Steam Prison – Yune Sekiei Walkthrough


  • This route will only unlock after completing Ulrik’s “Ferrie” Ending.
  • This walkthrough also unlocks: 1 Ending for Fin’s route.


Common Route:

-Catch man
-Of course it is
-Go through first
-That I have to be stronger
-Resist being sent down


My Time Ending (Happy End)

-Of course
-If you insist
-May I really have this?

Enter: Servant Route

Create Save File 1 here

-I also eat a lot
-I keep my promises
-That will be rough
-About sixteen years old

Create Save File 2 here

-Talk to Fin

Create Save File 3 here

-I will deal with him
-I would love to
-That sounds good

Create Save File 4 here

-He’s my old partner
-I’m glad he’s still alive

Create Save File 5 here

-Let me think about it
-It’s going to work out
-Please attend

~My Time Ending~

Promise Kept Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 1

-I eat normally
-I’m disappointed
-That’s dangerous
-About four thousand years old
-Talk to Fin
-Let’s run away

~Promise Kept Ending~

Punishment Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 3

-Let’s run away
-We need to return to the Heights
-He’s someone important
-He must be joking
-Is there no other way?

~Punishment Ending~

Lingering Scent Ending (Normal/Sad 1 End)

Load Save File 4

-He’s someone important
-He must be joking
-Is there no other way?
-I’m too worried

Create Save File 6 here

-Stay with him until he dies

~Lingering Scent Ending~

Let’s Meet Again Ending (Normal/Sad 2 End)

Load Save File 6

-End relationship

~Let’s Meet Again Ending~

Results Awaited Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 5

-Is there no other way?
-I’m too worried
-This isn’t like you

~Results Awaited Ending~

Eternal Thread (Fin Ending)

Load Save File 2

-Don’t talk to Fin
-I will deal with him
-I would love to
-That sounds good

~Eternal Thread (Fin End)~

5 thoughts on “Steam Prison – Yune Sekiei Walkthrough

  1. Hello! First off I wanted to thank you for your amazing walkthroughs! They’re my go to for my otome gaming. I also gauge whether or not I’ll even play a game depending on your impressions or if you have a walkthrough for it. You’re the best!

    Unfortunately, I’ve run into a little problem with this route that I wanted you to know about.

    First off, I must make it known that I’m not a completionist when it comes to otome games anymore. I used to be but now I only play the happy endings in the games. Unfortunately this has come back to bite me here because apparently unlocking Ulrick’s bad ending is required to access Yune’s route. I’m assuming you didn’t even know this because you probably played all the routes in order for each LI and had no issues.

    So my one suggestion might be for players who don’t prefer to play every route for every character, maybe leave a note on Ulrick’s bad ending (Ferrie, I think it’s called) to let us know we must do that one too if we want to move forward to future routes. Because without that route you can’t play Yune’s route and without all 5 previous LI happy endings, you can’t play Fin’s route. Also I’m guessing the grand end requires all 6 happy endings, but I’m not sure since I didn’t get that far. I discovered most of this info through some online research because I was confused as to why I wasn’t getting the options indicated in this and Fin’s walkthroughs to put me on their routes.

    I’ll probably return to this game and replay Ulrick’s route so I can get what I need to complete the game one day. But I’m too burnt out on it now so I’ll move onto something else. This is the first otome game I’ve ever played (and I’m no stranger to them!) that requires me to play bad routes to unlock other entire routes. I definitely find that frustrating as a gamer but it is what it is. Now I know! Still I hope this is helpful to others and thanks again for all you do!

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    1. Hello, Thanks for this suggestion. I was completely aware that Yune’s route will only unlock after Ulrik’s ‘Ferrie’ Ending but I totally forgot to add that in my “note” section. 😅 My bad! & tysm for reminding me. 💖 I appreciate you letting me know that Fin’s route wont unlock until you get all the other’s good endings, this one I wasn’t aware of! 😱 Anyway I’ve just added these impt things in the note section (both for Yune and Fin’s rt) for other players’ advantage going forward! ❤


  2. Hey no problem! I’m just happy my aggravation led to good info lol. 😅Again thank you for everything because I wouldn’t get through these games without you. 😊 Also after sleeping on it and calming down, I’ve decided to go ahead and finish the other 3 good endings now. Hopefully it goes smoothly! 😁

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