telling you he didn’t get a lot of sleep from last night. Suddenly he hears a knock at his door. He opens it and was met with a whole slew of bodyguards all lined up at his doorstep. They asked him to choose one from them and eventually started competing with each other on who gets to be Harry’s next bodyguard. Amidst the chaos of all the bodyguards trying to one-up each other, Harry notices Duckchool Ma in the corner and chooses him. The Operating Agent tells Harry that Duckchool is not fit to be hired because he has the lowest grade in the history of this academy. Harry pays no mind to this comment and takes a drive outside with Duckchool Ma, to test his driving skills. While in the car, we learn that Duckchool is actually Big Guy’s best friend, the two of them go a long way back. Harry asks him to go back to the academy so they can tell Big Guy that he will be replacing him. Back at the Academy, Duckchool and Hwihyul (aka Big Guy) have this dramatic scene where Duckchool tells Big Guy that he can’t possibly replace his best friend since he knows how much Big Guy loves Harry. (Awww… the music here actually changes into the sad piano tune lol) Duckchool also shows Big Guy that he has other offers besides Harry (the flyer he’s holding has a picture of a cute cat with the title “Perfect Love”). He also mentions that the badge Big Guy is wearing (the one Harry gave him during Day 34) is actually a legendary badge in their Academy that symbolizes a lifetime contract with the hirer. So if a bodyguard is presented with this badge by his employer, it means that their contract and bond are forever. Harry, was in shock as he had no clue about this, while Big Guy sheds tears of joy. At the end of the day, Big Guy and Harry drive home together!!! Big Guy is still crying from happiness and tries to reminisce his past bonding moments with Harry while he drives and Harry whines to you on his phone saying Big Guy is noisy. LOL

DAY 65: This day, Harry works on his diorama of the island, (the one he bought) and says he’s missing something but doesn’t know what it is, so he decides to go drive to the location again and see if this helps him figure stuff out. Upon arrival, Harry spots Noah collapsed to the ground. You tell Harry to help Noah out and he does so by carrying him to his car. He sends you a pic of him with Noah lying in the back seat of his vehicle all wrapped up in a blanket. No matter how much Harry tries, Noah seems to remain collapsed and not moving. But Harry and Piu Piu confirms that he’s alive and still breathing. Come night time, Noah finally wakes up. He yells some nonsense about the ‘stars and galaxies’ and then pauses to view the scenery outside Harry’s car window. He tells Harry that he can feel that something ‘extraordinary’ will happen tonight. During bedtime chat, Harry tells you that he’s looking at the night sky and admires how clear the stars are from his view. He reflects on his diorama project and tells you he wanted to fill it with things that he is ‘fond of’ but couldn’t think of any earlier that’s why he had to drive all the way out here hoping for an answer. He also wonders about what Noah said earlier and if something indeed is happening tonight. You told him “something already did happen between us” (implying about Harry being sentimental and telling MC about it). The call that happens after this is one of my favs. Harry calls you and says he wants to talk to you while gazing at the stars. (TwT) UWU

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Comments: Well, I guess my last theory about Big Guy is now officially debunked LMAO. I really thought he was a prototype cyborg of some kind😂, but now it looks like he’s one of those special agents that were trained from their childhood to be the perfect…well, in this case, bodyguards? Why would they heavily imply in the first place that he’s non-human though? I’m a little sus about this, but I’ll leave it for now. Also, I noticed there were a few choices on Day 64 that suggests we know who Duckchool is. The same goes with knowing “Perfect Love”, the company Duckchool is supposed to work for. IDK if this is anything significant. Just weird to me ~tis all! On day 65, we have another encounter with Noah!!! And while this day seems kind of random, there was a choice in the game that says “Maybe Noah is being mind controlled”, and this made me go “hmmm…is this another mint-eye foreshadowing reference?” Why would Noah collapse in the first place like that? It’s one thing to pass out from hunger, thirst, and exhaustion but I don’t think they’d remain unconscious like that for hours on end though. HAHA Don’t @ me! I’m all bout dat conspiracy BS ya dig!😂(cackles)

🚀DAY 66

Today, Harry wakes up before his alarm and starts dressing up fancy. Piu Piu says he’s acting unusual and even stares at himself in the mirror for 30 minutes! You ask him if he has a date today and he replies no but tells you Malong has found someone to fix the piano for him. Piu Piu sends you a picture of Harry fixing his hair and you tell him he should grow it because you think he looks good with long hair. During breakfast chat, Harry, Tain, and Malong meet up at Tain’s bar. Harry questions Malong if he has found the right person for the job and asks if by any chance this person was “…” (he wasn’t able to continue saying who he meant because Tain stopped him). Malong tells both of them that they are meeting an old man today, and Harry and Tain seems shocked (implying they are expecting to meet someone else – hmmm this is all too sus for me ) During lunch chat, Harry finally meets the old man. His name is Geppetoo and he talks funny. Harry chats with you after, saying the piano can be fixed but it needed a lot of work. You ask him who exactly he’s expecting to meet today and he replies in denial saying he’s not waiting for anybody. He then proceeds to tell you the story behind this old piano. So apparently, this was the very first piano Harry has played. It originally belonged to Tain’s house, and it was during their high school days when Tain’s piano tutor visited. Since Tain was not interested in learning the piano, Harry had to play on his behalf whenever he’s come by to hang out. After quite some time, they all grew up and Tain forgot about the piano and completely neglected it. You ask him why he cared so much about it and he vaguely answers this by saying “he’s always taken care of it”.(shrug) During dinner time, Tain and Malong tease how Harry was being all nervous-nellie about fixing the piano today. The old man who promises to repair Harry’s piano also suggests they send the instrument with him so he can service it at his home. (there really was no explanation for this and I just assumed that the tools he needed for doing repairs were all at his home, so whatevs!) The old man’s home was also located far away so they needed to ship it by plane. By the end of the day, Harry tells you he’s flying with the piano because he feels more secure of watching it getting fixed himself. He asks Piu Piu to book the fastest flight for him to get to the destination at hand. He also says he doesn’t want to take his private jet because he doesn’t want Big Guy to know where he’s going. During the bedtime call, he tells you he was expecting ‘someone else’ to fix his piano but didn’t really expound any further.

