The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 3 – Harry’s Route!!

Title: The Ssum: Forbidden Lab
Developer: Cheritz
Release Date: August 16, 2022 (NA)
Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Languages: English, Korean

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Hello my Forbidden Lab besties! I am back playing The Ssum! Har har har!
A week before my three months-subscription ended, I had unfortunately stopped playing the game. By “stopped”, I just meant freezing my in-game timeline and not fully logging in to the app for a couple days. Thus, I am currently stuck on Day 85, on Teo’s route (planet Crotune).

The reason I stopped playing was that, unfortunately, the game was no longer fun for me. Talking to Teo regularly had become a chore. His repetitive part-time job mini-subplots that aren’t too interesting made me completely run out of motivation to check up on him every day. I know this is supposed to be a relationship simulation game, and perhaps if I was younger and had ample free time to waste, I probably would’ve continued for the sake of completion, even if I don’t get enjoyment from it anymore. At the same time, I was also playing and reviewing around five games back to back for the months of September, October to mid-November, so I did not have any time to spare and deal with Teo’s *dramatic episodes*.

In any case, I feel like my obsessive-compulsive brain will haunt me for the rest of my life if I don’t do any recaps on Teo’s route for planet Mewry and Crotune. So I will be doing a general rundown regarding my thoughts about these planets and my impressions of the protagonist, Teo during his days on their respective orbits. This will be in my upcoming post in the next coming weeks (hopefully).

Anyway, not to derail the main topic at hand, I came back to the game after Cheritz’s announced Harry’s Route! Yes, Harry! The Harry Choi. The horse-masked guy I have been so long thirsting for, in Teo’s storyline. I have said this again and again during our ‘The Ssum’s discussion via twt space’, which I co-hosted with my friends Bonne (Sailor Otome) and Blanche, as well as mentioned this countless times in my previous Review Diary posts, Harry needs a freakin’ route!


This cringe audio clip above was from a few months back when the game was first released. We were theorizing who the next love interest would be, and ha! I guess our predictions were on the money! Thank you Cheritz! (cackles)

For today’s review diary post and probably going forward, I’ll be shifting my focus from Teo’s route to Harry’s instead! 😂 Look, I did not re-subscribe for another three months just to come back and listen to more of Teo’s part-time woes! I’ve decided to invest my money on horsebando instead! Then again, what’s neat about this new update is that you can continue to chat between two guys at the same time! LOL talk about two-timing at its finest!😏


Cheritz made a few little changes to Harry’s route. While it’s still the same call-and-text gameplay, they’ve added a few tweaks and pinches to zhuzh things up a little bit in the chatroom. Below are some of the ones I’ve noticed:

Piu Piu now joins the chatroom. Before it was only Teo chatting up a storm and us, responding to him. This time around, Piu Piu (the game’s AI bird) enters the chatroom with Harry. It actually makes sense for Piu Piu to be there, otherwise, Harry will not talk to us at all. (laughs)

New (paid) features are added to the chat. One of the new additions to the chatroom is Piu Piu’s “I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE” feature. Because it’s almost impossible to get Harry to stay on chat for long, this feature allows Piu Piu to record Harry’s voice and transmits it to text. Piu Piu also records convos between Harry and the people around him from time to time. Some of the dialogues Piu Piu records are paid (unfortunately), and you’ll need to stack up on those aurora batteries to be able to view them if you are in F2P mode. (This is kind of similar to Teo’s #onlyfans photos before, but this time it’s Harry’s dialogues that are locked behind a paywall.)

Harry’s chats and calls are very short. Unlike Teo, Harry is a man of few words. Literally. He doesn’t like talking too much with people he knows, let alone a stranger he met on a strange app. You’d be lucky enough to get him to chat with you for 10 minutes straight during the first weeks.

Harry’s Route only has 100 Days of gameplay. Unlike Teo’s route, which gives us 200 days to complete (6 months) and possibly more added content after that – Harry’s route will only have 100 days worth of content. I’m not sure if Cheritz will update his route after the 100th day.

A new subscription plan is available: “PIU PIU Plus”. This type of subscription is less expensive than the aurora and rainbow packages. For only $7.99 a month you can enjoy these features w/o restrictions:

  • Unlimited image downloads for free📸
  • I can see your voice feature 100% dictation💬
  • 40 auxiliary (green) batteries are provided every day🔋
  • Neutralize advertising antenna (+ energy-free charge)📡 – NO ADS!
  • Typing expert license rental⌨


  • The post below contains spoilers for Day 1 to Day 21 of Harry’s Route.
  • Harry’s first planet is called “Cloudi”.
  • I’ve been time-traveling a lot to speed up my progress without skipping any days. Currently, I am on Harry’s third week, and by the time this review is posted, I’ll probably be on week four already.
  • Chlo’s scrapbooking stays!😂 Obviously, I love doing this… so make sure to view/click the scrapbook section!


I don’t exactly know why the app ended on Harry’s phone. Neither Piu Piu nor Harry mentions it. All he said was that he *accidentally* ended up with the app and was about to delete it. During the prologue chat. Piu Piu tries to contact Harry, but he doesn’t respond. This went on for 10 days until he finally decided to log in to the chatroom to use it as a notepad to copy-paste his errands.😂 lol. Piu Piu then lectures him that he should visit the app more often. Their banters went on until MC (you) finally enters the chatroom. You tell him that you’re probably going to delete this app, and he tells you, “You should delete this app.” lmao. You ask him a bunch of questions, but he refuses to answer them because he feels he doesn’t have any reason to.😂 Piu Piu then acts as a mediator and introduces you to Harry, and he tells Harry that both of you are a match made in heaven! LOL. After a few more hilarious banters, Harry finally agrees to delay deleting the app and says he’ll give chatting with you a shot. Piu Piu then activates an “emergency call” that lets Harry’s phone call you. Thus, initiating your first phone conversation with him. (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)

Comments: Oh laaawd have mercy! Harry is just so… so…. rude and so hot! Idk, but his tsundere-kuudere personality is just hitting all the right boxes! It’s such a refreshing 180 to Teo’s route because he barely talks! Piu Piu has to goad him to talk to you because he legit doesn’t care!😂😂😂 You also can’t play hard-to-get with him, because if you tell him to “hang up” or end the chat or call, he’s literally going hang up and end the chat or call. 😂 In contrast to Teo’s prologue, I also thought that Harry’s interaction with MC is the most realistic. He refuses to talk & remains suspicious of talking to a stranger on an app because irl who doesn’t get creeped out by the idea?!😂

🚀DAY 1-3

DAY 1: Piu Piu continues to push his agenda of matchmaking Harry and MC. Harry remains stoic and barely talking. lol During dinner chat however, we learn that Harry has a terrible dietary habit. He only eats when he feels like it, and lives on nutritional supplements, carrots and almond milk.😂 There’s a really cute call that happens after this chat, where Harry is just being a massive tsun tsun and its adorable as heck! Come night chat, and Piu Piu chats you up saying Harry is doing his nightly swim by the hotel pool. Apparently he loves to work out at night! And (oh god) Piu Piu sends you a half nekkid pic of a dripping wet Harry. Hnggg!🤤 He also calls you by the end of the chat but refuses to say ‘Goodnight’.

