Steam Prison – Fin Euclase Walkthrough



Common Route:

-Return to pick up bag
-Is that the truth?
-Suggest going together
-What about you, Fin?
-Consider it
-I’m sorry I didn’t understand how you felt

Enter: Warder Route (Fin)


I Love You Ending (Happy End)

-I missed you
-All right
-Just a little longer
-I’m rooting for you
-This takes me back

Create Save File 1 here

-My heart is fluttering

Create Save File 2 here

-I treasure him

~I Love You Ending~

Dying Voice Ending (Normal End)

Load Save File 2

-None of your business

~Dying Voice Ending~

Together Till the End Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 1

-It reminds me of my father
-Good colleagues
-None of your business

~Together Till the End Ending~

4 thoughts on “Steam Prison – Fin Euclase Walkthrough

  1. I’m so confused. I have finished everyone’s good route but I still can’t play Fin’s route. What am I doing wrong? (I play on Nintendo Switch).


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