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Comments: If I know anything about Cheritz, it’s that they love to build and use plot structures with several subtle hints but won’t really reveal anything (aka the big picture) not until the last minute. So the angst is kind of just building up as the story goes. In this case, I smell something funky and that funk is probably Harry getting to meet his first love? The hints about Harry getting overly conscious and nervous all throughout the day are dead giveaways! It’s so obvious!…and I hate it. lol Why do this, writers? I can’t bear to see MC witnessing this scenario. I mean, come on, she was already rejected once, why make MC suffer again by letting her witness her man reconciling with his first love?! Ugh. 😒

🚀DAY 67

Harry just got off the plane! He texts you to see if you’re awake and tells you he’s on his way to catch a cab. After waiting for quite a while, a farm truck with goats appears in front of Harry. Piu Piu says that this is the taxi! LOL So Harry doesn’t have any choice but to sit with goats. Upon his arrival at the old man’s town, he met a little girl who’s quite the feisty little devil. They bicker for a little bit, and the girl started kicking Harry. (cackles) We later find out that this kid is the granddaughter of Geppetoo. The little girl also mentions that her grandpa is a doll doctor, and not a piano repairman. She said she heard her grandpa said something about fixing a piano, but it was all probably a lie. The girl takes him to Geppetoo’s house, and Geppetoo offers Harry a room to stay for the night. He also offers Harry to join him for dinner with the villagers, but Harry declines. Nighttime comes, and Harry tells you there’s going to be a festival tomorrow because he notices how noisy the villagers are preparing for it outside. Harry then sees a picture inside the room. He says the one at the center was probably the old man as he used to younger. (I cackled for a minute here because the picture was obviously stock photos lmaoooo – check the scrapbook!)

He then adds that the one on the far right was “the one”……the woman who taught him how to play piano!!! (aka Harry’s first love) You ask him why is she in the picture, and he replies he doesn’t know but he’s about to go and find out. Piu Piu alerts the chatroom and tells Harry that someone is approaching. Geppetoo peeps into Harry’s room and checks up on him real quick before he says his ‘goodnight’. Before Geppetoo leaves, Harry stops him and asks him about the woman in the picture. The old man tells Harry that she was one of his students for the longest time. He said she used to be a piano tutor to the kids in the village but since the children all grew up and moved to big cities, she herself left as well. He adds that she comes by every year for the festival and visits him. Geppetoo hands Harry another picture. It’s a picture of the same woman posing dramatically by the piano (check scrapbook if you’re curious). Geppetoo mentions that this was the last piano he and the lady made together and that he misses the old days. Geppetoo leaves Harry all alone in his room after this.

NOTE: The convo below between MC and Harry happens after Geppetoo leaves Harry’s room.

*After Geppetoo leaves*

HARRY: “Phew…”

HARRY: “MC, you awake?”

MC: “Yeah, I’ve been here all the time.”

HARRY: “Ummm…”

HARRY: “Actually, she’s my…”

MC: “Tell me Harry? do you like her? I think I deserve to know more about that tutor of yours.”

HARRY: “You might wanna slow down.”

HARRY: “I’ve just…”

*Long Pause*

HARRY: “Right now I’m not sure how I should describe what I’m feeling.”

HARRY: “I’ll let you know only once I’m ready.”

HARRY: “Good night.”

The call that happens after this chat is just Harry asking you if you keep pictures yourself for the sake of keeping the memories alive. He doesn’t tell you nor explain further about his thoughts on the subject of his first love and kind of just leaves you hanging after.

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Comments: Remember Day 15 (‘A Piano in my Heart’) when Harry was so adamant about getting that old piano fixed? Remember how he would always deviate from the topic every time you ask why this piano is so important to him? Guess we now finally know the answers, huh? I can’t believe Cheritz is doing this again. Tossing the “other woman” trope out of nowhere like it ain’t no-thing. It’s really bugging me that they have to use this trope, again and again, to pull out some kind of angst. I am heavily miffed!

On the technical side of things, the use of stock photos during the “reminiscing scenes”, kinda took me out of the story. It’s implied that Geppetoo is old and the woman is supposed to be younger than him, but definitely older than Harry. However, the pictures used in the game looked like they were all the same age. I couldn’t take the scene seriously because of it, and that’s a shame. 😬 Also, “Geppetoo the doll maker? What is with the random Pinnochio references?🤨

