AMNESIA: Crowd – Ikki Walkthrough


  • Only the SUSPENSE Route has multiple endings.
  • Make sure you have enough ORION points to do the “ETC.” section. You can obtain ORION points by playing the MINI Games in the “Working” Route or playing the Card Games (TRUMP) in the “ETC.” section.
  • During the Mini Games, you must achieve the rating of either GOOD or EXCELLENT to obtain Orion Points.
  • Ikki’s 5th CG can be obtained by reading the Mini Event: “Glasses Butler’s Service” which you can get through ORION Points in the “ETC.” section.


-This is exciting, Ikki!


PRESS Connection Ikki

-5 and 6

(Puzzle: 3 Lost Sheep)
-(highlight the devil)
-(click the angel)
-(click the angel again)
-(click the person on left)
-(click the angel)
-(highlight the devil)
-(click the angel)
-(click the person on right)
-(click angel)

-Wait for Ikki to solve his puzzle.
-It was fun to solve. 🤪

(Puzzle: Fake Coin)
**This one is pretty easy, you can solve it with your eyes closed!😋

Method (Example):

  1. Place coins 1,2, and 3 on left scale.
  2. Place coins 8,7, and 6 on right scale.
  3. The scale will read them as “balanced”, narrowing your options to find the fake one to coin #4 and #5. If it tips either to the right or left, repeat steps 1 & 2 (w/ different sets of coins) till you get a balanced scale.
  4. (Assuming the scale is now balanced), repeat steps 1 and 2, but this time replace one of the coins in either the left or right scale to coins #4 or #5 (or whichever coins were left).
  5. If it reads “balanced” (again), the coin that you didn’t pick is the fake one. If it’s not balanced, then the coin you added to the scale is the fake one.

(Puzzle: Wine)
**You can intentionally fail on your first attempt so that Ikki will give you instructions on how to do this puzzle.

-8 liter to 5
-5 liter to 3
-3 liter to 8
-5 liter to 3
-8 liter to 5
-5 liter to 3
-3 liter to 8

Create Save File 1 here

-I think it was “3 Lost Sheep”…
-I’ll stay behind.

Create Save File 2 here

-Search the wall

Create Save File 3 here

-Search the wall
-I’m fine.
-I’m not angry at you.


Load Save File 1

-I think it was “4 Lost Sheep”…


Load Save File 2

-Search the door


Load Save File 3

-Call for help outside



(Get ready for some adorable chibis!)

-Sure, I can do support!


-Have Ikki teach parfait making

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) IKKI

***Repeat 2 times and get as many Orion points as possible, each mini game gives you different break time dialogues***


-Have Ikki teach parfait making

Break Time!
(Enjoy a chat with) IKKI

-Do you have any tips for serving customers?
-Good morning.
-Ikki seems to be avoiding me.
-Yes, I understand.
-I’m sorry for worrying you…




***NOTE: The choices here, don’t really matter & will result to the same ending, feel free to deviate your answers from the indicated choices below!

-I ate brined mackerel for dinner!


***NOTE: The order of the choices here changes every time you reload. Here are some of the choice combos (so far) I’ve picked that increase Ikki’s love meter.


-Are you thirsty?
↳ It’s important that your heart’s watered too

-You look handsome today as usual.
↳ If you get any more handsome it’ll be troubling.

-Are you having fun?
↳ I just thought I’d like you to have even more fun…

-Please take your time and relax.
↳ I’m alone with you, so I’m conscious of it…

-Your hair’s smooth.
↳ Your hair smells nice too, Ikki.

-Are you tired?
↳ Are you pushing yourself, Ikki?

-You seem to be in a good mood.
↳ Because we’re on a date?

-Would you like some coffee?
↳ Huh? Um… M-Master…

-What’s your favorite food?
↳ That’s not a food…!

-How do I look today?
↳ It’s embarrassing, but I’m glad you think that way.

-Would you like some sweets?
↳ Yes. I thought of you while making them.

-The weather’s nice.
↳ I’m happy when our date day is sunny.


➤ Etc.
Select ORION
➤ Obtain mini-events.

  • The Mini Event you need to obtain here is titled “Glasses Butlers’ Service”. After obtaining this Mini Event, go to: Game Select → WORKING → Skip Prologue → Mini Events (Press R).
  • This Mini Event, unlocks Ikki’s 5th CG.
  • Choices here doesn’t matter.

8 thoughts on “AMNESIA: Crowd – Ikki Walkthrough

  1. Apparently I like failing things (usually investigations) to find the bad ends. 😂 I found that you cannot fail the investigation or 3 sheep puzzle, but you can fail the coin and wine puzzles if you do them incorrectly 3 times. The bad ends are very tame though. The coin failure leads to Ikki hanging out with his fan club instead of with the heroine, while the wine puzzle failure ends with a math lecture from Kent! 🤣


  2. Hi, I followed your guide but I can’t seem to get the third last cg for Ikki… Would you happen to remember how you got it?


      1. I did! It’s in Ikki’s Love Route, and the key seems to be the 1st answer. It needs to be ‘…’. I didn’t realise that in my first playthrough, I’d selected the other option. Choosing ‘…’ added new lines to near the end of the route, and the new CG is part of that new conversation.

        Hope this helps!


        1. Thank you, that helped! It looks like it does have to be done exactly as it is in the guide to get all CGs, despite what it says about the answers not mattering.


        2. I’m so happy I read your comment! I was trying to figure it out for ages. Thank you, I’ve managed to get all of Ikki’s CGs now 🙂


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