AMNESIA: Crowd – Amnesia Quiz!


  • Orion’s side story will only unlock after getting a perfect score in the Amnesia Quiz.
  • You will be asked 20 Questions during the Amnesia Quiz.
  • Tip: You can utilize ‘Quick Save’ here, and use it to go back to the questions that you answered wrong.
  • Thanks to contributor, Julia, for helping me fill in the missing Q&A’s below!❤️ 


1. What is the first thing Shin did when you woke up?Kissed you
2. What is Shin’s school year?High school 3rd year
3. Where is the place Shin confessed to you?Music club room
4. Before your amnesia, what did you want Shin to do for you?To hold your hand
5. What is Shin’s favorite drink?Melon soda
6. How long have you and Shin been dating?Three months
7. Aside from finding the culprit, what was Shin’s other objective for going back to Shinano?To bet your memories back
8. What instrument us Shin learning?Bass
9. What is the name of the park that Shin, and Toma and you often played in?Crayfish Park
10. What’s the origin of Crayfish Park’s name?There was a ton of crayfish
11. What genre does Shin dislike?Splatter
12. What was Shin prepared for when he confessed to you?For your relationship until now to break
13. The last things Shin did for you were holding your hand, promising to take you to the zoo, and what else?To say “I love you”
14. When you first met Waka, what did he say was very cute about you?Your bandages
15. What has Rika called Kent before? Huge idiot Kent
16. When Shin was taken away by the police, how many plates did you break at Meido no Hitsuji?7 plates
17. What was the reason Shin didn’t come to save you after you fell of a cliff?To explain the situation to the police
18. When Shin was released from the police, where had Toma been staying?In front of the police station
19. Who oversaw the search for you?Kent
20. When you first went to Shinano, what game did you play as a lodge guest?Table tennis
21. Where was Ukyo standing during the air hockey match?Referee
22. What did Shin borrow from the Owner?Wooden bat
23. After returning from the lodge, what was the reason Waka wasn’t at work?Took time off because he was tired
24. Is Toma a tea drinker of a coffee drinker?Likes coffee
25. Who came to save you first?Toma
26. Where did you and Shin go on a date?Zoo
27. What did you first see at the zoo?Hippo
28. Who originally owned the wedding ring that Shin gave you?Shin’s mom


29. How long were you hospitalized at first?Three days
30. How many siblings does Toma have?He has no siblings
31. Who does Toma live with?He lives alone
32. What is the first thing you saw in Toma’s apartment?An album
33. Does Toma like toast or rice for breakfast?Bread
34. What is the name of the classes that you and Toma were a part of in kindergarten?Toma: giraffe, You: Rabbit
35. What was the reason you began napping a lot in Toma’s apartment?Toma slipping you sleeping pills
36. What use did the cage you were locked in originally have?For large dogs
37. What were you given while locked-up to stave off boredom?1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
38. What had Toma kept close to his heart ever since he was a child?Will always protect you
39. What is the reason you couldn’t check your computer?There was no battery or power cord
40. What was the food and drink combination Toma thought was ridiculous?Rice ball and black tea
41. What is the name of the game you played in Toma’s apartment?Destiny Kingdom
42. What did you do when trying to approach Toma romantically?Gave a handmade sweater and asked him to a movie
43. How long did you spend away from Toma?Three months
44. What did Toma spend the most money on?Cage
45. When Toma and Shin went to the hot springs, why did Shin get upset at Toma?A long bath
46. What was the washing technique that Toma learned while you were confined?Hanging clothes while not focusing his eyes
47. What location did Toma have pictures of you hidden?Between two boards behind the bookshelf


48. Where did you go on your first date with Ikki?Theater
49. What is Meido no Hitsuji’s motto?The customer is the enemy!
50. What did Ikki teach you to make?Maid’s Handmade Parfait
51. What did Shin report to the manager about Ikki?Tried to force a kiss on you, then you slapped him
52. Where is the “usual place” you would meet up with Ikki?The underpass
53. What is Ikki’s unusual condition?Women who make eye contact fall in love with him
54. When does Ikki think that he “actually really dislikes girls”?Women confessing to him when he has a girlfriend
55. What is the club that both you and Ikki are a part of?Billiards Club
56. What is the standard time frame after which Ikki breaks up with someone?3 months
57. What did Ikki say to you when he was playing billiards during the lodge trip?He didn’t say anything in particular
58. What wish did Ikki make on a shooting star when he was young?I wish to be popular with girls
59. What is the reason you were able to say “Don’t be so conceited” to Ikki?Because he overlapped with your father
61. What is your relationship with Sawa?University classmate
62. Where did Mine go before returning to work?Ryukyu
63. Who made up for the trouble caused by Mine when she boycotted work?Shin
64. What was used to refer to the relationship between Ikki and Kent?Rivals
65. How did Ikki and Kent come to know each other?A love triangle
66. What was Kent’s first impression of you?Ordinary
67. What was Orion’s first impression of Rika?Demon lady
68. What is your relationship with Toma?You were step-siblings
69. What is the basic training done at Meido no Hitsuji that you were forced to do?Read Ch. 1 of “A Shop is a Battlefield” aloud
70. Where did Ikki and Rika first meet?Middle school
71. What is Waka’s book collection? Love is War
72. What was Ikki forced to dress up during his high school’s talent show?Women & maid clothing
73. Who does Ikki drink with since you both became a couple?The manager
74. What is Ikki’s definition of what he calls Chinese stir-fry?Bell peppers
75. What was the reason Ikki wanted to be popular with girls when he was younger?Teased by a girl about his name
76. What was the group created after the Mr. Ikki Fan Club?New Mr. Ikki Fan Club
77. What is Ikki’s favorite dish?Simmered chicken and vegetables
78. What action did Ikki take towards your father in order to be recognized by him?Deep bow