🚀DAY 68

Today is the town’s festival and Harry wakes up telling you he got less sleep last night because the whole town was clamoring with preparations. Harry goes outside early in the morning and sends you a selfie of him laying by the flower fields, he says he’s planning to take a nap but he couldn’t for some reason. You ask him if he’s curious about the festival and he replies he’s curious about another thing” You confront Harry about last night’s convo and he apologizes for keeping you waiting. He tells you that ‘he gave some thoughts about it’ but he’s not sure if there’s ‘anything new’ for him to realize. (Bruh, this answer is so vague, I swear I’m about to lose it!) You ask Harry “What were you to her?” and he replies he doesn’t know because he was just a kid. He also adds that this woman knows that he’s here as well because Geppetoo told her. Come lunchtime and Harry visits Gepettoo’s studio and watches him as he repairs the piano. While the old man does his wood hammering, he and Harry go into this deep conversation, and the old man points out to Harry how he only sees the world how he wants to see it because he feels safe when it’s not *changed*. Nighttime arrives and the festival has begun (more modern stock photos are inserted here, its taking me out of the story i swear lol) Harry tells you the little girl (Geppetoo’s granddaughter) is approaching him, and Piu Piu turns on the ‘I-CAN-SEE-YOUR-VOICE’ mode, so you can hear their conversation. The little girl (along with her pet goat) walks with Harry to the festival. They both stroll around while bickering with each other. Suddenly, Piu Piu tells you that Harry is treading slowly while staring at the crowd of people. He then stops dead center in the middle of the crowd as he sees her…the woman… his first love!!” Piu Piu scans the scene and confirms it’s indeed her. The little girl notices the lady and recognizes her as “the piano teacher!” She then calls out to her, to try and introduce Harry, but Harry panics and runs away. Harry disappears from the chatroom after this as well. It’s only during bedtime chat that he comes back and chats with you first. He sends you a photo of a beautiful pathway filled with wisteria flowers. He says its the prettiest place he’s seen today and that he took a picture to show it to you. You confront him again about meeting his first love just a little while ago. And he tells you he didn’t even realize it was his ‘first love’ before you brought it up. He tells you that now that he saw her, he’s not curious anymore. Piu Piu comes to chat and alerts Harry that the little girl from earlier is approaching. She yells at Harry for disappearing like that.

Below is their exact exchange, word for word: I am highlighting this part as I feel like this is an important scene for Harry’s character development.

Converstion Under the Wisterias

LITTLE GIRL: “Mister!!! You suck!! Did you have to disappear like that without a word?”

HARRY: “Sorry”.

LITTLE GIRL: “I promised myself to kick you once I find you!”

HARRY: “Hey, you’ll understand when you live more.”

HARRY: “Sometimes, a miracle happens even to a realist.”

LITTLE GIRL: “What? Are you out of your mind?”

HARRY: “I am that proof”.

MC: (Whispers to Piu Piu) “A miracle? What miracle happened to Harry?”

PIU PIU: (Whispers to MC) “There’s a high chance that he means you, MC.”

HARRY: “I thought I don’t have feelings but I do have something like that.”

LITTLE GIRL: “Uh, mister…? What’s wrong with you…? You suddenly turned weird…”

HARRY: “Hmm… I think you’re the weird one, MC…”

HARRY: “Wait…”

Piu Piu comments on the side that Harry is scribbling something down on a piece of paper. He gives this paper to the girl. Piu Piu magnifies and scans what Harry has written down, and we find out that its a note saying: “Thank you for teaching me how to play piano. Farewell.”

HARRY: “Anyway, give this note to your grandfather.”

LITTLE GIRL: “Are you leaving? Seriously?”

HARRY: Haha…

*Harry walks away

HARRY: “Piu Piu, book the earliest flight leaving here.”

HARRY: “I’m gonna call MC.”

During the phonecall after this, you ask Harry if he’s okay with leaving the piano behind and he tells you, he’s decided that it’d be safe with that old man.

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Comments: I have so many ranty thoughts about this day! First of all, can I just say that my #1 absolute pet peeve in all-things-otome is the “other woman” trope! Like nope! Get the fuck outa here with that plot device! I don’t need it! This episode pissed me the heck off so much! I don’t care if this makes sense for the plot or if this enhances the story more and whatnot. I don’t wanna see it, Periodt. Honestly, I can probably deal with this better in kdramas, but in otome games, is where I draw the line. Alright, I get what the story is going for. I get that this was somehow needed to show more depth on Harry’s development as a character. That he needs to let go of his past, that he needs some sort of closure to help him realize what MC means to him and how MC has indeed changed him.

My gripes aside, the things that really moved me here was when Harry realizes, by the end of the day, that he’s not curious anymore about how his first love is doing and that there is no need to rekindle because it does not concern him nor he feels it’s necessary. It’s like his way of realizing, “Why do I need to do that, when I have MC, now?” Another point I want to bring up was Harry leaving the piano behind. This piano was very important to him, and to leave it behind at a place far from his reach, is implying he’s closing the doors of his past and is ready to welcome a new life (with MC). He brings up the phrase “miracles does happen”, and I believe this is him acknowledging the change he is currently going through. ***This scene was actually quite good plot-wise, and the ending was kind of cathartic, but oh man, the angst that you have to go through of seeing MC watch Harry meet his first love before your very eyes is too much! What the heck man! *raises fist*

🚀DAY 69-70

DAY 69: Harry wakes up feeling good. He says he’s finally over with his teacher, and sends you a smiley silly selfie of him to make up for the trouble he caused yesterday. He then tells Piu Piu to take a day off and says to think of it as ‘Childcare Leave’. Piu Piu is shocked and whispers to you if Harry is off his rocker and you whisper back, telling Piu Piu to just enjoy it before he changes his mind. Piu Piu leaves the chatroom to tend to Pi Pi. Harry says he wants to do some cleaning and organizing around his place but realizes he doesn’t have a trash bag, so he goes out to buy some and other cleaning items. Nothing much happens on this day other than Harry trying to clean and do his laundry and failing miserably. He also buys a mini couch he found at the department store, so he finally has a chair at his place.

