Tears of Themis Celebrates Its First Anniversary in July

Tears of Themis, is welcoming its first anniversary on July 29! To celebrate the first anniversary of Stellis city, a gigantic lineup of anniversary-themed new features and events will launch with the server update in July!

This will be the best time for Attorneys to commemorate special memories with their loved ones, as well as to enjoy the fantastic in-game events and gain bountiful rewards. Personal Story Episode 4 will also be available at the same time, starting a brand-new chapter into the future. This new episode will be a blissful tale, built upon all the passion and heartfelt emotion in the story so far. With the bashfulness of adolescence left in the past, a devoted affection can no longer be concealed.

The flagship event “Blissful Fête”

The flagship event “Blissful Fête” starts after the update on July 5, with a myriad of Time-Limited Stellis Celebration Events in tow. Players can visit and explore Stellis city with the four male leads while working closely together! During the event, players will be able to unlock “Celebration Progress” and complete Special Event tasks to obtain a generous amount of rewards, including card upgrade materials, the Limited Anniversary Badge “Times of Our Lives,” and limited Anniversary R cards. The Anniversary Event-Limited Namecard “Celebration -Stellis,” and Invitation Background “Night Beach” can also be earned by accumulating event tokens through active participation.

What to expect in this Event:

  • Festive Games: mini-games where players must team up with or compete against one of the four male leads, to test how well they work as a pair! 
  • Mirage of Blooming Swords: story tasks will come in stages, and players will be able to wander around different districts of Stellis city and solve cases while accompanied by NXX members!
  • Stellis Exploration: this system will be permanently available from now!

Anniversary Event: “Kiss of Fervour”

Aside from in-game activities, the Anniversary “Kiss of Fervour” event, Shadow of Themis will be available for a limited time during the event period! These four Anniversary Event Limited SSR cards will have an increased draw rate: Luke “Under the Milky Way,” Artem “Eternal Yearning,” Vyn “Committed,” and Marius “Expression Through Art.” These cards come with exclusive BGMs, customized card stories, 3D keepsakes, and exquisite Vow Badges… Treasure the enchanting moment of confession forever!

What you can get in this Event:

  • The Anniversary Event Limited SSR cards of four male leads (draw rate will be increased).
  • Exclusive BGMs, customized card stories, 3D keepsakes, and exquisite Vow Badges!


  •  Log in for 10 free draws
  •  1st Buy Bonus Reset and Returner Gifts!
  •  “Azure Vacation” Anniversary Limited Lounge Set (total 13 items)
  • “Kiss of Fervour” Time-Limited Vision items!