DAY 2: Harry is forced to go outside to get some of his supplements from the pharmacy. …And… he gets lost as soon as he stepped out!😂 Apparently horseboy here has a very poor sense of direction!😂 He’s also being followed by a huge, tall man in a black suit who’s eating strawberry ice cream lol. The big dude calls Harry “Young Master” and we later find out that he is Harry’s bodyguard/assistant. During a phone call, Harry tells you he’s not going to make movies anymore.

DAY 3: Film Festival Day! And Harry is scheduled to attend this event to receive an award. The day starts with Harry’s personal shopper barging into his room while he was sleeping naked! (OMG) He’s covering his baloney pony though, so all is good!😂 While his shopper brings him some clothes to change into, Harry sneaks out and runs away!😂 He calls you right after, and he sounds really frustrated. It’s so cute! Later in the day, Piu Piu sends you a picture of Harry’s red suit, and Harry says he hates it. They made it to the film festival, and Harry sneaks out We find out through Piu Piu’s voice-to-text feature that Harry has told his assistant Director to accept the award for him. The AD also said that someone tried to take his horse mask from him, and now he’s missing. lol (i swear this guy…)😂 Anyway, come dinner chat, and we see Harry hanging out by the bridge. Apparently, he rode a taxi earlier to go home by himself, but the cab driver was too perturbed by his horse mask (and almost crashed twice), so he just asked to be droppred off somewhere.Lmao! Later in the night, Harry sends you a picture of a carrot (he really loves his carrots). We also find out that despite having his own place, he’s been hopping from one hotel to another just because it’s ‘convenient’ for him.

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Comments: Holy smokes! Harry’s route is too good! Three days, and I am already obsessed with this man! First of all, I just love a fellow almond milk appreciator. Haha! so he already won me over that! I am also weak for stoic characters, so this route is defo right up my alley! I love that from these three days alone, we get to see a lot of Harry’s quirks and eccentricities. How he only prefers carrots and almond milk as his day-to-day meals, how he’s bad at directions & loves working out at night, how he’s not a morning person, is insomniac, and sleeps…..bare and nekkid?😳 YES PLS, GIVE ME MORE!🥵 Harry also radiates a lot of ISTJ energy and I can totally relate with him in so many ways! Also, for additional context and reference on Day 3, Harry attended the film festival to accept “Best Director Award” for his film “Blue Moon”.

🚀DAY 4-6

DAY 4: Harry is switching to another hotel and randomly books an expensive suite without checking for the price tag (the dude is filthy rich). Later in the day, Piu Piu assigns both you and Harry a mission to do going forward which is to say Hi 3x to each other and send at least 4 pictures per day. Harry is reluctant about it but after you tease him saying he doesn’t wanna to do it because he knows he’ll fail – He immediately took the bait and said He’ll do it. Proving to you he doesn’t back down on any challenge! Ha! He calls you and painstakingly sends you a blurry selfie and says this is for his ‘mission’. LOL 😂 You also learn that Harry owns a private jet (but unlike #1 true husbando Jumin Han, Harry doesn’t like using it). During the bedtime phone call, you egg on Harry to say Goodnight to you, but he ignores your request. (T_T) He’s also talking to you while on a treadmill and you can hear his sexy huff huff little noises! uwu.

DAY 5: Harry is unwillingly taken to his private jet. Apparently, Tain Park (Harry’s friend) has forced him to go to this swanky party of their other swanky rich friend, Nathan Jo, who owns a fragrance company. Because Harry is traveling, it’s only Piu Piu and you in the chatroom during wakeup, breakfast, and lunch chat. Dinner and bedtime chat, Harry shows up but barely talks as he’s busy attending their fancy schmancy shindig. He calls you at night and tells you he dislikes parties and is tired from socializing with people at the party.

DAY 6: Harry goes out and meets his friend, Tain Park. Tain owns and runs his own cafe bar. He shows Harry a picture of a rare marble (one that Harry seemingly likes and is lowkey obsessed about). Harry then tells Tain that he wants a part-time job at his bar. Tain agrees right then and there. During a dinner call, Harry tells you that he’s only doing this part-time gig because of the marble and is not sure if he’ll stick with it going forward (for obvious reasons – he doesn’t need to work lol ).

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Comments: During these days, we definitely learned that Harry is part of the elites. He has rich friends with expensive sports cars and private jets, and they all manage their own businesses at a young age. They live a life of luxury. Harry also seems to only work when he wants to and just does whatever he fancies doing at a given moment. Since he’s mega-wealthy, he doesn’t really need to make money to survive. Cheritz is definitely going for the chaebol trope here. Although Harry’s family background has not been revealed to us as of yet, I’m pretty certain this theory is highly likely. He radiates a very Jumin-esque vibe as far as being a chaebol character. But I wouldn’t say he’s akin to Jumin, as both characters are totally different from each other as far as their quiddities are concerned. They are both trust-fund kids though, that’s for sure! Ha!

🚀DAY 7

Rise and shine! Harry sends you an early morning selfie and also sends you a picture of his first meal of the day (carrot salad and carrot juice). During breakfast chat, Piu Piu also sends you a pic of Harry’s delicious half-naked back, standing outside his balcony. Piu Piu reminds him that he’s doing his part-time gig today at Tain’s bar. During dinner chat, we learn (from Piu Piu’s ‘I can see your voice’ feature) that Harry is just sitting like a mannequin at Tain’s bar but is actually doing a good job attracting customers lol. Apparently, he spilled and broke so much stuff earlier, so Tain just made him sit at the bar for aesthetics.haha! He also tried to work on the counter and almost got into a fit with a VIP patron, so Tain had to pull him to the side. He takes a break at the bar’s storage room (cause Tain didn’t want him in the kitchen either lol) and later on finds a piano lying deep in the storage room. During a call, Harry rummages around the piano and pulls something on top of it, which caused some dusty boxes to topple over. You can hear him coughing over the phone. Come bedtime chat and this is where the real DOKI DOKI moment is. Harry tells you that he’s got a new job, and that is to play the paino at the bar. He also calls you right after the chat and……. PLAYS THE PIANO FOR YOU! (screaming, choking, crying, shaking throwing up, aaaaa!) He plays two melodies and lets you choose between the two. I picked the first one, and he said he knew I’d choose that one.