DAY 70: Harry works on his diorama today and still couldn’t think of anything to add to it so he goes out and looks for hotels to check in – so he can perhaps pick up some ideas. He also tells you that there’s some unknown number who’s trying to call him recently, but he decides not to answer it. While hopping from one hotel to another, he accidentally ends up checking in to a love motel, and he wonders why the rooms have themes, why the bathrooms are transparent, and why there are mirrors in the ceiling. (LOLOLOL) By the end of the day, he tells you that the unknown number that was trying to reach him nonstop was his father’s secretary. It appears that Harry is being summoned by his dad for something urgent, and Harry doesn’t feel good about this one bit.

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Comments: Is Harry a virgin? I wonder?😂 I’d like to think that his ex-girlfriends in the past, have already made a move on him, or am I just a pervert? (cackles) It’s kind of crazy to me, how someone with a ‘film director’ as their profession, does not know what a love motel is. Even if you’ve never been to one, if you’re in the film industry, there’s no way you’d not know what love motels are. Ha! Anyway, we are finally going to meet Harry’s dad!😳

🚀DAY 71

Today, Harry is on his way to his family’s estate, he leaves early since he knows the drive’s going to be long. He was told to immediately proceed to his father’s study once he arrives. He tells you it’s weird that he’s immediately called to go see his father right away when almost all the time, they’ll always make him wait by the annex. Come breakfast chat, and Harry disregards the instruction to go to see his father immediately and went to their family annex instead. There he met Rachel and they exchanged some words for a bit. It looks like Rachel and Tain are dating now since Rachel is always pre-occupied with her phone and even answers “Hi, Tain, sweetie?” when she picks up a call. A few moments later, they were all being summoned to his father’s study. Piu Piu turns on the voice-to-text feature so you can hear their conversation. So it looks like Harry’s dad is caught on a scandal. Harry’s dad brings up an article that states “some corruption is brewing between a medical foundation (owned by Harry’s dad I’m assuming), and a pharmaceutical company”. He tells Harry and Rachel to “behave” since investigators are currently going through background checks with their family. His mom chimes in and says they cannot afford any more articles like this. Harry’s parents then states that they’re planning to refrain from going out for a while and that they should do the same. His father orders the siblings to ‘cleanup their personal assets and acquaintances’ including social media. Rachel is livid since she does not want to quit socializing (also implying that she does not want to cut ties with Tain). Harry’s dad then comes for Harry saying he knows he’s been keeping in touch with someone recently, and he wants Harry to end it immediately! Rachel wails saying she refuse to do what she’s told, and Harry’s dad tries to grab her phone. Amidst all the kerfuffle, Harry took this chance to sneak out and run away. You call Harry after this, and during this call he unloads to you how his parents have always controlled him while he was growing up. That all his activities from morning until bedtime has always been decided for him. Even the words he uses as he speaks were all controlled and decided by his parents. He said he was also forbidden to take a nap and that if he ever wants to nap, he needs to ask permission first (though most of the time this was rarely granted). 😥😥😥 (WTF This is insane, poor Harry!) During nighttime, Harry tells you he has no choice but to stay for the night. He’s also received a text message from Blue Moon’s assistant director, and they’ve invited Harry for Blue Moon event in the next coming days. He ignores the text and doesn’t reply to it.

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Comments: I actually felt bad for Harry here. No wonder he’s stubbornly living the way he wants atm – he was pretty much controlled all his life! These siblings have gone through such an odd painful childhood where they were raised with a silver spoon but were stripped from their freedom. One can truly never have it all, huh? On a side note, I’m glad Tain and Rachel are progressing as lovers now!

🚀DAY 72-73

DAY 72: Harry’s family sets up a press conference on their estate and a bunch of reporters and media personnel come by to interview them about the article from yesterday. Harry and Rachel were forced to be on the conference as well. The interview started with Harry’s dad answering almost all the questions asked by the press. He also mentions that the medical foundation will be appropriately handed over to a professional executive when he was asked if he’s ever handing it over to his son, for whenever he steps down. The rude reported from Day 60, of course, was also there, and he brings up questions about Harry being rumored as Director Harry and Harry’s family ignores the question as its not related to the medical foundation and the article. In the evening, Harry lowkey confronts his dad about always using them to paint a ‘perfect family’ image to the press. They got into a little spat until Harry walked out. During bedtime, he’s in a bad forlorn mood. You try to comfort him and he apologizes to you as you had to see their unpleasant family issues, and says he hopes you’ll stay by his side even after this. On a call after bedtime chat, Harry tells you he wants to seek vengeance on his father.

DAY 73: Early morning, Harry was forced to play tennis with his father. After beating his pop’s ass in their tennis game, he tells you that he’s going to the “Blue Moon” event this coming week and also adds that he doesn’t ever wanna come back to this place (their family estate) again, no matter what. The call after this is where Harry shares with you a story about his childhood. He said when he was a kid, he brought a puppy with him from school and when he woke up the next day, he found out from his driver that his parents gave the puppy away. He says this made him realize how it’d only take a single night for something to leave him. :(( Later in the day, he plots to steal something of his father’s before leaving, so he sneaks in at his dad’s library. After contemplating for a while on what to “steal”, he decides on an elegant-looking paper knife hidden in a metal box. During night time, his plan of escape was for Tain to pick him up and give him a ride home.

