The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 4 – Harry’s Confession Day?

Title: The Ssum: Forbidden Lab
Developer: Cheritz
Release Date: August 16, 2022 (NA)
Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS)
Languages: English, Korean
Cover Art by: PECHANKO

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Hello, besties! We are back playing Harry’s Route in The Ssum. And as promised, I am here to continue my daily logs on his route! Harry only gets 100 Days of gameplay, and judging from my personal playthroughs so far – I think I may finish his route by the end of January next year. That is if I am continuously logging in each day, as well as fulfilling my due diligence of time traveling. 

If you are new to this page, or have just recently discovered this blog and want to read more of my daily logs for The Ssum, I’ve added the links for Parts 1, 2, and 3 up at the top of this post. Keep in mind that these logs will have SPOILERS!! So please read and skim with caution. Additionally, if you are new to The Ssum and need some help in navigating through all the features of the game, feel free to join The Ssum’s Discord Server. This server will provide you helpful guides on pretty much anything related to The Ssum – its gameplay, the daily calls, and chats, as well as the game’s Forbidden Labs section.  A really nifty place, especially for new players!


  • December 20 was Harry’s Birthday! If you’ve logged in that day, you get his amazing birthday call and a seasonal CG of Harry wearing his birthday hat in front of his birthday (carrot) cake!
  • Christmas Event – If you log in during December 24-26, you can get Harry and/or Teo’s Christmas call and their BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CGs!


  • The post below contains spoilers for Day 22 to Day 42 of Harry’s Route.
  • Harry’s second planet is called “Burny”. You’ll come in contact with its orbit on Day 30.
  • I’ve been time-traveling a lot to speed up my progress without skipping any chats/days.
  • Chlo’s scrapbooking is still here!😂 Obviously, I love doing this… so make sure to view/click the scrapbook section!
  • Special shoutout to my friends (Grace and Hwa) who’s been tolerating all my Harry fangirl spamming!😂 and of course, the artist PACHENKO, for the cover art above!

“…So much has happened during these three weeks! So buckle up folks! …it’s going to be one helluva ride!”

🚀DAY 22

Harry wakes up dizzy and shaking, so Piu Piu analyzes his ‘blood carrot concentration’. Apparently, he’s having some sort of withdrawal because he’s not eating enough carrots lately. LOL. During breakfast, Harry steps out for a walk outside. He also sends you a few pictures, including a selfie of a handsome-looking Harry wearing a Hawaiian shirt (hngg!). Later on he finds a kitchen, and you suggest asking the staff if they have any carrots. He does as you tell him to and finally, got himself his carrot fix (he sends you this cute picture of him eating a carrot, looking so happy – it’s so adorable hue hue!) Tip: There’s a call that can be triggered here if you pick the choice “Why don’t you sing for them” – This call lets you goad on Harry to sing, and HE DOES HIS LITTLE HUMMING FOR YOU!

Lunchtime, He returns to his cabin and started doodling. He shows his drawings to you, and you ask him if he makes his own storyboard. He replies saying he doesn’t like waiting on someone to do it for him, so he handles it himself. Harry’s sketches looked nice btw.hehehe He calls you after lunch chat, and you give him suggestions on what to draw next. While talking on the phone, Harry started drawing as well and finishes pretty quickly. He tells you his hands work pretty fast, and you tease him a little bit, making him laugh (eeeee! this call is so fluffy! oh-em-gee!) Come nighttime, Harry is out on the deck, drawing. Piu Piu scans the vicinity and snaps a picture of a man and a woman canoodling. You find out that the man is the groom, and the woman he’s with… isn’t the bride! Harry tells you the guy was cheating, and he’s apparently already figured it out. He tells you the situation doesn’t concern him so you should drop the subject. During bedtime chat, the plot thickens as Piu Piu finds another tryst. This time, it’s the bride getting cozy with another man. Harry explains that both the bride and the groom are cheating on each other. Piu Piu says he’s sad about the idea of ‘cheating’ since he’s the AI (bird) of love.

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Comments: First of all, let me gush about Harry! What can’t this man do? He’s a natural athlete, an award-winning director, a pianist, and now an artist?! What the…?! It should be illegal to be this perfect! 😤 No wonder Teo was so insecure about him during his route (sorry Teo!). I mean, to be honest, If I was in Teo’s shoes, I would be too! Secondly, I’m still a little miffed that he’s completely brushed off the “ex-thing” from the previous day. Is he really not going to talk about it at all? Anyway, all the calls today were amazing. I especially liked the one where he was shivering cold and was hurrying back to his cabin.

🚀DAY 23-24

DAY 23: Harry is up early and tells you he couldn’t sleep last night because people were singing loudly and crying. But he feels a little relieved because he’s going back home, finally! The couple broke their engagement off and the entire wedding event was canceled. Piu Piu tries to devise an entertaining mini-game for you where he and Harry re-enact the “scenes” from last night (aka the couple’s argument). It seems that the marriage was only by contract, and Harry calls it a ‘Marriage of Convenience’. During breakfast, all the guests gather in the hall as the couple makes an official announcement regarding calling off their wedding. Suddenly, Piu Piu activates his alarm to signal Harry that his ex is approaching (gasp!). Piu Piu is on edge and activates the voice-to-text feature immediately, so you can witness what’s about to happen. The woman (Harry’s ex) comments how it’s so like him to be on his phone in a situation like this. She also makes snide remarks about how she’s glad she dumped him and tells him to stop pretending that he’s all cool about it. Harry calmly answers her that he’s not pretending and tells her that she need not dwell in the past. Apparently, they only dated because the woman asked him to. After berating Harry with a few jibes about his coldness and that he doesn’t know what love is, the woman then asks if he has ever thought of anyone fondly, and Harry replies that he does think of ‘one’. The woman then asks who it is and if this person knows about how he’s feeling atm. AND HARRY ANSWERS: “She’s probably watching right now”. (AAUUAAAAAGGH! IM SCREAMING OMG) He calls you right after this and tried to make light of the situation. There’s a call that can be triggered after night chat where Harry talks about his friends Tain and Malong. Be sure to pick the choice “I think Malong sounds cuter than Nathan”. This will trigger a priv post where Harry says he doesnt like it when you call others ‘cute’ besides him (implying he’s jealous) uwu.

DAY 24: The day starts with Harry enjoying his carrot breakfast when suddenly Malong busts into his place and kidnaps him (read: forcefully takes him out). Malong reminds him of the deal they made (Day 16), when Harry asked him to find a piano tuner, he made Harry promise to return the favor one day – and now that day has come. They drive off to the countryside, and Malong tells him that they’re going to visit his Grandpa. They arrive at Granpa Malong’s estate, and Piu Piu comments on how beautiful the scenery is. Harry is greeted by Malong’s grandpa, and you can tell how the old man is very fond of Harry more than his actual grandson. Apparently, Malong’s gramps is the sole proprietor of “Malong’s Rice Cakes” (the country’s #1 rice cake). We later find out that Malong brought Harry here because he knows his old man is fond of him, and he was hoping to get his grandpa’s secret recipe through the use of Harry. An argument broke out between the two family members, and Harry was told to stay for the night. Come bedtime chat, and Harry sees Malong sneaking into his grandpa’s chambers. Harry confronts his friend, and Malong tells him that he needed that secret recipe hoping it’ll help his perfume business which is currently in shambles. The night ends with Harry telling you over a phone call that he tried to talk Malong out of it, but he ran away.

