Tears of Themis Limited Time Event – Snowfallen Secrets

Tears of Themis will be launching a series of Limited-Time in-game Event on December 12, 2022. Investigation Tasks will be available for a limited time during the event period, along with other interesting gameplay such as card games. Players can participate in the event to obtain Event-Limited SR cards, Tears of Themis, card enhancement materials, and more!


Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and everything is blanketed in a layer of white. The air may be cold, but a warmer mood follows — romantic melodies flow through the air, the notes dancing and weaving to form a love song unique to a special someone.

On the opening day of the Winter Magic Festival, a post made by a user under the name of “wither” caused a great uproar on the Internet. The prophetic words of that post seemed to have come true later that night, as an accident befell the genius magician performing onstage. The performance then had to stop mid-way, just like how the post predicted. Is this merely a coincidence? Or is it a well-planned trap?


  • Investigate with the other 4 members of NXX and discover the truth behind the accident at Winter Magic Festival. Talking to the persons involved, and discussing the incidents online. At the end of it all, the final mystery will be unraveled.
  • Participate to obtain the Event-Limited Badge “Surprise Performance,” the Event-Limited Name card “Celebration – Snowfallen,” S-Chips, and other rewards.
  • The “House of the Draw” event will also be available, use the tokens earned from “Reasoning” to flip cards over!
  •  Log in daily to receive bountiful rewards!

For more information about this event, you can check out Tears of Themis’s event posts and updates on their official website here or follow Tears of Themis’ official Twitter page.