Idea Factory Int’l Announces Two Otome Games and One Mystery Title on the way!

It’s finally official folks! Today (28th of July 2021), Idea Factory International announced two otome games they’ll be bringing over to the west, Cupid Parasite and Birushana Senki. Cupid Parasite is slated to release this coming Fall of 2021, while Birushana Senki still does not have an official release window. The lovely folks at Idea Factory Int’l have also hinted that another Otome Title is coming our way soon! Can you throw in some guesses what the last title would be?


Release Window: Fall of 2021
Click HERE to view Cupid Parasite’s Official English Website.

Welcome to Cupid Corporation! –Located in the glitzy and trendsetting metropolis of Los York, Cupid Corporation is a daring marriage agency known for its style and success rate.

As Cupid Corp’s top bridal advisor, our heroine consults the city’s most in-vogue singles to make their wildest romantic dreams come true. But she has one secret which she can never share.

…And that is, her true identity is Cupid, a descendant from Celestia sent here on a heavenly mission.

One day, Lynette’s boss, summons her to his office and offers her a promotion if she can do one challenging task which is: handling the matchmaking, and thus the fates, of the infamous Parasite 5 (a.k.a male clients that have been difficult to match due to their quirks and personalities).

After a series of unimpressive interviews and workshops, they concoct the perfect plan. Parasite House, a shared home created for reality TV centered around the lives of the Parasite 5 and their romantic exploits.

Leading these hopeless men to marital bliss proves to be a Herculean task even for great Cupid herself! Can she live up to her name and keep her identity secret at the same time?! Find out in the most divinely unpredictable romantic comedy of the millennium!

Cupid Parasite is rated in ESRB, and physical copies of the game come in both Standard and Limited Edition.


Release Window: TBA

Set around the Heian period of Japan during the civil war of Genpei, two opposing clans Genji and Taira fight for dominion. The heroine Shanaou, the last daughter of Minamoto no Yoshitomo was sent to Kuramadera Temple and was raised as a man after her father was defeated in the Heiji War.

Because of her natural talent and the fact that she is a daughter of the Minamoto clan, she is expected by those around her to defeat the Heike. In particular, her teacher and nurturing parent, Kakuhi, sees her talent and drills her in the art of war and martial arts from an early age. However, she has no intention of doing so and wishes to live a peaceful life. Can Shanaou escape the tumults of war or will she continue to fight for her destiny?


Lastly, Idea Factory International teases one more Otome title they plan to localize soon but hasn’t given any hints on what otome game it’ll be. Feel free to throw in some guesses in the comment section below!


21 thoughts on “Idea Factory Int’l Announces Two Otome Games and One Mystery Title on the way!

  1. I don’t keep publishers and titles organized very well, so I might be off the mark, but is it too much to hope for like Amnesia Later x Crowd?
    Or Diabolik

    Oh! Or Hauoki: SSL

    I mean, I’ll probably jump at whatever it is, but I’d love those titles xD

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  2. Hello, Kitty! Thanks to this amazing web-site the otome community gained one more soul to the cauldron xD I really appreciate your content! ^_^ i could not pick up a better time to become an otome initiate, since I discovered that there were not much of localized games before past year. So I’m happy that developers finally decided to release more games in the West. I don’t have PSVita or decent Japanese xD My only hope is that Switch and other platforms will get a vast amount of localized titles in the future. I still have a bit of a backlog of otome games yet, but I’m really looking forward to these games. There’s never enough of awesome husbandos *_*

    P.S. Sorry for my crappy English x_X

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  3. So exciting!! There’s a limited edition version of Cupid Parasite already on Idea Factory’s website, but there’s no details yet (aside from its price at $94.99) and you can only add it to your wishlist for now. Can’t wait for more information!
    As for that mystery otome… would it be too much to hope that we’re finally getting an official translation for Diabolik Lovers?? Probably, but I’ll keep holding onto hope.
    Fantastic post as always!