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Comments: Alright! So first, let’s talk about Day 23 and that drama with Harry’s ex! Omfg! I may have screamed, kicked my feet, and squealed like a piglet! (cackles) I know this scenario was your typical kdrama-esque cliche scene that’s been overdone countless times but heck! I’m living for it! I guess this is sort of closure from the can of worms they opened during Day 21 (aka Harry’s ex-saga). And I guess, Harry just simply doesn’t care???🤷‍♀️ He said he agreed to date her because she wanted him to, which kinda boggles me because this was not explained properly. Does that mean Harry just agrees to date anyone if they ask him to? That doesn’t make sense at all, given how closed off he is. I also wanted to bring up that when he was confronted by his ex about his current relationship with MC, he said something along the lines of there won’t be an end to this relationship because there’s no love between us.“. I have this foreboding premonition of Harry turning down MC’s feelings in the future because he doesn’t want to end their current dynamic. And oh my gosh I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the angst that’s to come if this scene is ever panning out! As for Day 24, Idk how I feel about Malong yet, but he sounds very desperate enough to pull this tactic off. Hmmm🤔

🚀DAY 25-26

DAY 25: Harry wakes up and finds Malong’s grandpa doing some type of taichi meditation. The old man spots Harry and insists he joins him making rice cakes for the day. Breakfast time and Harry asks for your help since Malong’s grandpa won’t stop talking, and he’s running out of words to say. You tell him you are happy to help him converse, so Piu Piu comes up with an idea to revise the voice-to-text feature and instead will relay MC’s messages by voice to Harry. Harry picks up his earphones, to get ready. (This is such a fun chat btw!) During their conversations, you instruct Harry what to reply to Malong’s grandpa, and he follows it to a T! (it’s so cuuute!) Piu Piu also chimes in by giving Harry instructions on what to do and he follows it as well!😂 After their somewhat sentimental convo, Harry thanks you and tells you he may need your help with this again in the future! (Ugh it’s so refreshing to have this man sincerely thank you haha) Later in the day, Malong continues to search for his grandpa’s secret recipe and fails for the 10000th time. His grandpa scolds him, and he runs away to the forest. Night has fallen, and we see (or rather hear, through Piu Piu) that Harry, Malong’s grandpa, along with the entire villagers in town is searching for Malong in the forest. (It looks like Malong got lost while running away lol). When they finally found him, Malong and his grandpa reconcile, and now both family members are finally cousure. Harry comments that it’s time for him to go home, so he calls Big Guy to pick him up. During bedtime chat, Harry tells you that the secret recipe of Malong’s grandpa was the motto “Do your best for as long as you can”. It wasn’t any kind of special ingredient but rather his motivation and determination to reach success that got him to where he is now. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ He also tells you that Malong’s grandpa gave him hundreds of carrot rice cake boxes to take home as souvenirs.

DAY 26: Early morning, Harry snaps a picture of the carrot rice cake boxes. The pic was blurry so you tell him to send another one. He does, and the next photo he sends you has his foot peeking out, lmao! (Ew, Harry put those dogs out!) He tells you he’s going to eat one carrot rice cake and plans to throw the rest of the boxes away. Big Guy finds out about Harry’s plan – stops him and tells him not to waste food. Big Guy offers to re-cook the rice cakes so Harry can enjoy eating them. Nothing much happens this day apart from Big Guy cooking and Harry observing him.

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Comments: Day 25 was actually, a very fun filler story! We get to see some depth of Malong’s character, and I enjoyed his bickering with Harry and his grandpa. I also loved the back-and-forths between Piu Piu, Harry, and MC here. Especially when they were coaching Harry on what to say to Granpa Malong. That was a really fun convo! As for Day 26, love love love Big Guy so much! Ha! And I feel that Harry loves him too. He’s just being all tsun tsun about it, which makes their dynamic so enjoyable to watch. I also find it amusing how Harry writes his thoughts on his notepad because I legit do this too! 😂😂😂 Idk how common this is for introverts, but I do this all the time, especially when I’m playing games or in a meeting at work. I keep either a pen and a notebook with me or use my phone’s notepad to keep track of my train of thought. 😂 Anyway, both these filler days were entertaining, and I wasn’t bored by them in the slightest.

🚀DAY 27

Muse of Musical forum boards are on fire, and negative rumors about ‘Harry, the infamous horse-masked judge’ are spreading like wildfire. Apparently, someone’s been gossipping terrible accusations about Harry online. The case is trending on the internet to a point that MoM producers have been bombarding Harry with text messages early in the morning asking him to address the issue. Harry is a little irritated that this has gotten out of hand. Piu Piu helps Harry gather more negative articles online. There’s one post that says Harry was the king of lobbying, and that he only got good grades because he bribed his teachers. Surprisingly, Harry doesn’t deny this and explains that it’s true that his professors helped him graduate since he was so lazy with his studies. He adds that his teachers informed him of the cutline requirements for graduation and counted the films he’s released as completions for the courses. So technically, most teachers did him a favor, but he never bribed anyone, and that’s where the story got twisted. Harry tries to act calm, but you can tell this is bothering him. During a lunch phone call, he tells you his frustrations. That he’s tired that there are always rumors following him around every time he does something new. He also tells you that he doesn’t want you to misunderstand and that his only concern right now is what you think about him and that he’s fine as long as you’re looking out for him (Daawww… Harry, you sweet precious boi), He cuts the conversation short because he doesn’t wanna say too much of his feelings. Heh! During the night chat, You and Harry find out (through the help of MoM’s staff) that the person who started the rumors was the ghost-like undergrad student who tried to attack Harry (on Day 17). And Harry discusses with the MoM producers a plan to circumvent the issue from blowing up even further. Come bedtime chat, and Harry asks you if you want him to quit being a judge of MoM. It seems like this whole debacle is really stressing him out. Poor guy! 😥 I picked the choice that implied he should stay as judge, and he seemed to agree with this.

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Comments: Harry is opening up to MC! It’s so nice to see his walls slowly but surely coming down. That said, is it crazy that I had a somewhat similar experience with Harry during my college years? Perhaps this was a common thing in film schools back in the day. But I’ve also been done a few favors by my college professors to help me graduate. I didn’t attend their classes and was too lazy to do their projects, but they let me pass anyway and gave me a separate project to do and counted a few of the stage plays that I’ve organized and worked on (since I majored in technical theater) as my own ‘special’ requirement to pass their electives. It’s so WILD and odd because, unlike Harry, I’m no rich kid,😂 and not as attractive as the popular students lol. So idk what they saw in me, but I guess I lucked out! (or maybe it was out of pity) haha 😂Anyway, sorry for the TMI! 😂 All I’m saying is, I feel for Harry here 100%, and he has every ground to be conflicted, as well as feel resentful toward the person who tried to tarnish his name. 

🚀DAY 28

Harry considers going the legal route against the person who sparked the negative rumors about him. Before he took action on his own, MoM producers have already reported a defamation case on his behalf, and now Harry finds himself at the police station to answer some questions. Piu Piu says he can’t turn on the voice-to-text feature inside the police station, but he’ll be happy to act out and relay info to you regarding what’s happening between Harry and the detective questioning him. PIU PIU, YOU DA MVP!! Later in the day, the ghost-looking undergrad arrives, crying like a b*tch. Harry also says that they’re about to wrap up the case shortly. After all the thorough questioning, Harry was supposed to go home, but the ghost-looking undergrad clings to him and started trauma dumping, saying things like how he’s always been envious of Harry, etc. Harry shrugs him off and warns him to never contact him again or else he’ll see him in court next time. Harry also tells the dude, that he’s going to inform the school about this, so most likely he will not be able to graduate this year either. The guy cusses him out but begs Harry not to do it, but Harry doesn’t relent.

During dinnertime, Harry tells you he’s exhausted, and it’s already dawning on him that MoM airtime is coming up. You ask him if he knows some of the contestants, and he replies he hasn’t checked the files the producers sent him yet, but will send you a pic once he does. After a long pause, Harry comes back to chat, and says “TEO MADE THROUGH!” I picked the answer that says “Oh I already knew about that” and he replies with a “???” (LOL). There’s also a choice (which triggers a phone call) that lets you ask Harry about his history with Teo, and he responds by saying they don’t get along too much, but he seems to have respect for him.

