AMNESIA: Crowd – Ukyo Walkthrough


  • Only the SUSPENSE Route has multiple endings.
  • Make sure you have enough ORION points to do the “ETC.” section. You can obtain ORION points by playing the MINI Games in the “Working” Route or playing the Card Games (TRUMP) in the “ETC.” section.
  • During the Mini Games, you must achieve the rating of either GOOD or EXCELLENT to obtain Orion Points.
  • Ukyo’s 4th CG can be obtained by reading the Mini Event: “A Pro’s Work” which you can get through ORION Points in the “ETC.” section.


-Are you taking a walk, Ukyo?
-Thank you.

PRESS Connection Ukyo

-Today’s recommendation is the chicken.

PRESS Connection Ukyo

-I understand.

PRESS Connection Ukyo

-…You have the wrong person.

-Pulled-Out Drawers

-A grudge-related crime…?

-Books Scattered on the Floor
-Move the books aside

-The culprit possible rides a car

-Knocked-Over Trash Can
-Someone bumped into it?

Create Save File 1 here

-Ask for her to call
-I don’t.

-Check the date
-Pound on the Wall
-Try pulling the door strongly
-Scattered Square Lumber
-Pound on the wall
-Try pulling the door strongly

(Investigation MAP)
-Train Station Front
-Main Street
-Back alley
-The underpass
-Seichi University
-I won’t ever give up
-I won’t ever give up
-Hilly Path

Create Save File 2 here

-I won’t ever give up
-Path to Work

Create Save File 3 here

-In a ruin-like underground parking lot…

Create Save File 4 here

-Tell her
-I’ll leave it up to you, Rika
-I’m happy that you saved me.


Load Save File 1

-Stop Mine


Load Save File 2



Load Save File 3

-In an underground parking lot near my house…


Load Save File 4

-Don’t tell her



(Get ready for some adorable chibis!)

-Sure, I can do support!


-Try Your Best to Serve Customers Alone
-It’s a lot of work.

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) UKYO

***Repeat 4 times and get as many Orion points as possible, each mini game gives you different break time dialogues***

-I would like that.
-Why don’t you drink some hot cocoa?
-Welcome back, Master.
-I wasn’t the one who made it, so.
-It’s not like I want it.




-I’d like to try wearing them

Create Save File 5 here

-Why are you comparing yourself?
-They’re important memories.


Load Save File 5

-…I think it’s fine that you’re different
-I think you’re a bit late to realize that

~END~ (Unlocks CG variation)


***NOTE: The order of the choices here changes every time you reload. Here are some of the choice combos (so far) I’ve picked that increase Ukyo’s love meter.

***Keep in mind, there are two Ukyo’s here, and you will need to clear both their routes to get Ukyo’s completion CG. To make the other Ukyo appear in this route, simply keep on restarting COMMUNICATION, until he shows up.


-What’s your favorite food?
↳ Would he be happy if I made bucket pudding?

-Are you tired?
↳ I want to heal you, so let me know if you’re tired.

-How do I look today?
↳ I’m happy…

-This place is quiet.
↳ I love the quiet time I can spend together with you.

-What did you dream about last night?
↳ I saw a fun dream where I was on a date with you.

-I’m happy to be with you.
↳ Please let me always be by your side.

-Can I hold your hand?
↳ I’m already holding it. I won’t let go, alright?

-You’re looking cool today as usual.
↳ All of you.

-Do you often take walks alone?
↳ Could I go with you from now on?

-What’s wrong, why are you standing still?
↳ I feel it’s precious to me too.

-I feel relaxed when I’m with you.
↳ Let’s increase our happy time even more.



-They have some cute cleaning tools here.
↳ I want to clean with you, so can I buy a set for myself?

-The weather’s nice.
↳ It’s a sunniness that makes you want to do laundry, isn’t it?

-Is there any housework you’re not good with?
↳ Could I come by and help next time?

-I’m happy to be with you.
↳ I want to keep being with you from here on.

-What would you like to do?
↳ Alright. Let’s do all of them then.

-What are you doing tomorrow?
↳ I’d like to help too.

-It’s fun just looking at the products, isn’t it?
↳ Me too. I don’t ever get tired of it.


➤ Etc.
Select ORION
➤ Obtain mini-events.

  • The Mini Event you need to obtain here is titled “A Pro’s Work”. After obtaining this Mini Event, go to: Game Select → WORKING → Skip Prologue → Mini Events (Press R).
  • This mini-event unlocks Ukyo’s 4th CG.
  • Choices here don’t matter.

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  1. Just to let you know, you can get 2 more bad ends in the Suspense route. All you have to do is fail the 2 regular investigations (not the MAP investigation) by clicking the same things and not learning the important things. For the first investigation, you must not click the window and find out the heroine was kidnapped. For the second investigation, you must not make too much noise (i.e., don’t use the lumbar or pound on the wall/door) so that Luka finishes his phone call with Rika and decides to kill heroine despite Rika telling him to leave the heroine alone.

    So a total of 6 bad ends. Poor Ukyo… always having so many bad endings… he is my favourite character so it makes me so sad! 😭

    Anyway, I haven’t finished the game yet so I’m going to go back to that. Thanks again for your walkthroughs and reviews ❤️

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      1. Why doesn’t it give you the option to go to the general store in the communications route? Do I have to complete something else first?


        1. As mentioned in the guide, you have two Ukyo’s in this segment. The regular Ukyo and the “other” Ukyo. Both will have completely dif choices from the other.


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