INDIE CORNER: Support the Upcoming BL Game “Doki Doki Dollmaker” in Kickstarter

Release Date: TBA
Developers: Karitsa
Publishers: Karitsa
Platforms: PC via (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Doki Doki Dollmaker is an in-development boys love (BL or BxB) visual novel. Make decisions on behalf of Lyle to steer the story in different directions and experience multiple endings. The full game is scheduled to release at the end of 2021, but you can try the demo right now to begin the story and meet the characters! 



Lyle must move away with his older brother Cole after the sudden and unfortunate passing of their parents. To occupy his mind during the long road trip to their new home, Lyle makes five plush dolls using some leftover materials found in an old sewing kit. Due to the magical properties of the sewing kit and Lyle’s cry for help (brought about by loss, unfamiliarity, and bullying at school), the dolls come to life!

The narrative focuses around Lyle and his relationship with the five dolls. He has a lot to teach them, but there’s a lot he can learn from them too. This heartfelt love story is also a coming-of-age story with several overarching plots; Lyle must adapt to his new environment, cope with loss, strengthen his relationship with his brother, discover his sexual orientation, and overcome gender stereotypes, all while teaching five curious dolls about the world. His relationship with the dolls is a complicated one. After all, he plays multiple roles: creator, teacher, and companion. He wasn’t planning to add “boyfriend” to that list, but who knows! Will it be love at first stitch?



  • A Demo available to play for free!
  • Five Character Romance Options
  •  Planned 50+ CG Images
  • Planned 10+ Hours of Gameplay
  • 8 Different Endings
  • 20 BGM Tracks
  • Promo Video





Quick Demo Impressions: From the short demo I’ve played, right off the bat, I’m immediately captivated by the game’s impressive art style. I exceptionally love the vibrant colors used! The sprites were very anime-esque (which is my cup of tea when it comes to VNs), and I like the main protagonist’s change of clothes. The introduction already emits that coming-of-age, a slice-of-life motif which I believe, this title is thematically going for.

I thought its premise was actually intriguing. I mean, who doesn’t fantasize about having five handsome dolls coming to life for you to romance, right?!🤣 (cackles) It slightly reminded me of the manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), which is btw one of my all-time fav classics by Watase Yuu sensei. As a BL game, I’m definitely curious how each story will pan out in every route for Doki Doki Dollmaker! Count me interested!

Don’t forget to support Doki Doki Dollmaker on their Kickstarter page here!


4 thoughts on “INDIE CORNER: Support the Upcoming BL Game “Doki Doki Dollmaker” in Kickstarter

  1. Really Puts the "Handholding" in "Handheld Console" (I need another name for non-Switch news >< ) says:

    I forgot to thank you for the Indie Corners in the comments for your Ephemeral coverage, Chlo, but I really, really, like these posts! So happy that they seem to have become a regular fixture on your blog. ❤
    This game looks great! I'm more of an otoge player than a BL one, but there are games in the genre I truly enjoy, and I hope this'll end up one of them. I'm with you in finding the concept intriguing, there's a lot of potential for it depending on your angle. And I'm a *huge* fan of the style of its artist, Deji. It's so fun, lively and distinctive, and any excuse to see more of it is fine in my book! Autumn's Journey was one of the first indie otome I've played and I've been in love ever since (I recommend it if you haven't played it, it's full of fluff and holds up to this day :)).
    Gotta try the demo, now… Thank you for the rec and the Indie Corner as a whole; I hope you are doing fine and will have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Ohh I never knew Autumn’s Journey was an otome game. It’s in my wishlist for a while now. Thanks for the rec, I’ll def check the game out soon! Thank you for this comment! Take care & Have a good one as well! 🥰🥰


  2. Didn’t know about this game/Kickstarter going on, definitely need to check it out 🙏✨ thanks for bringing this to my attention 😋💞
    The art and story look super cute, I’m definitely a fan, plus gotta support indies doing impressive work ✊🏼✨

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