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Comments: I love that we are seeing a LOT of behind-the-scenes in the MoM arc! Who knew Harry underwent these disputes during his run in MoM? I know I’ve expressed disdain regarding this arc in Teo’s route (I’ve ranted a lot about this in Planet Terran too har har!), but seeing Harry’s side of the story for the first time, made me actually appreciate the Muse of Musical subplot in The Ssum. This whole run is very interesting to me now, and I can’t wait to witness more of it. We’ve already seen what the contestants went through during Teo’s route. Now I’m very curious about the judge’s side of things during the show. I wonder if we’ll get to see Zenn as well..🤔

🚀DAY 29

Today, Harry wants to meet MC! Early morning, he asks Piu Piu about any possibility of him meeting you. Piu Piu straight up says NO, but Harry, kept insisting that there must be some sort of way to get rid of the “no address sharing rules”. Piu Piu asks Harry why he wants to meet you all of a sudden, and Harry ignores the question but keeps pushing on the idea of possibly meeting up. He says that perhaps the mission Piu Piu assigned during week one had anything to do with getting rid of the address sharing ban, and immediately sends you a picture of him saying ‘this is for his mission today.’ (Dawww) Harry seemed desperate, so Piu Piu tells him that the mission was an emergency operation to make the both of you communicate. Later in the day, Harry brings up the stuff he remembers about you. (He will recall the answers you gave him during your past previous chats). He then wonders what you were like when you were little, and there’s an option to reply “If u show me a pic first, I’ll show u too lol” – which lets Piu Piu grab Harry’s baby picture and shows it to you! (BB Harry is soo cute auughuhu!) Later in the day, Harry is still on edge and kept showing his interest in you and his eagerness to meet up. He then confesses that he had a dream that his phone was broken and that there was no way to contact you because of that. Hence, he’s acting a little desperate. During dinner time, Malong visits Harry with more rice cakes. They rough around a little bit, and Harry asks you how tall you are. Depending on your answer, (I picked the ‘shorter than you’ option lol) he will post something sweet in his priv account saying he will need to lower his head so he can look into your eyes whenever you meet up. (EEEEEEEE!) The day ends with Harry nagging Piu Piu to update the address sharing feature and Piu Piu says that if we ever meet up, the system will collapse, so Harry asks if this matter can only be solved by the anonymous doctor, and Piu Piu says, yes.

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Comments: Harry finally wants to meet! (SCREAA–) I find it funny how it only took him 29 days to act all desperate on wanting to meet MC, while Teo took around 60 days in his route. Then again, Teo had 200 days’ worth of gameplay while Harry only has 100, so maybe Harry’s was shortened? Idk. In any case, woaaah! I never expected Harry to act all eager & desperate today! I liked that he nagged Piu Piu so much about updating the address-sharing feature (i feel bad for Piu Piu though). 😅 Given Harry’s personality who’s someone that’d do anything to achieve what he wants, I wonder what he plans to do with the anonymous doctor who created Piu Piu and programmed the ‘no-address-sharing’ rule in the app. Anyway, I feel like today was another filler episode. Nothing was really happening other than Harry acting like a total weirdo, and adorably desperate for MC’s sake. And yes, I enjoyed it a lot for obvious reasons! 😏 Day 29 is also the last day we spend orbiting planet Cloudi. 

🚀DAY 30-31

DAY 30: We have reached Harry’s second Planet which is Planet Burny, the planet that’s supposed to give you ‘hope’ in love? The day starts with you and Harry noticing that Piu Piu is not around. Suddenly, a random AI shows up and, started activating some type of recognition software, and Harry tells you that he nagged it yesterday to develop an address-share function, so maybe it got too stressed out. During breakfast chat, Harry tells you he’s getting a tattoo today and sends you a few pictures including some really hot pics of him in leather jacket. (Hnnggg!) Come lunch chat, Harry is getting tatted and wants to turn on the voice-to-text feature, but Piu Piu is still broken. It also sends random questions for you and Harry to answer so it can function properly. While Harry is getting his ink done, he asks you if you have tattoos yourself, and I picked the answer “Yes” (I have a lot irl), which triggers a post from him saying “TATOO COMRADES” in his private account. (Eeeeh Harry, saranghae!) He also shows you a picture of his current tattoos. There’s one behind his right ear that looked like a musical note symbol. Later in the day, you had Piu Piu (or the random AI) turn on the voice-to-text feature and you started conversating with Harry’s tattoo artist. You introduced yourself to her and she says she became friends with Harry while working on the film Blue Moon. She also teases Harry how he’s become soft lately, and it’s probably because of MC (hehehe). She explains that today, Harry is getting a skyline tattoo on his left forearm. She also lets you pick another tattoo for Harry. (The choices were between a moon, a carrot, and a dolphin). I picked the carrot option, and Harry will send you a picture of it later during bedtime chat. (He got it by his right foot – lower leg section). He also says he likes that you picked it for him, and does not regret getting it.

DAY 31: Harry shows you a picture of his new arm tattoo in the morning. There’s an option that lets you ask him where the other tattoo is (the one you picked), and he sends you a picture of his foot in response lmao! (this time with socks). Harry tells you he’s currently flying atm in his private jet. He’s bound to visit a relative’s estate for a family gathering. Harry arrives and mentions that it’s storming. It looks like Piu Piu is also back? And the trusty AI sends you a picture of the mansion Harry is visiting. Harry says the place is very old and so are the people inside lol. He compares the folks in the mansion to peacocks, and you joke about how he’s insulting peacocks (ROFL). Harry also tells you that all of his relatives came for this priced painting this mansion possesses. Everyone, especially Harry’s mom is looking forward to taking ownership of it. Nothing much happens during this day apart from Harry whining to you about how he’s bored and tired of all the fancy schmancy socializing. The day ends with Harry telling you a ghost story in an attempt to scare you. (They did not mention this literally during this day, but for context, Harry is at his grandfather’s manor).

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Comments: I love the new anime emojis in planet Burny. I also like that Harry loves tattoos! As someone who has lots of tattoos irl, I appreciate it when an LI appreciates inks in women’s bodies for once. Also, Harry is now acting like an unofficial boyfie, which feels surreal. He now pays close attention to MC, though he still denies his feelings and gets extremely flustered when you tease him. What an adorable tsundere, and I’m enjoying every second of it! Day 31 was a very slow, uninteresting day, but I enjoyed Harry’s whining at MC about how he hates fancy family gatherings.

🚀DAY 32 – 33

DAY 32: Today, everyone gets ready for the “master of the house” (aka Harry’s grandfather) to choose one lucky relative to inherit his priced painting. His grandpa made quite an entrance at the gathering, and Piu Piu sends you a pic of the outfit he’s wearing. You were shocked to see Harry’s grandpa wearing a plaid kilt, and Harry explains that it’s tartan and only his family wears that pattern. He also tells you that they have a family crest as well. Later in the day, Harry’s mom strikes a deal with him to accept the painting and hand it over to her – in return she’ll let him skip family events for a while. Harry finds the proposal tempting, so he told her to have this contract notarized and for her to contact his lawyer after. (Wow, so this is how they talk among family members! lmao) Eventually, this ‘heirloom contest’ begins and his grandfather tries to ambush (read: surprise) one family member after another with some random questions about the painting, and one by one got them, including Harry’s mom, eliminated for providing the wrong answers. Harry seems to have passed the first round after he tickled his grandpa with his nonchalant but smart response (which he admitted was just random nonsense). The day ends with Harry getting to the final round after showing no interest in the painting and even insulted his grandpa with his cold, brutal, honest answers. The old man finds him sly and shameless but also bold and daring. So in the end, Harry wins their weird-ass family heirloom contest and gets to be the painting’s legatee. Piu Piu tells you that Harry is now carrying the painting like a rolled-up newspaper. ROFL

DAY 33: This day starts with Harry making fun of his twink cousin’s outfit after he tried to disrupt Harry’s peaceful breakfast. The cousin noticed how Harry’s always on his phone and comments that he’s probably got a new girlfriend. He also adds that he kinda liked the previous one because she tagged him along during family events. (╬ Ò﹏Ó) Harry lost his appetite after hearing the subject and says he’ll go for a swim. There is an outgoing call that you can unlock during this chat, which will have Harry ask you if the talk about his ex bothers you. I suggest picking the answer “Of course I’m bothered”, and Harry will explain and reassure you that what’s in his past is already forgotten. He also says he hates that it’s looking like he’s giving an excuse and knows that it’s extremely rude to bring up people he used to date to the conversation. (How he explained this sounded genuinely desperate and I really love this call! Kudos to Harry’s voice actor for doing an amazing job!) Nothing much happens this day besides Harry roaming around the mansion. During lunch chat, he finds a hidden room with some women’s shoes out of nowhere and asks you to pick which one you like. (The choice was between a red and blue stiletto) I picked the red one and he says he likes it too.

