Nekopara “Catboys Paradise” announced for PC and Mobile Platforms

Today, what we thought was an April Fools joke is actually REAL, in the works and coming to the west soon!

Neko Works (Developers for the game Nekopara) has officially announced that the otome visual novel Nekopara: Catboys Paradise is coming to the PC, and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms. The game will have English, Japanese, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) language support and will launch as a free title this coming summer!

Nekopara “Catboys Paradise” started as an April Fools’ Day joke back in 2019, but this year Neko Works has confirmed that the game, is indeed, under development and this time, for REAL. So I guess, the jokes on us? haha


“I want to continue my dear grandfather’s coffee shop,” you thought, but were at a loss as to how. That’s when a certain school suggested, “Why not take into this lovely shop some knowledgeable live-in trainees?” Imploringly, you accepted the offer, but the trainees that appeared before you were not human trainees, but four carnivorous cats?!

Granted, you have heard that humanoid cat clerks are not all that uncommon these days, though…Your story of running a coffee shop with four cats is about to begin!


  • Kaito Ishikawa
  • Komada Wataru
  • Yuuichirou Umehara
  •  Junya Enoki



No exact release date has been announced for this title yet. For more information regarding this announcement, visit Neko Work’s official site for Nekopara: Catboys Paradise here.


12 thoughts on “Nekopara “Catboys Paradise” announced for PC and Mobile Platforms

  1. Waitttttt hold on WHAT?! Is this seriously real? Am I finally going to play a Nekopara game??? TFW, an april fools joke was so strong it made the devs scream “screw it! will make this a reality!” lol I wish it was also available on the switch though!

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    1. Right! I was hoping it’d be on the switch too but with these pretty catboys above, I’ll take any platforms atm! haha Thanks for dropping by!


  2. kinda wished they announced this maybe a day before or after april fools bc it’s still hard to believe it’s true 😂 either way this is good news for cat boy lovers out there lol

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  3. This could be fun! I’m a bit worried that a game with this level of art and known seiyuus attached to the project is announced as free (when other Nekopara games have been commercial and you KNOW there is a demographic out there willing to pay for catboys), I hope it’s not literally 2 minutes long, but otherwise kudos to the devs for sticking with the idea and going all out. 🙂
    I’d also be curious as to the writing, not gonna lie. Will the devs try and adapt to a new audience, and how? This makes me all the more interested, even if I feel pretty neutral about catboys myself, haha.
    Thank you for your undaunting news coverage! And hey, as a cute catgirl yourself, are catboys your aesthetic? Maybe you could do an LP (provided you’ve ever been interested in and comfortable with doing this kind of content, of course), as you’d be uniquely qualified for the task! 😀

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    1. Tbh, I agree with you there. Nekopara games have always been commercial, so I was a bit skeptical when it was announced as “free”. I hope we get follow up news on this soon. Either way, I’m still ecstatic on the news and you bet I’m gonna do an LP when the project comes through! LMAO These beautiful catboys are just hard to pass up!! hhhh ❤ Thanks for this comment! ^^


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