Piofiore: Fated Memories – Orlok Walkthrough


START New Game
Select The main storyline (La Storia)


  • Orlok’s route will only be available after completing either Dante or Nicola’s route.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route plays automatically. In this guide, I’ll only be listing the ones that should be played manually.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in the prologues will only be viewable depending on which route you played first (Dante or Nicola).
  • Orlok’s “Bad (Tragic) Ending” reveals a lot about the game’s story, be sure not to miss it.
  • You will need to play the “After Stories” (Storia Triste and Prologo 1926) to collect all the CGs.


-Good morning.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) (this will only be available after completing Dante’s route)

-Everyone is blessed.
-I think they had a reason to leave.
-(Thank him.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) (this will only be available after completing Nicola’s route)

-(Give thanks for the day.)


-You’re right, he is a nice person.
-…Praying earnestly.
-Just keep smiling.
-(Talk to him.)
-Is there something you need?

CHAPTER 01 – Loyalität

-(Speak to him.)
-I understand.
-Thank goodness…

CHAPTER 02 – Heimweh

-I really want to go!
-Orlok isn’t a bad person.
-Thank you for playing with them.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Is it still dangerous?
-I want one, too.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 03 – Zweifel

-Stop it!

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
“Memory Cap”
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

Create SAVE FILE 1 here

-(Talk to Orlok.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
“Rat Trap”
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Next time, just run.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 04 – Andeutung

-I can’t deceive the people.

Create SAVE FILE 2 here

-(Be compliant.)

Create SAVE FILE 3 here

-I don’t want to be used.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-(Ask him a question.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 05 – Sympathie

-I’m sorry…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Don’t worry about me.
-You’re only apologizing to me?

CHAPTER 06 – Klagen

-You deserve better.

SKIP Meanwhile Stories “Duty” and “Murder”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Aim”

Create SAVE FILE 4 here

-I’m afraid of dying.

Create SAVE FILE 5 here

-We have to do what we can.

CHAPTER 07 – Absicht

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Develop”

-Are you blushing?

CHAPTER 08 – Barmherzigkeit

Create SAVE FILE 6 here

-I’ll be with you forever.



Select “ORLOK” Chapter 7 with:
Affinity: HIGH
Tolerance: LOW

CHAPTER 07 – Absicht

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Develop”

-Do you have a fever?

CHAPTER 08 – Hoffnung



Select “ORLOK” Chapter 6 with:

Affinity: LOW
Tolerance: LOW

CHAPTER 06 – Klagen

-You deserve better.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I’m afraid of dying.
-We have to do what we can.

CHAPTER 07 – Absicht

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I’ll listen to what he has to say.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
“Great Hand”

CHAPTER 08 – Alptraum

~BAD (Tragic) END~


Bad End 1

Load SAVE File 1

-(Talk to Yang.)

Bad Ending 1

Bad End 2

Load SAVE File 2


Bad Ending 2

Bad End 3

Load SAVE File 3

-(Obey Yang.)

Bad Ending 3

Bad End 4

Load SAVE File 4

-If it were someone precious to me.

Bad Ending 4

Bad End 5

Load SAVE File 5


Bad Ending 5

Bad End 6

Load SAVE File 6

-I need more time.

Bad Ending 6


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  1. hello quick question, did you play the Japanese version of this to get the walkthrough already? or did it come out? Because I am so very excited about it and I have no idea if it’s already out yet for the people who preordered… Please let me know! I’m your biggest fan, I love your blog!!!

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    1. Hello! The game won’t release til the 8th of Oct but there are some folks that are already receiving their physical copies pretty early (including me)! ^_^


  2. I cried so much for all the hurt feels for this route. TT^TT I love his voice and how great the emotions came across! He is so alone vs the world with only MC towards the end except the best ending.


  3. Orlok is my most favourite of all😍…Fall in love with his characteristics, demeanor, looks (the light purple hoodie makes him look stunning), all his cutscenes with Liliana is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Most importantly, his gorgeous voice! 😘😘😘

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  4. I was so hyped for Orlok‘s route, so I played it before Dante’s. But since you said it’s good not to miss out on the tragic end, I played it and wanted to continue with Dante’s route. But… this was so unexpected. I thought about what would happen but never expected it to become reality. I’m not sure if I’m able to play his route after this. 😂


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