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Comments: It’s quite crazy learning about how intense and harsh Harry’s family is, but at the same time, this isn’t anything new. Most of the time the chaebols will ALWAYS have this weird and extreme family setup in manhwas and kdramas, so I was not the least surprised about this.

🚀DAY 74

Today, Harry goes to Blue Moon’s get together event. The venue is at this hotel that will have a beautiful view of the fullmoon during nighttime. He arrives at the said hotel and you and Piu Piu were surprised to see a lot of the guests wearing an animal mask, just like Harry. The assistant director, explains that they are fans of the film and its their way of paying homage to Director Harry; by wearing a head-piece animal mask themselves. Come night chat, and we see Harry participate in the interview portion of the event. We learn that the title “Blue Moon” was actually suggested by one of Harry’s staff and crew, and Harry had to take that suggestion and make it the title of his award-winning, film. Later in the night (bedtime chat), Harry shows you a picture of the blue moon at this venue when all of a sudden the chat was shaken up and an anonymous hacker shows up in the chatroom. You and Harry were startled by the sudden appearance of another entity on chat as well as the fact that he seems to know you and Harry very well (the hacker is also very fond of MC especially). The hacker calls himself “Angel” and he seems to be hinting that he has met MC (you) before. He then guesses that today is the day that Harry will make his “decision”, and adds that Harry will soon accept his “secretive suggestion”. For context, the ‘suggestion’ he’s talking about is Harry’s decision to retire as a Director, but in secret. To do this, the Assistant Director, will take over Harry’s place as “Director Harry” and will be the one who’ll wear the horse mask all the time. It’s as if he’s giving his AD his identity for him to take over Harry’s work. (Harry will also explain this to you in detail later on a call after this chat). When you ask Angel if he’s telling the truth, he replies to you and says “you always tease me for being a bad liar everytime” – implying again that he had some sort of past relationship with MC before. When you tell him, you’ve never met him before he tells you “I don’t know about that”. The chat ends, with Angel telling you not to be sad, as he will meet you again soon.

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Comments: Well, here it is… finally! The “plot” we’ve all been waiting for, and oh man, it’s insane??? This angel hacker thing screams 707 in all directions. Idk, but the way he chats, and calls onto MC, is very Saeyoung! And I actually don’t know what to make of this. LOL It’s pretty unexpected. Why is he showing up on this timeline? He also seems to know MC very well and hints that they used to have a ‘close relationship’ before. I admit I like this unexpected plot twist, for sure, but at the same time, I am weirdly conflicted by it. 😂 I also keep forgetting to take a screenshot of the entire chatroom during Angel’s “hack mode”, but if you’re curious how it looks, check out scrapbook Day 87 (next post).

🚀DAY 75-77

DAY 75: Early morning, You and Harry tell Piu Piu about Angel hacking into the chatroom yesterday and Piu Piu says his access was blocked so it had no clue about the incident. Piu Piu also warns that this may happen again and says to just be on alert. Later in the day, Harry discusses his retirement as a director and decides to attend a one-day class (of something random) for a change. He asks Piu Piu to enroll him in an ‘architecture’ class just for today, and he heads out immediately to attend it. The class involves touring around the city and discussing the city’s surrounding buildings. Nothing too significant happens here, except for Harry meeting random unimportant people in his class and making small convos with them. He also sketches a portrait of himself during this day and received a random sketch of his face from his ‘one-day’ classmate. random sketch of his face by his ‘one-day’ classmate.

DAY 76: Today, Piu Piutells Harry that he’s been doing a great job of maintaining their “missions” (from week one), so he brings up his discovery about this new species of carrots to Harry. Because it’s about CARROTS, Harry’s nose immediately dives into it and asks Piu Piu for more details. Apparently, this new species of carrots are held at this “Carrot Laboratory” located somewhere far away in a place with below-zero temperature. Harry springs up from his bed and immediately asks Piu Piu to book him train tickets to reach this ‘Carrot Lab’ destination. He was supposed to take his private jet but apparently, his sister, Rachel, got to it first and is currently using it on her date with Tain. So Harry arrives at the train station and unfortunately was booked on economy (Piu Piu says VIP tickets were very limited to members-only so he can only nab economy during reservations). Because Harry is booked in economy class, he shares his compartment with three other suspicious-looking passengers. He describes one of them as someone wearing a hat and is seated on the further end, another as someone with a serious-intimidating face, and the other as someone with a friendly face (and is very chatty). During nighttime, Harry hears people gossiping by the restaurant car of the train saying something about a murderer being currently aboard. You tell him to be careful but he shrugs off your warning as he just wants to enjoy the train ride because he finds it ‘romantic’ (LOL).

DAY 77: Harry wakes up early today and says he’s worried about “Angel” knowing your name, his name, and both of your personal lives. He also says that the train has completely stopped dead in its tracks in the middle of nowhere. He says it’s because of the intense weather (there seems to be a blizzard outside). A few minutes later, a power outage happens, making it completely dark for anyone to see anything inside. Another few minutes pass, and the power comes back up. Harry notices that the person sitting next to him (the silent one wearing a hat), has now disappeared. During lunchtime, all the passengers are questioned as well as their identities are checked by the train’s head engineer and the undercover detective that’s also on board. Turns out the serious-looking, intimidating person that shares a compartment with Harry happens to be an undercover cop and the friendly-chatty guy (also in Harry’s compartment) is the prime suspect for murder (the same *murderer* the passengers were gossiping about yesterday). Some squabble happens between these two characters and Harry watches them argue. During nighttime, The cop puts handcuffs on the alleged suspect and leaves the compartment to search for the missing person. He comes back and asks for Harry’s help in searching. Harry complies and the chatroom was idle for 20 mins. When Harry came back from helping the police, he finds out that the suspect is now missing in their cubicle. A chase happens as the detective jumps out of the train to catch the suspect. Harry gets roped in and follows him. Harry calls you after this chat and he tells you he’s outside (you can hear the blizzard and the strong winds during this call, the line is also a little choppy). While they were chasing the alleged murderer outside, the train signals that it’s about to leave. Harry quickly went back and left the detective out (he said he had no choice). During bedtime chat, Harry contemplates what has happened today and says the whole ordeal was sort of a blessing in disguise for him as he now has the compartment all to himself.

