Otome Game Amnesia Memories + Later x Crowd will be coming to the West this Fall of 2022!

Today during the NGPX online stream event, Idea Factory International announced that Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd, are heading west to Switch console this fall of 2022!

In addition, this game bundle will be getting a beautiful Limited Edition physical release.


  • Collector’s Box with Embossed Sleeve
  • Steel Game Case featuring two game cartridge slots
  • Hardcover Art Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • 15 Bromide Card Set
  • Trading Card


A story that takes place in a fictional world…
It was the 1st of August.

That morning, when she awoke, the heroine found herself without any memories from before August 1st…… Everything, from the sort of life she lived, to the relationships she had, was a blank……

A young boy named Orion appeared in front of her, referring to himself as a “spirit.” Under Orion’s guidance, the heroine began the struggle to regain her memories. She searched her house for clues about her everyday life, and received a message on her phone…

What was displayed on the screen was an unknown name to her.

Now, she is asked to meet with him, a boyfriend whose name and face she doesn’t know. In a position where who to trust is uncertain, the heroine must move in a way that her memory loss remains undetected by her partner. Because of this, the story becomes tangled in complex ways.

With no memories of “him,” our heroine will write a new love story starting today…..


  • Paths of Love – Select one of five guys as your love interest, each with multiple branching story paths. Each choice creates a distinct world where characters assume different roles, allowing for 20+ endings!
  • Show Your Affection – Parameters affect your relationship with your future love. Keep track of your relationship here and make sure you’re not headed to a bad ending!
  • Love of the Game – Play mini-games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Air Hockey against other characters.
  • Love is Worth A Thousand Words – Unlock voiced images in the Gallery. Touching certain areas of the image will play dialogue of feelings that couldn’t be previously expressed.


A companion to Amnesia: Memories, Later x Crowd features a multitude of different story scenarios, as well as new mini-games. Deepen your relationship with the main characters and sub-characters of Amnesia: Memories and see what sparks!


  • Amnesia: Later – Beginning with the enchanting storyline in NEW WORLD, you can unlock four different story scenarios, ranging from a study of the many sides of Waka in WAKA’S WORLD to AFTER STORY, which takes place after the events of Amnesia: Memories. Depending on the routes unlocked in AFTER STORY, you may even hear wedding bells…
  • Amnesia: Crowd – Enjoy even more story scenarios, like the thrilling what-if story of SUSPENSE, where you must interact with your environment to escape danger in each route. Plus, play a variety of café mini-games in WORKING or card games in TRUMP, earning Orion Points to unlock events.


  • TitleAmnesia™: Memories, Amnesia™: Later x Crowd
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch™
  • Release Date: Fall 2022
  • Release format: Nintendo Switch – Physical, Digital
  • Developer: Idea Factory/Design Factory
  • Publisher: Idea Factory International
  • Genre: Otome Visual Novel
  • Player(s): 1
  • Voiceover option(s): Japanese
  • NSW Language Format (Subtitles) – English
  • Amnesia: Memories – ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: T/12/16/R18+
  • Amnesia: Later x Crowd – ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: TBA


You can purchase Amnesia Memories and Amnesia Later x Crowd’s regular edition separately or purchase them together in the Limited Edition bundle. You can pre-order/wishlist the game below:

-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition

To learn more about Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd, visit Idea Factory International website here.


11 thoughts on “Otome Game Amnesia Memories + Later x Crowd will be coming to the West this Fall of 2022!

  1. *screams excitedly and with much energy* yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss \lol/ ❤

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  2. Does this mean this is the mystery title that Idea Factory had planned to release!? I’m so excited for this! (Even though my heart was hoping for a Hakouki localization on the switch 😅)

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  3. OMFG??? i was not expecting amnesia to ever come to switch in eng let alone the fan disc?! im sooo happy rn omg!!!! this is such great news for the whole otome community (ik so many ppl have been waiting for this!)

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  4. This is WILD. I remember your 2021 Localisation Survey Result Posts from about a year ago, and commenting about the FDs having next to no chance of being localized. So very, very glad to have been wrong.
    (Thanks for relaying the good news, as always. ❤ I've haven't been able to check on here much lately, but I do hope that I can catch up some in the future. Pretty sure I've missed on some great posts. Hope you've been doing all right, as well!)

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  5. I think I’m gonna faint omg. I’ve been waiting for amnesia later x crowd to be localized for so long! This made my day, I’m so happy I have to go tell all my friends🥰🥰🥰

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  6. So this is the mystery title huh? I was kinda hoping for ERROR;Salvatoin but this is good too! Nice that more of this series is being localized, and with a beautiful limited edition too!

    And speaking of that 2021 Localization Survey, I was curious if you were ever going to do another one? Seeing as though it seems like most of the new otomes being announced between then and now were some of the ones that were voted for the most, maybe it helped at least a little bit?

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  7. Hii! This is very exciting! I’ve never experienced any of the Amnesia games but I can’t wait.

    Sorry if this is silly, but is this the first game and then two fan discs? I’m a bit confused on the chronology of all the Amnesia games and their namings…

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    1. “Sorry if this is silly, but is this the first game and then two fan discs?”
      The first Amnesia game was released in the West under the name Amnesia: Memories in… 2015-ish? for the PC. That’s the first Switch game they announced, and should be a straight port (JP already has PSP, Vita and Switch editions). The second game announced, Later x Crowd, is indeed a collection containing two fandiscs. IIrc, those two games have had individual (JP-only) PSP releases, but subsequent Vita and Switch reissues have had them bundled. That’s the first time /this/ content ever gets localized into English, hence the hype!!
      The series has another fandisc, Amnesia World, which has the cast romp around in parallel worlds. I hope reception for Later x Crowd is good enough that we see a translation for it too, but Later x Crowd are more relevant to the main game’s plot, as far as I know!
      (Also, that wasn’t a silly question at all, and as a fan, I hope you have a wonderful time with the series <3)

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  8. This was the first official otome game I ever played aside from phone games! I can’t wait to give Ukyo a happy ending again 😭

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