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Comments: A tartan kilt? So is Harry Scottish? or of Scottish descent? Anyway, there’s an unlockable outgoing call after lunch chat (Day 32), where you talk to Harry while he’s munching some carrots. And when you ask him where he got the carrot, he tells you he’s convinced a lady from the kitchen to get it for him since the lady adores “shy young masters”. He’ll also re-enact his “shy young master” lines to you if you pick the choice “I wanna know what you told that lady…”. Harry acting all shy is tooo cute! So be sure not to miss it! I thought at first that this whole ‘painting subplot’ was kinda boring until Harry’s grandpa showed up. I thought his grandpa is as much of an oddball as Harry, so I guess we now know where he got his cooky side. lol

As for Day 33, Idk, why they keep bringing Harry’s ex into the story. I absolutely hate it when that happens. Like please, stop insinuating angst through the use of the “other woman trope”. It’s not cute! On another note, I love how Harry reassures you EVERY TIME, how you don’t need to worry or be bothered by this whole ‘ex talk’ because his past no longer concerns him. It was really considerate of him to go the extra mile of explaining this to you (however clumsily in his own way), and I appreciate that he genuinely cares for MC’s feelings.

🚀DAY 34

Today, Harry heads home! Before he actually hopped into his private jet, he roams around the mansion for the last time and sends you random photos (again) – one was with an old painting, and another one, was an antique dress. Piu Piu scans the authenticity of the painting and was shocked that it was painted about a hundred years ago. He also lets you choose which of the two antique dresses you prefer (the selection was between a white one and a red one) I picked the white one (by mistake! lol I should’ve picked the red one because it matches the red shoes I chose yesterday haha! oh well). He also finds a turtle toy lying around and takes it with him. While heading home, Harry sends you a selfie of him inside his private jet, and you ask what the boxes are at his back for. He tells you during a call that they are gifts for ‘someone’ without really specifying anything. Apparently, today is also Harry and his staff’s (Big Guy and his personal shopper) 20th anniversary (we find out about this through Piu Piu screenshotting Harry’s phone with Big Guy’s text message, greeting him a ‘hapi 20th anni’ aawww). Piu Piu also shows Harry’s Muse of Musical profile picture, and Harry tells you it’s actually Big Guy wearing the horse mask since he couldn’t make it to the shooting (LOL). Night time, and Harry surprises everyone (Big Guy and his shopper) with gifts and some gourmet cuisine, that he himself cooked! (woah). Both of his assistants were in tears (Awww. This is so sweet, I cant!) He gives the dress and shoes (you helped picked) to his personalshopper and Big Guy, the turtle toy and a badge. Come Bed time chat, and you act all sulky and playfully jealous how Harry never got you a present. He tells you how can he give you a gift when he can’t even meet you in person. He then shifts the topic to MoM and tells you that Teo is trending online. Make sure to pick the choice “I bet you have fewer fans than teo!” – and Harry will send you a handsome selfie of him smirking and say: “You really think so?” (EEEEEEH dude hit the bullseye with this one, GDI! auughhuhu) He’ll also post something on his priv account about how cute you are acting all grumpy. He then suggests a deal, and says he’s going to name the music he’s working on after YOU. (SCREAAAMS) If this ain’t enough fluff-attack, he will call you after this chat AND PLAYS THE PIANO FOR YOU OUT OF NOWHERE! The (new-ish) melody he plays is the song he’s currently working on. He tells you its not finished yet but he’ll title the song with YOUR NAME. He talks to you about this, all the while playing the piano in the background, and tries to change a few key notes here and there… (AAAAAUUUUUGHHH PLS!! IM DEAD! IM SRSLY DEAD!! WTF HARRY, THAT’S ENOUGH SIR! MY HEART! PLSSS!)

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: OH MY GOD WE ARE GETTING SPOILED ROTTEN BY HARRY’S INCREDIBLE OUT-OF-NOWHERE FLUFFY CALLS!! WTF I can never look at any other LI ever again! How is this man so perfect? It’s not fair ya’ll! Seriously though, that piano call was out of nowhere! I seriously was not expecting it, my god! Haha. Also, this day was pretty nice, actually! What a way to wrap up the ‘painting-inheritance saga’ with Harry showing his fluffy side on how he can be just as sweet to his assistants. I love how tsundere he is to both Big Guy and his shopper, acting all-cold and uninterested but actually showering them with his love through thoughtful gifts and his own cooking. The thing is, he could have just ordered food for them, but the fact that he actually prepared it himself spoke so much about how he truly cares for his staff. It’s so nice! This episode radiates so much bliss, and I felt it. 😌

🚀DAY 35

We start the day with Harry oversleeping so its just you and Piu Piu in the chatroom. Piu Piu analyzes (from the ‘mission’ so far) how Harry has drastically changed lately, and you agree. Piu Piu says that for the very first time, you’re the only person that Harry talks to like this on a regular basis. Piu Piu also gives you hints that you’re INLOVE with HARRY, and tells you that maybe it’s time to tell Harry how you feel.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that Harry finally joins the chatroom. You immediately went in for the kill and tried to confess your feelings to Harry, just as Piu Piu told you to. HOWEVER, HARRY IGNORES YOU! During a call after lunch chat, Harry tells you he’s busy reading some documents for MoM, but he also acknowledges your joke about confessing to him. He tells you to stop fooling around with him and cuts the conversation short.

Dinner chat is where everything went downhill… I’ve jotted down my answers word for word as well as how the rest of the chat went on, below. (I feel like this was by far the best sets of answers that’ll match the actual scenario that happens next, you’re free to use these as guides, if you’re not sure how to proceed with the confession scene below).


*Harry chats first*

MC: “Yes! It’s the perfect time for a confession!”


MC: “I couldn’t say it properly earlier so I am trying again.”

MC: “To tell you the truth, at first i wasn’t sure what kind of a person u are”

Harry replies that there’s no need to know…

MC: “But I wanted to! I was quite curious!”

MC: “It felt so special when you did the tattoo I picked for you”

Harry replies that it’s technically the tattoo artist that did that and not him

MC: “I know you think of me whenever you see ur tattoo”

Harry denies it again and says “Who pays attention to their own body?”

MC: “Now, Im completely sure!”

MC: “That you are in love with me as well!”

Piu Piu whispers to you and pushes you to say “Harry pls be my bf”

MC: “Harry, please be my boyfriend.”

HARRY: “You mean it?”

MC: “I mean it, as I speak.”


MC: (Whispers: “Piu Piu? Whats the look on his face right now?”)

Piu Piu sends you a picture of Harry looking cold and apathetic… 😥

HARRY: “What’s going on all of a sudden why are you telling me this?”

MC: “I am just saying how I feel!”