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Comments: OMFG!!! Day 7 is everything! Just for that phone call alone! It’s soooo good everytime Harry does something unexpected. We’re on Day 7 and I am not bored at all. Sure, his chats and phone conversations are quite short but they all had oomph. It’s quite amazing! Gap moe characters are always great, when done right! Also, I’m seeing a lot Tain appearances so I’m thinking he’s going to be a significant side character in Harry’s route. Anyway, I can’t wait for what’s to come next! Harry’s route in its first week is absolutely *chef kiss*.

🚀DAY 8-10

DAY 8: Harry looks for his lost shaving cream in the morning, and Piu Piu sends you a picture of a half-naked Harry standing on the balcony. OML! His mouth-watering abs waiting to be praised in all their glory! hahaha (istg this is thirst bait ya’ll) Later in the day, Harry goes back to Tain’s bar to play the piano. He’s performing live just cause he wants to. During night chat, he lets you pick a mask for him to wear. I picked the Phantom of the Opera Mask option, and he says it’s super plain but wears it anyway and sends you a selfie. On a call after night chat, you tell him how sexy his voice is ….AND…HE…LAUGHED! (or chuckled a little aaa! so cute! uwu) Come bedtime chat, and Harry is still playing the piano, so it’s only you and Piu Piu in the chatroom. Piu Piu tells you some Unknown # is calling Harry’s phone non-stop and urges you to answer it. It seems like this person spamming him calls is his sister, and she wants him to join her for tomorrow’s modeling-type event. Harry comes back to his phone happily and shows you a picture of the marble he got from Tain. The day ends with him calling you to geek about marbles. lol

DAY 9: The next day, Harry tells you he’s scheduled for a shooting tomorrow without his consent, and this was all his sister, Rachel’s doing. You apologized for replying to a text on his behalf, and he tells you it’s A-okay since the event was bound to happen anyway. He describes it as a “family business” so he had no choice but to attend it regardless. Nothing really happens during this day, apart from Harry being busy catching up with his Lego hobby and making a scale model.

DAY 10: Someone walks into Harry’s room. It’s Rachel’s manager, and he has come to forcedly take Harry to the event. While they were having a kerfuffle, the manager guy accidentally broke the scale model Harry built yesterday, and Harry is fuming mad! (His voice actor is amazing for this phone call). Lunchtime, and Piu Piu sends you a picture of Harry getting glammed up for the shoot. We learn that the shoot is for his sister Rachel’s charity event and Harry has to go on a live interview. During the interview, Harry became a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. He’s smiling and acts very pleasant and cordial (omg!). He even cracks up jokes in front of an audience. You and Piu Piu were stunned on the sudden 180. The interviewer tells him that people are speculating he’s the famous mysterious director that wears a horse mask and Harry straight up denies it. Σ(°ロ°) Piu Piu explains that Harry has two personas; one is ‘Harry the horse masked Director’ and the other is just, Harry Choi.

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Comments: Oh man! We’re being spoiled by all these beautiful half naked photos of Harry Choi! Istg Teo could never~! (lol sorry).😜 For real though, HARRY’S ROUTE IS THIRST BAIT! Anyway, I’m so surprised to see Harry’s other persona. It’s the second week of Harry’s route and we get another unexpected revelation. I’m actually quite impressed. Being two-faced is such an overused trope in kdramas but when it’s done right, it clearly makes an impact! 😤 The timing here was just perfect and this reveal kept me wanting for more. I wanna know more about Harry’s family background. I’d be really disappointed if they don’t keep up this momentum because so far, this ride has been really exciting, and I’m having so much fun!

🚀DAY 11

Harry is scheduled to attend Malong Jo (aka Nathan Jo’s) Fragrance Launching Party today. There is an option that lets you reply “I hold a party at my house today, pick one! Where do you wanna go?” and Harry replies back to you, saying if he picks you, it’s going to pressure Piu Piu to update the *address-sharing ban* in the app. He also makes some jealous-ish comments in his private account saying he wonders who you’ve invited to your party, and it bothers him. (≧◡≦) ♡ Later on, Tain arrives to pick up Harry. It appears that Rachel pressured Tain to make sure Harry attends Nathan’s event later. We then find out that Tain is gaga over Harry’s sister and would gladly do anything for her. (Aww) Before leaving, Harry also asks Tain to grab his phone, and Tain was shook by the fact that he cares so much about his phone when he usually doesn’t. (Hehehe…) Tain drives an expensive sports car and Piu Piu comments on how both boys (Harry & Tain) are insanely rich! Lunchtime and Harry is being cute by saying he cares about you and turns on Piu Piu’s voice-to-text feature. We find out that Harry is wearing his horse mask while in the car with Tain. Piu Piu sends two pictures of Harry in his horse mask, one where he was drinking almond milk with a straw. LOL (the pictures look hilarious af). They made it to the party and Nathan greets them both saying they were late. Nathan also comments that he feels something has changed with Harry and asks him why he’s always holding his phone. (Ehehe) ♡ (˘▽˘>) Rachel also suddenly appears and wanted to take pictures with his brother Harry for publicity.

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Comments: I think what works really well with Piu Piu’s new voice-to-text feature is that it tells us a story about what’s going on around Harry in a third person’s POV, instead of Harry narrating it all to us, just like what they did in Teo’s route. Thus, making Teo sound very narcicistic. Anyway, I’ll expound on this later in my overall thoughts below. As far as my impressions on Day 11, I’m really loving the dynamics between Harry and his friends. Tain is just your pathetic hopeless-romantic rich boy having this one sided crush on Rachel, and Nathan seems like a high falutin smug who still cares for his buddies. Harry’s sister on the other hand, she sounds like a total opportunist bitch. I hope I’m wrong about her! But she’s giving me Glam Choi vibes, and I ain’t liking it, one bit! Harry is also slowly changing… and god help me! The man is so adorable as heck when he suddenly becomes a little softie towards you!😩

***Also, for context on the “address-sharing ban”. We learn from Teo’s route, in planet Crotune that we are not allowed to share addresses with our special ssum-one. As to why this is, it still remains a mystery. I also haven’t finished Teo’s route, so who knows if any reason for it was actually revealed in Teo’s story.

