INDIE CORNER: Support “Apocalyptic Dream” a Horror Otome Visual Novel in Kickstarter

A girl cursed with premonition learns before the rest of the world that an impending zombie outbreak is near. She is able to narrowly gather up a group of friends, and her twin brother, before disaster hits.

Apocalyptic Dream or ApoYume is driven by the ability to play from the POV of twins – each twin has a unique experience and lease on life, as they have drastically different personalities and ways they process their emotions.

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INDIE CORNER: Yaoi Visual Novel ‘Night and Day’ Demo is out!


Night and Day is a Yaoi Visual Novel set in Paris in 1950, and it’s a story about art, coming of age, and jazz music. The demo is available on Steam (Windows version only) and itchio (Win, Linux and Mac). Continue reading “INDIE CORNER: Yaoi Visual Novel ‘Night and Day’ Demo is out!”

Red Embrace: Hollywood (Visual Novel Review)



Red Embrace Hollywood, is Argent Games’ recent vampire-themed visual novel that was released back in August of this year. It’s merely a self-insert visual novel, where the game puts you (the protagonist) in the heart of the story as a newly turned Vampire, in Los Angeles.

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WILL: A Wonderful World Review (Nintendo Switch)

(Non-Otome Game Review) Visual Novel


WILL: A WONDERFUL WORLD is a narrative game with a twist, packed with unique puzzles and an incredible cast. This visual novel is developed by WMY Studio and published by Circle Ent. & PM Studios.

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