Harry tells you he’s read everything you said all over again and can tell that you are definitely not joking.

HARRY: “Well. Hmm. I refuse.

MC: “You are kidding right?”

HARRY: “Then just listen till the end. I know that you mean it. Still, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Which is why I’m being honest with you. I don’t want to be with you.

MC: “You mean it?”

HARRY: “Yes.”

Piu Piu butts in, and lashes out to Harry for rejecting your confession. Piu Piu tells Harry to be truthful, and answer properly to you

HARRY: “Okay.”

HARRY: “No thanks.”

HARRY: “I refuse.”

HARRY: “I am being truthful.”

HARRY: “I have nothing left to say.”

He calls you right after this chat.

*During the call, Harry explains that the reason he rejected you is not because he doesn’t like you, but because he doesn’t believe in love. He overthinks and tells you that there will be a point in time where you’ll have these sets of expectations, or you’ll think too much if you’ve done something wrong to the other, or maybe a time will come where you’ll want to say, you want to end the relationship – and he doesn’t want to reach that point. So he’d rather keep the current dynamic now. He cuts the convo short again and says he’s afraid he’ll say something stupid that he’ll regret later and vice versa.

During bedtime chat, Harry tells you that one thing he’s learned from relationships is that there’s always an end to it. So he’d rather not have one. He also adds that he doesn’t want to have your current dynamic ruined by misjudgment. He asks you to just keep things normal and chat with him just like yesterday as if nothing has changed. Be sure to pick the sulky, angry answers just for added momentum to the scene. He tells you, you are free to cry but he doesn’t want you to cry either. The last outgoing call was you expressing your remorse for today, and Harry just apathetically answers with his usual coldness…. 😥

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: OUCH! THIS FREAKIN HURTS LIKE A BITCH! UGHH! I have heard rumors about this rejection scene but I never thought it’d be this intense?! omg. On one hand, I kind of understood Harry’s plight. That he doesn’t want a relationship, he doesn’t want labels, and he refuses to believe in the possibility of falling in love. But also, on the other hand, I kinda wanna punch him in the face too, like bro… you serious? Wdym, you don’t want a relationship? I paid this much for you to love me, …so love me goddammit! lmao. This is so WILD! And I’m honestly enjoying this! (cackles) I want to do a callback on my comments above during Day 24. The part where Harry says this – He brags about not having an end to his relationship with MC, because ‘there is no love to it’. Meaning, he actually sees that having no love in a certain relationship is a definite positive in his book. JFC! What an idiot! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ However, I gotta give it to Harry for not discounting MC’s feelings throughout the entire confession. The man handled it so well and it wasn’t disrespectful to you or anything of the sort! On the positive side, this is definitely the highlight of week 5. I wasn’t expecting this to go down this way, so I tip my hat to Cheritz on this one!

🚀DAY 36-37

DAY 36: Yesterday’s rejection was insanely heartbreaking! Today, Harry chats with you first and says Piu Piu is missing. You bring up yesterday’s rejection. (You get a ‘trivial’ for bringing this up in the convo). If you pick the choice “Do you know what I like” – Harry will remember the stuff you told him during your previous chats. Harry also talks to you as if nothing ‘happened’ previously and says he’s going to meet Tain today. Lunchtime, and Tain takes Harry to a fortune teller. The fortune teller does a few readings on Tain and predicts that he’s in a tight place with his one-sided feelings and guessed right that he hasn’t confessed (to Rachel) yet. The fortune teller also tells Harry that it’s the same for him (LOL). After their reading, Harry urges Tain to just confess and tell Rachel how he really feels and Tain keeps telling Harry that he can’t, out of fear that it’ll ruin their current relationship. Tain tells Harry that he will never understand how he feels so theres no need to explain further, and Harry replies “I kinda do…understand” (OMG YOU JERK!) During bedtime chat, Harry reads you the astrology book Tain gave him. He’ll also read something about your zodiac. (My zodiac is Aries, so he brings up something about what being an arian is).

DAY 37: Piu Piu is still missing, so Harry chats with you first, early in the morning. He says he still has plenty of time before his day starts, and sends you a cute selfie of him in bed. I picked the cold choices for MC’s replies, and Harry wonders why you’ve lost your spirit all of a sudden. He asks why you’ve become ‘more sensitive’ since Piu Piu’s disappearance. (The game is kind of implying that MC is cold to Harry, so I just followed this mood as far as the choices I picked). Harry also tells you that Big Guy is cleaning the house atm and that he’s complaining about how he’s doing the work of the house cleaners. Instead of using the voice-to-text feature (which still functions even without Piu Piu), Harry tries to relay the convo between him and Big Guy on his own. You ask him Y HE DO DAT, and he replies he just wants to tell you by himself, proving that his phone works even without Piu Piu around. Come lunchtime, Harry tries to act like Piu Piu (LOL) He says he’s trying to mimic it because he notices that you’ve been missing Piu Piu quite a lot. (Awww) You continue to give Harry the cold shoulder (You’ll need to pick the ‘cold’ answers for context!) and Harry continues to grow desperate in cheering you up. During an outgoing call after lunch, pick the choice “Just leave me alone. This is annoying…” and Harry gets frustrated and tells you he’s just worried about you and desperately asks what can he do to make you feel better. EEEE I AM INTERNALLY SCREAMING! The day ends with Harry bringing up how he rejected you, and if that has anything to do with your change of mood recently (well, duh). Everything about today is just Harry vying for your attention and trying to make you feel better despite the damage he’s brought to MC’s (your) heart. (laughs)

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: Although both of these days are filler episodes, I love that the game gives you this amount of time to be sulky and angry at Harry for rejecting you. I thought MC’s angry responses brought the best replies on Harry. Obviously, our tsundere LI here does not want to lose MC, so although it’s his fault for unintentionally making us feel miserable, he also tries his best to cheer us up and tries his hardest to maintain this unofficial closeness between you and him. It’s almost like some weird catch-22 relationship dilemma.

🚀DAY 38

Piu Piu shows up in the chatroom! PIU PIU IS BACK! FINALLY! You feel relieved that the AI bird has returned so you act very cheery. Harry seems happy to see Piu Piu as well, though he never admits to it. Piu Piu says he left because he needed some time to think, since ‘your love didn’t seem to bloom’ (referring to the confession on Day 35). He then brings up the topic that he went back to the network nest where he was born and found out that he had a lot of brothers and sisters. He tells you and Harry that before a ‘Piu Piu’s’ birth, these AI softwares are called ‘eggs’ in that realm. And each Piu Piu comes with a unique algorithm to search for true love. You ask Piu Piu where exactly this place is, and he replies, saying it’s some sort of research lab where people in lab coats asked him questions, and took notes of his answers. He also mentions that out of all the eggs, he was the only one who hatched (initially). But after coming back, he saw another Piu Piu that seems to have just recently hatched. He tried to talk to it, and told it about how he met Harry and everything that happened afterward, and surprisingly this other Piu Piu got really upset. Piu Piu adds that it looked like this ‘other Piu Piu’ was programmed to hate humans. Quite the opposite of him, who’s very human-friendly. Piu Piu says that this ‘other Piu Piu’ also flew away, and he wonders where it could have gone. Harry cuts the chat short as he says this is all getting a bit freaky and overwhelming. He calls you later on, and relays to you the continuation of Piu Piu’s story.

