Primula Announces their New Visual Novel “Qualia/Δ” with a tentative English and Chinese Language Option

Today, the company Primula, developers of the beloved Otome Game, Taisho x Alice, announced their new Visual Novel “Qualia/Δ”. The game is fully voiced and will be available on the PC platform (Windows 11/10 / 8.1 / 7). It has not been officially confirmed if this title will have an English language option, but their official website currently has an upcoming English and Chinese (Traditional) language option available. This title is also rated for all ages.


(Roughly translated from their official website)

Since the birth of mankind, various civilizations have sprung up everywhere and have gone through several cycles of prosperity and collapse.
People who have become materially and spiritually rich are soon to undergo major social changes.

The story takes place in a small country located in the northern region.
This place is called 星城 “Seijo” (Star City), named after its cool climate throughout the year, and its fine weather. It is also a place where you can see the stars twinkle brightly at night.

In Seijo, the religion called “Aster” is commonly practiced.
Where the idealogy of reincarnation is accustomed, and people still bear the sins of those who disobeyed God in the past. This is why everyone keeps repeating the same mistakes.

Sumire and Shion were unfortunate children who had escaped from being kidnapped and now live on the streets. One day, they happened to meet a boy named “Subaru,” who is the current founder/leader of the Aster cult and is revered as a “god” by his followers.

Subaru reached out his hand to them and said:
“It is fate that we met here.” Will you follow me?”


SUMIRE (CV: Yuki Aoi)

“My world is only master Subaru and Shion”

A beautiful girl with long hair and bright purple eyes.
She sees people’s expressions by their color, except for Shion and Subaru, that’s why she only opens her heart to the two of them.
She is quiet, shy, naive, and pure.
After Subaru found her and Shion, she serves as his companion and brews tea for him.

SHION (CV: Genki Muro)

“It can’t be helped.
Being special is not always a good thing.

A fragile-looking boy with platinum-gold hair and pale blue-violet eyes. He appears calm, gentle, and taciturn. Though in reality, he is strong-willed and extremely talented.
He has been working as a gardener since he was picked up by Subaru.

SUBARU (CV: Seiichiro Yamashita)

“What they want is salvation.”

A boy with jet-black hair and dark blue eyes reminiscent of the stars at night. He is the leader of a religious group “Aster”.
He is a dignified and noble gentleman with a wealth of knowledge but also has an emotional side.

YASHA (CV: Ryohei Kimura)

“No, I have never regretted my actions.”

A doctor who has served the Aster family for generations.
He is a cheerful and sincere gentleman and is trusted by many.


“I don’t want anyone else to decide for me.
I don’t want a world where I can’t be with the person I love.”

Subaru’s older sister.
She has a straightforward personality and one strong temperament, which lands her into trouble sometimes. She prefers to live her life in her own way.


Scenario Writer: Fujimoto/Fujifumi
Character Design: mokoppe
Chibi Character Design: mokumoC
Theme Song: sasakure.UK
Music: Shinichiro Matsumoto (love solfege)
Director: Inugoya Gonta


  • Currently, “Qualia/Δ” has a grayed-out language option for English and Chinese (Traditional) on their official website.
  • The developers have not announced when this game will be released.
  • This title is not advertised as an Otome Game.
  • The writer, Fujifumi tweeted that this game is not an otome game but rather a ‘love triangle romance game’ with the perspectives of three main characters.
  • The majority of the staff (Director, sound design, and writer) are the same staff who worked on the game, Taisho x Alice.

**Will try to update this article once we have more information about this game from the developers, Primula.

For more information about the new visual novel Qualia/Δ, visit the game’s official website here, or follow their official Twitter page.