Steam Prison – Ines Heinrich Heine Walkthrough


  • One of Ines’s ending can be unlocked by going through Adage’s route.
  • This walkthrough also unlocks: 1 Ending for Adage’s route.
  • If you’re starting a new game instead of loading a save file, make sure to pick “Accept being sent down” (Common Route) to continue to Ines’s route.

 LOAD ‘Optional SAVE’ from Eltcreed’s or Ulrik’s route.

-He didn’t look like that to me
-That’s a bit suspicious
-Turn down after all

Enter: Warder Route

-Why are you offering to examine me?
-Yes it is
-I want to lay low
-I will do better next time
-You should have done what you could


“Hounds” Ending (Happy End)

-I would be glad to
-I had a pleasant time
-It’s good that we met on the street

Create Save File 1 here

-Thank you
-It’s delicious, after all
-I will work hard
-I think he’s fun
-Thank you
-It was bad regardless
-I regret nothing
-It’s unforgivable

Create Save File 2 here

-Trust Sir Ines

Create Save File 3 here

-I wish we had met before
-I will go to sleep
-Good idea
-I understand how you feel
-Lives in a different world
-Let me have your back
-Don’t let go of hope

~”Hounds” Ending~

Semper Fi Ending (Normal End)

Load Save File 3

-I liked what you told me
-I’m too worried
-I want to go with you
-This is kind of cute
-Is a well-meaning man
-Your orders?
-Try to resist

~Semper Fi Ending~

Cold Blood Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 3

-Your old life sounds fun
-I can’t sleep yet
-I will show you the way
-You’re being weird
-I don’t know him well

~Cold Blood Ending~

Hound Fangs Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 2

-Maybe something went wrong
-Try to block

~Hound Fangs Ending~

Follow Me (Adage Ending)

Load Save File 1

-This makes me nervous
-That’s so unexpected
-It will tire me out
-I think he’s funny
-Of course it is
-He’s being deceived

~Follow Me (Adage End)~


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  1. Hey
    I have finished Ines route but i didn’t got the CG in his gallery from the epilogue.
    I have read both Sides (Protagonist and Ines)
    Is there anything i can do to get the CG?


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