So apparently, Piu Piu took an egg with him, explaining that he wants to raise it, so it won’t be like that other rude anti-human Piu Piu he met earlier on. Harry says this is all a nuisance and wants no part of raising this particular AI egg. Nothing happens during night chat and bedtime chat except for Harry trying to cook some eggs and failing miserably. lol

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: Oh my… There’s a PLOT, finally?! I actually had to pause my time traveling just so I can process this day. The whole Piu Piu backstory was getting kind of weird, considering how everything was just cruising on the slice-of-life events surrounding Harry. But I forgot that this is Cheritz we’re talking about here, who’s capable enough to give us some gut-wrenching angsty detour when it comes to their overarching plots. So maybe these events we’re seeing currently, are hints for something bigger in the long run? On another note, could the ‘rude, anti-human Piu Piu be the Piu Piu in Teo’s route?’ – If so, I find this actually amusing since it’s almost intentional that the game purposely swapped Harry and Teo’s AI personalities. Cold and aloof Harry gets the friendly Piu Piu, while the friendly and easy-going Teo gets the rude Piu Piu.

🚀DAY 39-41

Day 39: Today, Piu Piu names the tiny egg he brought with him, Pi-Pi. He talks about parenting to you and Harry and lays out rules for his Parenting Principle. Harry also plants some bean sprouts and makes a total mess outside his terrace. He tells you that big guy will come over tomorrow to help him clean up the mess.

DAY 40: Big guy arrives early at Harry’s place wearing a straw hat. He tells Harry that the hat is to block the sun!😆 LOL. It seems that Big Guy came in prepared since he also brought fertilizers with him. Later in the day, Piu Piu discovers a gardening blog, with a post about experimenting with carrots. The experiment was: two carrots are planted in pots side by side. The blogger notes that they’re going to shower one pot with nice words while the other one with harsh words. Because it’s about ‘carrots’, it catches Harry’s attention. In the mean time, Harry also tries to water the bean sprouts he planted yesterday but ends up drowning their roots instead. Big Guy, upon finding out about the dead bean sprouts, got upset and cried for a bit. He tells Harry he’ll take care of everything from now on. A few moments later, you ask Harry to search for something random on the internet, and Harry grabs a cute pink laptop which happens to be Big Guy’s (lol). We accidentally find out that the gardening blog earlier was actually Big Guy’s blog. And his online persona is called “Strawberry” (kekeke) 😆 Come bedtime chat, Harry tells you he’s exhausted and he’s going to bed early. He tells you his ‘good night’ earlier than expected. After he leaves the chatroom, Piu Piu comes back (activates the ‘whisper’ feature – which is only an exclusive functionality for you), and relays to you that Harry is actually outside talking pleasantly to the plants! (Awww..) He tells them nice things and even plays the piano for them. WHAT A SOFTIE UWU! He calls you after this, and tells you that he did this whole gardening thing because you showed interest in it, Thus, he’s doing this for you. 🥰

DAY 41: Harry is acting weird. He greets you ‘GOOD MORNING’ and is cordial, and pleasant to you. You worry that something’s wrong with him with his sudden attitude shift. Big Guy is also alarmed and tells Harry he’s not acting his usual, so he takes his Young Master by force to the hospital to get checked. LOL. Upon their arrival, Harry is greeted by a slew of physicians asking him about his father. We learn that Harry’s father has been traveling around for volunteer work and that he helps patients who don’t have insurance as much as he could. (So is Harry’s father, a doctor?) Later in the day, Harry goes through a lot of tests, and the last test he has to take is an upper endoscopy, which requires anesthesia. The day ends with you talking to Harry in his hazy state. He tells you all kinds of sweet nothings…and LET ME TELL YOU THIS CALL WAS EVERYTHAAAANG! (SCREAAA–)

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: So does this mean, Harry’s father is a *really famous* doctor? All the physicians seem to LOVE him, so now I am quite curious about his identity. Harry being nice and acting all weird and cordial to you was kind of cute but it felt very jarring to shift from that into the hospital scene all of a sudden. I feel like this was more of a lazy plot device just to move the scenario forward and have you talk to Harry all dazed and sedated like that. Ha! Not that I’m complaining… Lastly, what is it with these feet pics???! Like, I love Harry but please I do not want to see his feet all the time! STOP IT WITH THE FEET PICS!🥴

🚀DAY 42

Harry stayed overnight in the hospital, and today he’s bound to take some psychological aptitude tests. While waiting for his test, Harry plays with his lego and watches TV in his hospital suite room. He tells you he’s bored and sends you a pic of him with the tv in the background. You tell him, the TV is playing MoM ads with him (his horse mask persona) in it. He tells you not to mind it and distracts you by showing what he built in his lego instead. There’s a call after this chat where he asks you why you’re so interested in MoM when there are a lot of reality shows out there. One of the options lets you pick “Because Teo is in it” – I picked that option just to see how he’ll react, and Harry says “Oho, I see…” (love it when his VA does that! *laughs*) He’ll also tell you that none of the contestants stood out to him, Teo included. The rest of the day is just Harry taking his psychological test and his shrink telling him that it looks like he’s seeking someone mentally to rely on (subtly implying at MC).

❀Click to View Scrapbook❀

Comments: Looks like this day is another filler episode. I do like Harry’s psychological evaluation, and it’s cool that the doctor points out to him his perceptions that even he’s not aware of himself (or does he?). On a side note, We are yet again getting a few tidbits about Harry’s father. Why are the doctors so crazy about him? I mean, it’s definitely due to his wealth and how generous he is (as they all made it sound), but I’m curious. Who is Harry’s dad? What role does he play in Harry’s story?

Anyway, this is the END of WEEK 3! Part 4 will be more on Harry’s run in Muse of Musical, which I’m actually very excited about! See you next week!


Oh, man! So much has happened in a matter of three weeks! My brain is firing on all cylinders with all these theories! But first, I’d like to look back on my last previous predictions.

  • (Debunked) Harry’s Confession Day – I said initially, that his confession day, will happen mid-route. This isn’t true. Harry does not confess at all, and perhaps never will until maybe his last chapter (Day 100).
  • (Debunked) As mysterious as he is, Harry’s father is not related to the infamous MM twins. He still makes me curious though. Just who is this dilf? hahaha
  • (New) Teo’s PIU PIU was the rude, anti-human ‘other Piu Piu‘. The reason why he does not show up on Teo’s route is that he hates humans and cannot stand Teo’s personality. However, he’s still equipped with algorithms ‘to find true love’, that’s why he tricked Teo that the app was for a part-time job cause it knows Teo would immediately bite.
  • (New) The egg Piu-Piu is currently nursing (Pi-Pi), will hatch as the next Piu-Piu of the third love interest. This will probably happen after Harry’s 100th day (in-game, so we’re talking around 3 months from now?)
  • (New) Harry and Teo’s timelines are somewhat in sync? The reason for this was because of the picture Harry sent you during Day 34 – bedtime chat, (Teo’s “unlock this character” photo that was posted on the internet). I went back to Teo’s route and checked his Day 34 chats, and what do you know... Teo brings up the exact same picture! I’m also currently at the beginning of Week 7, and there are more evidences for this, but I’ll save the comparisons on my next post!


I think I’ve hit my first bug in The Ssum. It’s basically the one where the game locks you into its login screen without letting you log in. I left it for several hours, and it looked like it was fixed on its own after I restarted my phone. I encountered this error when I switched from Harry’s route to Teo’s. It seems that switching routes also lags the game a lot. 🤷 As for its localization, I’ve gotta admit, there were a few times when the translations seemed off, especially during the “filler” days. Then again, I don’t think it’s as horrendous as the ones we had from Teo’s route (the first few weeks in).

Planet Burny

I haven’t farmed enough ‘Burny frequencies’ to have unlocked this new planet, so I can’t say anything about ‘Burny’ yet. Truth be told, I have not spent any time in the Forbidden Labs section recently. It was a great space for community building when the game first started. But as The Ssum, got more popular, the forums are now more crowded with spam posts (mostly asking for batteries), and it’s frustrating to see these posts overtop the ones that actually have significant content that contributes to the community. I hope someday, Cheritz would develop some type of modding to remove all these spam posts.