🚀DAY 12

Early in the morning, Harry, is having a phone conversation with his Uni professor (the same professor in Teo’s route). Piu Piu relays to you their convo and apparently, the professor mentions to Harry that (quote and quote) “Teo is also participating in the show” (if you’ve played Teo’s route, they are obviously talking about Muse of Musical), and the professor wants Harry to take part in it too. He also mentions that if Harry doesn’t answer by tonight, then he’ll assume he’s agreed with his proposal (sooo…this professor is still as pushy as ever huh?)

After Harry’s phone call, you ask him what Teo is like since you might know who he is, (ofc we know who he is, we just dated him a month ago bwuhaha!) and Harry says its probably just another person with the same name lol. There are lots of options here that’ll let you ask about yo boi Teo, making Harry feel some type of way. Piu Piu brings up the convo with the professor earlier about him fighting with Teo during their uni days, and Harry says they never fought, and Teo just probably lost his temper on his own. During lunchtime, Harry gets an auction notice for a very expensive model scale and gets really excited about it. He challenges Piu Piu to join the auction as well and win to prove that he’s the best AI there is. Harry is also using the ‘big guy’ (aka his bodyguard) to bid for him while he’s on the phone. Dinner time, and Harry becomes extremely serious, and focused on the auction. You wait around 20 minutes and later find out that Piu Piu lost, and Harry wins the bid! He sends you a selfie of him half-smiling and he looks pretty happy. He was in a good mood for the rest of the night, and he finally tells you GOOD NIGHT, for the first time during bedtime chat.

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Comments: It seems that both Harry and Teo like this professor guy. And I’m wondering why. I recalled how much Teo praised this professor during his route. And this time, Harry is sort of defending him how he isn’t really as annoying as he sounds. Clearly, they both respect the dude. So I’m kind of curious now, what’s the deal with this professor? A friend of mine joked that maybe this professor guy is a future love interest, and hey, as a dilf appreciator – I totally dig & welcome the idea!Ha!😳 I also love that we are finally going to see Harry’s POV during the Muse of Musical. I hated the MoM arc in Teo’s route because of how Teo acted and even lost his temper at Harry for giving him the chance to bail out. It’s clear from Harry’s responses regarding Teo that he doesn’t hate him and even has respect for the man, calling him “quite marvelous and always on fire”. My theory about Teo’s one-sided rivalry with Harry since Teo’s route week one has been validated, finally! Harry never felt any kind of animosity towards Teo, it was all in Teo’s head haha. It reminds me of Zen’s one-sided animosity towards Jumin in MM, which is pretty hilarious!

🚀DAY 13

This day starts with Piu Piu telling you that Harry is out jogging in the morning. He, of course got lost on his way back, but luckily the ‘big guy’ is following him.😂 During lunchtime, Piu Piu secretly turns on the voice-to-text feature on Harry’s phone, so you can hear Harry contemplating to himself about his “feelings”. Harry is reading a book about scale, constructions, and blueprints, and he says it’s boring and that he can probably write it better himself lol (tbh, I believe him 100%). He also let something slip out of his mind and say “I wonder what MC is doing right now?” and then was shooketh on the sudden thought about you. A couple of minutes later, he plays the piano at his place, and Piu Piu sends you an audio clip implying the tune Harry was playing. Piu Piu comments that his own composition is as “cold” as he is. Harry, while still playing the piano, thinks of you again and says something about how you’re going to be melodramatic if you ever hear the tune he’s currently playing. (Welp, aaa! Why is he being so cute?! istg! *kicks feet*) He stops himself bewildered on why he’s having all these thoughts about you all day! (screams) There is an outgoing call here that lets you tease him, and tell him you had this feeling he wants to hear your voice, and he profusely denies it! WHAT A TSUN TSUN! OMGGGG

During dinner chat, Harry sends you a cute selfie, and after that calls you saying he’s eating again and he feels weird to be enjoying his meals while talking to you. uwu Come bedtime chat, and Harry is by the pool doing his usual nightly swim. He asks Piu Piu to turn on the voice-to-text feature so he can talk to you while he’s swimming. He also says that he’s never talked to you while he’s in the pool and he wants to change that since you’ve become closer now. (ugh, this man! my heart, I can’t!!) He also sends you a selfie of him in the pool (his nakedness at its finest! YUM) THE CALL THAT HAPPENS AFTER THIS IS SO HOT WTF!

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Comments: AAAAH MY GOD! This is such a fluffy fluffy day! We are eating GOOD, folks! And we are getting fed well! I just love it when a character muses around with their thoughts and acts totally moe about it. (cackles)😂 I’ve also noticed Harry’s answering machine is getting personalized only for you (most of them are unintentionally cute). On another note, a lot of people may disagree on this as well, but I like having Piu Piu in the chatroom. It feels nice to have more people in the chat other than just (MC) you and the LI. It’s why Mystic Messenger worked so well back then. Plus, Piu Piu kind of reminds me of 707 – the way he talks and jokes around is very Luciel Choi! Haha (Anyway, I’ll save my theories about Piu Piu for later!) 🤭

🚀DAY 14

(The music changes, woah!) Harry wakes you up and is giddy for the first time. It looks like he’s excited about a package. The item he won at the auction is finally arriving today! He even went to the hotel lobby to wait for it in person. He kept glancing eagerly at the hotel’s entrance every time he sees a delivery truck outside (lol he’s acting like a kid, it’s hilarious). During breakfast chat, Piu Piu tells you that Harry got scammed! The item from the auction was a miniature copy of the original. This massively upsets him so he tries to do something about it. He calls his shopper and ‘big guy’ his bodyguard, to help him out. Got dressed up, and zooms to the auction place to complain. He even instructed the big guy to ‘look scary’, and not to take off his sunglasses. LMAO! The auction staff explains that there is nothing they can do as they are only the middlemen, so their whole schtick was all for naught (Daaaww). Harry comes home feeling hopeless, and you and Piu Piu try to cheer him up. There’s an outgoing call after dinner chat that you can trigger here called “100 Q&A Questions”. Make sure not to miss this one as it’s super good. During the call Harry suspects you’re going to ask him some personal questions, and you have to answer “Relax, Im only going to ask you just two things.” Pick the silly question about ‘wetting the bed’ as this will make laugh!! uwu

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Comments: I love that he gets so excited about his package! As someone who gets serotonin boosts from receiving merch packages and unboxing them, Harry’s energy here is such a MOOD!😆 I’ve also realized how Harry is just a big himbo sometimes. Like, despite him being a jack of all trades and a stoic genius, sometimes he’ll have this one brain cell moment that’ll massively tickle your funny bone, and it’s so adorable! #gapmoesupremacy 😆

