Steam Prison is heading to the Nintendo Switch!

The developers HuneX has recently announced the release of their otome game, Steam Prison, to the Nintendo Switch platform. According to their official English site, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will support the following languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese) and will include new additional contents such as the following:

  • New Opening Theme
  • Video Playback mode (PC and PS Vita OP themes can be viewed in this new feature).
  • Best End Video, featuring new character songs that will play after achieving a character’s “best ending”.
  • Wedding Eve Short Stories
  • New Additional CGs
  • Edit: Steam Prison will also have a trial edition (demo)

Steam Prison initially was localized by Mangagamer and was released back in February 2019, available on the PC platform only.


The game’s Nintendo Switch version will have both digital and physical copies available in Japan. It has not been confirmed yet if the west will have a physical release of the game. However, the digital version should be readily available on Nintendo’s eshop page (western regions) during its release date.

According to HuneX, Steam Prison (Nintendo Switch) is slated for release this coming February 25, 2021. For more information about this announcement, visit Steam Prison’s official website.


3 thoughts on “Steam Prison is heading to the Nintendo Switch!

  1. I enjoyed this on Steam – getting a fuller version of it and more CGs will probably be worth the price to me. Not only because it’s been long enough that a replay will be refreshing, but also because if I can add to sales for otome games, I really try to. I’m always chomping at the bit hoping they’ll release more state-side ^_^

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  2. YES! I have seen Steam Prison on Steam (haha), and I was wondering if it would ever make it to the Switch! I am so glad I held off on purchasing it!


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