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Comments: Not gonna lie here, I don’t really dig this train-detective-story subplot. I figured it’d just be one of those “sort of” compelling random occurrences in the game that won’t get any follow-ups ever again! (laughs) It’s like the ‘mafia’ and the ‘ghost’ mini subplot during Teo’s route week one, where everyone thought it had something to do with the game’s story when it was all a completely random incident (never to be seen again lol). So yeah, I couldn’t care for these three days at all. I just want to move on to the main conflict of the story, which is the appearance of this ‘Angel’ person. Is it weird that I am strongly anticipating for him to show up again?

🚀DAY 78-79

DAY 78: Today, Harry finally reaches his destination which is the Carrot Laboratory. Piu Piu says the weather has changed dramatically. The snowstorm has subsided, and he adds that the sky has never been so sunny! Harry is giddy as he reaches the lab and gets ready to go on a tour. During morning chats, it’s just you and Piu Piu in the chatroom since Harry seems to be really busy with the tour. He’s also having fun, enjoying himself while getting fascinated about all the high-quality carrots around the lab. He comes back during lunchtime and tells you he’s eating all kinds of dishes made of carrots. He also sends you a picture of a ‘carrot-made meat’. He goes into a few activities all throughout the day including harvesting some carrots in the field. At the end of the day, the tour finishes, and the head lab researcher shows everyone the new breed of carrots (that they’ve just successfully developed) which is a “carrot-strawberry”. Everyone including Harry is mesmerized by it. The entire participants of the tour got gifts as well (the gifts are in accordance to their membership and contributions). Harry gets some small special carrot seeds and he feels disappointed since almost everyone else got some cool carrot-themed items but him.

DAY 79: Harry returns home, (took his private jet last night), and now he’s planting the special carrot seeds in his little garden outside. He takes a nap after this (all dirty in his bed ew) and then wakes up later in the day to attend an online cooking class. (For context, after his one-day architecture class-Day 75, he asked Piu Piu to sign him up for a other one-day classes). During lunchtime, thanks to his online cooking tutor, Harry successfully bakes a fine carrot cake. He says he’ll take it with him later to the MoM studio. Nothing much happens after this apart from Harry being extra sweet to you during this day’s phone calls.

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Comments: These two days are merely filler episodes until Angel’s next visit. Ha! The reason, I could tell Angel would be coming back soon, was the hint the game gives away – which was the last pic Harry sends you during bedtime chat on Day 79. It’s a picture of him outside his terrace with a full moon in the background. And the last time, Angel visited happened to be a ‘full moon’ sooo, you can kind of connect the dots here. I’m not exactly sure, why it had to be a ‘full moon’, but I have this feeling that this has something to do with time traveling in general. I’ll save my theories for later!

🚀DAY 80

Today, Harry decides to live by himself. This means he’s omitting any help from his shopper and Big Guy. It also means, from this point on, he’ll do all the chores, shopping, and driving all by himself going forward. He says he’s relieving all his employees of their duties except for his lawyer. He calls his shopper and Big Guy early in the morning and tells them that he’s terminating their contracts as he now wants to live independently. He then asks them to sign a few documents to certify their end-of-contract deal. As for Big Guy, because of his badge, Harry is putting him on a long vacation (til further notice lol). Big Guy cries and tries to protest but eventually relents and accepted Harry’s terms During lunchtime, Harry sorts out his closet and sends you a bunch of pictures of his old clothes (the stuff he used to wear when he was a kid). He eventually makes a mess from *trying* to sort his clothes out, so he takes a couple of hours break. Night time arrives, and Harry tells you that he can see the orange sky and adds that the sunset reminds him of you (since it’s your favorite view – remembering the previous chats from the earlier weeks). Suddenly, the chatroom rumbles and Angel appears again infiltrating the chat and blocking Harry’s access in the process (so atm it’s just you and Angel in the chatroom). He spews out some cryptic things again predicting that today’s the day Harry decides to be on his own. He also says that Harry can’t ever make fried eggs (and you reply out of spite, how it’s OK since you like boiled eggs anyway lol). Angel asks you to tell Harry that ‘he’s got a long way to go, so he shouldn’t push himself so hard just yet’. – and after this, he disappears. Harry gets unblocked from the chatroom and tries to talk to you, but then gets disconnected due to his phone’s low battery. He calls you after a few minutes, and the dude is pissed off! Harry gets crazy jealous of Angel and challenges Angel’s statement saying he’ll make the best-boiled eggs for MC one day! (ROFL). The day ends with Harry telling you that he suspects Angel can only drop by if its a FULL MOON outside (he sends you a pic of him with the fullmoon in the bg). Harry is still a little on edge and a bit tired from earlier so he dozes off after bedtime chat.