🚀DAY 15-16

DAY 15: Tain’s been calling Harry nonstop in the morning. He tells him that his sister is wasted drunk at his bar and that he should pick her up. Despite Harry not even welcoming any thought of going, he eventually relents after you convince him and tell him to be a little considerate since they’re siblings after all. He arrives at Tain’s bar, and Tain cooks him an omelet. Piu Piu comments that because Harry is so picky with what he eats, there are only a few diners that he considers credible, and Tain’s bar is one of them. You learn from Piu Piu’s voice-to-text feature that Tain is quite anxious to talk to Harry. He offers Harry a drink, but Harry refuses saying he doesn’t feel like drinking atm. Sooner than later, Tain comes clean and tells Harry why he asked for him to come over. He shows Harry the piano in his storage room, which is now completely ruined. It was apparently Rachel’s doing, and Harry, gets really upset. It seems that this piano was very important to him. Feeling distraught, Harry asks Tain to pour him a drink. During bedtime’s chat, Harry apologizes to you for being gone for too long because he had to deal with Tain and Rachel, and you tell him he doesn’t need to apologize. The day ends with the sweetest outgoing phone conversation of Harry waiting for your call and you giving him orders as he plays along. Make sure to pick the choice that says “I want you to dream about me!” because his response was too cute for words! (uwaaaah!)

DAY 16: Harry works out in the treadmill early morning. The call after wakeup chat is so cute! (omg), Harry is a total mess, and he wonders why he called you first. You tease him that you liked the sound of him drinking water and he almost chokes on his drink haha (ughh my heart can’t take this!) During Lunch and Dinner chat, Harry talks to Tain about fixing the grand piano that was thrashed by his sister. He also calls his other friend Malong Jo, and asks him to find a piano tuner. Apparently Malong (aka Nathan) is that one friend who has the most connections in Harry’s friendlist. Malong warns him that this will probably cost him a fortune and Harry doesn’t give two sh*ts lol. Nathan did tell him that he may, in the future, ask Harry a favor in return, and Harry makes a deal with him right then and there. Night time, you ask Harry why fixing the piano was so important to him, and he hesitates but doesn’t answer.(shrug) Another outgoing call of Harry laughing can be unlocked after Dinner chat so be sure not to miss it.

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Comments: Holy cow! Harry is indeed slowly changing and is becoming a big ol softie towards MC!😭😭😭 Harry now laughs with you during phone conversations and tries to play along with your antics. He also now says ‘Good Night’. Fufufufu!😭 He’s still the biggest tsundere though, and would still deny his fondness for MC or rather, tries to avoid talking about it, but no matter what he does, it clearly shows how much he cares for you now (in his own little ways). I still don’t like Rachel, and so far, she has not redeemed herself yet in the story. I do hope she does, and soon!

🚀DAY 17

Lots of interesting stuff happens today so brace yourself! We start the day with Harry waking up early in the morning to go to his University in order to shoot for Muse of Musical. He tells you that he is going to be part of the show as a judge. He also expresses to you how much he dislikes crowded events, so he’s not looking forward to today’s shooting. There’s a choice in the game that makes you ask Harry to send pics of his ankles lmao and he does what you tell him to, nonchalantly! Harry arrives at his Uni and complains about how crowded the campus is. He sends you a selfie of him wearing a horse mask and standing in front of his former school. And Piu Piu follows up with a similar selfie of Harry before he put on the horse mask (his selfie here was gorgeous af!). Harry also tells you that there’s this ghost-looking dude that’s staring at him for a while now. During lunchtime, Harry sends you another selfie of him with Teo in the BG! OMG! He also sends you a picture of the ice cream that he’s eating and tells you it was his lunch for today. Teo is also in the BG of that ice cream pic he sent (this image looked hilarious as hell!) You ask Harry who’s the guy behind him, and he tells you his name is Teo. You tell him you feel like you know this guy and he responds back saying it doesn’t concern him. He also posts in his private account that whoever this person you’re thinking of, if they reminded you of Teo, then they must be really nice. Awww. (Asking about Teo will also unlock a call from Harry being curious about it).

MoM interview with Harry finally starts, and the interviewer talks about ‘tonkatsu’ and assumes Harry loves the said dish (he doesn’t but he plays along because the camera is rolling in front of him). He was forced to eat his entire plate of tonkatsu and Piu Piu comments that Harry is sighing heavily underneath his horse mask lol. Suddenly this random student (that was staring at him earlier) interrupts the interview and yells that Harry is lying since he hated tonkatsu and even refused to eat them when they offered it to him before. This guy also mentions that Teo even offered him the biggest piece of tonkatsu, and he still refused. (lol) Harry replies back saying he wasn’t really hungry at that time and also follows up by saying he remembers that Teo used to offer him lots of things before too. The interviewer butts in and comments that he and Teo must be really close, and Harry says he doesn’t really consider their relationship close enough, so there’s no reason for him to offer Harry food. The ghost-looking student suddenly chose violence and went to grab Harry’s collar and tries to take off Harry’s horse mask! He also exclaimed that it’s because of Harry that he can never make a good piece of work. This guy is apparently salty about how Harry never recruits him as one of his staff/crew. It became suddenly chaotic, so Piu Piu had to cut the connection.

During dinner chat, Harry tells you he’s fine and the dude that tried to attack him is being reprimanded by the professor. He also says he’s very exhausted from everything and wants to go home asap once the shooting ends. Harry tries to sneak out but the MoM staff is chasing after him and invites him over to have dinner together (everything will also be filmed). He tries to run away but the camera man catches him. During the after party Harry slowly pours his alcholol into a secret cup so he doesn’t have to drink it. He left immediately as soon as the director says “Cut”. He calls you right after and you can hear him removing the horse mask. He sounds really exhausted af. Aww.

