Cupid Parasite – Allan Melville Walkthrough


  • Allan’s route only unlocks on your second playthrough.
  • The choices in the chapter “Wasted Love” will only appear if you’ve finished Raul’s route.
  • There’s a new Common Route Ending, which you can unlock after clearing Raul or Allan’s route (see ‘Common Route Endings’ below).



↳Fate’s Call: A Promotion?!
(No Choices)

↳Hashtag Cupid Happenstance
(No Choices)

↳Let’s Go, Los York!
(No Choices)

↳Parasite 5
-I have to if I want to earn that promotion!
-Are you struggling with work or something?
-I read something on Wackypedia…
-I’d better fix my makeup.
-(Freeze up after hearing he’s attracted to you.)

↳Love Match Test
-Try the test.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No
  5. No
  6. No
  7. No
  8. No
  9. No
  10. No
  11. No
  12. No
  13. No
  14. No

Select END
Love Match Test Result: Mania

-Stop checking.

↳Stormy Seas Ahead
(No Choices)

-It’s all part of the job, right?

↳A Share House Comes On Suddenly
(No Choices)

↳Parasite House Live!
(No Choices)

↳Date Week Begins
-Allan Melville

↳Case 05: Allan Melville
-Either way, it’s got nothing to do with you.

↳Wedding Disruption
(No Choices)

↳Pride of Man
-(Don’t let Gill bear the brunt.)

↳Joyful Barbecue
-Was he mad about something?

↳Good Night & Good Luck
-We should report her to the police.

↳Wasted Love
-(Don’t use Cupid’s Bow.) (this choice is available only after finishing Raul/Allan’s route.)


↳The Angel-Demon Face-off
(No Choices)

↳Incubus’s Job
-(Serve him a meal.)

↳Cupid in Love
-(Let yourself go.)

↳One Page from a Lover

↳Taboo, But I Still Reach for You
(No Choices)

↳Demon’s Kiss

Create Save File 1 here
-(Tell him what you want.)

↳Last Time We Pretend
(No Choices)

↳No End to Our Journey
(No Choices)

↳Catch Me If You Can
(No Choices)

↳The Devil Gave Us Time

Create Save File 2 here
-Ask what to drink.

↳I’m Not Meant to Be on Stage
-It was fun.

↳Looking for Lost Time
(No Choices)

↳Kinder than Anyone

Create Save File 3 here
-A kiss with him.
-Why do you help me?

↳Alone Beneath the Sky
(No Choices)

↳Hands Clasped at the End
(No Choices)

↳Single Winged Angels
(No Choices)

BEST END: “A Love Song for Fallen Angels”

Load Save File 1

-(Stare at him.)
-Hand over the menu.
-It wasn’t scary.

NORMAL END: “Catcher in Los York”
(Unlocks 1 CG)

Load Save File 2

-Hand over the menu.
-It wasn’t scary.
-A kiss with him.
-Why do you look so sad?

BAD END 1: “Silent Happiness”

Load Save File 3

-A night with him.
-Why do you help me?

BAD END 2: “Never Gonna Let Me Go”
(Unlocks 1 CG)


*NEW (You can only unlock this ending after clearing Raul or Allan’s route)

Go to MENU
Select Case 0: Wasted Love (folder)

-(Use Cupid’s Bow.)

COMMON ROUTE BAD END: “Parasite Harem”


12 thoughts on “Cupid Parasite – Allan Melville Walkthrough

  1. I cleared Allan’s route and then went to do the common route bad end that unlocked afterwards, but I still didn’t get the choice to use the bow? Is there another requirement I might be missing?


    1. Hi! You can try starting a new game then going to the flowchart, load wasted love folder & “skip reading” the episode instead up using jump skip. See if that works!^^


  2. Is the never gonna let me go walkthrough correct? I have tried multiple times to get this ending following this exactly and I cannot get it.


  3. Hi! I have followed the walkthrough and no
    matter what I do I can’t get the second bad ending. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


  4. The bad ending with the choice to use the bow only opened up to me when I finished BOTH Raul’s route and Allan’s route (in my case it was after Raul’s, as I did Allan’s before). Just a heads-up for those who are still having trouble!


  5. Hi! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I never get the option to use the cupid’s bow. I’ve finished all routes except for shelby’s and the secret route (so both Allan and Raul), collected all CGs for them respectively and played through the bad endings for each as well. I’ve always started a new game from the main menu, not the flowchart. Am I missing something super obvious haha?

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    1. Hello, in my playthrough I played all three starter routes (ryuki,shelby and gil) before allan and raul. So it might be that you’ll need to play shelby first to be able to get that option? Quite strange, as I never thought that missing out on one of the routes would restrict you from this option. 😲 With that, I’d suggest clearing shelby’s route, and see if the cupid bows choice unlocks! 👍


      1. I can confirm that Gill’s route isn’t needed to get this choice, as I kept Gill for last and unlocked that choice before getting to his route. I was doing Raul’s bad endings (the incompatible love type one) when this choice opened up for me. Not sure if that helps, but I figured we might as well try to get our data together and try finding the truth xD

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        1. I will try finishing Shelby’s route and going back to play through Raul’s bad endings – I’m 99% sure I already went through them all but this is driving me bonkers haha, will report back with my findings!

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