AMNESIA: Crowd – Toma Walkthrough


  • Only the SUSPENSE Route has multiple endings.
  • Make sure you have enough ORION points to do the “ETC.” section. You can obtain ORION points by playing the MINI Games in the “Working” Route or playing the Card Games (TRUMP) in the “ETC.” section.
  • During the Mini Games, you must achieve the rating of either GOOD or EXCELLENT to obtain Orion Points.
  • Toma’s 5th CG can be obtained by reading the Mini Event: “Put in a Cage and Take Home” which you can get through ORION Points in the “ETC.” section.


-Cardboard Box
-Plastic Box

PRESS ← Connection Toma

-I’ll give you seconds.
-Let’s try going out.
-To Main Street…
-I’m taking a walk as a change of pace.

(Investigation – MAP)
-Train Station Front
-Main Street
-The underpass
-Meido no Hitsuji

Create Save File 1 here

-Try to calm down

PRESS ← Connection Toma

Create an Optional Save File here

-Yell out
-Toma! Help!
-Check around this area
-Check this area more closely
-Check even more closely
-Yell out once more
-Check the door
-Ask Orion for help
-Check inside the storage room


  1. Cardboard box (top center)
  2. Cardboard box (lower center)
  3. Plastic box (right)
  4. Plastic box (far right)
  5. Plastic box (far left)
  6. Cardboard box (top center)

-Yell out once more
-I knew you would come for me.

-Cardboard box (far left)

Create Save File 2 here

-Let’s make a tent
-I heard footsteps
-Could I ask for a little longer?
-Hot pot
-I won’t forget.


Load Save File 1

-I’ll use any means necessary

(No CG)

Load Save File 2

-Let’s make a clothing
-Styrofoam box
-Let’s block the cold air vents
-Plastic Box
-Let’s get inside the boxes!
-Plastic Box
-Let’s get inside the boxes!

(Unlocks CG)

Load Optional Save File (Thank you Sarah for the tip!)

-Return to Main Street
-Call Shin

(No CG)


(Get ready for some adorable chibis!)

-Sure, I can do support!


-Take on Accounting With Toma
-I forgot
-I’ve got this!

***Better grab a calculator, quick!!🤣

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) TOMA

***Repeat 2 times and get as many Orion points as possible, each mini game gives you different break time dialogues***

-I’ll do it!

-Take on Accounting With Toma

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) TOMA

-Take on Accounting With Toma

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) TOMA

-Near the entrance, where people come and go.




***NOTE: The choices here, don’t really matter & will result to the same ending, feel free to deviate your answers from the indicated choices below!

-Yes I’d like to
-Thank you
-We won it from a contest 😂😂😂
-That spot is easy to get off


***NOTE: The order of the choices here changes every time you reload. Here are some of the choice combos (so far) I’ve picked that increases Toma’s love meter.


-I’d like to go to the small animal petting corner.
↳ You mean you want to pick me up?

-What are you doing tomorrow?
↳ It’s fun thinking about what to do tomorrow.

-There’s a dessert only for couples…
↳ If it’s self-professing then it should be easy.

-Are you thirsty?
↳ Then I’ll go with you.

-Oh someone’s wearing mascot ears…
↳ I’d like to put them on together.

-The new attraction looks scary…
↳ I will if you’re with me.

-What did you dream about last night?
↳ So it wasn’t a dream about me as I am now?

-Please smile.
↳ I just love your smile.

-Are you tired?
↳ I can’t help with reports, but rely on me for other things.


➤ Etc.
Select ORION
➤ Obtain mini-events.

  • The Mini Event you need to obtain here is titled “Put in a Cage and Take Home“. After obtaining this Mini Event, go to: Game Select → WORKING → Skip Prologue → Mini Events (Press R).
  • Choices here don’t matter.
  • This Mini Event unlocks Toma’s 5th CG.


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