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: First of all, what is it with this game and feet pics? Hahaha, we get feet pics in Teo’s route, and Harry’s first week contains feet pics on his priv account too. LOL WHY, CHERITZ?? 😂 Also, we finally get to see Harry’s POV about what he thinks of Teo. I know I’ve been a Harry simp since Day 1 of The Ssum, 😂 and yes, Teo grew on me in his route, but I never really understood why he had this one-sided beef with Harry. What did Harry do that pissed him off before? Was he really mad that he gave away his biggest piece of tonkatsu to Harry, and Harry rejected it?😂 To be honest I find it funny how during the confrontation, Harry just nonchalantly answered the ‘attacker’ with the truth – that he simply did not accept the food at that time because he wasn’t hungry. Now that we know Harry’s lifestyle, this all makes a lot of sense. Harry just eats when he’s hungry and never considers eating something he doesn’t like. He wasn’t trying to piss them off, but I guess it rubbed them (including Teo) the wrong way. You can also tell that Harry really respected Teo and even posted in his private account how Teo was super nice. Godd, I know I’m sounding like a Harry apologist now, haha idc! He’s a precious bean and he never did anything wrong!😭

🚀DAY 18

Harry is recuperating from yesterday’s rowdy atmosphere, so Piu Piu chats you up early in the morning while Harry sleeps in. He mentions that Harry’s inbox is getting bombarded by text messages from the folks he spent time with yesterday. Piu Piu wonders why Harry is so popular, even with his stoic, cold attitude. You playfully tell Piu Piu that you’re not interested in Harry, and the AI bird panics at your declaration, then gives Harry an electric shock to wake him up. Harry wakes up startled and then calls you half asleep. LOL. During his call, Harry tells you, you should start taking interest in him (he’s half asleep and makes all these adorable sleeping noises arrgh uhuhuhu istg this man!!) Later in the day he sends you a half nekkid, drool-worthy, panty-dropping selfie of him under the sheets hahaha (JFC HARRY, STAAHP!) (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Few hours have gone by and Harry plays the piano and drinks his expensive whisky. This continues on til dinner time until he gets completely drunk. He gets a little bit sentimental and tells you how he’s been enjoying himself talking to you lately and that he might not be able to handle it if one day you get annoyed by him. (*¯ ³¯*)♡ He sends you his drunken adorable selfie and then calls you right before he completely passes out. This call is so sexy oh my goddd he even tells you to come to bed beside him! (SCREEEAMS) Last but not the least was his phone call after bedtime chat where he just plays the piano for you again and again and started giggling saying he was already asleep, but he thought of you so he hopped into his piano seat so he can play you a tune! He kept playing the piano while he talks to you and asks you if you’re happy… AUUAAAA! (MY GODD HARRY CHOI YOU MTHRFKR (affectionate) YOU JUST HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT, DONT YOU??!! IT’S NOT FREAKIN’ FAIR!!!!)

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: HOOMYGODDDDD THIS DAY IS EVERYTHING! HARRY CHOI PLS HAVE MY BABIES!! SCREAAA–! This is a SWOON-worthy day for MC!🥵🥵🥵 Harry just nonstop teases you with his sexiness IT’S NOT FAIR!!!😩 Not only that but he just does everything CORRECTLY AND PERFECTLY. Geezus, why is this man sooo…..??! *Clears throat*

I like that Harry just loves to stay indoors and that he’s such a BIG introvert and needed a lot of alone time to recuperate after spending an entire day outside socializing with people. I definitely relate to this 100%. Socializing is exhausting as heck, and I’d rather have a glass of wine alone at my peaceful abode than be outside drinking with people. Anyway, Drunk Harry is best Harry! It’s so refreshing to hear him talk to you about his feelings. How he contemplates on his life decisions, and how cute it was for him to admit that you’re in his mind all the time. And MY GODD …. his laugh! ….his sexy laugh. Please! Somebody help me find my asthma pump!!!

🚀DAY 19-20

DAY 19: We are on DAY 19 folks! And Harry is hungover! He said he couldn’t remember what happened last night. (Dawww) Suddenly Big Guy comes in and checks in on Harry. He also tells him today is his house’s maintenance day, and the housekeepers are on their way to tidy up the place. Because of this, Harry takes off on his own and decides to go for a walk. He tells you he only has his credit card with him and shows you a pic of his black card (HOLY SHIZNIT HE’S LOADED AF!!!). He also sends you a selfie after you ask him to take a pic of his neighborhood. While getting lost in his own neighborhood (he’s still bad with directions), he bumps into a realtor, and the guy tries to show Harry some real estate properties. Harry suddenly becomes interested in buying a house, so he went along with him. He shows you a picture of the properties and asks if you like how the place looks. After spending the entire day looking at houses, Harry tries to find his way back home, and Piu Piu helps him with directions lol. Luckily, Big guy tracked him down and took him to his car. On their way home, Piu Piu mentions that Harry looked happy and is making weird moaning sounds (he meant Harry is humming lmao). During bedtime chat, Harry says he’s going to eat and looks around for food. Big Guy offers him some strawberries and Harry happily eats it, Harry also offers a strawberry to Big Guy, and Big Guy is in tears! HAHAHA Harry mentions that the big man was gleefully looking for a jar to put the strawberry in as a memento. 😂😂😂

DAY 20: Harry wakes up pissed and shows you a photo of a wedding invitation. He says his father wants him to attend this wedding party to “represent their family”. Harry absolutely abhors the idea and says He’s not going. However, word has gotten to his personal shopper, and now she’s on her way to pick up Harry, so they can get wedding clothes for him. They both drove to this luxury department store, and the clerk greets them, calling Harry “the VVVIP”. Apparently, they closed the entire store just for him. All the store clerks and Harry’s personal shopper let him try different outfits, and Piu Piu sends you pics of them. Harry also asks you which ensemble you like I picked the first one, and he says he prefers that too. The day ends with Piu Piu suggesting that Harry calls you so he can feel a little better.

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Comments: I wanted to talk about Big Guy and how adorable he is, caring for Harry! #bestbodyguardever 🥺 I love side characters like these as they help build up more nuances and charming overtones to our main love interest, Harry, all the while bringing us genuine comedic scenarios that are just really fun to see. I’m also getting curious about Harry’s family. He’s clearly no ordinary rich boy and I’m wondering if he’s somewhat related to SPOLER ALERT for MM:[Searan and Saeyoung’s family line] On another note, I’ve also unlocked a few other recorded replies from Harry’s voicemail. There’s one where he laughed at the end and it’s so cute!! (screaaa–)

🚀DAY 21

The Wedding Day’s here! And Harry tells you that he’s already on a cruise ship bound for the wedding location. He also mentions the wedding event will take around two days and complains about how he has to socialize with people he doesn’t care about within those days. During breakfast chat, while Harry is talking and mingling with the other guests on the cruise ship, he notices a woman staring at him and asks Piu Piu to look for any information about her because he’s clueless on who she is. After a long painstaking pause, Piu Piu comes back with info and shows you a picture of Harry in this girl’s Outstagram account with the hashtag #Anniversary #DateNight – implying that the woman is Harry’s ex!!! You are shaken by this new piece of information and Piu Piu activates an emergency call between you and Harry. During the call, you confront Harry about meeting his ex and he flat-out brushes it off as if it was nothing. (Tip: Make sure to select the choices that’ll let you confront Harry about his ex, for context). He says, he just met someone who he used to be affiliated with and nothing more. He’s also forgotten about her and only remembered they used to date when the woman approached him and told him who she is. He also doesn’t seem to pick up that you’re jealous and he answers you very coldly and was also being a jerk about it. This went on for the entire day and both of you were feeling uneasy. Bedtime chat’s last call was Harry telling you he feels awkward that he’s reacting strangely to your opinion and that he also feels uncomfortable. He tells you “Good Night” and just left without resolving anything. 😦

