Piofiore: Fated Memories – Yang Walkthrough


START New Game
Select The main storyline (La Storia)


  • Yang’s route will only be available after completing either Dante or Nicola’s route.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route plays automatically. In this guide, I’ll only be listing the ones that should be played manually.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in the prologues will only be viewable depending on which route you played first (Dante or Nicola).
  • You will need to play the “After Stories” (Storia Triste and Prologo 1926) to collect all the CGs.


-Good morning.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) (this will only be available after completing Dante’s route)

-That’s what life is.
-I think they had a reason to leave.
-(Thank him.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) (this will only be available after completing Nicola’s route)

-(Ask for God’s blessing tomorrow.)


-I do think he’s a nice person, but…
-It’s unusual to see someone so young.
-Just keep smiling.
-(Talk to him.)
-Is there something you need?

CHAPTER 01 – Fated Encounter

Create SAVE FILE 1 here

-(Say something.)
-(Fight it.)
-It’s because you’re intimidating.
-What will happen to me?

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

Create SAVE FILE 2 here

-(Don’t accept.)

CHAPTER 02 – Perceive

-Thank you.
-It’s busy, but…
-Yang really saved you two?

Create SAVE FILE 3 here

-Good night!

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 03 – Rage

-…Well, it is adorable.
-She was acting so strangely.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 04 – Ups and Downs

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

Create SAVE FILE 4 here

-I was surprised to see Yang so angry…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-(Listen in on their conversations.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 05 – Unexpected

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)


PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Yang must not care.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 06 – Inveiglement

-I can’t.
-I understand.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
“Lowly One”

-Want her to live.
-(Refuse angrily.)

CHAPTER 07 – Hesitance

-I don’t trust you.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-It might be good to get some fresh air…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-How’s work going?

CHAPTER 08 – Dawn

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I know it doesn’t make sense.



Select “YANG” Chapter 7 Good with:
Affinity: LOW
Wisdom: LO

CHAPTER 07 – Hesitance

-What will happen to Yang?

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Boredom”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Cooperate”

CHAPTER 08 – Daylight

-(Kiss Yang.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)


(TRAGIC) BAD ENDING (Unlocks 3 CGs):

Select “YANG” Chapter 5 with:
Affinity: HIGH
Wisdom: HIGH

CHAPTER 05 – Unexpected

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Prospect”

-Thank you for saving me.
-Were you scared, Yang?

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Search”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Scheming”

-Is Yang trying to make them suffer?

CHAPTER 06 – Inveiglement

-(Refuse calmly.)

CHAPTER 07 – Color

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I can’t do that.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-That you’d be safe.

CHAPTER 08 – Scarlet Bloom

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

~BAD (Tragic) END~


Bad End 1

Load SAVE File 1

-(Run for it.)

Bad Ending 1

Bad End 2

Load SAVE File 2


CHAPTER 02 – Perceive

-No thank you.
-Might actually be a fun town?
-I suppose Yang has a nice side.

CHAPTER 03 – Rage

Bad Ending 2

Bad End 3

Load SAVE File 3

-Play with me.

CHAPTER 03 – Rage

-There’s no reason in particular.

CHAPTER 04 – Ups and Downs

Bad Ending 3

Bad End 4 (See Alt. Bad End 4 below if you want a quicker way to get to the ending without going through new dialogues)

Load SAVE File 4

-Was he that particular about my clothing?

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Discussion”

-(Listen in on their conversation.)

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Reply”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Trickery”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Resentment”

CHAPTER 05 – Unexpected

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Prospect”

-Thank you for saving me.

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Search”
SKIP Meanwhile Story “Scheming”

-Is Yang trying to make them suffer?

CHAPTER 06 – Inveiglement

-I can’t…
-Even still, no
-I don’t know.

Bad Ending 4

(Alternative) Bad End 4 (Thanks kero for the tip!)

Select “YANG” Chapter 6 with:
Affinity: LOW
Wisdom: LOW

CHAPTER 06 – Inveiglement

(No Choices)

Bad End 4

23 thoughts on “Piofiore: Fated Memories – Yang Walkthrough

  1. I was really struggling to get Bad End 4, but in case anyone else is as well it came automatically when I loaded Chapter 6 with Affinity: Low and Wisdom: Low 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kero! That’s a rather easier way to get to BAD END 4, so I’m glad you pointed this out! I’ve added this alternative in the guide and credited you, if you don’t mind!