79. What is the name of the university Kent goes to?Seichi University
80. What kinds of problems was Kent giving out to Ikki?Math puzzles
81. How did you and Kent meet?Professor for math study session at your university
82. Who was it thank to that you and Kent were able to hold hands?Ikki
83. What was the first present you received from Kent?Handmade math workbook
84. What was the level of math puzzles that Kent gave to you?Elementary-student level
85. What was the reason Kent gifted you a cake?Half-month anniversary
86. What was the reason Kent didn’t show up at the meeting place to go to the fireworks show?He simply forgot
87. What was the reason Kent was flustered when seeing you in a swimsuit?Didn’t want to show you in a swimsuit to other men
88. What was the lie Kent told Sawa and the others so you could regain your memories?A movie being made about your college life
89. What was the name of your dog?Kuro
90. Where is Kent going to study abroad?London
91. How many contacts were in your address book?Over 1000 entries
92. Who does Mine long for?Waka
93. When Mine confessed to Kent, what was the first thing he said?…Ridiculous.
94. Where did you go during the employee event for your work place?Heated pool
95. What was Orion’s reaction after you went to buy swimsuits with Mine and Sawa?“Aaaah… Rabble, rabble”
96. What is the relationship between Shin and Toma?Brothers
97. What laundry did Kent try to do?The whole futon!!
98. What is the first dish you made with Kent?Stewed meat and potatoes
99. What did you give Kent as a birthday present?Store-bought scarf
100. What was written in Kent’s recipe notebook that was unrelated to recipes?How to propose


101. After your amnesia, where was the first place you met Ukyo?In front of Myouga University
102. What is Ukyo’s occupation?Photographer
103. Before your amnesia, where was the first place you met Ukyo?Kobe
104. What was the first photo Ukyo took?The sky
105. What was the first camera Ukyo used?Father’s camera
106. Which number table is Ukyo’s reserved seat at Meido no Hitsuji?Table 8
107. Who originally owned the old house where you met Ukyo?Ukyo’s grandfather
108. How many countries has Ukyo lived in?Over 15 countries
109. What language can Ukyo speak?Japanese only
110. What does the manager do to customers who raise a fuss in Meido no Hitsuji?No one knows
111. Ikki invited you to the fireworks, but where did he invite Rika to?The ocean
112. When you went to the summer evening festival, who went with Kent to the lottery game?Toma
113. When you went to the summer evening festival, who won the target shooting match between Ikki and Shin?Shin
114. During the summer festival’s quick shaved ice-eating contest, what was the reason that Kent was the first to drop out?He dropped his spoon first
115. Who won the summer festival’s quick shaved ice-eating contest?Ukyo
117. What was in Ukyo’s pasta?Habanero sauce
118. How many personalities does Ukyo have?Two
119. What was the reason for Ukyo’s secondary personality to appear again?His main personality is unkempt
120. What is the criteria for Ukyo judging things? Whether it’s life threatening
121. What was the notebook in Ukyo’s room used for?Exchange diary with his other personality


122. What does Orion dislike?Ghosts
123. What is the max distance Orion can be away from you?10 meters
124. What kind of TV shows does Orion like?Meaningless shows
125. What else did Orion say he’s fused with besides you?A dog
127. What is the name if the snack that you bought for NhilMachine Rider snacks
128. Where is the place Orion and Nhil Work?A flower shop
129. What is Orion’s favorite flower?Tulips
130. What is Orion’s favorite tea?Sweet teas like chai
131. What university is Nhil going to?Myouga University
132. What did Orion stop Nhil from doing?Writing a ridiculous name on a document
133. What was Orion’s celebration at Meido no Hitsuji for?Birthday
134. What present did Nhil try to pick out for Orion’s birthday?A wooden sword with “Fate” written on it
135. What is your major and year?Psychology major, freshman
136. What is Waka’s height?Over 190 cm
137. What is Waka’s age?Estimated 29 years old
138. What type of dance did the manager from Heart World teach?Nichibu
139. What is the nickname for the manager in Joker World?The Eastern Assassin
140. What did you learn from the manager in Spade World at the park?Self-defense techniques
141. What is the manager in Spade World’s hobby?Miniature gardens
142. What is the characteristic of the manager in Clover World?Magic tricks and board games

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    1. Hi Julia! Ahh omg bless you for this! I’ll go ahead and add your answers and credit you in the notes section! This saves me so much time! Thank you so much! 🥰


  1. Hello!! I really appreciate all your hard work 😀 I mostly tried playing without using a guide, but your Ikki walkthrough really helped me with the math puzzles LOL
    I just wanted to ask if you knew how to get the last CG (etc. page) in Amnesia Later and the last CG (6th slot etc. page) in Amnesia Crowd? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask >< TYSM!!!


    1. Hello! Have you finished doing the touch voices in the CG collection? I believe you have to do this to unlock the final ‘etc’ CG. I did this after I’ve done each route so that CG automatically unlocked for me.


  2. Hi, im missing 3 cgs in ect. in crowd.
    On the top row from the left the 3rd 5th and 6th.
    As far as i know ive done all routes, all endings, all the touch cgs and cant think where these could be. Thanks!


    1. If you still need this, (and if anyone else does) this is how I did it.

      According to a Japanese guide I used google translate on, to get the third ETC CG, you need to play working (and get excellent on all mini games) like this: Shin (mini game + break)>Ikki(game + break)>Kent(game +break)>Toma(game +break)>Ukyo(game + break) then you get a different ending + CG. If you’ve gotten all the other CGs and done all the still touches, then the last two missing CGs will unlock automatically once you head back to the gallery.

      Hope this helps!


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