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: OMG! Is this supposed to be our first fightBecause I felt it. 🤣(cackles) On a side note, this isn’t the same as the forced fight in Teo’s route that aggravated me so much (due to it coming up out of nowhere). This actually has a believable build-up and has a lot of substance. Also, this time, I made sure to pick the jealous answers for MC to amplify the moment. Ha! With that said, OH NO… I thought this was going to be a smooth ride of just fluffiness with rich horse boi tsun, but I wasn’t expecting this drama to happen, and too early at that.. Firstly, I’m absolutely not fond of the ‘ex-trope’ or the ‘other woman’ trope. Second, Harry is being an insensitive jerk to MC by not even picking up her feelings right away but I guess that is part of his development. Oh man, it’s driving me nuts. Haha

Anyway, for now I leave you all with this cliffhanger, and will be back perhaps next week to continue this review diary! 😁


Three weeks in, and I have some thinkie-thoughts about Harry’s route. I’ll be listing them down below, so I can come back to it once I’ve progressed further into his story and see if the future subplots debunk any of these. 😅 Anyone reading this post, and also playing the game, and have theories on their own, feel free to chime in!

  • Harry is totally chaebol, confirmed! There are lots of hints about this too! On Day 14, his personal shopper was telling the auction staff that they must be aware of who his family is. On Day 19, Big guy also tells Harry they can’t have any negative rumors about him spreading because of his ‘family‘. So who exactly is Harry Choi? Whose son is he? Is he, by any chance related to the infamous twins in MM? Hmmm…
  • The Ssum’s timeline is Pre-Mystic Messenger. Basically what I’m saying is what’s happening right now in the game is before MM MC joins RFA in Mystic Messenger. (Just a wild theory, and I can’t wait for this to be debunked – laughs).😂
  • We’ve already gone past Day 14, and Harry does not confess. So I’m thinking, Harry’s confession day may be around mid-route (Day 50) or the last day of his route (Day 100). It’s so clear that they’re going for the slow-burn romance in Harry’s story, so I’m typically anticipating that his confession day won’t be anytime sooner, or will perhaps be somewhere further into his route’s end.
  • Cheritz teases a third route, and all I can think of right now is Piu Piu? 😳 Okay look, I noticed while I was playing Teo’s route that there were a lot of choices for MC to show interest in Harry. I have receipts (aka screenshots) to prove it! LOL This time around, in Harry’s route, I’ve noticed a lot of choices that let MC side with Piu Piu. ISTG, If this isn’t subtle foreshadowing, then I don’t know what it is. My theory is that Piu Piu isn’t an actual full AI but rather, a program being monitored by a certain hacker/doctor who has eyes for MC. (Uh-oh… I hope I’m wrong though!)


If you’ve played Teo’s route, the system and gameplay pretty much remain the same, save for the added updates, such as being able to switch routes from Teo to Harry. In my case, I didn’t bother switching routes, as I have complete tunnel vision on Harry’s story right now, and I’ve decided to put my energy into time traveling to speed up my progress with him. Time traveling without skipping any chats or days is one hecking stressful process by the way (laughs).

I have recently unlocked the planet Cloudi in the Forbidden Labs section of the game, and it appears that this planet allows you to chat with another random user who possesses the same interests as you. I haven’t tested this feature yet, and I’m not exactly sure if I’m interested enough to try it, unfortunately.

Subscription: I have purchased the three-month rainbow package subscription this time as I don’t think the aurora package is worth it for just a little bit of difference on the added in-game perk. For the localization, it’s looking like it has dramatically improved from what we had with Teo’s. There are still typos and errors though. But they’re not massive like before, or so I think. I’m still on day 21 right now, as we speak. So who knows if I’ll run into more of these errors going forward? I’ve seen a few people getting the 24-hour bug when they started Harry’s route, but in my case, I did not experience any of them. Perhaps I lucked out? Idk.



Woah. I did not expect to write up a storm here. Initially, I only planned to review two weeks of Harry’s route just to test the waters again for this game. Since Teo’s never-ending part-time subplots bored me to death, I was clearly not expecting anything from this comeback. However, Harry’s story just took me back in and now has me in a chokehold. It’s insane how my plans to revisit the game only for a week or two ended up with me hoarding all the time travel tickets I could get.

Art and Music

The game is not by any means perfect. The art and CGs especially were terrible. The only ones that are worthy of praise are all the half-naked pics of Harry aka ‘Harry’s thirst trap CGs’. Harry’s selfies imo are also pretty good-looking, and more importantly, HE HAS A FREAKIN NOSE! Then again, a game’s artwork will always be subjective to a player’s taste. I admit it took me a while to get used to the realistic art style that they incorporated in The Ssum, but I did grow fond of it over time. Harry’s BGMs are also different from Teo’s OST, and I think I prefer his jazzy tunes better? Regardless, the game itself has a solid soundtrack no matter what route you choose.

Game Mechanics & Story so far…

Now for the writing. Which I think was the biggest improvement they’ve made – It’s just so different from Teo’s route. It’s as if Cheritz purposely released Teo’s story as an experimental run, collected feedback from players, and then proceeded into creating their primary prototype; Harry’s Route! (laughs) It just hits differently this time.

If the main complaint before on Teo’s route was the blandness and how tedious each day was with Teo dumping all his personal woes at you, Harry’s route is a complete 180 from that. I’m guessing the main reason why it isn’t so dull anymore is probably because of Piu Piu’s presence in the chatroom. Piu Piu is such an excellent foil for Harry. For one, Harry’s personality is very closed off, to begin with, so these archetypes usually need some sort of antipode to flesh out and enhance their character more. We’ve all complained before about how Teo sounds a lil narcissistic talking to us alone in chat, relaying his day-to-day affairs and issues to us. With three entities in the chatroom this time around – the dynamic certainly changes tremendously. Sometimes chaos is GREAT! The back-and-forths between Harry, Piu Piu, and MC in the chatroom have been really very fun and interesting!

Secondly, Piu Piu’s “I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE” feature has been a phenomenal improvement in giving us players the type of narrative that isn’t two-dimensional. I think what works really well with the voice-to-text feature is that it tells us a story about what’s going on with Harry from a third-person perspective. A stark difference from the one-sided convos we had with Teo who’s mainly telling his story from his own POV.