      I did love the exchange between Lili and Yang with the one that comes with the choice/s option for BAD END 4 so I’ll leave that one in this guide in case some folks want to read new dialogues that come with it. ^^


  2. Yang raised so many (not necessarily red) flags for me because I’ve been playing Collar X Malice (and Unlimited) just before this got released (thank you so much for the walkthroughs btw!) and he reminded me of early-route Shiraishi in some ways. The thing is, Shiraishi went from being my least favorite character to being my favorite after a second playthrough (oops). So as soon as Yang started playing with Lili for his entertainment and being generally amused by her, I knew I was in trouble xD I got Nicola for my first route and I’ve just finished Yang’s for my second, and I think he’s gonna be up there in the favorite people list. I have a thing for his VA (Shin-Ah, Hansel and Obi are characters I really like) and I REALLY have a thing for “his” theme (Il Mistero dei Lao-Shu). Anyway, I just had to pour out my thoughts on this hot meanie here because I don’t have friends IRL who play otome games xD Thank you for the walkthrough!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t expect to like Yang’s route much when I started, he’s not my usual type, and I’m still not in love with him or anything but his route was definitely fascinating. I think his character is really interesting and not a type that you see often in otome games. If I had to compare him to someone it would possibly be Hisoka from HxH, he follows his instincts and acts on his whims/emotions without really fully understanding what those emotions mean, and for the most part, he doesn’t really care. Overall super interesting character who I wish I could’ve learnt more about

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally barging in here but I second this comment and glad someone saw the resemblance. I’m a big Hisoka fan (he’s such an enigma/complex character) and Yang was literally the otome version of him LOL probably why I enjoyed this route so much. It was a rollercoaster all around 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmm..he is my 2nd character and I only wanted to get his route done b/c I didn’t like him on Nicola’s route. I’m shook! I fell in with love him! hue hue hue ^_^; I wanted to done the guys’ I don’t like routes done but he was quite interesting. I love those twins~ Lol Both of them interrupting MC and Yang’s private talk was like kids barging in on their parents. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Couldn’t get MS: Choices to pop up even though I just finished Nicola’s route but got other the other options for completing my first route just fine. I went through again to make sure I didn’t skip accidentally. Do you have to complete all of the endings for Nicola or Dante in order to get it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I apologize as I didn’t realize this. So the Meanwhile Story “Choices” will only be available after completing Dante’s rt while “Thoughts” will be available after completing Nicola’s rt.

      (I played Dante first and Nicola second, so I wasn’t aware that these MS only appear depending on which routes you’ve completed first, my bad! I just edited the guide, indicating that.) ^^


      1. Thanks for letting me know! I was worried I’d made a mistake somewhere. I don’t know if this is affected by a similar thing but MS: Questions also wouldn’t trigger for me on Nicola’s rt in chapter 2, even when I went back with chapter select. I kinda love that the game gives you different story tidbits depending on who’s routes you’ve already completed though, gives you a reason to revisit certain scenes again.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I noticed the MS “Questions” on Nicola’s route won’t trigger either if you haven’t completed Dante’s rt, so I’ve also added that when I edited the guide this morning. Thank you for this tip btw, I would’ve never noticed this! ❤

        You’re right about how nice these lil story tidbits are! They def help in getting you the whole feel of a route you’re in while coherently tying it up to the routes you’ve finished.


  6. Yay I finally get the last bad end (the third one), Thanks!!

    This bastard totally got me in his (true) bad ending xD. I was sure that I will end in his good end (at least) until he talk to the prostitute in a meanwhile story! Thats because of the CG you get when you ask him if he was afraid, I runned into the devs’s trap xDD. Thanks to that I got the best end right after this traumatic one, once you get how Yang works it’s easier.

    Oh and I don’t know if it will help but I choosen “Why me” instead of “What will happen to me?” and “No, thank you” instead of “Thank you”, and still get the best ending! Those two reply seem to please Yang more (with “what will happen to me” he did mention that Liliana have an empty brain wich he doesn’t did with “why me”, and with “no thank you” his smile get wilder.)

    Thanks again!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I only have 90% route completion even tho I’ve done all endings, have all the cgs and read both after stories…. So I’m a bit confused ..


  8. Question, I have completed everything for yangs route (all endings) yet I cannot unlock the 7th cg, do you happen to know how to do so? Thanks


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