TOP 5 Visual Novels To Play this Halloween on the Switch

Hey, kittens! It’s officially Halloween Season! It’s that time of the year where candy corns and pumpkin spice lattes grow prevalent and your neighbors compete on having the best Halloween-decorated yard (laughs). As an avid Halloween-loving-creature, I normally celebrate this season by binge-watching my favorite horror and thriller movies of all time (looks at my dusty Nosferatu DVD) as well as, play a favorite horror-themed VN or two, with some hard or sweet liquor depending on my mood (cackles).

If you’re the same and are looking for some quality horror-themed visual novels to play this season. Look no further as I’ll be sharing with you all my Top Five favorite VNs that I would readily vouch for and suggest you play this Halloween. Check out my video below!

This video will also include a mini-review from yours truly as well as my personal ratings and recommendations. ( ´ ▽ ` ) If you’re feeling up for it, I suggest playing these games with some Baileys chocolat’ or some chardonnay if the mood permits it! 😉🥂 Happiest Halloween!


6 thoughts on “TOP 5 Visual Novels To Play this Halloween on the Switch

  1. I have played all of your top 4 and I definitely agree enough with your rating. I squealed when you revealed FataMoru as your top 1! Fata Morgana is such a gem, and I cannot recommend it enough to people who would like to play other visual novels apart from otome games ❤

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    1. Aahh, I feel so elated when someone else praises FataMoru! Totes agree!^^ definitely one of the best VNs ever! tysm for watching the vid! ❤


  2. Thanks for this list. I’m planning on playing all the games you recommended. I started with raging loop and I’m really enjoying it! Definitely all the games you listed are games I would have never even heard of without your video. Appreciate it! ☺️

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    1. thanks for watching the vid!!😊💕 So glad you’re enjoying raging loop as we speak! 👀 If you’re having a blast with it so far, I’m sure you’ll love the others on the list as well! Happy gaming!🎮


    1. Omg!❤ Im so glad you loved and enjoyed FataMoru too!❤ It’s honestly one of the best VNs I’ve played, and you’re right, it’s almost a crime how there isn’t so much hype around it!💔 😭


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