Steam Prison Demo now available on Nintendo Eshops Worldwide!

Great news, otome fans! The demo version of Steam Prison is now available on Nintendo eShops worldwide! The developers, HuneX has also confirmed that in this demo, you can play one complete route of a love interest character.

Click here to download the game’s trial version in the Nintendo E-shop.


  • BONUS: In this demo, you can play Eltcreed’s route till his Best Ending “My Queen”.
  • Available in three different languages: Japanese, English, and Simplified & Traditional Chinese.
  • Digital pre-order opens simultaneously.
  • The save data for this demo cannot be carried over to the actual full-game.
  • Options and graphic quality may differ from the actual release.


  • New Character Songs for Best Ends, with newly added closing credits.
  • New Switch Editon Opening Theme “Brilliance”, with new video sequence, performed by the six LI’s.
  • PC and PS Vita Opening Themes can be viewed from the Video Playback Mode.
  • Short Story “Wedding Eve” added in Novel Mode for immersive experience.



  • Shirai Yuusuke (as Eltcreed Valentin)
  • Takatsuka Tomohito (as Ulrik Ferrie)
  • Furukawa Makoto (as Adage)
  • Kimishima Tetsu (as Ines Heinrich Heine)
  • Takase Yasuyuki (as Yune Sekiei)
  • Shingaki Tarusuke (as Fin)


The full-version of Steam Prison will release in February 25, 2021 worldwide. Japan will have a physical copy of the game available, while the western release will remain digital only.

For more information about Steam Prison for Nintendo Switch, you can visit the game’s official website here.

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9 thoughts on “Steam Prison Demo now available on Nintendo Eshops Worldwide!

  1. Yikes, I’ve been excited to play this game for a while, but that price tag is so steep! I might import the physical copy just so I can justify the price for myself, LOL.

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    1. Yup2! I paid pretty much the same price as the digital for my imported copy so yeah i definitely recommend importing if you prefer physical games! ^_^


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