Six weeks have passed, and I’m still playing and enjoying Harry’s route in The Ssum. Well, tbh, I am, in fact, having a blast! It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually put so much effort into parsing my thoughts together in theorizing a game, which is pretty much something I’ve always enjoyed. For context, the last game I geeked out in contributing wild theories online was Age of Calamity (LoZ). *laughs* 😅

Week four definitely kicked off with some drama, but it wasn’t until Day 35 that the story got us all shook. Admittedly, that was unexpected. And it’s funny because we’ve probably already seen the [redacted] coming from a mile.😅 Experiencing it first-hand, however, was a different story. And I’m glad I stuck around with this game. I am also sensing an overarching plot being woven slowly into the picture now, and we see a tiny glimpse of it during Day 38.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Harry’s voice actor, Juwan Lim, also voiced the character “Leo” in Love Unholyc? If not, then now you do! You’re welcome. 😘

On the technical aspect of things, I think they’ve also replaced a few old CGs with new improved, polished ones. Take this picture comparison below for example.

My stance on Harry’s route remains unchanged from my previous review. Everything about Harry and his story still kept me enraptured, and I still feel that the content I’m paying for is worth it to this day. That is not to say that this game does not have any flaws worth mentioning. To keep this short and simple, below are my Pros and Cons of the game so far (from my 42days of gameplay):

  • Harry’s Voice Actor Juwan Lim does a phenomenal job of portraying Harry’s character. His semi-baritone voice is just so rich and natural. I have nothing but full praises!
  • Harry’s slice-of-life stories are executed so well that it becomes very engaging to the player.
  • The “chase” MC has to go through with Harry is never boring.
  • Unexpected scenarios and an overarching plot are finally taking shape?
  • Some of the CGs were replaced with polished new ones.
  • The game is still buggy.
  • The Forbidden Labs section is getting bombarded with spammy posts and no modding has been implemented, as of yet.
  • The localization could use some proofreading.
  • Feet pics out of nowhere! 😂
  • The game is unfortunately not “Free-to-play” friendly.
  • The aurora and rainbow packages are still pricey.

I am determined to continue my daily logs for Harry’s route and aim to finish his story before BeniBana comes out for the switch next year.🤣 If you’re still with me at this point, thank you so much for reading and for taking part in this journey with me! I’d love to know what anyone thinks about the game so far, and if you have any theories of your own (about The Ssum), please don’t hesitate to hit up the comments section below!

See you next week/year! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

~Chlo xoxo


15 thoughts on “The Ssum: A Review Diary Part 4 – Harry’s Confession Day?

  1. Woo! I’m excited to read this when I finally catch up to you. 😀
    I had the bug where I was getting 0 calls with Harry for 4-5 days because I have an Android phone. None in, none out. It was horrible! T_T His calls are so integral to his story (and his voice actor is SO GOOD) that I was pretty disappointed. But I couldn’t stop playing his route to wait for the fix… I would have missed his cold shoulder too much!

    I did get the compensation Time Ticket and traveled backward, so I am only on day 20 now, but I’m still (mostly) avoiding spoilers. I did skim your post for the tattoo mention. I had seen it posted about, but since NONE of his pics have any hint of a tattoo yet, I was skeptical. I, for one, love tattoos!

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    1. Ahh thanks for this comment and for reading as well! I highly appreciate it! I hope they’ve fixed the call bug already because mannnn… that blows! Harry’s phone calls are mostly the main highlights of the day so I get how frustrating that is! And yes his VA is just phenomenal omg! Such talent! ❤

      I hope you're catching up, and if you've reached Day 35 already then… *hugs* lol hang in there! So glad you're enjoying this game as much as I am haha Harry really is a refreshing character! 🙂 Also Happy New Year, and thank you sm for the warm wishes! :DDD

      Here's to more Harry simping this year lol!🥂


  2. I’m on day 30 and I’m already feeling nervous for day 35 after reading your post. I don’t mind spoilers because I need to know how I can prepare myself for this heart ache! I already love Harry so much and I don’t think I could even bear it if he shuts me down like that aaaaaah thanks for the warning! love that you typed in your answers too! I will be following those choices myself because I’m a coward to choose answers on my own 😆

    It’s mind blowing to know that the two routes timelines are happening at the same time. Shocking! But really fascinating find! I know the ssum is not too popular and has been looked down by many console-only players. But it’s good that a vet like you is still playing the game and enjoying it. Pls keep it up! I love to read more of your reaction logs and journal! Oh and belated merry Christmas Chlo!

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  3. This has officially become my favourite Christmas series! Thank you for providing, Chlo, these recaps are a joy. ❤

    I actually read this in two instalments, on the day you posted (I think) and today, 'cause I wanted to take the time to look at everything properly, and it was super worth it!
    (Though something might've happened to the Day 23-24 scrapbook part inbetween, though, since the image is broken on my end. I think I caught it the first time, though, and this might just be an issue with this computer…) That one aside, the scrapbooks are still plenty of fun, as is seeing you go full deredere. This might be dumb, but I haven't been quite this enthusiastic about a game -or a book, or anything of the sort…- in a while myself, and seeing you be this smitten and enraptured is somehow pretty motivating, if that makes sense? I'm suddenly finding myself wanting to seek out new media I could love – I wanna feel for a fictional character the way you do for Harry. ^^
    So yep, this was adorable. And as always there were a LOT of interesting things in your post – I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love how you find ways to remain informative even in the middle of sharing your own opinions!

    A couple comments (spoilers for people who haven't read the recap yet):
    *I lol'd at Cheritz taking the idea of Harry liking carrots up to eleven and beyond. That man must be stopped, he's approaching dangerous level of kookiness.:D (or is is an /actual/ horse). This is why they're really the best at writing chaebol types… who cares about a man who's influential, powerful and in control at all times? Yawn. No, give us the weirdos!
    *I think Big Guy is now officially my favourite secondary character, and I will not tolerate slander (re: Harry dissing his plating in one of the scrabooks.:D)
    *Reading you I got the feeling that a lot of things happened in this segment, but… in a way that works, and leads to development? Seems they found a happy medium between empty and breakneck this time around. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on the route's pacing specifically if you feel like getting into it, as imho it's one of the hardest aspects to get right!
    *”Like please, stop insinuating angst through the use of the “other woman trope”. It’s not cute!” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this line in particular. I hate the trope so much, and it's sad how rampant it remains in otome to this day. Especially since Cheritz can and has written female characters who are so much more than that, and then you get Sarah Choi. :(((
    *Harry keeping notes is both cute and way too relatable. Definitely an introvert thing (also I'm not tatooed but him being so happy about MC having tatoos is a great sign and made for a lovely scene, thanks for pointing it out!)
    *Plot! And more theory fodder!! <;)
    * ”But also, on the other hand, I kinda wanna punch him in the face too, like bro… you serious? Wdym, you don’t want a relationship? I paid this much for you to love me, …so love me goddammit! lmao. This is so WILD! And I’m honestly enjoying this! (cackles)“ (and generally everything relating to Harry's rejection).
    YES. 1000% YES, THIS IS CHOICE. <;
    PS: And yay, BeniBara! Have you played it already? Are you looking forward to?
    It's one of the upcoming localized titles I've been the most excited about for /reasons/ (… by which I mean the strong MC and badass opening, and absolutely nothing else, ahem ;^) ) Which means I'll prob buy it on Day 1 and then not play it for months because I'll be afraid of getting through it too fast, whoops. I'll make sure to read your non-spoiler content on it, at least, until I can get back to the rest!!

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    1. The blog ate parts of my comment (I think it didn’t like the heart emojis, but also I get it, it was very long…), so I’m repasting the whole of it here once more, sans emojis. The content that was missing is mainly theorizing and stuff about Harry’s rejection, plus one bit at the end. Sorry about all this, hope this isn’t too troublesome

      This has officially become my favourite Christmas series! Thank you for providing, Chlo, these recaps are a joy!!

