Cupid Parasite – Secret Route Walkthrough


  • You need to complete ALL FIVE previous routes to unlock the Secret Route of Cupid Parasite.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the Common Route Ending “Parasite Workshop”, please check out the previous guides and follow the instructions on how to unlock this ending.
  • Some chapter titles below, may contain spoilers, so please read with caution!
  • There aren’t really any choices in this route other than the first one at the beginning, so just sit back, relax and let the finale unfold!


Play “Secret Character” Route?


Click to view Titles
  • The Beginning of Everything
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Chii’s Big Secret
  • The Secret Cupcake Incident
  • Actual Cupid Incidents
  • My Internship and Him
  • A Quirk of Fate
  • First Kiss, New Love?
  • Cupid, the Most Talented Advisor
  • The Annoying Parasite 6
  • God’s Measure of Love
  • A Sensitive Parasite
  • Jupiter and the Stone’s Identity
  • The Sensitive Parasite Is Serious?/li>
  • Parasite 5 Ensemble
  • The Love of Parasite 6
  • Beginning of a New Myth
  • FINALE END: “Cupid Parasite”

    5 thoughts on “Cupid Parasite – Secret Route Walkthrough

    1. My favourite route in the game!

      But it did leave me with a few questions: why did Jupiter wear a mask hiding his blue eye? Why did his blue eye turn gold at one point? And why did he appear as Peter and not Jupiter in the epilogue’s CG?

      Not very important questions, mind you, but I’m still curious. Do you know if there will be a sequel to this game? I wish there was more. It was a bit disappointing that there wasn’t any bonus content (short stories) like there are in many other otome games. Still an amazing game, of course, but that’s why I want more!!

      Anyway, thanks for your review and walkthroughs. I rely on them a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think his mask was just a character design choice by the artist (?) I’m not entirely sure when his eye color changed since I didn’t notice this in the game (I’ll have to replay it now lol), and I think in the epilogue, why he appeared as Peter was a director’s choice to match the “modern” Celestia they created together with Lynette. It also makes sense since the last CG we have both him and Lynette wearing modern clothes. So yeah, it’s not plot-related or anything of the sort, but rather, just a choice from the developers of the game themselves. ^^


    2. I believe at one point it said his mask was a disguise?? (I may be misremembering…) And when a divine soldier came over, he put his mask on as if he shouldn’t be seen without it. So I thought maybe he had to hide his blue eye (and he hides it with his hair as Peter), so I felt like there was more to it than a design choice but since it wasn’t explained, then it being a design choice by the artist is the only plausible explanation I guess!

      His eye colour changed when he took Lynette to heaven and explained about her past. The CG even shows both his eyes as gold. It had been mentioned elsewhere that their eyes glow when they are using their powers, but during this scene I don’t understand what powers he would be using (I also don’t know if their eyes glowing necessarily means it would change colour as well), so I just found it strange and wondered what the reasoning behind the colour change was. I wonder if the update will explain this at all. I’ve played his route twice but I’ll be sure to play it again when the update comes out to see if things are clarified a bit more.

      Your explanation makes sense for the last CG. I definitely prefer his Jupiter look though, so I wish he had stuck with that. Oh well.

      Thanks for your reply! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh yeah you make a good point regarding his mask. It’s definitely looking like some sort of disguise!

        I scrolled through the CGs and you were right there’s one where both his eyes were yellow and iirc they did mentioned something about it changing colors when using their powers or when they feel *excited* or emotional (?) hhh I’m also waiting for the patch so I can replay this game again! Though I was still immersed by it on my first playhthrough, some small details def flew over my head! XD

        Np! Let me know if you find your answers, I’m definitely interested myself, given this was my fav route! :DD


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