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Comments: I’m actually kind of glad that Angel keeps interrupting the chatroom. It’s nice to have some mysterious chaos shaking things up a little. I also loved Harry’s reactions to everything relating to Angel, and how he gets jealous and possessive of MC’s time. It’s refreshing to see the man on edge all because he doesn’t wanna lose MC to anyone. Come on, this is an otome game after all, and these scenarios are such good guilty pleasures for us players ya know! (laughs) I guess my gripe with all these ‘Angel appearances’ is that there’s no clear intent on why he does this. For what purpose is he doing these interruptions? I wanted more clues, but as of now, it felt like his appearances are fairly random. I’m probably just being impatient here (lol). Angel still reminds me of 707, and how he just chooses to be randomly chaotic like this, is very akin to 707’s playfulness in MM.

🚀DAY 81-83

DAY 81: Piu Piu tells you today that Harry has lost a few muscles due to staying idle for a few days. He also mentions that he’s lacking the ‘usual’ exercise routine, he normally does. Harry decides he needs to work out and heads over to the community pool to go for a swim, (since the pool by his place is closed for cleaning). Harry arrives at a community center and realizes that there are more people there than he expected. At the pool, he meets a beefy lifeguard who tries to engage him in conversation and offers to train with him. The lifeguard also invites Harry to his gym, which he runs, but Harry declines. It is later revealed that the lifeguard is Teo’s neighbor. (if you played Teo’s route, he’s the guy that moved into the apartment above Teo’s, making all these construction noises that Teo complains about). Nothing too important really happens this day except for Harry sending you half nakie swimming pics and some ASMR calls of Harry munching his food. lol

DAY 82: Harry wakes up from a nightmare. He says a fluffy furball came in and wrecked his place. Later in the day, he orders food, but since the elevator in his building is out of order, he needs to pick up the food delivery downstairs. He steps out and bumps into his neighbor (an old lady that doesn’t like Harry). The lady scowls at him with a bunch complaints starting from his garden upstairs, dripping water from his terrace, and how he cant segregate his trash properly. During nighttime, he tells you that his lunch was ruined because the food (which Piu Piu ordered for him) was greasy af and he couldn’t eat it, so he ends up tossing it in the trash bin. He also mentions that Piu Piu messed with his phone and ended up calling Teo by accident. Teo textes him as a result, asking him a couple of times why he called.

DAY 83: Big guy visits Harry early in the morning and gives him a test on basic chores. During breakfast, he gets a call from the MoM producer. They ask him to come to the broadcasting station to check some footages of the show. He gets ready right away and Piu Piu sends you feet pics of Harry in the shower (lmao). He gets to the studio and is surprised of the task at large waiting for him there which is to check all the footages of the ‘survivors’ from the show, as well as evaluate them one by one. He complains to you and asks you to stay with him while he works (Harry, needy much??! lol) During night time, Harry is still at the studio. He takes a short break and shows you a picture of the crescent moon. He tells you he doesn’t like looking at the moon these days because it reminds him of Angel. For some reason, Harry gets a bit drammatically poetic on one of the phone calls at night, it’s kinda cringe and funny at the same time!

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Comments: I was bored during these three days as nothing really happens that had any significance plot-wise. And I guess that is just the nature of this game. I was kind of hoping that the story events would pick up since we are pretty much on our last two weeks of Harry’s route and nearing its end. Yet there’s nothing about Doctor C and Piu Piu’s origins. I love the thirst bait pictures Harry sends you during Day 81 though.

🚀DAY 84-86

DAY 84: Today, Harry goes camping. He drives to a site on his property and sets up camp. He finds a nearby lake and goes fishing, renting a pole at a store nearby. After a few minutes of setting up the bait, he catches some fish but decides to release them (lol what is the point??). He spends the day doing various camping activities such as making a bonfire and eating s’mores by the fire, etc.

DAY 85: Early morning you get a gift from Piu Piu which is dun dun dun A HARRY FEET PIC!! (Istg this game is riddled with feet pics!!) Today, Harry tries baking and makes meringue cookies and madeleines, which he shares with Big Guy. It’s raining heavily outside as well, so he rushes to protect the vegetables in his garden from the weather.

DAY 86: Harry decides to clean up early morning but forgot that he’s supposed to attend MoM’s live broadcasting today. He rushes to get ready, having to do everything himself as he dismissed his shopper and Big Guy. Despite managing to bring his horse mask, he accidentally leaves his phone behind. He leaves you and Piu Piu behind by accident. Throughout the day, he calls you using a MoM staff phone. During dinner time, you and Piu Piu are in the chatroom witnesses Big Guy sneaking into Harry’s apartment to finish the chores Harry left. (Awww) Harry returns home after the broadcast and chats with you during bedtime. He expresses disbelief at forgetting the shoot and takes a picture of his carrot juice under the full moon outside his terrace, foreshadowing another visit from the mysterious ‘Angel’ soon.

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Comments: It just occurred to me. How does Harry know your number? He’s clearly able to call you using the phone of one of the MoM’s staff right? Shouldn’t both MC and Harry’s phone numbers be redacted from each other? How is this possible? Being able to talk to you using another person’s phone means he knows MC’s # and was able to dial it. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be possible as well for MC and Harry to have some sort of proxy person who communicates on both of their behalf, thus revoking the address-sharing ban in the process?

