Steam Prison – Eltcreed Valentine Walkthrough


  • One of Eltcreed’s ending can be unlocked by going through Ulrik’s route.
  • This walkthrough also unlocks: 1 Ending for Ulrik’s route and 1 Ending for Fin’s route.


Common Route:

-Return to pick up bag
-Of course it is
-Go through first
-That the Heights are a wonderful place
-Are you sure that’s okay?

Optional SAVE (You can go back to this save file, & do other routes w/o going through the common choices above).

-How curious
-That’s a bit suspicious…
-Ask for details
-It’s more than I expected
-Say I remember
-Very well
-You did a lot for me
-Of course

Enter: Bodyguard Route

-I’m happy
-Was it right to let him go?
-Thank you
-Of course not
-I want to know more about him


My Queen Ending (Happy End)

Create Save File 1 here

-Say his name
-This is my job
-Got it
-I did
-I can accept it
-I’m his girlfriend

Create Save File 2 here

-Got it
-I want to rescue him
-I want to eat something nice
-Don’t rush it

Create Save File 3 here

-Ask Ulrik
-Walk a little with Ulrik

~My Queen Ending~

Long Future Ending (Normal End)

Load Save File 2

-I want to go with you
-Poor man…
-Please, I don’t want to be a burden
-You can’t change the past
-Ask Ulrik
-What were you talking about?
-I know how to do it

Create Save File 4 here

-Kill him with sword
-I will be your knight and protect you

~Long Future Ending~

Dance at Sky’s Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 1

-I can’t move
-Are you meeting a woman?
-I’m your bodyguard
-As someone I protect
-I’m going back
-We hardly know each other
-I want to go with you

Create Save File 5 here

-I can’t believe it
-Thank you
-Don’t rush it
-Ask Ulrik
-I will leave
-I look forward to that
-Strangle him
-We will be together until the end

~Dance at Sky’s Ending~

A Place I Go Home To (Fin Ending)

Load Save 3

-Find Fin yourself

~A Place I Go Home To (Fin End)~

Sweet Recompense Ending (Bad End)

Load Save File 4

-I can’t kill you
-We should escape

~Sweet Recompense Ending~

Goodbye, My Knight (Ulrik Ending)

Load Save File 5

-Poor man…
-Please, I don’t want to be a burden
-You can’t change the past
-Ask Ulrik
-What were you talking about?
-I’m afraid
-Kill him with sword

~Goodbye, My Knight (Ulrik End)~

6 thoughts on “Steam Prison – Eltcreed Valentine Walkthrough

  1. Thank you very much for walkthrough.. but i don’t know what is happy or normal or tragic ending ):


    1. Hello, the game didn’t specify nor made it clear which one’s the happy ending, bad, or normal but I added a comment (in parenthesis) on what I think these endings are. However, this is solely my opinion (of them), so please take it with a grain of salt.:)


      1. Why there’s a (Ulrik End) in Eltceet route? . . Does she get bored of Elt and loved Ulrik instead?? Is this a bad ending too?


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