AMNESIA: Crowd – Kent Walkthrough


  • Only the SUSPENSE Route has multiple endings.
  • Make sure you have enough ORION points to do the “ETC.” section. You can obtain ORION points by playing the MINI Games in the “Working” Route or playing the Card Games (TRUMP) in the “ETC.” section.
  • During the Mini Games, you must achieve the rating of either GOOD or EXCELLENT to obtain Orion Points.
  • Kent’s 5th CG can be obtained by reading the Mini Event: “Look Up at the Orion Constellation” which you can get through ORION Points in the “ETC.” section.


-Have Orion check outside
-Check inside the stall

-Switch for Flushing
-Toilet Paper Case

-Hold your breath and wait
-Is it okay if we talk a little?

PRESS Connection Kent

-I’ll be careful…
-There’s nothing embarrassing to be seen.

PRESS Connection Kent

-I can’t let you go alone

Create Save File 1 here

-Check the street

PRESS Connection Kent
PRESS Connection Kent

-Block the door

-Block the door
-Wooden Boards
-Block the door
-Umbrella Stand
-Don’t create a barricade
-Block the door

Create Save File 2 here

-Call Kent

PRESS Connection Kent

-It wasn’t unpleasant.


Load Save File 1

-Just hurry on through
-I’m at that street right now…

Do not establish Connection


Load Save 2

-Block the door
-Create a barricade



-Sure, I can do support!


-Help Kent in the Kitchen
-I’m having trouble understanding

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) KENT

***Repeat 2 times and get as many Orion points as possible, each mini game gives you different break time dialogues***

-I want to know your prescription strength.

-Help Kent in the Kitchen

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) KENT
-It’s something you eat during summer.
-It’s alright.
-Let’s break down the door.




***NOTE: The choices here, don’t really matter & will result to the same ending, feel free to deviate your answers from the indicated choices below!

-What do you like about my daughter…?
-Could it be, that church’s


***NOTE: The order of the choices here changes every time you reload. Here are some of the choice combos (so far) I’ve picked that increase Kent’s love meter.


-What are you doing tomorrow?
-No matter what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll be thinking of you.

-Are you having fun?
-I can’t be tired being with you.

-Please give me a math problem. 🤪
-It’s fun to solve them.

-Your hair is smooth.
-I’d recommend the shampoo I use.

-You’re very cleanly.
-I feel relaxed when I come to your room.

-Please smile.
-It’s true that smiling makes you feel better.

-You look handsome today as usual.
-Your voice and gaze are so wonderful, I love them.

-What do you like besides math?
-What if I said I have an expected answer…?


➤ Etc.
Select ORION
➤ Obtain mini-events.

  • The Mini Event you need to obtain here is titled “Look Up at the Orion Constellation. After obtaining this Mini Event, go to: Game Select → WORKING → Skip Prologue → Mini Events (Press R).
  • This Mini Event, unlocks Kent’s 5th CG.
  • Choices here don’t matter.

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  1. Just wanted to mention a missing bit in the ‘working’ section for Kent, where he asks you what the appropriate method to use is for some sick family member he has, your answers are either “hold her hand” or “make sure she isn’t lonely”


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