I’ve also thought about physical proxy addresses as another way to circumvent the no-address-sharing feature of the app. There are several loopholes and flaws related to the ‘no-address-sharing’ plot point in the story. Technically, 1) Harry can just give your number to Malong, so Malong can message and exchange proxy addresses with you. 2) Since online addresses between each other are most likely going to be altered by the app, proxy physical addresses (in this case, from Malong) should work. Exchanging proxy physical addresses will allow both of you to exchange physical letters, thus allowing both of you to share addresses and personal information. THAT’S IT! I HAVE SOLVED ONE OF THE SSUM’S MYSTERIES! YA’LL CAN ROLL THE END CREDITS NOW! [insert math lady gif here] 😂😂😂

In any event, my next update will focus on the climax of the game, featuring another appearance by “Angel”. This is one of the crucial moments in Harry’s route, as it leads to two possible outcomes (good and bad). Nevertheless, I will save my thoughts about it for my last and final review.


  • (Debunked) Big guy is non-human? LOL This is false. Idk, why I thought he was some sort of android or something similar, but apparently Big Guy is 100% human. He just grew up and trained through this bodyguard/secret service agency together with other secret service aspiring agents. And only the VVIP elites knew about this academy.
  • (Debunked) Noah may lure Harry to Mint Eye. This is false. Noah’s last appearance on Harry’s route was on Day 65. After that, he was never mentioned in the game again.
  • (Confirmed) !!SPOILERS for Harry’s final week!! Tain and Rachel end up together! They eloped during Day 92.
  • (Confirmed) Harry’s Father Theory #1 Although, this reveal is a little vague, Harry’s father is indeed involved in something shady. On Day 71, (accdg to the papers) Harry’s dad was allegedly caught in a scandal of corruption between a medical foundation.
  • (New) Is “Conscious Kim” (in MM) Harry’s father? One of Mystic Messengers’ guests aka “@hospital” (in the guest emails) talks about a doctor “who prioritizes his patients”. Could this doctor be Harry’s dad?
  • (New) Angel is perhaps 707? For obvious reasons, there are certain giveaways why this theory even came to surface. The way Angel jokes around and hints at something really cryptic about traveling through space and time is honestly giving me Seayoung Choi vibes. He also hints that he’s known MC for a while now and that they used to have a certain relationship in another timeline.
  • (New) The Agency where Big Guy and Duckchool Ma came from is somewhat a sub-branch or related to 707 and Vanderwood’s agency.
  • (New) Duckchool Ma, since he was introduced abstrusely in the game (sometimes, even implying that MC knew who he is, from the choices given to you ) – he is probably going to be a major character in the next route, or he is related to someone from MM (for some crazy reason, I’m thinking of Vanderwood atm).
  • (New) Speaking of Big Guy and Duckchool Ma, could they be somewhat related to Wonhee Ju (Jumin Han’s overprotective bodyguard)? I’d like to assume they come from the same agency.
  • (New) I wanna assume that the beefy gym trainer guy is “Healthy Cho” in MM’s guestlist.



I’ll be saving my final thoughts on Harry’s route in my next post. For this recap, however, I am going to be talking about certain things/aspects in the game/story that either stood out to me, bothered me, or left me questioning the game’s consistency.

  • Harry’s tattoos kept disappearing. We all know by now that Harry changes his hair and eye color every time we switch planet orbits in the game. But I’ve noticed that his tattoos disappear as well. Some of Harry’s pictures on planet Pi (and Momint) that feature his bare upper body don’t have his skyscraper tattoo on his left arm (e.g. Day 65, 73, 79, 95). I haven’t seen his carrot tattoo on his lower leg section since we left Burny’s orbit either. The game gives you a lot of feet pics, but alas! His carrot tattoo was nowhere to be found! I believe this is merely a CG flaw, and Cheritz just forgot about it.
  • Ngl, the ‘other woman’ inserted trope, really turned me off big time that it was quite hard to pick up the game after Day 68. I understand this is a common plot device esp. in kdramas but I just can’t for the life of me enjoy it in my otome games. It puts a bad taste in my mouth no matter how I look at it.
  • The no-address-sharing feature of the app has so many loopholes. And I’m disappointed that the game makes such a big deal of it, plot-wise, when in fact, this can be easily circumvented. The moment Harry started calling the MC using a different number was a game-changer. And I would’ve loved to see if Harry and MC were to discuss overcoming this matter during the filler episodes.😥

So far, these are my gripes based on these three and a half weeks alone. The events in Harry’s route have a significant impact on my daily check-ins. If the storyline takes a negative turn, I have to admit, it’s difficult to want to continue. As you can see, for obvious reasons, I was greatly discouraged by the ‘piano teacher first love’ storyline. 😂😂😂 (I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way lmao). However, the story picked up its pace again when “Angel” came into the picture. So I can’t really stay mad at it.

I understand that this post may seem premature, but now that I’ve completed the game, I am still trying to make sense of my thoughts about this entire route. I am also revisiting different dates in the past (through time traveling) where Angel appears – to ensure I haven’t missed any crucial elements that could affect the story. Trust me, I have much to say about this route, but I will save it for my final post, which will serve as my conclusion. Until then, hope everyone stays safe…and again, if you are still with me at this point, thanks for going through another journey with me in The Ssum! See you on my final review!


8 thoughts on “The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 6 – Harry’s Childhood

  1. Hope they spend time polishing up the routes. continuity things like the tattoos and so many things are missable in chats that the next one just assumes you have seen would leave me ??? if I didn’t have your recaps to read.


  2. I am on Day 67 and I am really annoyed at the piano teacher too! I don’t care to know about his past love and its so unwelcomed and unneeded to bring this up when Harry is finally warming up to MC. I dont know why Cheritz thought this was okay! I love Big Guy so much though and he is the only thing that keeps me engaged in this game. I know it probably will not happen but I hope they release a bonus route for him.


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