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    1. Ohhh, thank you for this extra info! How exciting it is indeed for the game to have Limited Edition, im so stoked as you are omg! Thanks for dropping by! ❤


  4. I’ll be keeping an eye on Aksys next week announcement too..

    Other recently released but not translated titles:
    Meiji Katsugeki Haikara Ryuuseigumi
    Piofiore 1926
    Lover Pretend
    Tokeijikake no Apocalypse
    Paradigm Paradox
    Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau
    and the upcoming Shuuen no Virche

    I guess Aksys – Piofiore 1926 is pretty much confirmed? It looks like Piofiore sold pretty well so only make sense the sequel will be released too.

    Meiji and Shuuen are also highly likely to be translated.
    Let’s hope someone picks up Lover pretend.

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    1. I really hope we get 1926 and lover pretend too!
      Idk what any of the others you listed are, but anything with apocalypse in the name sounds good to me!

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  5. Oh yes!!! The God of otome gamers has heard our plea and found it in his heart to give us poor souls some hot 2D Characters to salivate over in English 🤤 only if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have bought the Japanese version of Cupid Parasite a couple of months ago 😅 but I can tell you the game is so worth it!!!! I am so looking forward to all the goodies coming this year 😍
    Thank you so much for this fantastic info!

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  6. Heyo Chlo! As soon as I read the news I had to jump on your blog because I knew you’d have already made a post about it, hehe.

    Thank you! 🙂 I This is detailed as ever, I didn’t even know about the third/mystery game.
    My bet would be on Shuuen no Virche, as one of the reasons why they haven’t said anything could be that the game has not been released as of now. In which case yes, please, I’m all about the gorgeous artstyle and tons of anticipated, undiluted angst. An Amnesia fandisc would also be lovely, as I commented on your localization video back then, but still seems very unlikely to me. … Who knows, though? I wasn’t expecting Bilshana in a thousand years, to be honest. I’m absolutely over the moon. ❤ ❤ ❤
    So maybe this will end up being completely false, but tbh I'll play pretty much anything (outside of DiaLovers/most Rejet games outside of KGK, but that's personal taste, if the third announcement ends up being one of those I'll still rejoice for the fans) and be happy. We've been gushing over a handful of titles for years when it came to JP commercial release, so the promise of some variety alone is nice. ^^

    Besides, it's great news in general to see Ifi returning to otome translations. The market has changed a lot since Amnesia's PC port, so hopefully they'll stick around (fingers crossed for good QC, as well!)
    Take care :))) and I'll be looking forward to your reviews :D!

    PS: Dunno why, but "the glitzy and trendsetting metropolis of Los York" will never not be funny to me.

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    1. Hey hey! 😀
      It’s an awfully good time to be an otome gamer (in the west) right now as we are getting otome releases back to back! And yes, I agree, this is so refreshing compared to the annual “one or two” releases the previous years we had.

      True, Birushana was shocking to me as well. But I am glad they picked the game up as I’ve heard really positive things about it from friends who’s played the JP version, so Im quite excited! LOL and yes “anticipated, undiluted angst” is def a way to describe Virche’s premise haha I want ALL of that! Hopefully Aksys or IFI announces it soon!

      Likewise, thanks for dropping by, its always a pleasure seeing you! Take care as well! ❤


  7. Ah I remember a time when all I had to play was Yo Jin Bo on PC (if anyone knows what that game is you probably understand my pain) and whatever Otome game app on the phone. What a glorious time to be alive! The switch has helped progress Otome localization far beyond what I could imagine. I’m so beyond excited for the release of whatever comes my way. It’s officially Otome game season and I am here for it! As an older Otome game player I am so proud of our community we finally have caught the attention of companies and showed them that there indeed is a market for Otome games in the West. Thank you for your continuous and thorough blog posts! I always refer to this blog to keep up to date with news! Your the best! Tysm (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

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  8. It has been a few months and I am still chomping at the bit to know what title the Mystery Game is XD (Just a few more days ’til Cupid Parasite and I can be distracted again, but my curiosity is FIERCE )

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