And the third point I’m going to make on why this game is more enjoyable now, is well…. Harry!
Harry is just a very interesting character. He’s the kind of guy that will drive you mad and impatient because of the mixed signals he gives you. Winning him over is like pulling teeth. However, the whole execution of it all kept me very entertained and kept me wanting more. And honestly, I think this is enough reason why I consider this route worth my spending. Of course this is only my opinion though.

With all this being said, I think it’s worth giving this game another shot for Harry’s route sake. With the 21 in-game days I have experienced so far, I genuinely feel that my money was worth it this time around, which is a little surprising as I didn’t have the same train of thought while I was playing Teo’s route.😆 Also, please bear in mind that I wrote this review in a span of two weeks in total, and you can probably see from my diary logs above how much I’ve enjoyed my gameplay (even the journaling part ha!).

Anyway, I am not here to convince anyone to pick up this game, nor egg on anybody to play The Ssum, asap. So please don’t mistake this as a sponsored post because it’s not. This is simply my creative log of The Ssum, and if you’re still reading at this point, Bestie! Thank you for going through this journey with me! haha!😆 Til’ next time! 


17 thoughts on “The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 3 – Harry’s Route!!

  1. I was waiting for this post!!
    I only read your post through Day 15, since I don’t want spoilers, but at every moment as I read through I was nodding and saying “yep, yep I KNOW RIGHT?!”

    I have mixed feelings about Piu Piu at times. I feel weird about the aggressive tactics it occasionally takes to get Harry’s attention, but I also know it’s necessary for story progression. It absolutely helps with the story though! The one-sided feeling of Teo’s route is alleviated by having the AI (is it though?) bird chiming in and giving us the conversations happening around Harry.

    I’m really hoping the writing stays fun and the story continues to be interesting. Harry’s slow shift into being kinda sorta intrigued by the MC with the first 2 weeks was such a refreshing change from Teo’s dive straight into confession-time, that I am hoping they drag it out a lot more. He’s just adorable!
    ::happy sigh::

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    1. Hey Kas! So glad you’re still playing as well. Are you switching back and forth from Harry to Teo’s route, or just playing Harry’s alone?

      You know, I actually agree with you on that! I’m actually hoping that they drag confession day too because I’m really enjoying the chase and how Harry is giving us mix signals but also witness him be curious about MC. He truly is adorable!

      Im on week 4 right now, and the story’s even getting better and better! You will absolutely love it for sure! *squeeeeals* #harrychoisupremacy


  2. Thank you for updating! I was waiting for any of your follow-up posts on the ssum and Im glad you’re still playing. I knew you said you would love a Harry route in your previous posts and woah its so surprising that Cheritz delivered! I am still on week 1 with Harry and he’s definitely 10x a better love interest than Teo. It is nice to slowly get to know him this way and there is an actual step by step progress in getting him to like us. I just wish the chats are longer because I want to talk to him more!
    Couldn’t help but read through your spoilers on day 17 and wow I’m very excited to reach this day now! OMG I hope there are more Teo appearances in the later days to come!

    Please keep doing this, I’d love to read more of your reactions! haha feels like im fangirling with a close friend 🙂

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    1. Ah thank you! I actually intended to continue my daily logs because I love coming back to read them! haha
      Don’t worry, once you get to week 3, the chats will be relatively longer than the usual, and the calls too! So that’s defo something to look forward! Thanks for reading! 😀


  3. Aaaah, more The Ssum posts! I’m a recovering (but still invested, for better or worse…) Cheritz superfan with no real time nor motivation for mobile games anymore, and it’s no exageration that I live vicariously through those. Thank you for sharing your experience, Chlo! ❤
    It's really nice to hear that they managed to craft content that resonated more with you this time around, and your enthusiasm was really communicative — it was truly seeping through your writing, and I loved to read it!! o/ Appreciate the return of the scrapbook format as always ^^ and the GENEROUS amount of simping was just the cherry on top, haha. :DD
    Your opinion of Harry Choi is so glowing I feel like I might love him too now, lol! In spite of him not necessarily being my fave character type. I've never seen the appeal of chaebol/rich PDG type dudes; with that said, my favourite thing about Jumin Han was him being a huge weirdo, and quite vulnerable, in addition to that trope; and Harry not only seems to similarly be an eccentric, but also very… human? With sides, gripes and fears that are plenty understandable and easy to relate to. (on that matter: as a fellow introvert, I feel you feeling him ^^,)
    Thanks a buch for writing down your theories, as well! Theorizing is definitely part of the fun when it comes to Cheritz games, and I hope your instincts strike true and that we see some of this pan out!
    … Regarding Piu-Piu, I feel like I'd be in the minority here, and there's little chance of this coming true at all, but…. I'd love it if the AI *wasn't* controlled by Seven/anyone else, and was just straight-up an AI available as a romance option. Imagine the angst potential in the hands of Cheritz!! Wouldn't be the first time that they'd make us feel for something that's not human either. (… I'm pretty sure that's mainly *my* own taste for human/robot otoge speaking, though, so please ignore me :DDD)

    Thanks for the great post, in any case! Hope Harry's route still has many wonders in store for you, and that you've been doing well!

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    1. Omg! Your theory about Piu Piu is now making me re-think mine! Hahahaha! I just know that the last route is going to bring us so much angst and I’m teethering (lmao) I cant wait for it!
      …And hello, fellow *recovering* cheritz superfan! 😂

      The theorizing, really is part of their games and that’s what I’ve really loved about them too! They’re just pretty good with dropping subtle hints that’ll make a huge impact in the later future (whether it’d be the next chapter, another route or installments) and I live for these aspects in games LOL

      Thank you so much for reading and appreciating the Harry simping. haha I’m really enjoying his route atm, and hope you do too, whenever you get to it! ❤


  4. I have to agree with you that Harry brings a lot of joy to spend time with. This back and forth of having to FIGHT for his attention absolutely reminds me of why I fell in love with Cheritz’s writing to begin with. In their game Dandelion ~ Wishes brought to you ~ there is also a character that you just constantly have to fight with (and in his case literally, as you hit him over the head with a book). They seem to really excell at making Tsundere boys.

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    1. Yeah! Vying for Harry’s attention was really fun and getting to know him slowly this way really helped in fleshing out his character! Defo agree wit you as well, Cheritz does write tsun characters so well!


  5. Hello Chlo! May i get the Harry picture for day 8? Im searching all over the place but can’t get it 😦 and thank you for your sharing now i know what to do with Harry!


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