      I actually read this in two instalments, on the day you posted (I think) and today, ’cause I wanted to take the time to look at everything properly, and it was super worth it!
      (Though something might’ve happened to the Day 23-24 scrapbook part inbetween, though, since the image is broken on my end. I think I caught it the first time, though, and this might just be an issue with this computer…) That one aside, the scrapbooks are still plenty of fun, as is seeing you go full deredere.
      This might be dumb, but I haven’t been quite this enthusiastic about a game -or a book, or anything of the sort…- in a while myself, and seeing you be this smitten and enraptured is somehow pretty motivating, if that makes sense? I’m suddenly finding myself wanting to seek out new media I could love – I wanna feel for a fictional character the way you do for Harry.

      So yep, this was adorable. Deredere Chlo aside, there were a LOT of interesting things in your post – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love how you find ways to remain informative even in the middle of sharing your own opinions!

      A couple comments (spoilers for people who haven’t read the recap yet):

      I lol’d at Cheritz taking the idea of Harry liking carrots up to eleven and beyond. That man must be stopped, he’s approaching dangerous level of kookiness.:D (or is is an /actual/ horse). This is why they’re really the best at writing chaebol types… who cares about a man who’s influential, powerful and in control at all times? Yawn. No, give us the weirdos!

      – I think Big Guy is now officially my favourite secondary character, and I will not tolerate slander (re: Harry dissing his plating in one of the scrabooks!)

      – Reading you I got the feeling that a lot of things happened in this segment, but… in a way that works, and leads to development? Seems they found a happy medium between empty and breakneck this time around. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on the route’s pacing specifically if you feel like getting into it, as imho it’s one of the hardest aspects to get right!

      – ”Like please, stop insinuating angst through the use of the “other woman trope”. It’s not cute!” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this line in particular. I hate the trope so much, and it’s sad how rampant it remains in otome to this day. Especially since Cheritz can and has written female characters who are so much more than that, and then you get Sarah Choi.

      – Harry keeping notes is both cute and way too relatable. Definitely an introvert thing (also I’m not tatooed but him being so happy about MC having tatoos is a great sign and made for a lovely scene, thanks for pointing it out!)

      – Plot! And more theory fodder!!
      Again, secondhand opinion, but I’m 100% behind both of your Piu-Piu theories (I admit I may have gotten a bit of tunnel vision about Piu-Piu since that discussion we had in the comments of your last recap… I’m now all the more interested in him/what he is, so I was happy that we got more Piu-Piu lore in this one ) I was wondering whether the other Piu-Piu was Teo’s as well while reading…
      I’m also interested about this mysterious ‘doctor’ that seems to be the mind behind the experiment. Here’s my current… not a theory, but a suspicion: I wonder whether /Harry’s father, also a doctor, is somehow involved/… if not directly, that the app’s originator would be a colleague, or something. It’s more believable now that the Choi twins correlation has been debunked, but on the other hand I think it’d be way too obvious to actually end up being true.
      The Days 41 to 42 events are definitely strange, in any case. Did the game end up making clear what Harry was suffering from? Was it physical or psychological? I dunno what kind of checkup would include both an endoscopy AND psychological tests in the same routine, and the latter ones especially seem suspicious to me… (but probably they were just being thourough because he’s a rich boi and I’m reading way too much into things)

      – ”But also, on the other hand, I kinda wanna punch him in the face too, like bro… you serious? Wdym, you don’t want a relationship? I paid this much for you to love me, …so love me goddammit! lmao. This is so WILD! And I’m honestly enjoying this! (cackles)“ (and generally everything relating to Harry’s rejection) . YES. 1000% YES, THIS IS CHOICE.
      This part was honestly brilliant. Not only were your impressions so vivid that I felt like I was the one playing and getting that metaphorical bucket of frozen water dumped in my face, but because goshdangit Cheritz did it again. Nothing better in an otoge than seeing the essential premise (the fact that the LI is bound to love and appreciate the MC) get challenged. Forcing the player to question what they’ve been doing in-game so far, and to what end, is something else, as is the kind of angst it generates …and I’ll admit that I’m kinda living for that sh*t. So yep, I understood your reactions on a visceral level. And I’d like to thank you again: as an angst lover, I felt truly /seen/.

      Still, hope you’re spending the end of the year in the cosiest, fluffiest way possible, and that you’re having fun! Merry belated Christmas and happy holidays in general 🙂 Looking forward to more Harry adventures, as well as all your regular content, in 2023!

      PS: Sorry about this novel (x2)
      PS: And yay, Benibara! Have you played it already? Are you looking forward to?
      It’s one of the upcoming localized titles I’ve been the most excited about for /reasons/… by which I mean the strong MC, and badass opening, and absolutely nothing else, ahem. Which means I’ll prob buy it on Day 1 and then not play it for months because I’ll be afraid of getting through it too fast, whoops. I’ll make sure to read your non-spoiler content on it, at least, until I can get back to the rest!!

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      1. Hello and Happy New Year omg! xD
        Dont worry about the novela reply i loved and enjoyed reading it!
        Yes, yes, and YESSS the angsty rejection scene! Cheritz never fails to deliver in that area! istg! The desire to end up with an LI only for a game to take that away in such a detailed savage manner is so refreshing in otome games and I LOVE IT SM! hahaha
        Big Guy is such a sweet heart to Harry right? and their dynamic is such a comic relief for the game!

        As for Days 41-42. I think it was just a lazy way for the game to transition into the ‘hospital scenes’, that way they can introduce the *mystery* surrounding Harry’s father.😂 Harry doesn’t really have anything going on w/ him, and is perfectly healthy lol – that’s why I felt this whole transition was quite jarring! 😂😂😂 But at least we get the ‘sedated Harry’ phone call so I pretty much forgave them for that. LOL

        I think, overall the route pacing in these three weeks alone works well, because it’s on daily check-in basis, if that makes sense. I don’t really feel that any of the scenes were rushed, in fact, they are somewhat the opposite as they are slow paced sometimes esp. the filler episodes (but not as slow and boring as Teo’s).

        Your theory on Harry’s dad seems very interesting and I’d be seriously shook if he is an acquaintance with Doctor C! Im getting goosebumps just by thinking abt it now haha but also idk why i feel that 707 is messing around in this timeline istg its such a weird intuition, one that I’m hoping we get to debunk soon! Thank you for reading this post as always! Your comments are much appreciated! 😀


  4. I didn’t get into this game until i read your first post on Harry’s route. Been enjoying it a lot. My main criticism is I wish there was more dialog options to validate how Harry feels. His friends and sister seem more interested in taking advantage of Harry for their own events than him.

    While there is spam in the planets I have had no trouble finding good post. (Been living for fan fic planet. Choiakira and Jilly have some good angst.) My problem is all the planets are all to focused on liking posts and instead of commenting on them. Letting also get a few batteries for ads would help the gift for gift spam posts.

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    1. Ah, you’re right I forgot about Canals! I also visit it sometimes to read some awesome fluffy fan fics! Im going to look up the users you’ve recommended and read some of their stuff too! HHH thank you!

      I feel like it gets better as you progress further and Harry opens up to MC more and more! I think Harry’s route is written to be a slow burn romance so we’re only getting crumbs from him during the first few weeks. LOL 😭 Once you get to Day 29 and so on, it’ll get good and even more romantic (methinks) 😀


  5. Thank you for writing these posts ! I been following your Harry diary logs since i saw people talk about it in forbidden labs. I just wanna say that i apprexiate reading your thoughts because they are like exactly my own feelings too! I cant wait for your next post, i hope you will continue writing. Sorry for my bad english!

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  6. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I finally reached day 23! Huge thank you for your amazing walkthroughs. I know I’m a bit late to the The Ssum / Mystic Messenger bandwagon, but im glad i did! I love reading your comments after each of the days it makes me squeels to. Thank youu again !


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